‘Green Lantern’ Spoilers Discussion

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While our readers are already discussing DC’s latest superhero film in the comments section of our Green Lantern review, this is the place where you can discuss Green Lantern spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Green Lantern for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!


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  1. A total wasted opportunity for DC to launch another franchise. Why can’t live action comic book-based films ever get the same kind of material the the animated movies get. “First Flight” comes to mind as a very tightly interwoven story that gives each character proper development.

    “Green Lantern” seems to drag and truncate the story to a point that it was better (and forgivable)if it was a movie-made-for-television.

    May be I went in with so much expectation, being a fan of GL and seeing what Martin Campbell did in “Casino Royale”. Missed opportunities to link another upcoming franchise, like the ring almost going to Daily Planet but instead went to Hal Jordan because he was nearer. Or the ending to have been composed of the entire or majority of the Corps against Parallax. Why was there only 3 GL showing up to aid Hal when everything was over? Where were the rest?

    May be they can reboot the film in 3 to 5 years time.

  2. As a big fan of Green Lantern, I am a bit surprised that I’m defending this movie as much as I am but I was pleased that they got the basic idea of the character and origin across considering many are unfamiliar with what Green Lantern is.

    That said, of course this could have been a better film. Heck, it should have been the biggest movie of the year! The story and villain they decided to go with were dull and pointless though. Running Hal Jordan’s origin parrallel to Hector Hammonds tranformation as if they had anything in common was ridiculous. There wasn’t even a need for that big headed crybaby especially considering he was killed off by the bigger villain he was supposed to be somehow linked to by the climax of the movie

    Oh, and I think the movie was trying to say that the ring knew when and where there was trouble which is why Hal showed up in the right place and the right time every time but ultimately it came off as bad writing. The entire movie ran through each scene so quickly it blew my mind that the movie was over and done with under 2 hours. If they were just gonna blow through everything and have a crap storyline they should have just focused on the stuff that worked. Spending a bigger chunk of the movie on Oa training with the other Lanterns would’ve been far more enjoyable to watch.

  3. I did see where the ring did warn Hal about Hector, but that just brings up another question: Why didn’t the ring warn Abin Sur that Parallax was drawing near, or that it escaped? I believe it warned him when Parallax got there but that’s not very effective.

    I thought it was cool that Carol’s call-sign was Star Sapphire. But I didn’t like all the time they spent on the love relationship; they should have devoted more time to Sinestro or Kilowog training.

    Why didn’t Hector try to kill Hal once he took the ring off? I mean he had telepathic and telekenetic powers and could have easily killed him.

    The Guardians didn’t even argue with Sinestro about the yellow ring. Maybe that part was cut out. It just seemed odd to me. And aren’t the Guardians more powerful than the Lanterns? It seemed strange that Sinestro could so easily steal the ring.

    Not a bad movie but not the best this year.

  4. I just got home and my wife and I loved this movie. With some flaws with most comic book movies you can’t satisfy everyone. I hope it warrants a sequel.. I think the sequel can be better and bring more characterization to Hal and other members of the GL Corps. I know a lot was pushed in this movie, but overall i enjoyed it. I think the sequel will see more of Hal’s training or reference between one and two of Kilowog’s training Hal and see a more confident Jordan that we see in the comics. The only thing for a sequel I want is Hal to get a new mask, I loved the outfit, but the mask needs worked on. I know some say there was too much going back and forth between Earth and Oa, but Parallax and Hector Hammond kind of tied it all together. I still think Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller will show up again. I get a feeling we will see her in a Justice League movie. The movie DOES NOT need to be rebooted , just continue on !! I think a sequel will be better !!

  5. Just got home a bit ago from seeing this, watched the post trailer Sinestro trailer then looked online for info about a GL 2 and from what I understand of the little I found is that there will be a sequel and that a large part is supposed to be about the personal war between Hal and Sinestro. I was all giddy when Wog called Hal a poozer. I never really assumed Tomar was that boney. Really liked the first fight with Hector, the intro to Hal’s fight with Parallax felt a little rushed. I would have really liked to see more constructs and more of Hal needing to charge his ring and pointing out the fact that he needs to recharge every equivalent to 24 earth hours. I didn’t like the baldness of the guardians either, every representation of them I have ever seen has had them with white hair. I still loved this movie and I will be buying the DVD when it comes out regardless of extras.

  6. Anyone notice that Carol Ferris helmet said Sapphire?

    • Didn’t notice the helment but Hal clearly referred to her by that name during that sequence.

