First Look at ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer Footage

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green lantern trailer First Look at Green Lantern Trailer Footage

A few weeks ago we had our first official look at concept art for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s upcoming Green Lantern and today we have our first look at some actual video footage of the superhero epic.

The highly anticipated Green Lantern trailer is set to release attached to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 next weekend but Entertainment Tonight aired a preview which features our very first look at Ryan Reynolds in action as Green Lantern.

While brief, the video does showcase several scenes and angles of Ryan Reynolds in the CGI Green Lantern outfit. It also includes shots of him flying, some of the Green Lantern ring’s powers and one of Kilowog, an alien Green Lantern sure to be a fan favorite. This might be the best we get until next week so enjoy:

The early Green Lantern footage at Comic-Con didn’t show much of what is presented here so if you missed that, you didn’t miss much. This footage definitely emphasizes the more comedic tone of the movie and hence, the comparisons to Marvel’s Iron Man series, especially considering that Reynolds is the star.

The big point of contention will be on how people feel about the somewhat awkward looking CGI-rendered Green Lantern costume that Ryan Reynolds is sporting here. I found the glow and effects to be rather underwhelming, even when considering the film is not coming out until next summer.

Green Lantern and its colorful science fiction nature will be testing the other end of the superhero spectrum when compared to the grounded and gritty Batman films by Chris Nolan. It will be intriguing to observe the reaction of mainstream audiences to this as we approach the path to possible cameos or crossovers in the future between characters of the DC film universe.

This is but a brief taste of what’s to come, so let’s hold judgement until see the HD trailer for Green Lantern, which we can expect within a week.

Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.

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Source: ET

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  1. Wow… they are definitely not underplaying the comedy at all..

  2. Selective Mask-wearing while in uniform will be the death of comic book movies.

    • From that it seems he only has his mask off while on Oa.

    • From the looks of it, he was on Oa. So Mr. “Film Expert,” you need to wait for the finished movie before you declare it the death of a comic book movie.

      • Who are you referring to?

    • Preach on brother!!! Nothing bugs me more than when half teh city knows who is really “insert super hero name here”

      • Spiderman inserted.

  3. It’s still just a preview of an early teaser trailer so I’m not worried bout the effects. Reynolds nailed Hal totally.

    • In what world did he nail Hal? Have you ever read a GL comic in your life?

    • Yep, nailed him to a wall and peed on him. Ryan Reynolds is a great actor and I like him in a lot of roles. I however do not agree with him being the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Personality is completely different. He is cocky enough but Hal was more serious than Ryan is. He has the same personality as Kyle Renner. If he was younger I could easily see him playing as Kyle. I firmly believe that there were a lot better choices for Hal Jordan.

      • Ok. I hate it when people just start bashing a movie because they didn’t like the character choice. Did you create this Green Lantern. If you did, then bash away. Otherwise, you are finally seeing one of the greatest comic book hero ever come to life. Appreciate that.

        And, if i’m not mistaken, i believe the reason why Hal Jordan is the way he is in comics now is because of what he went through. His home city being destroyed. His love turning against him. Watching friends die. Etc. He hasn’t gone through any of that yet. Read his really early stuff. He was a bit comedic.

        I like it. For a first attempt at this character on the big screen, it looks great.

        • Elo,

          Yeah! Like be thankful for Daredevil, Elektra and that Halle Berry Catwoman movie!



          • Well, they were bad movies. But i appreciate that hollywood took a comic book and made it into a movie. Sometimes a movie will flop before you make a better one. For example the hulk. Just the way i see it.

  4. Marvel misses again…im disappointed…

      • Dude it’s and unfinished product. And u really wanna judge based of off 30secs? really?

        • That’s what I was thinking. I know reshable probably thinks they are some kind of film expert, but with minimal footage, you can’t base the whole movie off of the little bit we got to see.

      • What other projects has DC missed on? Seriously name one.

  5. I cannot wait for this movie to come out!!

  6. “so let’s hold judgement until see the HD trailer for Green Lantern, which we can expect within a week.”

    Rob put this in the article right after this sentence here

    “I found the glow and effects to be rather underwhelming, even when considering the film is not coming out until next summer.”

    I call that a contradiction.

    • He commented his thoughts, but decided to hold off on crucifying it until more is available. It’s perfectly normal to do, particularly in writing.

      Chill. =3

    • How so? We get to see what the costume looks like. The 30 seconds offer a look at the visuals but we can’t just story or Reynolds’ character/Hal Jordan just yet.

