Full ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer (Plus 40 New Images)

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green lantern movie trailer Full Green Lantern Trailer (Plus 40 New Images)

A few days ago Entertainment Tonight released a brief preview for the long-awaited Green Lantern trailer and now the full version is finally available.

The Spanish MSN website posted the Green Lantern trailer seemingly early and while it features Spanish subtitles, the video itself is in complete English. In it we get to see Abin Sur’s crashed ship, him passing the ring and responsibility to Hal Jordan, several cool shots of space, the planet Oa and the many other intergalactic members of the Green Lantern Corps.

Watch and see what you’ve been waiting for:

[media id=276 width=570 height=340]

Head to Apple for the HD Green Lantern trailer [Updated with YouTube version for now].

The production value and most certainly the score of the trailer help bring that feeling of epicness and should put behind most negative feelings some may have towards the preview footage. Warner Bros. is not holding anything back in terms of character reveals and the extremely heavy sci-fi feel of the books.

Fans of the Green Lantern comics should feel very happy that they are keeping very true to the comics and world set up in the books. And while Ryan Reynolds’ CGI costume is often a topic of debate, within the context of the trailer it doesn’t look so out of place even though I still think it looks a tad too fake from the final scene of the trailer, notably in the mask. I hope it improves in the many months left before the summer 2011 season kicks off as the Reynolds’ costume looks a lot better in this Green Lantern poster art that showed up on the Apple site as well:

green lantern movie poster art 280x414 Full Green Lantern Trailer (Plus 40 New Images)

And here are over 40 screen grabs from the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Along with Strong as Sinestro and Peter Saarsgard’s Hector Hammond (pre and post-giant head), the most rewarding part of the trailer is getting a better sense of the acting range that audiences have to expect from Reynolds and that fans want from Hal Jordan.

Green Lantern is is directed by Martin Campbell and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett. It is based off a screenplay written by Greg Berlanti, Michael Goldenberg, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim.

How do you feel about the Green Lantern movie now?

Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.

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Source: MSN, Apple

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  1. Am I the only one that thinks it looks terrible?

    1. The suit – same effect as the Spider Man movies. When he’s standing around in the actual suit, cool. Action sequences look like cut scenes from a video game.

    2. The cliches – a comic relief, nerdy sidekick = check. super hot love interest = check. people running in fear through city streets = check.

    3. The Green Lantern world looks silly.

    It’s a no go for me.

    • Ditto. The trailer sucked all the anticipation out of me. The suit is awful. The whole thing looks like a cartoon. Tragic.

  2. To everyone leaning towards a thumbs down on this movie, could I offer a fresh perspective? D.C. has superman’d and batman’d us to death. Since about 1977 there have been 5 superman and 6 batman movies and both those guys have a movie pending. There was a short t v series about wonder woman, which was, lets face it, entirely about Linda Carters thighs and cleavage.[not a bad thing]. shakingoffthevisual Anyway if we are ever going to get something from dc besides supes and bats theyve got to start somewhere.

    • the flash tv show also

      • @Giznad, yeah too bad that ended so soon, I really enjoyed that Flash show.Maybe it wasn’t the right time for it.

  3. i don’t think sinestro is the bad guy in this, since we only see him in the suit briefly whereas we see that big headed guy 2 or 3 times throughout… could this mean that they’re saving sinestro for a sequel which will without a doubt be announced no matter what ?

    imo the trailer was ok, the special effects where good and the tone was alright.

    you guys should take into consideration that reynolds isn’t acting like that on purpose, its the script that’s shaping him so don’t say garbage like ‘renolds is miscast. yeah they could have gotten someone else to play hal, but reynolds is ok the f***ing script makes him look like a clown and its an ongoing issue with him in movies – people see him and think ‘hey he does funny stuff, lets make him funny in movies’ with the exception of buried (i haven’t seen it yet but people say he did pretty good)

    • Nah Im pretty much expecting Sinestro to turn “sour” coming down to the end resulting in a battle between him and Hal.