  7. While this film may not have lived up to expectations, if they focus most o the next film in space, and not on Earth, I think it could be masterful. I just don’t think Hal’s personal life is as interesting as Clark Kent, Peter Parker, or even Bruce Wayne’s. Hal vs Sinetro will be epic.

  8. Dug it. Not the best Comic movie of the season. So far XFC is ruling that spot. I thought it was an acceptable movie. Not nearly as bad as the Reviews I have been reading on it. It just seems like everybody thought this movie was going to be a lot more than what it was. I never cared to much for GL in the first place. Liked him as an addition to the JLA but never cared too much for reading just his comics. I agree with a lot of peoples opinion that the second one might just out shine this one. Too much lovey dovey in this one. Give me more kick ass in space.

  9. I completely agree that the newspapers and critics are horrible these days they give a movie like Thor 4 stars and that movie had no heart and so many plot holes . yet Green Lantern they obviously spent time to make sure you understood the characters and felt some connection to the vast story. Another comment from a critic at usatoday that shows the critics don’t know what they are saying was bashing the original Star Wars and saying that was so droll and boring because of the lengthy backstory well obviously they have no idea of good cinema. The original Star Wars is still listed in the top 100 films ever created. It just makes me feel sad to think of all the people that will miss out on a character driven superhero movie with heart because of all the bad critics out there who have lost sight of what good cinema is with depth.
    Feels a lot like people now a days just want a movie that takes no thought, heartor depth like Thor or Transformers. This movie bring heart and depth to a beloved character that has long been in need of a movie.Green Lantern has so much for them to go from here with. If you have read comics for years you will be very appreciative of how they have for once not messed with a beloved character and keeps them as close to what we have loved in our hearts for years. If you are wanting a movie that bridges the gap from comic to film and does it well then support Green lantern and tells others to go see it and support it also otherwise we will see movies that honor their true beginnings disappear forever and in this case that would be a true shame.

    To sum it up it is a Awesome movie way better than Thor the best superhero movie in along time lots of story and heart feels like taken directly from the pages of the comics a huge fan my wife even loved it and she has never read the comics the characters have depth and you feel for them can’t wait for the next movie well worth your time the effects are incredible as well but don’t overshadow the story at all enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lol, sorry, big Green Lantern fan here but Thor was a much better film.

      • Obviously you don’t know good films versus bad ones in Green lantern they built up the love story and the connection between Hall Jordan and Carol ferris so that it made sense from childhood.
        In comparison Thor shows up on earth as a spoiled brat acting not like a king or royalty like what he was acting like back on his planet yet somehow he is a different person lol. Thor has become some homeless person who has come from nothing breaking cups when he wants something which he would have never done back on his home planet. Yet they act like Thor is a completely different person on earth versus at home then to make the movie worse they then go on to show Nathalie pitmans character as a stupid girl who a guy takes off his shirt and she is struck with puppy love because he has muscles very unrealistic.
        To continue on after Natalie portman’s supposed puppy love they then spend one night on the roof looking at stars no kiss, no sex and nothing actually about getting to really know each other. Then all of the sudden the big battle and the movie is ending and she is so in love with him after not knowing him at all and them having built no connection between them at all longer than a brief conversation unrealistic. Then Thor goes back to his planet and then all of the sudden he is just so love struck and heart sick did you really even think about your reasons or are you just saying it because you obviously don’t know the difference between good writing Green lantern that builds a character and relationships versus Thor that assumes we are all idiots and will just buy such a thin and unbelievable story about Thor that was only made to fill a gap till we get avengers not even a complete film.

        As I have stated earlier if you want to see character driven superhero movie Green lantern. As apposed to Thor that they treat the audience like idiots and we will take anything including waiver thin story, horrible love connection and plot holes and shove it down our throats and act like it is a complete story.

        So tell everyone and go see Green lantern with an open mind don’t listen to the critics. If you have read the comics and grown up with the Green lantern character you will definitely see the connection to the true story of Hal Jordan, carol ferris and the ring. Enjoy a awesome film for what it truly is a hero with heart.