  7. Hmmm…I had to watch a couple of times, but I like it.

  8. I cannot wait to see The Green Lantern film

  9. So, the mask just pops up like that? I find that mostly distracting. So far so good with the CGI, can’t complain since they still over 6 months to finish it. Here’s hoping they release the trailer online as soon as Friday rolls on.

  10. Beats cartoons!

  11. That just made me want the trailer to come out now!!! I can’t wait for this movie

  12. the suit is toooooooooooooooo CGI, it looks way tooooooooooo fake, not another gay-superman looking costume, superheroes aren’t meant to look like models, they are supposed to look like tough men/women. MUSCLES not blown up six-packs or pecks, like Daniel Craig’s Bond.

    • i couldn’t take another wolverine-like fiasco, i might just shoot myself
      STOP desecrating heroes, i beg youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  13. Really hard to make a judgment from that. Still hopeful.


    • My thoughts exactly. Well said.

  14. Bleh. What are they trying to pull off?
    As far as I remember, Hal was never some smart ass goofball. Looks to me like DC’s trying to cash in on what worked for Iron Man.
    “Hey guys, lets make Iron Man. with aliens!”

    And if his character turns out different by the time the film’s released they probably changed it after reading this.

  15. They have like 6 mths to finish it. Chill ppl, have a drink :D

    Btw which effects house are they using?

  16. Expect to see me at the midnight theater
    I have a great feeling about this movie!
    big fan of the comics of Green Lantern

  17. The only thing faster then people saying this movie is gonna be bad… Are people saying that you cant judge off of a 30 sec clip, and/or and unfinished project…

  18. heh…didn’t think the comedy was too much, it seems like they’re just making sure he’s a light character with a cocky side

  19. Eh that first bit where he he does some power thing and puts the suit on, looked terrible. But again this is only the first of what we have seen.

  20. if you go over the beginning a few times (where he transforms into GL) you will notice that its doesn’t just happen – the suit generates from the centre of his chest outwards, but the editing makes it seem like it just appears. i hope they change that post production, otherwise it will look really stupid.

  21. Also he might not be overly comedic in the movie, that was just one line. And I like his comedy.

  22. Ok….W….T….F….

    That was NOT Hal Jordan….

    That was Green Wilder….

    I quit.. BYE!!

    I’ll be over there on the Thor threads…

    • It did seem comical and kid friendly, but we cant let ET ruin it for us so early on in the game. You want darker tones? Lets wait until the actual trailer comes out so that we can see the villain Hector Hammond, and some suspense and/or a better fight scene. PLEASE do not mention anything about how GL will be like Fantastic 4, we all knew that didnt work, lets stick to things that work people and make a movie that stands on its own.

  23. I must say, from this ‘trailer’, I’m so excited about this movie anymore. Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait until the official trailer comes out.

  24. The comments are in a messed up order… is it just me O_o

  25. Just planting a seed here, but bear with me (or not…), the scene where he’s showing off to his friend (making the suit appear) made me actually wonder what I would do in the same circumstances?
    Exactly the same thing! Tell me ANY OF YOU, that you wouldn’t be dying to show your best buddy, or girlfriend, what the heck just popped up in your every day, average life. It would be so hard to contain the wonder and rediculousness of the situation, you would have to crack jokes about it to remain sane, yeah?
    We shopuld at least try to have fun with this….

    • It reminds me of Chris Evans playing around with his burning thumb in the first Fantastic Four film…

      • Very true – A lot of character similarities

          • dan,

            Thanks! I’ve updated the post with that version.


  26. I want to burn my eyes out now.

    As a long time comic book fan I’m very unhappy. That is not Hal Jordan. Every bit of news that has come out on this has made me lose hope a little at a time, but this has just about killed it. The costume has looked awful from the first peak and hasn’t got any better. It seems way to comedic which isn’t shocking considering who they cast which was a bad choice in the first place. He was nothing like Hal Jordan and it is definitely going to be overly kid friendly. It seems like they are aiming for a cross between Iron Man and Fantastic Four. Overly comedic and extremely kid friendly.

    I’ll watch the full trailer when it comes out and more than likely that will be the final nail.

    I highly doubt any actual Green Lantern fan/reader will be happy about this hell I don’t think anyone who reads DC comics will be happy about this. On the flip side I expect 5 year olds to love this. Toy sells here we go.

    • I think that he fits more of the Kyle Renner persona than Hal Jordan. For once I am whole heartedly with you in saying that I really wished they would not have cast Ryan in this role. Maybe Plastic Man. He was a great choice for Deadpool.
      As far as the suit… I want to see it in Hi-Def. I really want to see a full trailer instead of a grainy version from ET.

  27. This looks FANTASTIC! My most anticipated movie of my life time, and I love Superman, but this is going to be amazing!