First Look at ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer Footage

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green lantern trailer First Look at Green Lantern Trailer Footage

A few weeks ago we had our first official look at concept art for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s upcoming Green Lantern and today we have our first look at some actual video footage of the superhero epic.

The highly anticipated Green Lantern trailer is set to release attached to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 next weekend but Entertainment Tonight aired a preview which features our very first look at Ryan Reynolds in action as Green Lantern.

While brief, the video does showcase several scenes and angles of Ryan Reynolds in the CGI Green Lantern outfit. It also includes shots of him flying, some of the Green Lantern ring’s powers and one of Kilowog, an alien Green Lantern sure to be a fan favorite. This might be the best we get until next week so enjoy:

The early Green Lantern footage at Comic-Con didn’t show much of what is presented here so if you missed that, you didn’t miss much. This footage definitely emphasizes the more comedic tone of the movie and hence, the comparisons to Marvel’s Iron Man series, especially considering that Reynolds is the star.

The big point of contention will be on how people feel about the somewhat awkward looking CGI-rendered Green Lantern costume that Ryan Reynolds is sporting here. I found the glow and effects to be rather underwhelming, even when considering the film is not coming out until next summer.

Green Lantern and its colorful science fiction nature will be testing the other end of the superhero spectrum when compared to the grounded and gritty Batman films by Chris Nolan. It will be intriguing to observe the reaction of mainstream audiences to this as we approach the path to possible cameos or crossovers in the future between characters of the DC film universe.

This is but a brief taste of what’s to come, so let’s hold judgement until see the HD trailer for Green Lantern, which we can expect within a week.

Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.

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Source: ET

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  1. Ok, it doesnt look great.


    This is a fairly blurry, 30 second teaser, of a film when the effects are unlikely to be finished, lets at least wait until we have seen the proper trailer next week before we start nailing nails in Hal Jordan’s coffin, ok?

    • True, I’m anxious to see the HD full 2+ minute trailer – as stated in the article :)

      That will be a legit indicator of what to expect of the character and visuals.

  2. I did see something that I liked a whole lot. I am glad that it is not just energy beams and flashes. One of those scenes looked like he made a giant green fist. I am really glad that they are going to stay true to that part of the character. I am very hopeful for this movie. I don’t think I will be overly happy about Ryan being Hal. I have stated my opinion though out this thread about this subject but I don’t think this movie is going to be bad. I will still be there opening day like a good little nerd.

  3. thank god i dont know green lantern much! haha, i suppose this will be much better to the audience that dont know him than to the comic book guys. since you’re complaining hes too comical and its not hal jordan. oh well :)

    • Honestly Magnus I thought it would be disliked by most adults in general lol this looks like a movie you take your kid to because you love them while secretly wishing you could be some where else.

  4. Are they serious? Why would they release that footage? Terrible.

    • ET edited the footage to make it like that.

  5. If Green Lantern appeared on Smallville I would expect it to look better than that….

    • Oh man, that would be AWESOME.

  6. wow, there’s a lot of hate in these comments for 30 seconds of fluff. Be easy. Save the hate for the official trailer. Ryan had maybe 2 lines in the trailer and already people are saying he’s nothing like Hal Jordon. Seriously? Patience.

    • You’re 100% right.

      Everyone should save their judgement for Reynolds’s portrayal of Hal until the full HD trailer release next week.

      This tease just offers a glimpse of what to expect from a visual standpoint.

    • Exactly. Super nerd overkill.

    • Reynolds is attached to ‘Deadpool’ for Twentieth Century Fox but the timeline on that is sketchy at the moment with news of Green Lantern 2 potentially shooting not long after the first.

      Nothing’s been confirmed either way though.

      • I think that WB would better to concentrate on making the trilogy about three different GL’s and their individual stories with cameos. That hasn’t been done yet and that would be more revolutionary and more interesting than focusing on just one GL for three movies. This would also free up Ryan Reynolds some time to do Deadpool. GL#1 Hal Jordan,GL#2Jon Stewart,and GL#3 Kyle Raynor/Guy Gardner team up(“Bad Boys”in Space).

  7. Uh oh!

    Not putting him in a real suit was a bad idea!

    If they darken the colour of the costume this may not be a disaster.

    Hal was never my favourite but this isn’t Hal.

    Still extraterrestrial element look cool. Just darken the damn costume!

    • Its only bright in scenes that involve that first shot where he is showing his friend. Look at the other scenes it’s noticeably darker.

      Ppl wait for the full trailer plz and not some crap from ET.

  8. For a 30 second grainy peak, I’d rather be on the fence than totally dis this. GL would probably make more money if it was Alan Scotts character, especially with Captain America coming out. It would show the crafting of his ring more than being given it…from reviewing wiki tho, this GL would seem to be more the one to defeat Parallax…so there…read up and let me know what ya think.

  9. Haters gonna hate!
    Green Lantern’s gonna suit up!

  10. Doesnt look to bad to me.

  11. So looking forward to this. And from 30 seconds, I caught a little humor but he showed that cockiness with the pants comment. As fan of GL, I’m digging this.

  12. People always react the same to these. I suspect 40-50% of the “I’m out” claimers will be there on opening day for GL.

    Taking bets…

    • Just like with Transformers…

      • Indeed.

        When He is in the studio witht he other guy the suite looks too bright which makes it look fake, especially the mask.

