First Look at ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer Footage

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green lantern trailer First Look at Green Lantern Trailer Footage

A few weeks ago we had our first official look at concept art for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s upcoming Green Lantern and today we have our first look at some actual video footage of the superhero epic.

The highly anticipated Green Lantern trailer is set to release attached to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 next weekend but Entertainment Tonight aired a preview which features our very first look at Ryan Reynolds in action as Green Lantern.

While brief, the video does showcase several scenes and angles of Ryan Reynolds in the CGI Green Lantern outfit. It also includes shots of him flying, some of the Green Lantern ring’s powers and one of Kilowog, an alien Green Lantern sure to be a fan favorite. This might be the best we get until next week so enjoy:

The early Green Lantern footage at Comic-Con didn’t show much of what is presented here so if you missed that, you didn’t miss much. This footage definitely emphasizes the more comedic tone of the movie and hence, the comparisons to Marvel’s Iron Man series, especially considering that Reynolds is the star.

The big point of contention will be on how people feel about the somewhat awkward looking CGI-rendered Green Lantern costume that Ryan Reynolds is sporting here. I found the glow and effects to be rather underwhelming, even when considering the film is not coming out until next summer.

Green Lantern and its colorful science fiction nature will be testing the other end of the superhero spectrum when compared to the grounded and gritty Batman films by Chris Nolan. It will be intriguing to observe the reaction of mainstream audiences to this as we approach the path to possible cameos or crossovers in the future between characters of the DC film universe.

This is but a brief taste of what’s to come, so let’s hold judgement until see the HD trailer for Green Lantern, which we can expect within a week.

Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.

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Source: ET

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  1. I think if they would have made the suit as a material then add effects on top when it is activated by the ring might have worked better. The “muscle fibers” look isn’t too becoming. The suit should look more “uniform” not like a green “Boddies” exhibit piece.

  2. I think if they would have made the suit as a material then add effects on top when it is activated by the ring might have worked better. The “muscle fibers” look isn’t too becoming. The suit should look more “uniform” not like a green “Bodies” exhibit piece.

  3. Looks good for early test footage but that’s just me

  4. Green Lantern looks and acts like the Torch in “Fantastic Four”, but he is wearing green in place of flames.

    • darren,

      Well I don’t know if this will be any good in the final analysis, but ET could be focusing on the humor because they think that’s what will sell the movie. I would imagine you could cut all the funny bits out of Iron Man and maybe make that look like it would just be a laff-riot comedy.

      I’m holding out hope.


  5. Are those little green eyes when he’s wearing the Lone Ranger mask? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  6. Van Wilder as Green Lantern… WHAT A DOUCHE!

  7. I’m sorry, but wasn’t this suppose to be a Green Lantern teaser, not Green Hornet…?

    • It was actually The Green Giant selling snap peas.

  8. Everyone’s gonna be eating their words when the real theatrical trailer drops. Hey, this isn’t dark and brooding batman, geniuses. Not every superhero is wallowing in grief and anger. We are finally gonna see the wide range of characters that are out there.

    • Amen to that. Trying to make a serious first look at a movie about a guy who wears a glowing power ring, spandex suit and throws giant green boxing gloves at bad guys would have been a misstep.

      I’m impressed with how the movie manages to capture the vibrant coor scheme the comic is known for (especially on Oa). I was most concerned about the suit and the look of characters like Kilowog.

      In that respect, Kilowog looks better than I would have ever hoped, and the suit seems fine in the shots that it isn’t meant to be the spectacle. DC has taken their movie properties seriously to date, so to jump into attacking what amounts to less than 30 seconds of promotional footage seems pointless.

      p.s. I laughed a TON in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

      • That said, it was the best Batman interpretation to date.

        • I definitely hold the original Batman and The Dark Knight as seperate but equal for their takes on the character. That said, a trailer could easily be made that makes Tim Burton’s seem gloomy and gritty, and The Dark Knight like a joke-filled lampoon.

          It’s for ET. Of course they’ll show Ryan Reynolds cracking jokes.

  9. The SFx definitely looked unfinished. I’m not going to form an opinion from this video. I still think this film is gonna rock.

  10. For me the only thing bothering me is the costume. Other than that it’s alright. Hope the trailer is better and more exciting.

    • Agreed. I really dislike the overly CGI look of the costume.

  11. The costume is too bright, that’s my only complaint. If they made it a bit darker it would be better.

  12. Of course the visual affects aren’t gonna look great now it’s to early once we see a full length trailer I’m sure it’ll look improved that’s just me but I have now complaints to be honest I don’t see what the big deal is but once again it’s just me. People will still complain about this from now all the way till next week when the trailer gets released with Harry Potter.

  13. People are complaining the CGI looks weak (and I would agree, especially with the first shot), but it’s not finished. Didn’t the first trailer for Iron Man have unfinished CG? They still have 7 months to finish the film. As for the comedy, well, it’s only a 30 SECOND teaser from the teaser trailer, so there’s really nothing to complain about right now.

