First Look at ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer Footage

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green lantern trailer First Look at Green Lantern Trailer Footage

A few weeks ago we had our first official look at concept art for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s upcoming Green Lantern and today we have our first look at some actual video footage of the superhero epic.

The highly anticipated Green Lantern trailer is set to release attached to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 next weekend but Entertainment Tonight aired a preview which features our very first look at Ryan Reynolds in action as Green Lantern.

While brief, the video does showcase several scenes and angles of Ryan Reynolds in the CGI Green Lantern outfit. It also includes shots of him flying, some of the Green Lantern ring’s powers and one of Kilowog, an alien Green Lantern sure to be a fan favorite. This might be the best we get until next week so enjoy:

The early Green Lantern footage at Comic-Con didn’t show much of what is presented here so if you missed that, you didn’t miss much. This footage definitely emphasizes the more comedic tone of the movie and hence, the comparisons to Marvel’s Iron Man series, especially considering that Reynolds is the star.

The big point of contention will be on how people feel about the somewhat awkward looking CGI-rendered Green Lantern costume that Ryan Reynolds is sporting here. I found the glow and effects to be rather underwhelming, even when considering the film is not coming out until next summer.

Green Lantern and its colorful science fiction nature will be testing the other end of the superhero spectrum when compared to the grounded and gritty Batman films by Chris Nolan. It will be intriguing to observe the reaction of mainstream audiences to this as we approach the path to possible cameos or crossovers in the future between characters of the DC film universe.

This is but a brief taste of what’s to come, so let’s hold judgement until see the HD trailer for Green Lantern, which we can expect within a week.

Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.

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Source: ET

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  1. First impressions aren’t everything BUT it sure does say A LOT. If they weren’t ready to present certain things because they weren’t finished yet then they should have chosen wisely of what IS finished and present THAT. Mind you they gotta get the buzz going, but don’t show stuff to the public that aren’t finished or at least FINISH the little bits that will be shown or don’t show it at all.

    • what i think is that, considering The green lantern isn’t a very known character, is that they were going for a sort of comedy Reynolds thing. i mean everyone knows Reynolds and that he mostly stands for comedy. and so for the unknowledgeable public this might grab their attention more. yes first impressions are important, but i dont think judging your whole opinion on that first impression is a good idea. on many movies, what is revealed later on is what grabs you, so making a quick judgement like that is just stupid. In my opinion of course, not saying you cant say how it comes off to you, but saying whether or not you will be paying to see it i.e their whole opinion

  2. ok i get people saying “don’t judge the whole film by this 30 second clip” which isn’t even an official trailer….but c’mon.

    You can already get an idea where they are going from this short footage. You can also get a feel of how the movie will likely play out tonally.

    Ok so allow me to judge the 30 second clip and only that. First, it wasn’t funny even though it was apparently supposed to be. Second, the FX were just okay but not mind blowing.

    Last the whole thing seemed a bit campy/corny to me, like the worst of Raimi’s Spiderman flicks.

    Anyway – let’s see how different the real trailer is.

  3. I’ll bet week’s salary, that the jerk’s on here that say this is crap, are Jealous Marvel babies, that think the world revolves around the marvel universe. Sorry, that universe is dead!, and getting worse. It’s can’t compare with the DC Universe, Superman, Batman, soon to be Flash, Green Lantern and the Justice League, which I can gaurantee will blow away this pitiful looking avengers garbage. Thor’s hammer looks wimpish and so does the lame capt america’s sheild. Now, finally, in my opinion, one of the best Super Heroes ever created will grace the silver screen with the opening of Green Lantern. Finally, after all these years of waiting, Hal Jordan finally makes it to the big screen. This little blimp looks pretty good, can hardly wait until the film comes out!!!

    • First off, it would be “jerks,” not “jerk’s.”

      Second, there’s no call for insulting people just because they disagree with you. I know that’s in vogue right now (insult the opposition instead of rebutting their argument), but it doesn’t fly here.




      • just poking in for a quick HELL YES! You rock, Vic. =3

    • Hummm, sounds as if you need to read what you wrote and learn from it. You debase people for loving Marvel and rip on the movies they are making but then turn around and act like a complete DC fanboi. Pot meet kettle. ;)

      For the record I love both universes and really have a problem saying that one is better than the other. Each has their greats and each has their stinkers and both are guilty of BLATANTLY ripping the other off so to like one and not the other I think is being a blind follower.

      I really want GL to succeed because I love the GL backstory but I’m just not sold on what I have seen since we started getting visuals. The only DC movie to do well (and be good) in recent history is the new take on Batman. If GL fails miserably then I doubt we will be seeing more of the characters. Oh and fyi, Justice League has been shelved.

      • I think that anyone who frequents this site already knew that that Justice League was shelved a long time ago..

        • except Mr. FringeDivision up there ;)

    • NO,WRONG, I’m a long time Marvel fan but I also enjoy some of DC’s characters too. I was looking forward to this movie being good and it may very well turn out to be good or epic. The problem I have is that so far the tone doesn’t seem right and if your going to “tease” someone with something, make sure that it’s a “good” tease. Wrong tone,strange dialogue and bad CGI are not good teasers. Even still I hope this movie turns out great.

