Full ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer (Plus 40 New Images)

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green lantern movie trailer Full Green Lantern Trailer (Plus 40 New Images)

A few days ago Entertainment Tonight released a brief preview for the long-awaited Green Lantern trailer and now the full version is finally available.

The Spanish MSN website posted the Green Lantern trailer seemingly early and while it features Spanish subtitles, the video itself is in complete English. In it we get to see Abin Sur’s crashed ship, him passing the ring and responsibility to Hal Jordan, several cool shots of space, the planet Oa and the many other intergalactic members of the Green Lantern Corps.

Watch and see what you’ve been waiting for:

[media id=276 width=570 height=340]

Head to Apple for the HD Green Lantern trailer [Updated with YouTube version for now].

The production value and most certainly the score of the trailer help bring that feeling of epicness and should put behind most negative feelings some may have towards the preview footage. Warner Bros. is not holding anything back in terms of character reveals and the extremely heavy sci-fi feel of the books.

Fans of the Green Lantern comics should feel very happy that they are keeping very true to the comics and world set up in the books. And while Ryan Reynolds’ CGI costume is often a topic of debate, within the context of the trailer it doesn’t look so out of place even though I still think it looks a tad too fake from the final scene of the trailer, notably in the mask. I hope it improves in the many months left before the summer 2011 season kicks off as the Reynolds’ costume looks a lot better in this Green Lantern poster art that showed up on the Apple site as well:

green lantern movie poster art 280x414 Full Green Lantern Trailer (Plus 40 New Images)

And here are over 40 screen grabs from the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Along with Strong as Sinestro and Peter Saarsgard’s Hector Hammond (pre and post-giant head), the most rewarding part of the trailer is getting a better sense of the acting range that audiences have to expect from Reynolds and that fans want from Hal Jordan.

Green Lantern is is directed by Martin Campbell and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett. It is based off a screenplay written by Greg Berlanti, Michael Goldenberg, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim.

How do you feel about the Green Lantern movie now?

Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.

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Source: MSN, Apple

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  1. I dont think that a serious minded comic book film has to be gritty or slow moving. I just feel that you can’t have too much comedy as things end up being cheesy or even camp (e.g Batman Forever)

    Speaking of Batman, it is annoying on how The Dark Knight is now perceived as the ultimate definition of a comic book movie. As excellent as it was, there were a few flaws which is a discussion for another time. There are other superb comic book movies that can more than hold up in comparison, Blade for example was a more visceral, exciting film in my opinion.

    I agree with Vic that there was a cartoony vibe to it but there are some good moments. The scenes in Oa looked impressive, perhaps even more so than the Asgard scenes from Thor. I just hope that we get a good amount of focus in Oa and that the whole mythology of the Lantern Corps isn’t waded through a quick minute montage of sorts.

    The CGI costumes do have that plastic, artifical look and Sinestro was a bit disappointing for the first look, but they have pretty much nailed it with Kilowagg.

    Overall this probably looks like a 90 – 110min fun breezy comic adventure, more in the vein of Fantastic Four but I hope that I’m wrong. We do have to take into consideration that this isn’t a sure-fire certainty at the box office so the producers will be relying on the movie’s lightness to appeal to the masses.

  2. and to add that I too feel Ryan Reynolds would have been more suited to playing the Flash..

  3. I’m sort of getting the feel that they’re sort of going in the Ironman direction. There’s probably going to be a lot of personality to Hal(thank you Ryan Reynolds for being such a smartass. I love you). I’m also feeling that there isn’t going to be a ton of fighting and action. There’ll be more of a focus on the character and his relationships, and not as much on his being able to kick other people’s butts. I’m having mixed feelings about the suit, but I think once we see it in imax 3d, it’s going to be stunning. I don’t know much about the Green Lantern, so I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but this is probably a movie I see once in theaters, then maybe once or twice if I can see it for free.

