Full ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer (Plus 40 New Images)

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green lantern movie trailer Full Green Lantern Trailer (Plus 40 New Images)

A few days ago Entertainment Tonight released a brief preview for the long-awaited Green Lantern trailer and now the full version is finally available.

The Spanish MSN website posted the Green Lantern trailer seemingly early and while it features Spanish subtitles, the video itself is in complete English. In it we get to see Abin Sur’s crashed ship, him passing the ring and responsibility to Hal Jordan, several cool shots of space, the planet Oa and the many other intergalactic members of the Green Lantern Corps.

Watch and see what you’ve been waiting for:

[media id=276 width=570 height=340]

Head to Apple for the HD Green Lantern trailer [Updated with YouTube version for now].

The production value and most certainly the score of the trailer help bring that feeling of epicness and should put behind most negative feelings some may have towards the preview footage. Warner Bros. is not holding anything back in terms of character reveals and the extremely heavy sci-fi feel of the books.

Fans of the Green Lantern comics should feel very happy that they are keeping very true to the comics and world set up in the books. And while Ryan Reynolds’ CGI costume is often a topic of debate, within the context of the trailer it doesn’t look so out of place even though I still think it looks a tad too fake from the final scene of the trailer, notably in the mask. I hope it improves in the many months left before the summer 2011 season kicks off as the Reynolds’ costume looks a lot better in this Green Lantern poster art that showed up on the Apple site as well:

green lantern movie poster art 280x414 Full Green Lantern Trailer (Plus 40 New Images)

And here are over 40 screen grabs from the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Along with Strong as Sinestro and Peter Saarsgard’s Hector Hammond (pre and post-giant head), the most rewarding part of the trailer is getting a better sense of the acting range that audiences have to expect from Reynolds and that fans want from Hal Jordan.

Green Lantern is is directed by Martin Campbell and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett. It is based off a screenplay written by Greg Berlanti, Michael Goldenberg, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim.

How do you feel about the Green Lantern movie now?

Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.

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Source: MSN, Apple

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  1. Sweet.

  2. This looks awsome can’t wait. It actually looks better than thor.

  3. Looks nice, will definitley be seeing it

  4. looks good i agree about the final shot of the suit especially the mask but i can live with it am relitivly new to green lantern only read rebirth so if anyone can recommend any comics to read before release pls post and i will try and get them read =)

    • The Blackest Night series.

      • cheers i will check it out

        • Basically you should really just start at the beginning of Geoff Johns’ run with Green Lantern Rebirth. That will show you the origin story that I am sure they will be sticking to in the book.

  5. Looks awesome can’t wait

  6. Tim Robbins and Mark Strong, Awesome I’m in for sure now. If we can only get Reynolds in the Deadpool suit now…

    • lets hope they can make time for it apart from dark knight rises this would be my most anticipated film of the next few years

  7. in the words of Randy Savage, “OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!”

  8. That was sick!

  9. Not crazy about the suit, but this looks gooood.

  10. looks good. hopefully no deadpool for reynolds and he can just concentrate on this franchise

    • Blasphemy!!!
      But the trailer was epic, i’ll probly see the movie at least twice

      • Blasphemy is letting one guy play several iconic superheros. Reynolds already made the decision to play the Green Lantern, let it be. 20 years from now people will look back and think: “What? No other actors were capable of portraying a superhero back then? What were they thinking…”

        • I don’t dissagree but at least it’s not like he’s playing two characters from the same comic universe.
          That would be like having the same guy play Captain American AND the Human Torch..

          • Lol Steve. Imaagine if they made an “Invaders” movie. Remember that team? It had Cap and the Human Torch. Uh oh.

            • Lol to be geeky for a second here, it wasn’t the same human torch.
              Though they could probly get Robert Downey to play that one and Ed Norton could be Namor. Oh and that guy who played Iceman will be Bucky

  11. *Super Nerdgasm*

    Looks AWSOME.

    Hahaha take that haters this is gonna PWN.

