Green Lantern’s Second Theatrical Trailer

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Green Lantern Official Trailer 2 Green Lanterns Second Theatrical Trailer

While Fast Five offered an early start to the 2011 summer movie season, the actual beginning of box office mayhem happens in just a few days as Thor storms into North American theaters. With big movies come big trailers for more big movies, and Thor is no different, offering the first theatrical look at the second official Green Lantern trailer.

After a disappointing and cartoonish first trailer, Green Lantern wowed audiences with revamped footage at WonderCon, thanks to having more time to work on the digital effects. Warner Bros. had delayed the second Green Lantern trailer until today due to production related to the CGI and 3D effects, and will play it alongside Thor to win over mainstream audiences this weekend.

Focusing less on the comedy bits and more on the dark themes of the story, the new Green Lantern trailer gives us a reason to get behind Hal Jordan on his epic journey of heroism. And let’s not forget the fantastic visuals which DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are ensuring is top notch, even going so far as throwing an additional $9 million on top of an already expensive production into last-minute effects to polish the film.

Many of the scenes we’ve seen before through the incredible WonderCon footage and the recent extended TV trailer, but there is new footage to be had for the eager fans who’ve been following along.

This latest trailer offers a little more focus on Hal Jordan being the first and only human recruited into to the Green Lantern Corps and the responsibility he’s burdened with in protecting Earth. We get our first scene of Kilowog speaking, courtesy of the powerful voice of Michael Clarke Duncan and eager Green Lantern fans will be happy to see a few more constructs, including a flame thrower and swords.

The biggest callouts from the footage are seeing Hal Jordan meeting with a member of the Guardians of the Universe (Oans) and the screentime allocated to Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) and his transformation after seemingly being possessed by Parallax.

Writers Greg Berlanti. Michael Green, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Goldenberg are sure tackling a lot of of content from the books with this film, but so far it looks as if they’ve pieced it together rather well for a two hour film adaptation.

How does Green Lantern compare to the comic book competition this summer?

Green Lantern is directed by Martin Campbell and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Temuera Morrison, Geoffrey Rush, Tim Robbins, Michael Clarke Duncan and Angela Bassett. The film’s tie-in video game, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, releases June 7th.

Green Lantern hits 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.


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  1. First.

    • Can we please not start this “first” crap here.

      • I am the “first” to respond to you. :-)

        • Zing. 8)


      • Whats so bad about being first?

        • Why? Because it adds absolutely nothing to the the topic or discussion about the article. If you want to do it go to some forum where there is a post count to tally.

          • mongoose,

            If I, as site owner, don’t have a problem with it, why should you?


  2. They have really improved the visual effect since the last trailer. It all looks good. The guardians and kilowog both look outstanding. I can’t wait for this movie.

  3. 2nd
    And the video is already “NOT AVAILABLE”

    • Not available? I just watched it fine


  5. Nice! Michael Clark Duncan perefectly fits Kilowog.

    • Still think this is being marketed wrong? I think a whole mess of butts just got cemented in the seats for opening night.

      • Yes. Waiting until the last minute to get all the promotional material is not a good idea, and will likely hurt the film in the long run.

        • Last minute, reallly???? It releases June 17th, it’s May 4th now, I don’t in any way see how that qualifies GL as last minute marketing/promotion. Also, please explain how it will be hurt in the long run, your don’t really explain your fuzzy logic.

          • I’ve already stated why I believe it’s last minute on the last thread, and I hate repeating myself. Agree to disagree. Sheesh.

            • How would this supposedly hurt it the long run? That’s all I am asking at this point, I actually would really like to get your view on it, not being a troll, just curious.

              • Dude, I’ve already said my how I think it would on the other thread. I’m not gonna repeat myself.

                • Well I went back and read that thread and you actually gave no explanation as to why marketing the film this way will hurt it in the long run, you just mention that not enough people will know about GL when it opens (which is wrong). The quality of the movie and how well it is received is what will determine if the movie can stand the test of time. Do you mean over the course of a few weeks, months, years or decades? Agree to disagree is such a weak cop out, defend your opinions instead of crying about someone questioning them.

                  • Woah woah, kinda sounds like you are baiting man. He has said stuff like that for a while, and he has a valid point. The real point now though, is that G.L. is generating buzz and the concerns over the cgi are slowly being silenced.

                    • @Nicolas
                      I’m not baiting or trolling, I was just curious to the reasoning as of why this would hurt GL in the long run, apparently that is to much to ask of Ghost. IMO he shows no validity in his points and does not back up his statements whatsoever, that is why I questioned them, but to each their own.

                    • And I’ve already explained myself on a different thread, and see no point in just repeating myself. You want to know why, then go read the thread where we ALREADY had this discussion. Christ!

                    • Besides, I really don’t see how not marketing a film that many have forgotten due to the lack of marketing recently (especially when you compare it to the likes of XFC or Thor), and you already have the film about a character many non-fanboys aren’t even aware of. Kinda obivios.

                    • Ok Ghost, I can see this is taking a toll on your mental stability, so I’ll just leave it at that.

                    • No, it’s just you bring a conversation from another thread that’s already been discussed to death, then you can’t even remember what I said then. It’s annoying. It’s like I’m talking to my ex.

                    • As I said I read those threads and never saw your reasoning for it and just wanted to know, but your having trouble grasping that. I’m sure he was a really nice guy though.

                    • I went back and saw that I did state why I think it will hurt the film. Not directly, but it’s there. Sorry for any misunderstanding and sorry for sounding like a douche (bad day).

                    • No worries

  6. But still… That mask looks bad in some shots… That will be very distracting while watching the movie, even if I try to ignore it, sadly.