    • I agree. It already reminds me of Robert Downey Jr and Iron Man

      • Tony, The Green Lantern will have story plot elements like Robert Downey, Jr. in the Ironman films but, Green Lantern will be far better than both IM films. The Dark Knight was better than Ironman and so was “The Incredible Hulk” when Hulk was battling The Abomination. The Green Lantern is going to be EPIC from start to finish. The set up of this film will get me excited, Tony about Zack Snyder’s “Man Of Steel” film in December of 2012. The Green Lantern is no different from Superman himself. Both heroes are from a different planet well I should say the green energy ring is from a different planet. Superman is from Krypton billions of light years ahead of Earth’s time.

  4. ok that was awesome!!!

  5. It looks completely HORRIBLE!……… whatever you are all smoking, I want some.

  6. So I just finished “Green Lantern: Secret Origins”, and Jordan is portrayed as somewhat reckless and a bit of a smart-***. The point is he learns to control the fear that he has buried deep within himself and will eventually mature into the greatest lantern in the corps. I would highly recommend the current run of GL comics… The ones by Geoff Johns are a great take on the character!

    • Definitely. He didn’t win that Spike Scream Award for Best Comic Book Writer for nothing! The one that is most recommended is the Sinestro Corps War ( hopefully used in the movie’s sequel). Best Geoff Johns’ piece of the Green Lantern (and of course Green Lantern: Rebirth).

  7. I am actually about to start Rebirth, I also picked up Sinestro Corps wars… Reading em’ out of order, but oh well! I do not think my excitement for a DC character has been this high before.

    • Great choices. You wont be disappointed.

    • I’ve got the whole hardback collection of Johns Green Lantern run, apart from Rage of the Red Lantern because I can’t find it anywhere!

      His GL run is up there with the best stuff I’ve read for years, the way it all builds slowly into the horror of Blackest Night. Cracking stuff.
      Cannot wait to see Johns take on Batman in Earth One next year!

      • I read the Red Lanterns. It’s pretty interesting. Since the Green Lanterns are able to kill now, one went and killed Abin Sur’s son. And when Sinestro is issued to be executed he starts messing with Hal’s head and gets him angry. Then Atrocitus tries getting revenge on Sinestro for sending him back to the Ysmault. It’s a pretty good story, but you need Agent Orange to complete the story.

        • I have Agent Orange. Just can’t find Rage anywhere! It’s the only one I’m missing, severely annoying.

      • I’m going to read “Rebirth” later today. It just came in the mail. Pretty excited!

        • I’m going to re read the entire run starting with secret origin, closer to when the film comes out, just to get even more super excited than I already am.

  8. If it is not too much of a bother, what is the order I should be reading these in? I sort of just snagged all the Green Lanterns I could from the library.

  9. I don’t know about this director but there’s always the chance that the suit shown so far is somewhat misleading and not what he finally goes with. Did anyone notice that it looked like all the GL Suits were the same? I know they normally are very similar but from what I recall each lantern customizes the suit to their persona.

    Its a long shot but what if the final suit he wears is very different from what we see here and the one in the trailer is kind fo like the default or first version and Hal Jordan decides at a later point to change it and tone it down some to something more in line with a modern day potrayal of GL?

    Another thought is that since it is all CGI, even though it would be expensive they could change it for something more popular since the movie is still half a year away. Thats the benefit of the all CGI suit, you can edit it and replace it, yes?

  10. Just came back from harry potter, saw the GL trailer that was posted a couple of days ago. It’s like night and day with his suit. His suit looks so much better on the big screen didn’t even notice til the big screen trailer that it expands as he talks and yells.

  11. Ryan Reynolds touches dying bubblegum man, and suddenly he gets a suit made of pixels.
    It looks OK, but I might see The Green Hornet instead.

  12. I think the suit might be ok if they took that stupid glow effect off of it. He’s a superhero not a lightning bug. It’s too cheery and hokey.

  13. I’m sitting on the fence with this one. I like Reynolds, but going the Deadpool rout would have been the better move for fans I think. I don’t know, we’ll see. . .

  14. Cookie cutter superhero movie. Disappointed, and I like Ryan Reynolds.

  15. ehh..I was hopeful for something better, we’ll see.