New TV Spots: ‘Green Lantern’, ‘Transformers 3′, ‘Conan the Barbarian’ [Updated]

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Green Lantern Transformers 3 Conan the Barbarian tv spots New TV Spots: Green Lantern, Transformers 3, Conan the Barbarian [Updated]

[Update: We have another Transformers 3 TV Spot and Poster!]

With the exception of artsy efforts like Tree of Life, summer movie fare is generally all about the fast-paced action and dazzling (or disappointing) effects. Hence why the latest TV spots for Green Lantern, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Conan the Barbarian display all the glorious fight scenes and CGI spectacle they can in less than sixty seconds.

Green Lantern hits theaters this Friday, followed by Transformers 3 in two weeks time. Conan the Barbarian doesn’t arrive on the scene until August, but sometimes titles released during late summer can prove to be among the more memorable of the season (ex. Inglourious Basterds).

Warner Bros. is about to see whether or not its exhausting marketing campaign (and financial investment) for Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern movie will pay off this weekend. The most recent TV spots and featurette certainly contained their fair share of polished effects, dazzling sci-fi visuals, and scenes of Ryan Reynolds looking more and more convincing as the heroic Hal Jordan.

However, as we know all too well, great marketing material does not guarantee a great final product. All the same, between early positive buzz and the release of a promising eight minutes of footage, it seems like Green Lantern will at least not be the bomb that certain people have long been anticipating.

The latest Green Lantern TV spots also serve the film well, featuring more positive critical praise, a few additional impressive bits of Jordan’s Lantern Ring powers in action – and a better look at the corrupted scientist Hector Hammond, whom Peter Sarsgaard seems to be having a ball bringing to life.

Check out the latest (last?) Green Lantern TV spots below:


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The third and reportedly final entry in director Michael Bay’s Transformers trilogy will arrive in a matter of weeks – and so far, things are looking pretty good. An early review pegs it as being the best entry in the series (for what that’s worth), and we’re not alone in our assertion that Dark of the Moon looks to offer the most incredible 3D experience since Avatar. Finally,¬†the destruction-heavy footage glimpsed so far looks as polished and awe-inspiring as one could hope for in a summer blockbuster.

Stellar CGI was never the issue for this franchise – though the same cannot be said for coherent action sequences. It all but goes without saying that the segments in Transformers 3 that focus on human “drama” will once again be the least interesting in the film, despite some top-notch additions to the human cast in the form of stars like Frances McDormand and Alan Tudyk. However, a new TV spot for the film still showcases some of the “humor” that polarized viewers over the previous installments.

With all that said: the third Transformers movie looks to be the most visually-spectacular alien invasion action-fest to hit theaters this year (see the second TV spot below for further proof of that). So take that in consideration when you decide whether or not you’re actually willing to shell out top dollar to see this thing.

BONUS: Check out a new poster of Optimus Prime ready for a serious throwdown, courtesy of Fandango!



Transformers 3 IMAX 3D Poster 280x415 New TV Spots: Green Lantern, Transformers 3, Conan the Barbarian [Updated]


Conan the Barbarian

In general, feelings towards Marcus Nispel’s Conan the Barbarian reboot really do appear to be quite mixed. On one side, there are fans who like the film’s grimly dark production design and are looking forward to two fun hours full of bloody violence, fantastical monsters, and star Jason Momoa stabbing just about everything in sight. On the other side of the debate are those who say that Conan looks like a mindless B-movie with cheesy one-liners and gruesome action – just not one that seems like a lot of fun.

The second Conan TV spot isn’t likely to change any minds either way, since it once again features footage of Momoa battling an array of armored warriors, giant CGI tentacled beasts, blade-slinging sand monsters, flaming-haired sorceresses, and Stephen Lang as a despicable warlord whose face looks like it lost a battle with a cheese slicer.

Conan the Barbarian certainly has promise, what with the ancient world of Hyboria looking stylishly savage – not to mention, Lang and Rose McGowan seem to be having a ball playing crazed villains. So we’ll have to wait and see if the movie turns out to be good dumb fun – or just dumb.

Check out the second Conan the Barbarian TV spot below:

Green Lantern hits theaters this week on June 17th, 2011.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon will arrive in theaters two weeks from today on June 29th.

Conan the Barbarian is set to arrive later this summer on August 19th.

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  1. Grrrrrrr…

    The more trailers they put out for Conan, the less optimistic I get about this movie.


    Rock music just doesn’t fit with ancient civilization movies.

    • Eh, Conan has always been more “heavy metal” than ancient civilization to me.

      They know the first few Conan movies had a huge following from the outlaw biker culture – probably trying to appeal to them again.