  12. yawn

  13. i hate the suit. looks very fake. i really hope they fix it before the release

    • of cause the suit looks fake its been cgi lol

      i remember people complain about the Iron Man suit when the first time people seen it

  14. Man, everyone’s attitude sure turned around quick. This is going to be amazing!

  15. Next summer is gonna be epic. Green Lanter, Thor, Captain America, Transformers 3 (screw you. I can’t wait to see that lol), Pirates 4. It’s only gonna be a prelude to 2012 though.

    • It’s a good thing we’re getting all these bad ass movies before the world ends, amirite?

    • i couldnt agree with you more the next few years are gonna be epic

  16. It’s like the comic book just came to life! I’m sure Green Lantern fans around the world are peeing themselves right now! lol

  17. I can’t wait better than I expected

  18. LMAO @ the title of this article. “Green Lantern trailer holds nothing back” The only reason I’m even remotely interested in this film is to see the phenomenal Angela Bassett. Huge disappointment not to see her in the official theatrical trailer as Amanda Waller. Their holding plenty back if you ask me.

  19. Looks great! Was this shot in 3D?

    • iwasherenotyou,

      Sadly, no, it’s post-conversion 3D.


      • Well, I just hope the 3D at least looks good.

      • I’ll just watch it in 2D then :(

        • Not always an option these days though. With a huge release like Gl, I doubt many places will be showing it in 2D at all. I rememeber when Clash Of The Titans came out, I couldnt find any local cinemas showing it in 2D.

  20. I am quite happy now and looking forward EVEN MORE to seeing this. DC is DEFINITELY in the game…


    • Yeah…right…with it’s whole ONE successful franchise, lol! This might do ok, but Reynolds wasn’t meant to play this role. Jordan is way too serious a role for him. Deadpool will completely overshadow this movie. Green Lantern is cool, ssure, butt if you think this’ll beat the Merc with a Mouth, you’ve another thing coming. LONG LIVE MARVEL! EXCELSIOR!

      • I don’t know. For all his cult hero status and such Deadpool has never been all that successful a character. Whereas Green lantern has sustained his own book for a good many decades.

      • Deadpool will overshadow this?

        I’m sorry are you on something?

        If they make Deadpool,and thats a big IF at the moment. It will be an R, therefore it will do poor box office, certainly compared to a PG-13 big budget flick like Green Lantern.

        Also Deadpool is a second if not third tier character that very few “regular” people will have heard of, while GL is not up there with Batman and Superman, he is certainly known and audiences will have some limited familiarity with the character.

      • @ yeah_right

        Don’t turn this into an infantile MARVEL is better than DC debate. It’s irrelevant and highly subjective to ones opinion. I’m more of a MARVEL fan but I have a fair share of DC comics in my collection.

        I respect both companies because they both have cool characters and great writers and artists, many of whom have worked for both companies anyway.

        Overall I’m keen to see this. It can’t be worse than the counterfeit crap Fox Abattoirs and Phony Sony are putting out.

        • That was all he wanted to do wasnt it? Cause an argument, and I fell for it.

          • lol yeah probably. :-) Not to worry.

            He’s entitled to his opinion and all but honestly I just don’t see the sense in pitting one company against another. It’s not like we’re cheering for our favorite football team. :-)

            I love a well told super hero story regardless of which company it comes from.

            I’m thinking of picking up Jim Shooter’s “Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom” from Dark Horse. I have several of the Valiant issues from the 90’s and they were great.

            • Doctor Solar is decent, picked up an issue of that recently to try something new.
              I have to admit though, I havent bought a Marvel title for at least 3 years, just completely lost interest in everything they were doing. I switched totally to DC. And Dark Horse of course because they have the Star Wars license :)

      • Jordan is not always serious

        love live Marvel are u serious they cant even keep their own actors intact and the sold all their major characters to different studios

        • Bazinga!

  21. Wow – maybe I need to watch the trailer again because I *didn’t* like the tone. Honestly, it feels like some high energy, live action Bugs Bunny cartoon to me. And I’m a HUGE fan of Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale.

    Oh, we’ve added over 40 screen grabs to the article – including a good look at Kilowog and a close up of the power ring.


    • I agree with Vic, pretty disappointed with the trailer. The whole feel of the movie is off and Reynolds seems miscast. I feel another Fantastic Four.