    • My guess is Sinestro will be bad behind the scenes. We see him being bad, we know he is bad, he knows he has his own agenda yet everyone in the movie is oblivious.


      Hector Hammond (the big headed guy) got they way because of a meteor (and later a retell having part of Abin Surs craft be the catalyst). Maybe the movie will have the meteor placed there by and or manipulated by Sinestro to hamper the new GL.

      Close to the end we have the reveal that Sinestro is the bad guy with his own agenda, with a short battle no clear winner as Sinestro runs off to finish his plans….

      Im a big RR fan and (IMO) there is no one better to play an arrogant and cocky test pilot. I will assume by the end of the movie he will be humbled but still keep his Earthling sense of humor.

      • From what I heard, and that by no means makes it certain, is that Sinestro wasnt going to be bad in this movie at all, and that Hammond releases Parallax.
        Although on the trailer it does look like Sinestro is thrown away from what could be a yellow power battery… I think he might be evil by the very end of the movie.

        • Man I hope they do not do that. covering the impurities is fine but to introduce….

          GL, Sinestro, Hammond, Parallax, and all the other supporting characters just seems to me like they are cramming it all down our throats, and while you me and all the other comic book fans can process it to expect “Joe” to keep up with it may be daunting.

          The into of the Leader is perfect example. All of 1 min of time was used. He was already a part of the story and they just hinted at it. I hope they do it similar to that.

          • Well, I thought the whole Parallax angle was definitely being used, sure I read that somewhere. Because on his own Hammond isnt a phsyical threat to Hal, but Hammond possessed by Parallax would be.

            I had also heard the word Star Saphire being used in relation to the film, Carol does have the emblem on her helmet but I hope that’s all there is, because that really will be too much!

            • Yeah but HH was a psychic with mind control and (I think) object manipulation.

              As I research the character I find this…

              Peter Sarsgaard will play Hector Hammond in the upcoming live-action film, Green Lantern directed by Martin Campbell. In this version, Hammond is the son of former astronaut Senator Robert Hammond (Tim Robbins) who got him a job within a research company for the government. He obtains his powers while examining the dead body of Abin Sur; he is exposed to a piece of Parallax which was stuck in Sur’s body and it causes his brain to grow continuously throughout the film, giving him telephatic and telekinetic powers in the process.

              Gah… still hope they dont delve to much into Parallax yet, just maybe referencing it as the “impurity” of the rings powers.

              Also with regards to the clip… did anyone notice Tomar-Re? I thought he looked pretty cool.

              • I saw Tomar, very cool!

                A piece of Parallax? What does that even mean?

                As for Hammond, he can certainly fling GL around and slam stuff into him, but I would have thought they want GL to actually fight someone.

                Well, we will find out in 6 months! Maybe Sinestro leanrs that Hammond has come into contact with the yellow entity and uses him to discover the yellow power battery?

                • Im quite rusty on Parallax however before his physical manifestation wasn’t he part of the central battery? Trapped in there?

                  So maybe there is already a ring or yellow battery and part of it is in Abin Sur? Abin Sur realizing he was done for (converted by/into the Yellow impurity) loosing control crashes on earth having the ring find a suitable replacement (Bruce Wayne was busy) ends up dying.

                  The piece in Abin Sur needs a new host of sorts so jumps to HH. In theory the piece can be a piece of energy or life force of Parallax trying to escape the central battery….

                  Sounds semi believable?

                  • All the entities were trapped in their respective batteries I think, the current DC run is all about the different coloured nasties, but Parallax never really had any form until it took over Hal and made him evil, when he died.

                    To be honest, I wonder if they have really changed what parallax represents in this film version, they should have kept Parallax for the sequel, had it take over Hal and then they could have introduced another human GL (Kyle, Jon) and then had the third part the Sinestro Corp War of Blackest Night.

                    And yes, your theory sounds perfectly likely, maybe the second trailer will fill in a bit more of the story.

