‘Green Lantern’ Trailer #2 Will Show Before ‘Thor’

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Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern movie Green Lantern Trailer #2 Will Show Before Thor

A number of fans (us included) were expecting Warner Bros. to premiere a second theatrical trailer for Green Lantern in front of Sucker Punch this past weekend. Not only did that NOT turn out to be the case, but Warner Bros. has now revealed its plan for the next Lantern preview to be shown in front of another comic book superhero movie, Marvel’s Thor.

The first Green Lantern trailer was released last November, and there’s been little to nothing done in the way of significant marketing for the film since. According to studio heads, that’s because the 3D visual effects for the sci-fi adventure are taking longer than anticipated to complete.

Warner Bros. motion picture group president Jeff Robinov admitted to the LA Times what fans have known for months now: that the film’s intricate F/X work – which includes Ryan Reynolds’ CGI costume and numerous extraterrestrial settings/characters – was incomplete when the first Green Lantern trailer was unveiled, and that in turn had a negative effect on moviegoer anticipation for the film.

Here’s what Robinov had to say, in his own words:

“We are on a learning curve in getting 3D materials and marketing materials on the same schedule. [Advertising for 'Green Lantern'] has been delayed strictly from production.”

Marketing president Sue Kroll expanded on the situation with Green Lantern (which, it stands to mention, was not shot in 3D):

“Part of the reason the response to the first trailer was lukewarm was that the big-scale sequences weren’t ready to show, and we suffered for it. We can’t afford to do that again.”

Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan Green Lantern 570x3801 Green Lantern Trailer #2 Will Show Before Thor

Early looks at Green Lantern‘s alien characters like Abin Sur, Kilowog, and the creature/planet Mogo have all been pretty impressive and suggest such creations will be very detailed in design when glimpsed in the film itself. Reynolds defended the decision to create the Lantern’s costume digitally earlier this month, and there’s already been so much discussion amongst fans (again, including us) on that topic that it seems pointless to say anything else before a complete version of the outfit has been revealed.

I’ll admit that, like many others, the overall uneven tone of the first Lantern trailer left me unsure about the film. Since then, I’ve revisited it and focused on the more dramatic and action-packed sections of the theatrical preview, which actually look pretty solid. Reynolds still comes off as a bit too comical to work as Jordan, but it seems more likely that Green Lantern will feature more of Reynolds in serious mode – and (hopefully) not an overabundance of the actor joking around.

Green Lantern will be released in 2D and 3D theaters this summer on June 17th.

Source: LA Times

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  1. A DC character being previewed at a Marvel movie??!!

    How scandalous!!

    • no it is not, Spider-Man 3 trailer was shown infront of Superman Returns and the TDK trailer was infront of Iron Man. this is nothing new actually it happen all the time.

    • It’s actually kinda smart… It’s the same target audience after all.
      The people who watch Thor are the same people interested in Green Lantern, both superhero movies based of comic books.

      So it makes sense.

  2. Of COURSE DC needs Marvel’s help to launch a movie. Typical ;-)

    • It’s true – one can only imagine the tabloid headlines when word of this gets out. 8-)

      • but yet this is nothing new Sandy. TDK trailer was infront of Iron Man.

    • Spider-Man 3 trailer was shown infront of Superman Returns and the TDK trailer was infront of Iron Man.

      • no your wrong there actually it was the Spider-Man 3 trailer that was shown infront of Superman Returns and the TDK trailer that was infront of Iron Man.

        • did u read my comment, its the same thing u just said

    • DC always never fully confident in their movies, marketing wise…except batman.

    • Kofi you cheeky devil!! :)

    • Now all they need is a trailer for X-Men FC, Cap, and a teaser for Amazing Spiderman and the audience will be bored with superheroes by the time Thor starts

  3. This is actually kind of funny. It reminds me of a brilliant move that Ford did close to where I live. On a rise above a GM plant, there was a billboard. Ford leased it and, thus, had great advertising. Every time someone drove by the GM plant, they saw a giant Ford ad looking down on GM!

    This will be great for DC, because everyone coming to see the Marvel film will FIRST be introduced to the DC film. Provided they DO, in fact, have the visuals cleaned up by that point and the production completed, this will prove to be a brilliant move on their part.

    • But after Thor, everyone will have forgotten about the GL trailer.

      • …not at all. It will sit in their memories, waiting…

    • Yeah – but here the audience already paid their money for Thor. +1 for Marvel.