      • Feels more like a Howard the Duck. The suit and the comedy didn’t work there either,

    • 100% agree!!.. Why they play with the fans in that way??

    • Thanks Vic.. I just got a horrible mental picture of Brendan Frasier, or whoever was in that one Looney Toons movie, in the CGI Green Lantern suit…
      I can completely see what you mean though.

    • Bugs Bunny Cartoon = perfect description.

      I am a Green Lantern fan and that trailer is awful, period. The CGI suit looks terrible, Reynolds is in full on Van Wilder mode with his line delivery and Lively looks mis-cast. Did everyone involved think this was a joke?

      “I know right!”…… ugh.

    • dont know why u complaining about the tone it seems alright for Green Lantern not everything got to be like TDK tone

      • Why do people always jump ALL the way to The Dark Knight? That’s at a far end of the spectrum. This looks like it’s at the other end. I’m just asking that it be somewhat in between (Iron Man). I don’t have a problem with some humor, but I don’t want a superhero film to be a balls-out comedy.


        • that does not look like a balls out comedy i think people only saying that cause its Ryan Reynolds been casted. anyway this trailer is basically like the comics anyway since the source material they using for the movie is based on Geoff Johns “Green Lantern: Secret Origin” comic.

          • Agreed. Just because there happen to be a few goofy attempts at humour on this first trailer that shows 2.5 minutes out of a possible 120+ people are jumping to the assumption this is a teen comedy.

            • thank u DrSamBeckett people here are jumping to early. i remember i seen people complain on well known website about the first Iron Man trailer cgi scenes and people said RDJ aint the right choose for the role of Tony Stark and look what happen now.

        • @Vic,I agree with you. The absolute tone SHOULD be Donner’s Superman “mixed” with Nolan’s “Batman”/Star Wars. That’s it,it in no way should resemble Iron Man. The tone being shown here is more appropriate for The Flash movie. Now when they do finally make The Flash movie,is that going to be an all out comedy?

          • geez another person riding on Nolan Batman. i like Nolan Batman but every comic book movies does not need to follow Nolan style.

            Green Lantern should never have a tone like Batman and Donner Superman. Green Lantern needs to stand on its own type of film. maybe it resemble Iron Man but thats not surprising cause the characters are similar anyway even when they crossover in the comics both Green Lantern and Iron Man became “The Iron Lantern”

  22. We’ve also added a poll – so vote on what you think based on the first full trailer!


  23. Blake Lively can’t act herself out of a paper bag. I certainly hope that fact doesn’t ruin the movie as a whole. We’ll see.

    • Very true. She’s cute though.

      • i concur sir lol i thought she was good in the town

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed. That scene where she tells Hal that “this is important” (or whatever her line was) was all wooden. Even the way she is standing is awkward.

  24. Still not feeling it, the whole Tony Stark feel in the beginning of the trailer,not good. Actually Sinestro’s suit looks better.I still hope the movie does well. I’m more psyched to see what “The Flash” will look like,I’m more convinced this tone would have been more suitable for The Flash.

    • Well Hal Jordan at the time of becoming a Lantern was described as a “Young, cocky test pilot” in the comics. Which is what im seeing here. Sold.

  25. Well I personally can’t wait. I think Ryan Reynolds is REAL silly and I can’t wait for this :) !!!

  26. Well guys, I’m agreeing with you, just a little. The movie does seem to be leaning a little towards the “comic booky” side, and R.R. is one of those guys who doesnt seem to be able to keep his own personal brand of sarcasm\humor out of every role he plays. Overall though I still think it looks to be entertaining. R.R. as G.L. cant be as bad as, oh say Jim Carrey as the riddler. Can I get an amen on that?

    • “R.R. is one of those guys who doesnt seem to be able to keep his own personal brand of sarcasm\humor out of every role he plays.”

      I have to disagree. His performance in Amityville Horror was very different.

      • Sorry, Scape, I did not see that one. I’ll check it out though. Still, in all the movies I’ve seen Ryan in, he does project that same kind of humor. And, I don’t necessarily think his humor will kill the G.L. movie.