  14. Looks like a cheesey SciFy series.

  15. Wasnt Hal a cocky pilot? I mean when he first started out he had a chip on his shoulder.

    While it was comedic in a sense it also shows cockiness and bravado. Which was Hal Jordan.

  16. So bored of comic based movies.

    • I’m sorry. Go find something you like?

    • Don’t watch anymore, then. It’s NOT a difficult concept.

  17. Hey Rob is it just me or should people start judging the trailer when it comes out next week, because I think it’s ridiculous for people to be judging a 30 second trailer common now

  18. I always make judgement whether Im going to see a movie based on the trailer(s).
    This one looks bad = wont bother paying to see it.

    • But trailers are lies. I can name many films (Terminator 4, SM3, Wovlerine to name a couple) where the trailers are good, but the film ins’t.

    • This wasn’t the trailer.

  19. The complaints about this half-minute clip are insane. Hal Jordan was a cocky douche before the Lantern Corp, and even then he was still cocky. Plus, this was a clip released by Entertainment Tonight, not exactly a show that caters to fanboys. I guarantee the theatrical trailer will be a magnitude away from this footage. So relax.

    • No. All complaints are justified.

      • No, they are not. Quite a few, in fact, are irritating, useless, pointless wastes of screen space (when typed) or oxygen (when spoken)…such as a number of the ones here.

  20. Oh, what a surprise, another PG-13 superhero movie, this must be my lucky day.

    • I know, wtf right? Let’s make them NC-17 at the least.

  21. The fact of the matter is. We are in a different world now. We all know Martin Campbell has it in him to deliver a Great Green Lantern Movie. But the problem is that we are in the year 2K10, a time where studios make the decisions that influence the structure of the film. Looking at the cast and this footage. I am 100% not paying to see this in the cinema. Listen if you want to send a clear message that this is unacceptable dont pay to watch it. Simple as that.

  22. Green Lantern could be done with stills and a moving mouth like Clutch Cargo and the fanboys here (u know who u are) will be defending this trailer with their lives.

    • Of course you can judge the movie however you want. you can see 1 scene on 10 seconds and judge the whole movie. what you call someone that bases his whole opinion on a 30 second clip is up to each individual. and im not gonna say my opinion of those people that show absolute hatred and despair on a 30 second clip. and i think you’re overdoing it my far, those who say you can’t judge after 30 sec are simply optimists, those who disagree and think it will be a disaster are pessimists. but basing your final opinion on a couple of scenes is foolish (not saying you do)
      i however, like the suit and clip and i think this will be an entertaining movie. not as great as iron man, but not that much worse.

    • Then, don’t don’t see the film. Problem solved.

      • …sigh…Edit buttons are wonderful. There should be only ONE “don’t”.

        • No. I think you had it right the first time [freudian slip] don’t don’t watch this movie. Ha ha. Like anyone is NOT going to watch this movie at some point, if only (like me) to say “See I knew it was going to be [fill in the blank]!” In my case, that movie was I am legend, and it was [fill in the blank]!

  23. DEJAVU–the Torch from Fantastic 4 and Iron Man put together! This one failed.

  24. Good luck to all of you who pay for this crap.

    • how can you be so quick to judge? all this criticism is unnecessary (not just pointing at you). fine, what you’ve seen so far hasnt pulled you in, you dont like it, but you cant seriously wanting this and/or expecting it to fail based on a 30 second clip and photos, that is ridiculous.

      • It’s easy. Crap trailer indicates high probability of crappier movie.

        • then wait for the actual trailer where you’re able to actually see some connections between the scenes and the whole movie before you judge. this was a 30 second clip, it cannot indicate that this will be a crappy movie whatsoever

          • No.

            • Then, go away, and stop being so snitty. It’s not constructive and IS annoying.

              • Nope.

                • This wasn’t a trailer, so the entire basis of your dislike is moot.

                  See? That’s called making a point by presenting factual information. It’s a necessary part of civilized conversation.

                  “Nope” on the other hand is simply being monosyllabic and contributing nothing to the discussion.

                  • lollies!

                    • Wonderful…You know words with two syllables.

                      Sigh…I weep for this world.

          • Magnus,

            I strongly suspect that NetShark believes himself to be clever, not contemplative.

            • haha probably

        • This wasn’t the trailer…Learn the difference before you criticize.

          • Doesnt matter if how you parse it. Crapolla.

            • What an intelligent response…heh-heh.

              • Kahrrraparoooski!

                • Wow. Just…wow. Aren’t you the cute, bright one?

    • See? THAT is the point: NO ONE is paying for the teaser…or the trailer which will follow. They will only pay for the film, itself…and that, most likely, only if the TRAILER impresses them. The teaser is negligible; it does just as the name implies: it gives the viewer the merest hint–Yes, the film will have Ryan Reynolds, and yes, he will be Green Lantern, and yes, there will be fighting involved. That’s it; that is ALL it shows.

      You wish us good luck. Thanks, but I’m okay without it.

  25. not feelin’ it..