                    Bruce Wayne could never have been a GL, the ring wouldnt have picked him, it choses those who are completely without fear, Bruce has fear in him. Hal Jordan is fearless.

                    • ;) I was making a joke about Bruce.

                      gah I need to go Wiki over this. I thought Parallax was a giant bug looking thing last I saw him. His true form from eons ago?

                      I will be happy as long as they dont force feed us to much and change to much. I like RR as the character and the costume is fine.

                      I knew the female lead was in trouble when my wife made the comment after seeing the clip that she appears to act like cardboard.

                    • @DrSamB. That’s what’s I’ve been saying all along. They’re doing this wrong,they’re already planning for sequels so this would have been an incredible opportunity for DC/WB to make 3 movie based on 3 major GL’s. That way,they could have saved The Parallax for last or Blackest Night OR both, a better climax at the end were we see Hal Jordan,Jon Stewart,Kyle Raynor,and Guy Gardner work together at the end obviously with some of them dying too.

  4. I must admit, Im not a green lantern fan and I know next to nothing about the comic book (Im a Marvel fan who dabbles in batman).

    So from a non-fan perspective, the trailer didnt appeal to me in the slightest, looks very cliche, graphics are sub par, the annoying humor is..well yea, annoying (then again on the cheesy/toilet humor front: what else can we expect from reynolds, I hate him)

    consider me unimpressed at present

  5. I’m not going to judge this on the visual effects. They’re still being worked on. Anyone remember the “walk away from the tank” scene in the first Iron Man superbowl commercial? Looked like a video game but in the movie it looked perfect.


    • IMO they shouldn´t release a trailer, when the scenes or CGI or whatever isn´t finished yet. That´s like releasing a major deal album which has only demo songs on it…

      • Even from the Iron Man 2 trailer the scene where he landed into the exhibition looked jarring. Even in the movie itself the race track scene didn’t look that impressive at times. So 6 mths from release they are just giving fans a teaser the next trailer won’t be out for a very long time lol.

        • @Merciful Rao,With all due respect,that’s no excuse,just because other movies did it that means it’s ok? LOL!What is that going to be the new trend?

  6. Looks like it will do ok. This movie is supposed to be marketable to millions so casting Reynolds was a good choice. Lively on the other hand makes a horrible Ferris, I dont think she can play a strong/dominating woman. Also Just wondering if anyone knows a lot about GL, at 2:05 is that Sinestro’s Yellow Battery Core?

    • I’m not sure it’s his yellow battery, it’s might contain Parallax, is the Big P is technically the main villain.

  7. I thought it’s pretty good, more of a nolan bat fan myself, but it’s interesting to watch a silly guy trying to grow into a man of responsibility, the movie should do alright next yr.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks this looks frickin awesome?
    It’s still my most anticipated flick for next year!

    • no i completely agree with you Sam! this will be a very entertaining movie:)

      • And thats all I want, a fun, entertaining movie! I’ve just about had enough of the dark superhero being the only option, these are comic books, they should be fun sometimes.

        I’ll admit, there are a few ropey CGI moments but if people are incapable of looking past that, then whatever.

    • Yea I’m with you. Hal Jordan FTW.

      • Good, glad to hear it :)

  9. Oh no, its not dark and moody, there’s a lot of CGI and not all of it looks totally fantastic… oh no the horror…

    Well, I for one am glad! This will be fun. Anyone remember what fun is? it was thing that used to exist in movies, a while back now, some of you might recall it, before the times when everything absolutely had to be dark and gritty and realistic.

    Because thats what I want from my comic book movies, dar, gritty, realism. Oh wait… That’s not true. I get enough realism from the grim real world I already inhabit on a day to day basis, I’ll take some escapist fun any time.

    Just in case anyone didnt get it, the tone of the majority of this post is sarcastic.

    • just what i was going to say!!

    • hahahah All I can think of when you typed that is Mange from the Power Puff Girls.