        • I think you missed the whole point of Thor’s character arc during the Earthbound scenes, Supermanjames. It was precisely because he was behaving like an impetuous spoiled brat that Odin banished him fom Asgard. Without his powers he had to deal with being like any of us (albeit built like a brick outhouse) and learn humility. The cup-smashing scene worked because that’s EXACTLY what he would have done back home: there it’s a gesture of approval. Natalie Portman’s Jane develops an interest in him once she realises he’s telling the truth and isn’t just some homeless nutter – Kat Dennings was the one who went all misty when he took his shirt off. That “one night on the roof looking at stars” contained somewhat more than one night on the roof looking at stars…

    • While I did enjoy GL, I felt that Thor was a bit better. The only problem I had with Thor was the Earth scenes could have been better and the final fight Earthbound fight should have been longer. With GL, I found numerous things that were perplexing to me: Why weren’t the military there? Why didn’t the ring warn ANY Lantern that Parallax had escaped? How was the ring able to warn about Hammond escaping in the lab BEFORE he escaped from the lab? Why didn’t Hammond read GL mind when he offered him the ring? If 2 missles can hurt Parallax, why not just create a Hydrogen bomb when he was in space and fry the sucker? How was Sinestro able to get to the yellow ring so easily? I also felt they spent to much time on the love relationship that could have been spent on Oa.

      I liked GL and hope they can do a sequel. I also hope they have an extended edition DVD when it comes out.

  10. Just a few points…

    A toy race car…. really?

    Besides the city street with ppl running was there any other scene not on an obvious set?

    Ok your face gets slightly scratched after falling down a few times, yet you can survive in the vacuum of space and get that close to a star without any effect?

    If two jet constructs can barely drag you from the sun, can’t you just imagine bigger jets?

    The cool part of the comic was how Hal is an extraordinary member of an amazing army. Hopefully we’ll see everyone fighting Sinestro together in the sequel.

  11. Don’t know much about Green Lantern but why is he the only one who has a mask in the poster? Is it like this in the movie and/or comic? And, if so, WHY? Does no other creature in the Universe have to protect it’s identity?

    Dumb, dumb-dumb, dumb, DUMB!

    • The mask is to protect his identity and really that would only be required around other humans which is why he didn’t need it on Oa. Same likely goes for the other Lanterns and whenever they are around their own species. At the same time there are Lanterns like John Stewart who choose not to wear a mask at all.

  12. Supposedly Guy Gardner was supposed to have a cameo. Didn’t see him though.

  13. Pretty weak sauce overall. If this movie makes enough for a sequel they gotta get a better director and some better writers. The movie felt slapped together like no one knew how to make a comic book movie so they just took all the most used and tired story elements from the genre and through at all together real quick.

    • Well, the director said he wasn’t coming back.

  14. The movie wasn’t bad. The worst part was Blake Lively. She actually made me rethink my my claim that Kate Bosworth was the worst miscast ever.

  15. Well, comments are apparently closed on the review thread so I presume it was all going a bit gladiatorial there and over here I trundle.

    Just saw it in glorious 2D – for once my local cinema offered the option and I grasped it in both Luddite paws. First off I have to make it clear that I haven’t read a Green Lantern comic since the world was young and dinosaurs roamed the Earth (how we laughed then). I’m aware of much of the GL mythos but have nothing invested in it emotionally or otherwise.

    I thought the movie was okay. Not great, not the disaster I was half-expecting either. I can totally understand some people’s consternation that certain characters were short-changed (Sinestro, Kilowog, Tomar Re, the Guardians et al), some combined (Parallax, Krona), and others present in name only (Hector Hammond). I felt the same way about Iron Man 2, with the exhausting, dead-eyed finality of its “all sound and fury, signifying nothing” pacing and jabbering cokehead Stark/Pepper improv dialogue, and its criminal squandering of decent characters. The only thing that stopped me taking to the streets with a sock full of pool balls was that the first attempt at putting my favourite superhero on screen had already got so much right, and was such an unexpected financial sucess, that I could see this as a momentary stumble before they hopefully took a different approach with a third instalment.

    In a similar fashion GL seemed to be cramming too much into too short a running time. Hammond was reduced to being a lowly college tutor in the perpetual shadow of his father, and Sinestro’s true motivations were barely touched on at all. Likewise, Parallax seemed more vaguely menacing concept than actual physical or mental threat: showing its effect on other worlds might have helped. I had no problem with the Hal/Carol dynamic as it played out, but could have done with more of the normal human reactions to being the recipient of this kind of power in such an odd form, and more of his “training” on Oa. Regardless of how he compared to the comics’ portrayal of Hal Jordan, the one thing Reynolds did have in common with RDJ’s Stark was that he managed to make a potentially arrogant, unrelatable character both likeable and sympathetic. In fact, Reynolds was actually more restrained than I thought he’d be in the role.

