Green Lantern’s Second Theatrical Trailer

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Green Lantern Official Trailer 2 Green Lanterns Second Theatrical Trailer

While Fast Five offered an early start to the 2011 summer movie season, the actual beginning of box office mayhem happens in just a few days as Thor storms into North American theaters. With big movies come big trailers for more big movies, and Thor is no different, offering the first theatrical look at the second official Green Lantern trailer.

After a disappointing and cartoonish first trailer, Green Lantern wowed audiences with revamped footage at WonderCon, thanks to having more time to work on the digital effects. Warner Bros. had delayed the second Green Lantern trailer until today due to production related to the CGI and 3D effects, and will play it alongside Thor to win over mainstream audiences this weekend.

Focusing less on the comedy bits and more on the dark themes of the story, the new Green Lantern trailer gives us a reason to get behind Hal Jordan on his epic journey of heroism. And let’s not forget the fantastic visuals which DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are ensuring is top notch, even going so far as throwing an additional $9 million on top of an already expensive production into last-minute effects to polish the film.

Many of the scenes we’ve seen before through the incredible WonderCon footage and the recent extended TV trailer, but there is new footage to be had for the eager fans who’ve been following along.

This latest trailer offers a little more focus on Hal Jordan being the first and only human recruited into to the Green Lantern Corps and the responsibility he’s burdened with in protecting Earth. We get our first scene of Kilowog speaking, courtesy of the powerful voice of Michael Clarke Duncan and eager Green Lantern fans will be happy to see a few more constructs, including a flame thrower and swords.

The biggest callouts from the footage are seeing Hal Jordan meeting with a member of the Guardians of the Universe (Oans) and the screentime allocated to Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) and his transformation after seemingly being possessed by Parallax.

Writers Greg Berlanti. Michael Green, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Goldenberg are sure tackling a lot of of content from the books with this film, but so far it looks as if they’ve pieced it together rather well for a two hour film adaptation.

How does Green Lantern compare to the comic book competition this summer?

Green Lantern is directed by Martin Campbell and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Temuera Morrison, Geoffrey Rush, Tim Robbins, Michael Clarke Duncan and Angela Bassett. The film’s tie-in video game, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, releases June 7th.

Green Lantern hits 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.


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  1. It looks good, If I have to nitpick on anything its two things: Every time I hear Kilowog speak Im reminded of the Kingpin in Daredevil, I cant get over how horrible that movie was. And the other is how that Gaurdian looked kinda dumbed down and uninspired. All the other characters looked bad ass, but the Oan Guardian looked like a reject that E.T. used to bully at high school.

    • Well that is what the guardians look like. Watch Green Lantern First Flight, they are similar to the one shown in the trailer but each one varies in appearance a little bit. They are supposed to be super short and with huge heads if that’s what your complaint is.

  2. As much as I like Michael Clarke Duncan (which is a LOT), I just don’t feel like his voice perfectly matches Kilowog. Close, but not quite there. Regardless, I’m sure he’ll do a good job. MCD is the man.

    • ZombieHunter,

      Yeah, I feel the same way on both counts.


    • I also agree that MCDs voice is not right for Kilowog. It needs to be gruffer and more raspy. Having a deep voice just isn’t enough.

      Of course I never liked the way Kilowog looked either. He is a far cry from how he has been portrayed in the comics so for me it’s an overall disappointment. :/

    • Michael Clark Duncan has the right “tone” of voice BUT his dictation is all wrong. When he does voice overs, he speaks like he does regularly, and that is all WRONG. Saying words like “gonna”, not finishing or adding vowels to words where they need to be. That’s one of the things that turned me off with his voice over in “God Of War”. The characters are not “street level” characters, they are beyond that, he needs to understand that and his vocal coaches need to reiterate that. He needs serious work on his with his dictation.

      • mongoose…

        I think that “street level” diction is PRECISELY why MCD works so well as Kilowog, even more than his tone. Kilowog has always been portrayed as an exceedingly informal, “takes-no-guff/says-it-like-it-is” kind of guy…a blue-collar, no-nonsense person who would be great to go out and get a beer with, then catch a baseball game together. His voice works perfectly for me in the role.

        • I ummmm, didn’t comment on his diction ;)

          • mongoose…

            I apologize; I meant ULIK. I read your comment right above his and simply forgot to address the correct person.


            • @Archaeon, I see where your coming from but MCD does that with every voice over he does, he adds no variety. As Killowog personally he just doesn’t sound right.

    • ZombieHunter, I almost wish they had gone with Michael Madsen for Kilowog. That was probably the one thing I really enjoyed from GL: First Flight.

  3. YES! I know nothing of the Lantern, other than what a few Screen Ranters have shared, I am a comic book guy, anyone know of some issues I should read prior to movie? Or should I just leave it be and watch as a Lantern virgin?

    • GL:rebirth, GL:No Fear and GL: Secret Origins. Other than that only if you are extremely excited upon seeing this trailer you could see it either way.