    • Meh can’t speak for everyone but when I say I’m out I’m out. Though I have not said I’m out yet for GL it looks terrible so far but I’m holding off saying I’m out till the trailer. I’m out of Xmen first class though.

  13. I find it highly amusing that so many people are critiquing this teaser of a trailer. Those who are criticizing were (in many cases) the same people who said they felt good about the film because of the choice of director, and yet, SUDDENLY, he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing??? Also, people are saying Reynolds is not right for the part, but from what I saw in THIRTY SECONDS, he seemed enthusiastic and cocky…two traits that Hal Jordan possesses in spades. Of course, in THIRTY SECONDS, how can I possibly be sure? Tom Cruise is actually too short to be a fighter pilot, but everyone who liked “Top Gun” bought into his character easily, because he made it his own…as did Michael Keaton in “Batman”, Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight”, Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society”, and countless others that fans were absolutely SURE would fail because they simply did not fit.

    Ryan Reynolds DOES fit Hal Jordan’s character (this is, of course, assuming that he has serious moments too), and I’m quite confident of his ability to pull off the role.

    As for the effects, they were not perfect, definitely. They have plenty of time to fix and improve any weaknesses or problems; I thought they were, for the most part, fine…for THIRTY SECONDS.

    This teaser did not disappoint me and only made me want to do one thing…SEE THE TRAILER. I enjoyed the glimpse and now want a more revealing view.

    Criticizing THIRTY SECONDS is just silly.

    • Totally agreed on Reynolds’ casting. No complaints there.

      I just think his costume, notably the last shot, looks poor.

    • @Archeon Fair enough. We need to see an official trailer to make “somewhat” of a fair judgment. Although there IS a difference between “cocky” and “comical”. Hal Jordan is cocky and confident almost exactly like Han Solo. This is one movie where Ryan Reynolds needs to be “Hal Jordan” NOT Ryan Reynolds. He can be Ryan Reynolds all day as “Deadpool” but Wade Wilson and Hal Jordan are too VERY different characters. I still hope I’m wrong and this movie still turns out good.

  14. Ryan Reynolds IS NOT Hal Jordan. I knew it. It’s like I said from the beginning. Every movie he’s in he adds that douchebag approach to all of his characters. Which is perfect for Flash but NOT Green Lantern. Wtf he’s acting like Flash in this. Screw that.

    • That’s funny, because I think jus from the trailer that he’s pretty spot on.
      God, I hope it does the story justice tho,A Lantern corp setting with all-new character designs( Kilowog looks great)an the sci-fi touch can make this one a winner.

  15. Can’t tell too much and one can’t say how much this reflects on final quality with the effects, though I’d think it being the trailer it might not change too much. The suit in a few shots is what bothered me, mainly that first shot in the apartment and when he kicks that guy. Hopefully they can make that look a bit better, though I suppose it might just stand out too much.

    I liked that you saw a shot of him actually forming something (a fist) with the ring and hope they have him actually contructing things in the film perhaps as he learns greater control.

    I admit the one scene at the start with showing his friend irritates me just a bit, but that does seem somewhat like the sort of reaction someone might have if they suddenly gained something like the ring. And truthfully, he had two lines from which I don’t think it is appropriate to judge his entire performance from. Hopefully, the comedy is downplayed or Reynolds reins himself in a bit throughout. I want to see the more serious scenes or a scene at least before I make any decision.

    Still, it’s better to see the full trailer I think before making any more judgements from a blurry, 30-second clip from a commerical.

    Really though, it makes me want to see more of the film and I’ll probably go see it even if I do think it won’t turn out that great.

  16. The costume seems to have the Spidy concept patterns except the colors being replace by green & black & without the full mask.

  17. Man that suit looked pretty bad. I’m just glad they hav like half a year to fix that up cuz there are definitely some issues there

  18. Works for me. It is to early for me to judge how the movie will turn out. I think that the suits resembles the comics pretty well. I am still do not think Ryan Reynolds was the best choices but from what I have seen it might work for me.

  19. Looks crappy and too jokey

    I’ll pass. Too bad

    • hahahah oh im sorry, but your comment makes me laugh my ass off!

  20. I’m not taking over other comments, as I already had my judgement inmediately after seeing the trailer and before reading the comments. This looked silly. I know, I know, this are 30 seconds, but if the film is going to be like this 30 seconds, we’re in serious trouble. I thought this was going to be a dramatic, epic story, not a comedy in which we see Ryan Reynolds shirtless and making silly jokes.
    Am I going to see the film on its premiere? Of course. I hope not to be disssapointed like I was for this. Other thing, the costume looks bad.

  21. Is there really anything to judge on here. This isn’t even close to being finished. We should probably hold all of the over reactive judging until there is actually something to base it off of.

  22. Feels like “Fantastic Four”. I am not a big fan of the “Green Arrow”, so I will not be seeing this movie.

  23. dude that cgi looks terrible and it looks like he isnt taking this role on the level of serious hes plaing it like he does everything eles jokes action and more jokes for me that works only with deadpool i mean im gonna give it a chance just now my expectations went down

  24. I think the suit look’s rubbish full stop

  25. ok that actually looked pretty kool

  26. I’m sure before this film is released there will be 50 more trailers, all showing basically every scene in the film.

  27. I don’t really like the way the costume looks in some of those shots but I’m not going to lie and say I won’t see the movie.