      • ..but Marvel does rule the universe. =)

        Vic, who you kiddin’? You are enjoying this as much as the rest of us!

        Too many people on this site need to lighten up. I mean, this IS ScreenRant, isn’t it? Accepting the Rules: No profanity or personal attacks, which, well, seems to be difficult for some. Some having larger connotations. Picking on type-Os, come on. What I appreciate about this over, say, radio, is the fact that we can rant right back. Long live freedom of expression!

        For my self, I can only say that any film that gets past post-production already IS a success (not having seen Howard The Duck, of course)!

        And apart from sounding like he watches way too many Keanu Reeves movies, Chaos has my heart — and I Want It Back!

  4. The ring responds to what speed does a thought travel? I am willing to bet the suit can be generated instantaneously..nothing wrong with that..I really don’t see what all the poozers are complaining about..I have been very impressed thus far with this film and if the tone tends to be comedic at times them so be it..I found those short clips to be entertaining…Can’t wait for the full trailer!!

    Can’t please everyone but as a reader of the Green Lantern comics for 30+ years I think they are going to knock it out of the park!

    • I wish more people were this optimistic. ^_^

  5. I’m shocked Green that anyone claiming to be a fan of the comic would like this. It’s hardly debateable that the suit looks awful it looks like really bad Photoshop and I’m sorry but that was not Hal Jordan. Hal is kind of cocky but it’s in a really Charming sort of way this is kid friendly silly comedy. He didn’t come off as cocky or charming just as a man child. Which isn’t surprising it’s how Reynolds is in most of his work which is fine for his regular films I’m a fan of his but it’s not right for Hal.

    Since this looks good to you is it safe to say you thought Fantastic for and FF:ROTSS were both good? Because it’s essentially the same.

    • I completely and utterly disagree with you me the suit looks great..I don’t know how good you are with Photoshop but I couldn’t do that.. It’s hard to make the assumption considering the amount of time Reynolds spends on film that he is not portraying Hal Jordan..I think he is acting the way any NORMAL person would considering they have been given an item that allows them to turn thought into reality..shock and awe with a little comedy thrown in to help suspend belief for the viewer..There was absolutley nothing disappointing about those clips..Still my most anticipated film next year and that is something special considering Cap and Thor are coming as well..

      I won’t say they are the same as the FF4 films because I haven’t seen nearly enough footage to make such a bold assumption..Sounds to me like you are looking for reasons to dislike this each their own..I will savour each and every bit of promotional material from this film..

  6. Actually I’m desperate to find reasons to like this. I’m a massive comic fan and GL is one of my fave character of all time but every new info we get is worse and worse. That suit is awful looking aside from you even hopeful people here seem to agree on that they simply make excusses for why and how it will look better in time. Your the only person I’ve read that thinks it looks good. The tone of the film and Reynolds ability to play Hal are debatable sure but I just don’t see how the suit can be. You say I’m looking to hate it but to me it seems like your so desperate for this to be good that your accepting everything and blinding your self to the atrocity in front of you. I’m not writing this off yet I still plan to see the full trailer before I do that but based on this clip and Ryans normal style I feel that I know exactly how this will turn out and that’s with a character that is Hal In name only and an overly kid friendly shallow comedic fantasy film. It’s Ryan Reynolds not Hal at best it’s like seeing Wally West or Dead Pool dressed as Hal. Possibly Chris Evans Human Torch. I’ve Bern expecting Captain America to suck but at this point I have more hope for it than GL.

    I couldn’t say for sure my most anticipated film of 2011 is at this point I’m to focused on 2012 but it’s probably between Cowboys and Aliens and Thor. Thor based on footage has it’s flaws but that’s mostly Asgard stuff the story seems compelling and I have no doubt in the talented cast putting in great performances I think Thors biggest obstacle is Avengers references and I have to hope they don’t go overboard like they did with IM2.

    • My eyesight is great…Love the suit!!! Always have stated that from the first article Screen Rant posted on it a while back…stop being a Poozer and just enjoy.. ;)

      • Sorry GK believe me you have no idea how much I really truly want to love this I’ve been waiting over a decade for a GL film, but there is not one thing about this that’s enjoyable every little detail just not only dissapoints but honestly pisses me off. I wanted this to be good I didn’t expect Begins or TDK good but at least X2 or IM quality and with every new detail my heart breaks.

        By the way Poozer makes me smile every time you say it reminds me of good Kilawog not the basterized version of him in this clip.

        • if you’re such a fan of GL, why can’t you be a little more optimistic and open minded? all you’ve sseen so far are pictures and a 30 second clip.

          • At a certain point it stops being optimistic and starts being Naive.

            At what point am I allowed to decide something isn’t good enough for me to spend my hard earned money? At what point do I have you permission to not like something?