    I also had no quarrels with the CGI suit or the ring manifestations (yeah, even the racetrack, though I’m pretty sure that helicopter would still have decapitated any number of people before Hal went all “Hot Wheels” on it). The scenes on Oa looked fine to me, though again I’d like to have seen less diving in and out of the architecture and a few more precious seconds spent on establishing it as a tangible, real location.

    All in all the film reminded me of reading a comic book from the days before they got all “gritty, dark and edgy”. It’s a difficult one to pull off and seems not to have connected well with a modern audience. Shame – I’d like to see a decently paced sequel with all the frenetic origin palaver out of the way and room to make its characters (human and alien) really come to life.

    • I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think where I’ve seen that visual motif of skeletons or souls being dragged out of their bodies before. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within maybe? Ages since I’ve seen it. Anyone?

    • Make that “unexpected financial sucCess” (dammit, there’s always one letter).

      And here’s one for UK viewers: is it just me or did “computer guy” bear an unsettling resemblance to Moss from The IT Crowd?


  16. LOL the comments section for GL review are closed, just shows how serious the situation are. People would kill to force others say this is a brilliant movie.

    IMHO I dont think its a really really bad movie. I enjoy watching it(perhaps because I’m a fan) but still I expected much more and clearly I wasn’t impressed. After watching it, I feel a little bit empty. There’s no real satisfaction or even excitement to talk about it with your friends after watching it.

    We’re not expecting an oscar-worthy, deep drama, artsy movie. Just like some of the people in this site already commented, “A good movie is a good movie”. CBM can be just good such as TDK, Ironman or at least Thor. But sorry to say, this Green Lantern is just bad. A disappointment.

    Maybe because they’re trying to cramped too much stuff into almost 2 hours and ended up ruining it (IMO Thor was done much better), who knows perhaps the extended Director’s cut would be much much better.

  17. Just saw the movie a hour ago with my kids and it was one of the worst movies i have seen in a long time, my kids even fell asleep and thats a first for them to fall asleep in a superhero movie. Im glad i saw it in 2d and not 3d, saved myself some money and more disapointment. The storyline was just horrible, with a 300 million dollar budget you would think the storyline would be amazing and have a better villan. They should have spent more on better writers than their advertising. Not even 3D or Ryan Renolds sarcasm could save this flop. Batman begins and the Dark knight costed half of what it cost to make this movie and those movies were awesome. There are a few things i did like about this movie like Hals costume which looked way better in CGI than the original costume he was supposed to wear, seeing Abin sur and Sinestro which i thought were spot on Kilowag could have looked better though, and the few easter eggs they had like Wonder Womans invisible airplane(little boys toy), the reference to Checkmate on Hectors computer along with Amanda Waller, and Sinestro convincing the guardians to make a yellow ring(probably a reference to a sequel, but i doubt that will happen due to this movies failure, they might as well try to re-boot this too).

  18. This movie was pretty sweet. Just the scope of the entire movie and the over-arching theme of fighting fear with willpower was cool. Admittedly I think it was a little fast because of how much story was packed into one movie. It would have done much better as 2 movies. The CGI was amazing to look at and all of the cool things he did with his ring were real fun. Overall a good, epic movie to kick off the Green Lantern franchise.

  19. The critic’s on Screen Rant are WRONG. The Green Latern movie is a good movie. Not perfect by any means. But a great entertainment value, alot better than Super 8 in my opinion. If you are a Green Lantern fan or a DC comic’s fan IGNORE the Screen Rant critic’s and go see the movie. In fact, I believe the second movie (they are already attacking) will be even better with a few adjustments. You learn from the first one out the box and improve in the second one. Good movie, don’t miss it.

  20. I, like The Big Dentist, wanted to post in the review thread but, finding it closed, followed him over here……..

    I want to preface this with stating that, after reading all of the negative reviews and comments here and on RT, I was VERY hesitant to see this movie. So I hedged my bets and saw it at the matinee and in 2D.

    My first general comment about GL though is I thought it was at least as enjoyable as Thor. Not a 5 out of 5 by any means but MUCH better than all the reviews I read. In fact, as I watched it I half wondered if they had shipped the “good” version to my theater and others must have seen the “crappy” version that had things cut out.

    I also think that Kofis review, while it does hold some truth, seems to have been written by someone going in with a HUGE chip on their shoulder just daring the movie creators to knock it off. They obviously failed to sufficiently impress him so he decided to take it out in his scathing and imho unwarranted review.