    • DSB,You are not alone. I don’t think dark and gritty is the required setting for all comic book movies. Obviously it works with Batman or Daredevil. I think what happens is, a guy like Nolan makes Batman, and goes beyond “serious or, believable” and makes it “realiostic”. Then, of course, everyone likes that style, and reacts{ or overreacts} to the goofier scenes in movies like FF2.{ swapping powers?} or Daredevil.{seesaw fight?}. Bottom line, I’m just glad D.C. is making a movie that isn,t Batman or Superman. I think G.L. will be a great movie.

  10. Looked good until the CGI kicked in!

  11. I agree 100% with you Sam

  12. I don’t think it looks bad at all. They will fix the CGI and it will look Fantastic. Still don’t think RR should be Hal but what can you do? Is anybody with me in saying “Why the Hell didn’t they cast him as the Flash?” He would have been perfect for that role.

    • Ohhh, Give me a break!! Come on! Ryan Reynolds. Straight to video. It looks so boring and really who cares!!
      especially when ryan reynolds is playing the lead character….Who Cares!! To make a good movie you have to have a character that people care about!!

      • Well thank you for that carefully constructed critique, maybe someone should pass it along to Mr Reynolds agent? Let him know, he should just give up.

        • lmfao

        • **Chiboy**
          Get over it. I am not impressed with there decision but in all honesty, I will watch anything RR is in. I think he is a great smart alec. I just think he would have been great as the Flash. As far as GL, I don’t think this movie is going to be bad. I don’t think it will be the best DC movie ever but it looks decent.
          DSB… you crack me up dude. That was awesome.

          • Well, some times people don’t engage the brain before clacking away on the keyboard, I’m like you, not convinced this will be the best but it looks like fun and thats enough for me.

      • OK Marvel fan boy! Go play with your little boring pathetic marvel universe, while real audiences will see the Greatest Super Hero Universe break out one of it’s greatest heroes, the Green Lantern. This film is way over due, and I actually like most of what I saw in this trailer. But, I’m sure that we’re going to see Hal Jordan/Ryan Reynolds change in his attitude and his maturity, and grow into this role. Just having a trailer with a live action Green Lantern is incredible for me, because when I was young and growing up(some 50 years ago), while I was watching George Reeves play Superman and Adam West play Batman, I always wished that they would bring my favorite Super Hero to any screen, neverless, the Silver Screen. And, now my wish has finally come true, so I’m not going to let some dweeb from the second rate mutant universe try to ruin the mood I’m in after watching this trailer.

        • If that’s one of the greatest Super Heroes fromt he DC universe, color me unimpressed.

          It looks hokey, but fun.

          Batman I could see you talking smack about. Quality superhero. Green Lantern? Sheesh! The big green fist coming out of the ring is WAAAY campy.

          As far as DC adaptations, I would rather see Vigilante on the big screen or a proper Sgt Rock.

    • Totally agree, he would be better as the Flash

    • Yea i do agree would rater see him as flash the green lanterns character was a bit more mature in his character,,First thing come to my mind was the flash .LOL

  13. I’m not feeling the cgi suit at all

  14. The cgi suit looks terrible…why oculdnt they have just used a regular costume…not impressed by these pics/trailer

  15. Thought it was alright. I still dislike that last scene where he shows off the costume, though I might understand where it’s coming from. It was nice getting a look at things like Oa and such as well as other members of the Corps.

    I haven’t read any GL for some time, but was Hal ever that much of a ladies man like he seemed to be at the start? He was cocky and whatnot, which I think comes across alright in a few scenes (I even think that scene where he ejects from the plane was in the comic).

    And are we sure the effects aren’t done? They’d still be in post-production right now touching everything up still?

    • I think many of the effects are finished, if you look at the space ship stuff, it looks pretty slick as does the stuff on Oa, i think the suit will look different in the actual film. As many people above have stated Iron Man was the same, the suit didnt look right on the trailers but was fine in the films.

      And yes Hal was and sometimes still is a cocky and rude individual, often thinks before he speaks, I think the characterisation isnt too far off.

