Recut ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer is All Action

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green lantern trailer Recut Green Lantern Trailer is All Action

When the Green Lantern trailer dropped this week, fan reaction was mixed. For all of the decent looking action, there were concerns about the overly comical nature of the trailer, the unfinished special effects, as well as some of the acting (we’re talking to you Blake Lively).

Of course, these concerns are no surprise when you consider just how excited people were for the Green Lantern trailer. Fanboys are a mighty fickle lot, and with a movie as anticipated as Green Lantern, there’s bound to be some criticism.¬†Luckily for them, one YouTube user took it into his hands to recut a fanboy-approved trailer.

By stripping the original footage of all dialogue and restructuring some of the scenes, YouTube user “arttron” has created a trailer that is all action. While I’m not a huge fan of the music he chose, this trailer definitely gives fans a new look at the movie and shows off some of the epic space action that was lost in the official trailer.

Check it out (via below:

As I wrote in a recent post discussing the latest Green Lantern poster, this movie should be pure Space Opera. Everything that happens in the Green Lantern universe happens on an epic scale. This isn’t a gritty examination of one man’s quest for vengeance (like Batman) or even one man’s quest to right the wrongs of himself and his father (like Iron Man).

Don’t get me wrong,¬†Green Lantern will still be about Hal Jordan learning to grow up and accept his responsibility as a protector of the universe, but along the way it’s going to have wild space sequences, crazy ring-powered fight scenes, and more aliens than you can shake a stick at. That’s some pretty epic stuff, and this fan-made trailer does a better job of showing it off than the official trailer.

What do you think of this trailer compared to the original?

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  1. Molto grande! Magnifico!

  2. hmm

  3. This Green Lantern movie I cannot wait to see it when it comes out in theatres next summer. Iam so surprised that Ryan Reynolds used his green powered ring transform himself into the Green Lantern.

  4. Okay, for me it looks like a fan made trailer. Like from someone who spends thier time in thier parents basement trying to find a way to make gnomes disapare. Really looks fan made…

    • the thing is most comic book superheroes are the same anyway.

      • I know, it was just something fun to post :)

  5. Think fellow fanboys are being too critical of the original trailer. The only dialogue shown in the original is from the same two or three scenes that all take place in a regular Earth setting, i.e. an apt, an airplane hangar and on the street. Not much dialogue shown when he’s in space, on Oa, etc.

    DC’s classic Green Lantern story isn’t about angst, strife and revenge like Marvel’s characters. DC’s GL (like Superman) is about responsibility and protecting the good. Marvel fanboys need to read material with some more redeeming values.

    • I really don’t see the point for infantile MARVEL versus DC debates and yet it seems to be an ongoing pursuit for some fanboys. :-)

      Great super hero stories can be found from various sources and fanboys in general should be able to appreciate titles from a variety of companies.

  6. Believe it or not,a lot of the hate is actually coming from DC fanboys because they’ve waited so long to see this come to fruition and it has presented itself as sub par “SO FAR” but that doesn’t mean that it is. This movie may very well be epic and awesome. It’s not out yet so we can’t fairly judge it but a trailer IS out and it has many negative and mixed reviews. Although the fanboy trailer fails in professionalism and wrong music,keep in mind,it’s a “fanboy’s” trailer BUT the intention came across very clear as to leave the trailer “up to the imagination”,be mysterious,let us discover the character’s personality in the movie,don’t GIVE AWAY TOO much or the WHOLE story within the trailer(Iron Man 2). That is what Green Lantern is all about,new frontiers & discoveries AND the power of “IMAGINATION”.

  7. @Jesse I just checked it out. Ugh!! That’s worse than the this re-cut! I like classical music but that’s just as Christams-y as this one ew! I think a more appropriate theme music would either be from Daft Punk or Justice with some scenes from music similar to music done by Japanese musician Kitaro. Kitaro has very epic and alien sounding music. Check him out. Even some stuff similar to King Crimson would work.

    • Absolutely some real heavy prog rock from King Crimson, Rush, Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Tool and The Pineapple Thief would work really well. :-)

      • @Magnetic Eye WOAH! All good suggestions there. I wish I could make a trailer with some of the bands you suggested,awesome choices!I just feel that most of Green Lantern’s music should be Prog Rock and anything otherworldly sounding. I love all those bands especially Tool! Absolute badassery!

        • I saw King Crimson open for Tool. One word: Epic.

          • “EPIC” is definitely the word. King Crimson are amazing for sure. Not bad for a band that has seen seven line up changes since 1969.

            I’ve got all their 70′s releases, most of the 80′s and a few of their 90′s & 00′s. It’s quite a collection of great music to keep up with. :-)

  8. After watching a quick 1:09 minute clip, I can honestly say that I now know the entire story. No need to see it in theater.

    Since I never knew Green Lantern’s origins, I was hoping for some sort of surprise. Its out of the bag now.

  9. Hello all, It’s cool to see so many people taking interest in my trailer re-cut :)

    • Wow, really hope DC/Warner doesn’t see this. Being that you used thier movie to make your own trailer.. Just sayin.

  10. This made for an interesting teaser…with no dialogue and such a quick running time, I got no sense of a trailer. I liked it, including the music playing (I found it a good fit), but I still much prefer the actual trailer. On the big screen, the trailer is great and sets up the film very well…including the fact that it will have some humor as well as drama.

    • Keep in mind that all this guy had to work with was the footage from the existing trailer. It’s not like he had access to all the filmed footage, eh? :)


      • Oh, I know…I was just responding to those who liked the recut more than the actual trailer…but I DID enjoy the dramatic flair of the recut. :)

  11. You know qalot of people have been talking about this movie and everything it should be, well , this should be a chance for WB and DC to get back a lot of respect first off, this is a chance for them to do what Lucas tried to do when he did the prequels to Star Wars. The Green Lantern Corp are just like Jedi, and like many others said this should be handled as a Space Opera, which is what the original SW was considered. the other side of this is that comedy ofr comedies sake is never good it always seems forced or stupid, the recut of this trailer which was expertly handled,shows us that. This movie should be handled with respect and seriousness, i think thatss what makes Nolans Bat Franchise so successful, its not that its dark, its that its serious, mature. It was not filmed for the 12 yr old in all of usd it was filmed for the adult in all of us. If they have not given GL the same respect and treatment then we might suffer through the Movie that could. Then we end up with Phantom menace instead of Empire Strikes back. Funny doesnt make it good , and if they say they are making it funny because of Reynold’s, then thats dumb , cause he can do serious and does serious well.

  12. What are you guys talking about? This is in no way better than the Official trailer.

  13. This cut is better IMO