      • …not a problem, since GL will not have been released yet. Gl will still get its foot in the door, almost effortlessly…

  4. Great move… If (big if actually) all the effects are improved and the trailer focuses on the dark tone of the movie.

    No better way to get to your reluctant demographic than to show it right before Thor!

    • Repair work of course. They’re starting from a lower point than not having shown anything. Watching Thor will erase any thoughts of the GL trailer just by the way the brain works. How it plays on the internet once it comes out is really the key.

  5. I love the irony in this. DC movie trailer in front of a Marvel movie. Lol

  6. Im extremely excited for this trailer. I couldnt stand the first trailer… but with Martin Campbell at the helm i really think it will be a great movie. Its just had bad luck in the marketing/advertising category.

  7. I think RR can pull off Jordan. In the recent run of comics, Jordan is quite the joker. He becomes more serious, but retains the wit as the issues go on.

  8. Whelp, looks like now I HAVE to go watch Thor to catch the GL trailer :/

  9. Dont care how nice the 3D effects are, if given the choice, i will still only see it in 2D.

  10. Learning curve? That’s a load of bull. I don’t see Thor and Captain America having any problems with marketing deadlines. I’ll give this excuse the benefit of the doubt and surmise that either:

    A) Robinov is clueless at how a tent pole film works in Hollywood.
    B) Imageworks dropped the ball big time on delivery.
    C) Negative fan reaction to the GL 1st trailer caused major shock waves.
    D) All of the above

  11. Thank you for posting this article Sandy…I just want to see the suit in full glory.

  12. Never been a Green Lantern fan and don’t plan on being one.

    • Your loss dude!! You’re missing out on some great comics and story arcs..

  13. This is actually a really smart move, and I’m glad Warner Bros is working hard to make this film work. As a fan who just wants to see these movies made I can’t wait to see this, and hopefully the avengers trailer before watching Thor at the midnight release!

  14. I hope they meant 3d and Visual effects!

  15. Not interested in the 3D version of this film…at all…it will only detract from the overall quality of the film and will take my focus away from the film with a useless gimmick…

  16. Ryan Reynolds looks bewildered and lost in each picture, kind of like Robinov. :)

  17. This is good move. I am pleased with the fact the studios heard the complaints of fans and critics and decided to give the film more to time to clean up the visual effects. This shows that they are just not rushing it for a buck.

  18. I loved the first trailer, and can’t wait for the second.

  19. The Marvel / DC thing doesn’t really matter IMO. Most of the general public will just see it as another comic book superhero trailer and not distinguish which publisher owns it.

    I wonder how suicidal it would be for a studio to release a film in 2D, then in 3D a month later. Harry Potter 6 kinda did that, but if more did that, I wonder if numbers would turn out.

  20. I had no problems with the first trailer at all. It was great. It was obvious the effects needed more work, but they used to release trailers all the time without finished effects.
    Green Lantern is gonna own Captain America, and probably Thor!

    • Personally I hope they all do well as I enjoy all three characters and have been reading their respective comics since I was knee high to a grasshopper..

      • Obviously I would like that too, but there has to be a winner and I’d like it to be Green Lantern :)

      • Same here, except I’ve never been that small. :-)

        I want to see epic cosmic battles with Thor and Green Lantern. Capt. America won’t have the cosmic aspect but it still can be epic. And one of the reasons I was so psyched for Avengers is if it does extremely well, DC will have to step up and do an equally epic JLA. This is a great time to be a comic geek!

  21. Your views in the last paragraph mirror my own. I suggest people revisit that 1st trailer, look at the movie that’s been made not what they were trying to sell us.

    I think the trailer other than the footage itself is poor!

  22. this may be a little off topic, but i’ve watched the green lantern trailer at least 30 times. Last night me and my dad were watching it again on my xbox , and i swear the CGI for the costume was better. It wasnt glowing as much and the blacks were a little darker. It made it look better than before(even though before it didn’t bother me) am i hallucinating or did they go back and do a little touch up and update my 360 with this slightly better special effects? any guesses?

    • Definitly not, but maybe you used another monitor for the viewing with different settings?

  23. You’re right! Great movie, shakey costume, too much comedy. However, still have high hopes for this to be one of the movies of the year!

  24. IMO I think green lantern looks better than Thor. To me I haven’t seen anything entertaining about Thor it looks boring and cheesy acting in the preview is weak too. I like comedy it worked in iron man and it will in lantern too.