  4. I will see it. Never cared for GL and know nothing about him. The pay off looks good but I think that this movie is not going to do so well. I might eat my words but hey, just what I think.

  5. I was seriously looking forward to hearing the same voice of killawog from First flight as he does reprise that role with the tie in game, he fights, duncan although brilliant actor its just to distracting and im not feeling an exact fight otherwise im seriously looking forward to seeing this movie.

  6. This movie will be #1 for the year…I smell special effects awards…!

  7. The VFX looks atrocious. What was WB smoking when they hired Imageworks? Did a little research. It would appear the VFX Supervisor for this film is responsible for a series of substandard CGI. If this film does well, I sincerely hope WB will enlist the aid of a superior VFX facility.

    I will not be seeing this film.

    • Yeah he’s known for the truly atrocious special effects of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and we all know how badly that looked.

      On another note: Seriously, is someone going to create a sarcasm button for our keyboards?

  8. I am truly excited for this film…I was very much looking forward to it earlier, but they one-upped the potential greatness with the added scenes and clips.

    I think Michael Clarke Duncan sounds great as Kilowog, and the Guardians look spectacularly ancient and grim…and they are SUPPOSED to be blue…as blue as they appear here in the trailer. As for the mask, I don’t have any particular problem with it and have little doubt that Hal will improve the suit’s design as he becomes more comfortable with the technology.

    I am anticipating this film IMMENSELY!

  9. i hav finally figrured out why the mask looks terible!! because it covers his nose instead of just being a mask and goin over the bridge of the nose (if that makes sence lol) makes his nose look big and the mask look stupid. the film still looks amazing though and this is still my most antisipated film this year!!!

    • Maybe but it should be pointy at the nose. In other shots it is so maybe when they finish tweaking everything.

      • Yeah, I know the look you’re talking about I have seen it on a GL with black hair. (Have no idea who that is) The mask was sort of pointy at the nose but not beakish, just more like a shield for the nose. Looked kind of cool actually.

    • You’re right, it looks like a green butterfly landed on his face in that shot above.

  10. They’re almost there but that mask…. Oh boy, it’s the wrong shape and it looks like it’s made of “Flubber”.

    • It should look the way it is on the banner above the article.

  11. Movie is going to be EPIC i said that from the first trailer. I have seen all kinds of commercials for this.

  12. I’m going to pick at this movie again. Graphics still look bad, but hey, if you are not james cameron, making a world that is entirely cgi would be difficult and anticlimactic as a finished product. Mask is still bad but whatever, i didnt expect it to get much better. kilawog sounds horrible. if this movie is so big buget, then why cant they mess with the soundfx a little? Michael was a great choice but it doesnt sound gruffy enough so they should have tweaked it some. And is it just me or does parralax look alot like FF:RoftheSS’s Galactus? Pardon me for being a jerk, but its just so aggrevating to watch these people destroy one of my favorite heroes. With lazy decisions and lack of action.

    • 1. CGI complaints still? really? That’s a minority now. I showed some friends of mine who never even heard of Green lantern but they think it looks fantastic. This is leaps and bounds better than GI JOE’s CGI and ppl flocked to that movie anyway.

      2. Lack of action? Im sorry but I saw a lot of cut up action scenes even in the tv spots.They don’t want to spoil anything.

      3. The mask looks darker and more textured in other shots they have a month to go again with post production so do the math.

      4. Parallax, did u not see the concept art which showed is insectoid/parasite form? Given that we see Hammond remove a piece of meteorite from Abin-Sur then his eyes glow yellow in one shot.And in the trailer Parallax looks like the shape of Hammond’s head maybe implying it takes the forms of those it controls.

  13. i will give props to kilawogs suit. it shows the texture in his skin as if it WERE solid light clothing his body. whereas hal’s suit looks like glow in the dark spandex

  14. im confused with the reality of the ring. If the ring can do anything you imagine then why is it a struggle to defeat anyone? I mean if a big monster is comming at u then u can just imagine a big bubble around it which gets smaller and smaller, or at least something along thhose lines

    • The issue with the ring is that it is contolled by your willpower. If a Lantern’s willpower is not strong, it will struggle to conjure up any image or a strong image. It takes a lot out to wield the ring. Also, Parallax is the entity of fear, therefore, it has the capability to defeat GLs because of instilling fear in them.

      Of course, it’s not really real so…does it matter if it’s logically

  15. The constructs also depends on how strong their willpower is and the rings need recharging. The bigger and more elaborate the construct the more power and willpower it drains.

    As for your bubble example, they can only control the constructs. If the bubble traps an enemy and begins to shrink thats just it the bubble shrinks prolly getting weaker too. Take for example in the comics another GL Kyle Rayner once constructed a Mech suit. To do that he would have to envision in his head how all the mechanisms etc just like if he was building a real object. Hope this helps.