    • Agreed

  7. Looks good! Getting better and better with each new trailer. Cool to see Sinestro and Kilowog training Hal. And nice to see the fear symbol! Could open it up for the Sinestro Corps. wars!

  8. god that was bada$$

  9. *yawns* More flashy effects, virtually no acting or story. You know what would impress me? Proof that they ditched the played out “30-year old smartass fratboy/manchild” tone from the first trailer. Unlikely.

    • Well we’ll all really miss you when we’re watching it opening night.

      • i guess me and iron patriot will be chillen cause this movie looks like its gonna suck!

    • Hal Jordan IS a smartass. Hes supposed to be witty without necessarily making jokes. Ryan is perfect for the role. If you watch Green Lantern First Flight it gives a good example. That is my favorite incarnation of green lantern.

    • Weird what you describe is actually how fighter pilots are in the military.

  10. The mask STILL looks like garbage. The rest of it looks good though, so I’m in.

    • Yep. Agreed. I can’t get with the mask, but I’m really excited to see the movie. Everything else looks really good!

  11. Nice to see Kilowog speak. Ah – can’t wait!

  12. The mask was ALWAYS going to look like garbage – which is why I always said the Kyle Rayner “armor” mask should’ve been used for this.

    But OH NO – that would’ve been Blaspheme! LOL

    • LOL! i would have been ok with that. I prefer sticking with the spirit of something than every last letter of it.

    • I agree. While I’m by no means a stickler for visuals, and I have been sold on this movie since it was first announced (quite frankly, the visuals could have been done by a middle school class and consisted of Hal Jordan using a mop to fight Hammond with nothing but a painted bucket on his head, and I still would be there opening night), the mask does look a bit funny. The Rayner mask definitely would have looked more appealing. But, all in all, it seems like a non-issue to me.

    • The continuing problem is it looks like it’s grafted to his skull so we see a highly defined orbital ridge and nose bridge. It follows the contours TOO well. It needs to be softened out and made to look less chrome like imho.

  13. Of all the weapons I have seen, Sinestro is right, “how human.”

  14. Nope, not going to watch it. The trailer that is, until I see Thor. I was sold with the first trailer, unfinished effects and all.

  15. I’ll be honest, this looks much improved from the previous trailer. There seems to be a lot of character and plot elements however and it will all come down to how well they can be balanced with the movie’s running time.

  16. This is really pulling me in! Its nice to see Kilowog finally, and the Guardians too, plus like you said Nicholas, the fear symbol looked awesome! The mask seems to be the only thing that still doesn’t look right, but I can live with that. And once again, Mark Strong as Sinestro is without a doubt the best casting decision ever! He literally sounds the way I have always thought Sinestro would. June 17 at midnight!

  17. great trailer, looking forward to seeing this one.

  18. Sort of funny that the mask was my very first complaint from our first look at the magazine reveal of Ryan Reynolds’ GL costume, and that’s the last thing anybody seems to be complaining about.

    But I’m in, also. :)

    • Oh you are so wise.

      • Yeah, a wise something. :-)

  19. EPIC! Seems the only thing they haven’t finished tweaking is the mask since it looks different in almost every shot. Still Im there opening day.

  20. Some parts still look a little off, a bit of CGI overkill, but still appeals enough to be worth watching. Quite clear now that Sinestro wont be a villain at all, perhaps they will leave him falling under the Parallax as a cliffhanger for any potential sequel.

    I still feel if were judging on trailers, the 2nd full trailer for Transformers will probably blow everything else away.

  21. That looked great!

    My concerns about the CGI are most definitely put to the side.

    • bout damn time

  22. Really wasnt interested in seeing this film after the first trailer, but with this trailer and the other footage they have released its definitely turned out to be one of my most want to see films for the summer.

  23. I think this looks fantastic. I must be the only one who thinks the mask looks just fine. I wouldn’t even be scrutinizing it if it hadn’t been made such a big deal of. The thing I will find distracting is John Coffey as Kilowog. “Like the drink, only not spelled the same.” Out of all the Comic offerings this Summer this is the one I’m most looking forward to. Well, this and Cowboys vs Aliens.

    • You are not the only one..I never had a problem with the mask or costume

    • Nope, I never had a problem with it either. Tho it looks diff in each shot maybe one of the aspects they are still tweaking? That aside Hal looks spot on from the comics.

  24. Super excited about this. I think the cgi looks very improved and the only gripe I have is that the guardians look nothing like in the comics. Transparent heads? Still not enough to deter me from spending my cash on it. I will definitely be seeing this opening weekend.

  25. Yeah… that trailer gave me a tingling sensation in my pants.

    • Ok ew…

      But yes. The trailer was awesome

  26. Every single trailer/poster they release, it makes the film look even more amazing! I cant wait for it, defiantly gonna be there for the midnight theater.

  27. Orange fire? Power rings can’t create colored constructs until the user has enough experience…

    • nitpicking IP…

      • Nit picking or not he is correct though. With something as fantastical as this IP, the less continuity breaks the better to keep the suspension of disbelief going. The details are what separates the simply good from the great.

    • They probably still didn’t finish editing it yet, I still think they will turn it green.

      • Its always a possibility and that shouldn’t be hard to do anyway since they changed the sound of the gunfire from the wonder-con trailer.

  28. Always liked Green Lantern and wa very luke warm about the movie but the trailer has given me a little spark of interest.

  29. Was that a Red Lantern symbol in the beginning being blown up?

    • Yellow lantern symbol I do believe as the Parallax Entity tries to seduce Sinestro with his own Corps..

      • Yep,you’re absolutly right.

        • I think the scene with the yellow lantern symbol is Krona on Qward accidentally creating the anti-matter universe, which I believe gives birth to Parallax, if you look closely you can see one of the guardians (Krona?) hovering on the left side of the frame. Look for the hovering figure in the long red cape.