      • That blond chick could’ve been Cowgirl. She’s one of Jordan’s newest love interest. But that’s a could’ve I’m not saying your point isn’t off. He wasn’t much of a ladies man. Or at least he didn’t try to be. At least not like Iron Man or Batman.

        • I did think she might be Cowgirl. I hope they don’t have Hal and Carrol get together straight away, they hardly had an easy time together. And they will go down the Star Sapphire in a sequel.

          Here’s what they should do.

          Green Lantern 2-Sinestro Corps War, set up the whole other colour lanterns

          Green Lantern 3- Blackest Night.

  16. its Green Lantern.

  17. The cg suit is fantastic, they finally got it to look good and just like the comics. Eat it, haters.

    • Oww it so dosnt look good wat are you on apart from crack, for starters he dosnt even look real it’s like a ps3 game or something, I want to luv this movie but c’mon the suit is looking preety pish

      • i think the suit looks good. better than if he transformed into green lantern with a black and green spandex leather suit hahaha or whatever the fabric is. i like the idea of the suit/ring and the suit itself.

        • say what you will about leather & spandex! but so far every superhero movie that involves actual fabrics have looked & worked alot better on film, way better than anything c.g has to offer, I really hope they fix this

  18. If these are finalised post-production shots, it looks absolutely terrible – never mind the bad acting and script

  19. looks OK… not really that impressed though(still has that ABC Family channel feel). I really like RR but not feeling him for this role, and I agree with Greater tater I think he would have been a much better Flash


    • Ryan would look totally hot in the Wonder Woman outfit. :)

      • Yeah, he’d say “Look dude! I totally pulled it off right?” “Oh yeah,I’m a badass”,”Dude you totally, gotta check out my invisible jet,it’s freakin wicked sick!” “Now,lets go lasso up some bad guys,”.

    • Ryan Reynolds for Batmite!!!!


    Green Lantern is the Superhero I wanted turned into a film the most – the space scenes look awesome!

    The costume needs work though…

  22. Did GL always have that much empahsis on comedy though?…

    • Did Iron Man?

      • I dunno, not really a comic book reader lol.

        • Iron Man wasn’t exactly a comedic comic. Maybe the playboy stuff gave off a little comic relief at times. But at was pretty serious and sometimes brutal. But yet the movie toned it down and it did exceptional.

          • Merc makes a good point. Spiderman was a wisecracking character, but Ironman never was. Nevertheless the slight comedy of Ironman worked real well,IMO.

  23. Looks pretty good! I have not yet read the comics (just picked some up from the local library!), so I do not have much basis on whether RR fits the character of Jordan. Apart from that, the movie looks fun and the effects look better than I expected. As for the marvel fanboy vs. dc fanboy hate: Why can’t we all just enjoy the characters we have grown up on, and loved for years? Let’s let the “fanboy” in us all unite us ;)

    • Well said Nicolas. Those people can take their childish opinions out to the school playground. :-)

  24. Well so far Ryan Reynolds has shown that he cares a great deal about the character, and he does have the Hal look, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, I’ll have to watch the movie before making up my mind on whether he was right for the role or not. Which should be the thing to do for everybody here… remember what happens when you assume. :P

    That being said, the trailer could have been designed better. I mean come on. Didn’t these people see what the power of successful advertising did for the Iron Man movies? These trailers worked beautifully to get people in the theaters (although at the expense of spoiling nearly the entire story, but hey, they made money.)

  25. If you look at that helmet on Carol you can see that star that looks almost identical to the Star Sapphire symbol. Huh Huh?

  26. …the oath…bless ‘em they kept the oath…and RR makes it sound COOL…

    • I almost wish we could have heard it more in the trailer or at least the words that come right after what he says.

  27. looks good, cant wait and hope it has a deep well thought threw story.

  28. im sorry the costume still needs tweeking the mask needs to be a darker green or black i think that needs to be done and also i hate the lantern battery give me the old school battery.

  29. one my gay friends were a wonder woman costume to con convention lol