    I am going to go through Kofis review point by point though for a more cool headed and dare I say rational PoV.

    “it fails to establish any kind of coherent context or mythos for its titular superhero”

    I disagree and had zero problems understanding what was going on based on what was explained to me through the film. I admit I would have liked to have had a slightly longer and more comprehensive set-up but it was adequate.

    (paraphrasing)Opening scene and no mention of the other emotional colors

    The whole idea of the emotional spectrum is a NEW and semi-retconned idea so no reason why they needed to lay that ALL out. It probably would have just confused everyone to explain it all and to then not use most of it. It was a smart decision to not include it and keep it simple (like it was in the beginning)

    (paraphrasing again) Abin Sur’s end, Hal’s intro and his indoctrination into the GL

    I agree this part felt rushed. Abin should have put up more of a fight. We should have seen him crash land in a REMOTE spot and not just the edge of the water (seriously NO ONE saw it but the government knew about it? Come on). Ring choosing felt clunky and the training time should have been longer.

    The movie never seems sure of itself — what to show, how to show it — and the result is a disjointed patchwork of scenes

    This is where I wondered if you watched the same movie I did because I didn’t get that feeling at ALL. I was able to follow the plot quite well and had no problems understanding what was going on.

    I even felt they did a good job of connecting everything while moving the plot along. They had to show Hal as a cocky and fearless guy but someone who still had very human problem(s) to overcome. I got it why didn’t you? I also thought it was very clever how many of the ring constructs could be directly related to things that would have been fresh in his mind.

    Could it have been better? Sure but hardly the disjointed patchwork of scenes you claimed it to be. If you want truly disjointed, I would recommend re-watching The Phantom Menace’s end, now THAT was bad.

    I would still like to know how Hal Jordan, doubting himself as a Lantern, knows to show up for his first big fight with Hector Hammond

    Others have mentioned this so I’m sure you know your mistake by now but just in case……..the ring warned him. In fact we saw the rings warn their wearers TWICE before the Hammond incident so it was WELL established.

    Right there that tells me you indeed had a chip on your shoulder and gave up even trying to enjoy this movie very early on. With that attitude it’s no small wonder you missed such obvious and multiple details and had a problem following the plot. You were out for nothing but blood and it showed.

    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively character development

    I didn’t have any problem with Reynolds. He might not have been comic Hal Jordan reincarnated but was Maguire the spitting image of Spiderman in look and mannerisms? I thought Reynolds did a better job as GL if we are comparing the two. I still would have preferred seeing him as Flash but that boat has sailed.

    Their relationship did feel a bit draggy and unnecessary in spots but it was there to provide Hal with support to show him how to meet the expectations of the ring’s choice. I thought it worked. I especially liked how she saw through the mask, poking a bit of fun at the secret identity thing (and in particular his DC partner and THE epic hero, Superman)


    Covered below

    FX and CGI

    Yeah I am still not a fan of the uniform’s look and HATED the mask every damn time I saw it. Quite simply it should have been a real suit with CGI enhancements. Would have been cheaper and a better solution. The “bare” feet were nearly impossible to see as I figured so that wasn’t a big deal but should be changed to boots in future installments.

    Kilowog never worked for me and I knew it from the first images we saw many moons ago. I never thought he matched the comics in look or voice.

    I thought the Guardians were a bit silly perched atop this mountain spire and then on these really tall seats. Why would they expose themselves so needlessly? The traditional look and locale in the comics would have been better.

    Also thought it was stupid that Hal was flying through space with no apparent shield to allow him an atmosphere (past the initial trip of course). At least in the animated shows he always has a defined forcefield to protect him.

    Despite all the aforementioned problems, can Green Lantern still be considered a bit of mindless summer movie fun? Sure, if you’re age 10 and under.

    I’m over 10 and I enjoyed it. Yeah I get that you hated this movie but did it really wound you so deeply on a personal level that you felt this was justified? Such personal attacks are very unprofessional and to be frank, immature. Not what I expected to read from a review.

    For me, the biggest failing imho with this movie was how they handled Parallax and Sinestro. It worked within the context of the movie itself but was so far removed and simplified from the original comics as to make it almost trivial. I do however get why they did it. Trying to cover Sinestro’s history, the existence of parallax, it’s imprisonment and subsequent creation of the “the yellow impurity” (and the reason why they are vulnerable to yellow), Sinestro’s downfall and banishment, blah blah blah would have been overwhelming and impossible to cover without devoting more of the movie to that story rather on it’s focus, Hal Jordan.

