Recut ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer is All Action

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green lantern trailer Recut Green Lantern Trailer is All Action

When the Green Lantern trailer dropped this week, fan reaction was mixed. For all of the decent looking action, there were concerns about the overly comical nature of the trailer, the unfinished special effects, as well as some of the acting (we’re talking to you Blake Lively).

Of course, these concerns are no surprise when you consider just how excited people were for the Green Lantern trailer. Fanboys are a mighty fickle lot, and with a movie as anticipated as Green Lantern, there’s bound to be some criticism.¬†Luckily for them, one YouTube user took it into his hands to recut a fanboy-approved trailer.

By stripping the original footage of all dialogue and restructuring some of the scenes, YouTube user “arttron” has created a trailer that is all action. While I’m not a huge fan of the music he chose, this trailer definitely gives fans a new look at the movie and shows off some of the epic space action that was lost in the official trailer.

Check it out (via below:

As I wrote in a recent post discussing the latest Green Lantern poster, this movie should be pure Space Opera. Everything that happens in the Green Lantern universe happens on an epic scale. This isn’t a gritty examination of one man’s quest for vengeance (like Batman) or even one man’s quest to right the wrongs of himself and his father (like Iron Man).

Don’t get me wrong,¬†Green Lantern will still be about Hal Jordan learning to grow up and accept his responsibility as a protector of the universe, but along the way it’s going to have wild space sequences, crazy ring-powered fight scenes, and more aliens than you can shake a stick at. That’s some pretty epic stuff, and this fan-made trailer does a better job of showing it off than the official trailer.

What do you think of this trailer compared to the original?

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  1. Some one in promotions is hoping the bosses don’t see this.

  2. Holy crap. That trailer is waaaay better than the official one. Kudos to the editor.

  3. I have to say, watching the trailer on an IMAX screen looks a lot better then a small screen. Saw the new Potter pic today and I had no complaints.

    • I saw Harry Potter too, and seeing the Green Lantern trailer on the big screen I must agree also, that I think it looks great the way it is, the effects look fine. I guess when you condense effects like that down to a small screeen it doesn’t look as finished. IDK…

  4. It sucks.

    People go on and on about how Nolan’s Batman was better than Schumacher’s because he was “darker”. They’re wrong; it’s because he was a fully fleshed out character in the Nolanverse and a caricature at best in the Schumacherverse. People don’t love “gritty realism”, and they don’t hate “cheesy scenes”. What they love are interesting plots and sympathetic characters, and what they hate are boring plots and douchebag characters. All Will Ferrell movies aside, success depends on the quality of film, and special effects are only half of the movie. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone who’s seen “The Last Airbender”.

  5. wow that did look better than the original trailer,nice job

  6. If what you guys want is all action, no story, then you should look elsewhere.

  7. This is silly. If anything, it shows how important dialogue is to provide a narrative in drawing audiences in.

    • Roger,

      Yeah, sure was a lot of important dialog in the released Green Lantern trailer. 8)


  8. So ,basically in this fan made version he arrives at Ferris Aircraft,
    then he looks into the night sky and witnesses the crash of Abin Surs spacecraft ,
    And then WHAM ! He is flying On his way to Oa and all the
    That trailer would raise expectations .
    Everybody would expect a full out action blast.
    But I think this will be more then that.
    I have nothing but high hopes after seeing the official trailer.
    And I have no reason to believe those hopes are misplaced.

  9. You guys that are bagging on this trailer are missing the point. It’s not about having all action, it’s about the difference between presenting a film that looks like it will be a serious take on an iconic character and presenting a film that looks like a comedy about a superhero.


    • @ Vic

      I thought the original trailer had some comedic elements but overall did not detract from it promoting an action packed super hero film. I thought it was reasonably balanced with a good perspective on Hal’s narrative journey.

      I felt the fan made clip was just action shots with not much of a narrative at all.

  10. That music was just cheesy. I prefer the theatrical trailer.

  11. The original trailer was much better. You at least got a better sense of the films’ narrative.

    • Yup. And i don’t get why ppl think it’s gonna be comedic for the whole movie it’s obvious those scenes are before he becomes a lantern. After Abin Sur crashes you could see the tone shift to a more serious one.

  12. Like Vic said,some of you just missed the point here. ‘sigh’

    • Well then enlighten us. How is this more serious than the original trailer? This to me looks like a trailer cut specifically for fan boys. An average person would watch this and then wonder wtf just happened on screen.

      • This is more of a teaser, and of COURSE it’s for fanboys (duh). Who other than fanboys has been debating the merits of the trailer/movie?


        • Oh yea my mistake, posting late nights isn’t doing me any good lol. Well the trailer wasn’t only meant for Fanboys alone. They’re trying to market this to the mainstream as well and from what I’ve seen it sticks to the canon very nicely.
          Than again the first Iron Man 2 trailer wasn’t so hot and they made a better 2nd trailer so I’m guessing the producers/editors or whoever take this feedback and use it for the 2nd trailer.

          • Rao,

            Yeah, I’m kind of hoping that the first trailer is kind of like the ET promo footage – they’re trying to appeal to the general public instead of the comic book fan crowd because frankly, that’s where the box office money is.

            I just hope they can deliver a good, solid story in addition to cool visual effects and battles (and comedy).


    • With all due respect to Vic and yourself, I know the original trailer actually moved me to want to go and see the movie.

      The fan made trailer made me question what was going on. :-)

      I see the difference between the two but I know which one had the greater impact on me.

  13. Terrible music, worse sound design. I still have hopes for the film. The official trailer wasn’t great, but they have almost another year to tinker with it.
    The guy directed two of the best Bond films, for cryin’ out loud!

  14. Ppl should be happy. Before WB wanted to make this an ACTUAL comedy with Jack Black as Hal Jordan.
    The other trailers will get better the first was just a teaser. Teaser’s are just supposed to give ppl and idea of what the movie is about. With the 2nd trailer we should get a better idea of some of the action sequences and more insight into the plot.

  15. Yawn.

  16. I didn’t like the music but it felt more EPIC than the official trailer. Especially with getting rid of the bad CGI and dialogue.

  17. I predict a very very successful movie with at least 3 sequels and a bigger opening day money maker than Batman.

    • @Vkatnyte PRECISELY!!! It’s should have some badass futuristic alien sound along with the movement. Daft Punk is perfect or “JUSTICE”!!!!!!

  18. Anybody notice the green explosions of fire are remarkably similar to the Dark Knight’s blue fire explosions used in it’s trailers. Come on art dept., lets be a bit more original. It does fit Green Lantern more, but too bad. If its been used before, should be a no go.

    • why on gods green earth do you care about that?

  19. I prefer the theatrical trailer as well.

  20. Guess it depends on what a person will want to see.. yes.. I preferred this one, mostly as it seemed to give us more of a linear view of the plot.

  21. i would have no clue what just happened in that trailer

    • Exactly the point I was making earlier on.

  22. What’s with the Christmas music?!

    • this was used in Dr Who

  23. That was better? Heh. Wrong.

  24. That’s far worse than the actual trailer!

  25. So… knowing what I do of the plot, I prefer this trailer, as I feel it presents the story in a far more interesting manner. But I do kind of miss the dialogue- I just don’t miss that the dialogue was mostly meaningless banter.

    Still waiting for the movie itself. Otherwise, I’m backing up and not taking in any more information about this film.

  26. the original is 10 times better then this.

  27. Official trailer still has the edge, even with the banter. Maybe it is just the music that seems off?