            When the movie started moving along I was excited. When the director was announced I thought it was a strange choice and not a good fit but he’s talented and it might work so I was still excited. Ryan Reynolds was cast which while not as bad as Evans as Capt was still a bad choice in no movie has he even showed a single Hal Jordan trait. He’s silly man child humor and never once appeared suave , Charming , or Cocky with out being to cocky. I still thought it could work though. Then it was announced the suit would be CGI which was dumb and pointless still maybe it could end up decent and the film could be good I was optimistic. Then I saw the suit and it looked kind of dumb really hurt the film for me but didn’t ruin all my hope still moderately optimistic. Then I saw the Kilowog concept art which looked bad but I could live with it. Then this awful and I mean awful 30 second clip I mean awful just in case that was clear. Featuring typical Ryan Reynolds man child humor , featuring what is essentially Wally West in the GL suit and not even close to Hal, Featuring the most atrocious costume I’ve seen in a movie ever, featuring a poorly desighned Kilowog and a style and tone that reseambles Fantastic four.

            Yet still despite all that I’m holding out my final decision for the full trailer. So what was that about optimistic?

            I still hope it turns out well but that does not mean I can’t judge what I’ve seen so far I’m not going to pretend I have not seen the bad things. They happened and I’ll keeping following the development. Now no matter what I’ll probably see this eventually but the trailer will help me decide if I’m there opening weekend or if I grab the DVD out of the dollar bin 6 years from now.

            • Daniel, I commend you on a very well written opinion. It’s a shame though that you had to go through such lengths to clarify your thoughts to the raging fan-boy base crowding the topic.

              I wouldnt give them more than one or two words and been laughing at them getting wild eyed and worked up. ;)

              • …so then, you’re acting like an ass just for fun? How sweet.

                • Yes

              • havent been worked up, i just feel that you shouldnt judge a book by its cover. such as half of the people that have written a comment bashing the movie for a 30 second clip. though some have a better reason for not liking it, which is completely understandable.

              • I have been reading a lot of your comments lately and you are a troll..stop trying to rain on people’s parade just because you can hide behind a keyboard..I don’t care what anyone else thinks of this film so’s all been great so far..

            • well when you see it like that haha
              im not saying you cant decide whether or not you want to watch it. and i get your point, im not a super huge fan of any comic book character. but i like to watch the movies. i think the suit looks ok, but i fear the use of so much cgi will make it worse. though i dont really care much about the special effects, im not gonna keep getting annoyed if the cgi dont look perfect. what i want for this movie is for it to be entertaining, fun to watch you know. a movie that i can watch more than once. and i can see you being a huge fan of the character all these little bits and pieces mean more to you than me.

            • @Daniel F, I have to agree with you once again. This movie may turn out to be great in the end but judging by their tone of choice,CGI,(the suit looks like plastic)and Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal “SO FAR”, it doesn’t look right. Cocky and confident shouldn’t translate as humor,that’s why I always saw Han Solo as sort of a template for Ryan Reynolds to go by for Hal Jordan. Han Solo is cocky,cool,confident,somewhat abrasive but charming. Han Solo is funny at times while being dead serious but never is “intentionally” trying to be funny,crack jokes or one liners. Hal Jordan is just a lot more “noble” than Han Solo and an all around hero. Han Solo is noble but “sort of” an accidental hero but is still good hearted.

    • Just FYI, I love the suit, too. T_T

  7. one thing i’d say bout the trailer (or non-trailer) i saw is…NOT ENUFF NAKED BLAKE LIVELY.

    kidding aside (tho i won’t mind seeing naked pics of hers), is that i wonder if they’d do the same sci costume trick with nol- i mean, snyder’s Superman, cuz, one thing that would NOT make the new supes’ outfit flies is if we can see its stitches. then again, there are two versions of kal-el’s costume’s origin, his earth mom made it for him (which is ridiculous) and his original parents sent it along with him in the baby shuttle, for him to wear when he’s all grown up (how would they know just how big he’s gonna be?)..for the latter, i think they SHOULD make the costume CG.

    now, back to GL..i feel more like i’m watching a GL movie with Kyle Rayner as the lead, instead of HAL. he shouldn’t be THAT childish bout discovering the ring and its abilities.

  8. i wonder if they’d do the same sci costume trick

    I MEANT TO SAY cgi, NOT sci.

  9. No…

  10. I know it was only a 30 second spot but it had a real ABC family movie feel about it instead of a serious depiction of Green Lantern… kinda like the difference between Batman3 and the new Batman series.

  11. I feel that if DC is to have any chance of breaking the monopoly of Marvel, then Green Lantern needs to be quite a hit – I would say at least $200 million in the US and probably $450 – $600 million worldwide.

    I prefer comic book movies to be serious minded and have an epic scope, so it would be good to see more of DC’s main heroes brought to the screen as most of their heroes are immensely more powerful than the roster of Marvel’s heroes (Thor and Hulk being the exceptions and I feel i’m going to get some serious flak for this statement)

    I think some great epic stories can be visualized from DC’ heroes and believe that only the Flash should have more of a humour orientated tone.