  2. I have to admit Momoa really looked like Conan in some of these scenes. That’s the first Conan trailer I have actually liked.

  3. I think they nailed the look of what a Conan movie should be. Like most I grew up with the movies and thought that was the end all be all. Later in life though I started to read the Howard stories and fell in love with them. His writing style is very rich and descriptive but it’s the world that he’s built and the character of Conan that makes all the stories so much fun to read. Conan is this almost primal force of nature who lives in a ruthless ancient world. I think they’ve translated that look and somewhat the feel really well. However, and this is not a knock on Mamoa (who looks great; always what I pictured the story version to look like), but they’ve stuck Conan into a generic anti-hero, blow stuff up, rock out guy. That’s not the character. Conan looks out for number 1, takes care of business however he has to, bags the chick, and usually laughs it all off by the end (great sarcastic dry wit in the character). Now it’s hard to say the movie WON’T have all of this but so far….. ehhhhhh I don’t see it coming. Was really looking forward to this before they released the full trailers; now I’m on the fence.

  4. crap, Green Lantern reviews are rolling in and they are NOT good. Currently a 24% tomato rating…

    • If you were looking forward to it from the start go see it and form your own opinion. All reviews really are, are just the opinion of the author alone.

      • Normally, I’d agree about critics reviews not being that influential, but when 90% of the reviews say it’s boring and cliched, it might be worth considering saving that $15-$20 movie experience for a good book.

        The word boring as a movie description is a major red flag for me.

        • Well Im gonna decide for myself tho me being a GL fan I know where my opinion is headed lol though Im a relatively new fan. I didn’t see anything about it being boring really it just seems like a “summer movie” with a superhero for flavor.

    • Check this from the onion -,20741/

      Funny as hell!

  5. The Conan guy looks like a west Hollywood model/trainer. Arnold had menace and elegance, and was twice the size. Not sure if this flick’ll work..

    • you realize that Arnold looked nothing like the books or even the comics portray Conan. Arnold was also not agile or quick the way a true Cimmerian was suppose to be. Cimmerians were described as being tall and quick as panthers with the ability to climb sheer cliffs. WHile I like Arnold and respect how he helped bring the character of Conan to the main stream he simply was not the right person to play the original role.

    • Yeah, Aleric is right. Arnold really did not look like the Conan of the novels and comics. The only reason Arnold got the role was because of his physique, and even that wasn’t really the ideal Conan physique – he was actually bigger than Conan should have been.

      Momoa is closer. I can see that now by the trailer here.

      • Did you actually ever read any of the Conan books, or the Marvel comics? Conan was a huge, savage beast of a warrior. Arnold was barely big enough. Momoa looks like an underwear model.

        • Conan, in the books (and, to a slightly lesser extent, the comics) WAS very athletically built and incredibly agile and quick…he certainly would NOT have been bigger than (or even as big as) Arnold.

          Did YOU read any of them, yourself?

    • Watch “Game of Thrones”. Momoa has plenty of menace (don’t know why Conan would have elegance, personally) and he’s actually a good bit taller than Arnold was. He’s even around the same weight: it’s just distributed more evenly because of that.

  6. Hector Hammond seems to be channeling his inner Cyrus the Virus in the clips. Which works great for me.

    Transformers: everytime I see the robot tails tearing through the buildings and the robot ships, I keep thinking, “This is how the skies were darkened in the Matrix.”

    Conan…eh don’t care.

  7. Green Lantern has officially bombed, the critics are blasting the film, and I doubt anybody will like the film.

    • Bombed with the critics you mean. If the BO numbers a good well, hello sequel. Pretty sure it will.

  8. It’s at 24% on rottentomatoes and 14% with the top critics. Just as I suspected. All the Green Lantern clips they released are all the best parts of the film. None of them look very interesting. It’s a pass for me.

    • Oh my god, more people spouting RT percentages, no one cares! Make up your own damn mind!

      • DSB…

        You know, by now, that telling people all of that won’t work. I know you are excited about the film and will be seeing it Friday. I, also, am anticipating the film and will be seeing it too.

        What we have to do is simply watch the film, and assuming we both end liking the film as much as we believe we will, we come back here and (in our own inimitable ways) tell the assorted posters WHY they SHOULD see “Green Lantern”.

        Just seems more practical…and less frustrating. :D

        • Agreed, it would definitley be less frustrating. Here’s to hoping the reviews are wrong and the film is as ace as I think it will be.

  9. I don’t care what the critics are saying, I’m seeing Green Lantern on Saturday. The critics really blasted Bad Boys 2 and I really liked that film.

    • What it really comes down to is mass appeal and box office numbers will determine a sequel. Not worried either way. This is a summer movie for everyone.