    It IS an excellent story mind you and I think they could have found a way to use a simplified version of it rather than dreaming up a Guardian turning into Parallax and Sinestro suggesting they create a fear ring to battle fear but, yeah it’s too bad. I personally would have been fine with the story revolving around Hal, the Corps and his tutelage under Sinestro but that would have ALL taken place in the distant reaches of the galaxy. A real problem when you are trying to ground at least the first movie on earth for the “human” factor and Hal’s connection with it. I don’t know why movie studios feel this need to do that but they do…..possibly even budget constraints? Whatever the exact reason, that’s why it was changed.

    I do have to question exactly where this yellow power battery is because it looks like it’s somewhere on Oa if not very close which makes little to no sense because the only “battery” should be that which the Guardians created. A bit of a WTF moment for me.

    Now as to the comment that Sinestro had absolutely no reason to put on the yellow ring……I somewhat disagree. After all it was HE who convinced the Guardians to forge it. So he obviously had been thinking about utilizing this potentially untapped power for a while now and believed in it being the only course of action. Once that idea was hatched, just like Star Wars and the allure of the “dark side” it might have become an irresistible temptation just like the Guardian was tempted.

    I admit it would be a stronger argument if Hal (an inexperienced GL) hadn’t just single-handedly beaten Parallex through sheer will but the seed had been planted. This is one place that some more set-up was definitely needed though.

    What I found particularly funny though is Kofi himself was able to accept all the grevious XMFC continuity issues but this movie somehow went too far? Considering how horribly Singer screwed the X-Men IP was GL somehow worse? If you want people to accept your opinion you at the very least need to be consistent.

    The saddest thing of all though is the plethora of imho unwarranted negative reviews are going to keep people from seeing this movie. When I see a movie on a Sunday afternoon on opening weekend, the theater is usually at least 2/3 full but today there were probably only 20 people total watching with me. I have to wonder if those reviews kept people away.

    • The ring did warn him about Hammond but it warned him before Hammond broke the bonds. This was a bit inconsistent as the ring only warned of danger that was already happening. If the ring did have that ability to warn before an event happens, why didn’t it warn Abin Sur that Parallax was on his way to the space station? Or that Parallax had escaped from the lost world?

      • I agree that Abin Sur should have had a BIT more warning. The ring warned him and then a split second later it comes crashing in. They should have had it go off and allowed Sur to quickly locate Parallax. Still not enough time to run from it but at least it would have been more consistent.

        And there is obviously a proximity to it so this would be why it didn’t know about Parallax’s escape.

        • Oh there was one thing I wanted to say in my original post but unfortunately got left out……Mark Strong was excellent as Sinestro. Even though he was under utilized, he was both the spitting image of the comic version in both look and action. If only ALL movie adaptions could manage this level of character mirroring.

  21. I saw the movie and thought it was ok. i don’t understand why the heads at DC can create cool movie cartoons but they don’t translate into the movies. Why not give Bruce Timm and Alan Burnet a crack at making an origin story in live action. i would like to see Bruce Timm and his team get an opportunity to produce a movie because they seem like enthusiast of comic books and will not screw it up! Let’s hope for the best in the Man of Steel movie! Can’t wait!

  22. I give it a 3/5

    It was good enough that people were clapping at the end of the film when i saw it saturday.

  23. Funny how people pay to watch these films then complain how bad they are rather than realizing that it’s pop-corn fluff intended to vamp money from your wallet into their bank accounts. Basically they could’ve wrote the plot on a piece of toilette paper with ship* and called it Green Lantern and people would STILL pay to see it. Hollywood producers WANT money, that’s why they do what they do, nothing else. They don’t care about authenticity or cannon. It goes something like this: comic book movies make money; therefore, if I produce a comic book movie, I WILL make money; so, I will produce a comic book movie.

    I’ve been suckered in before; but, somehow, have learned when to tell a smelly pile from a mile away.

    Word to the wise: NEVER!!! believe the trailers, presume that EVERY comic book to movie translation is to take your cash because IT IS!

    Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here quietly waiting for the day they run out of well known characters and start milking people with lesser known ones. Then, when we study film history, we call recall the dark time when these were the main movies being made.

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie of The Tick, but done well. It’s probably going to happen, so I shouldn’t have to wait long. When it is, it’ll probably suck moth b’s.

  24. I find it funny how people shell out their cash to see these films then complain when their trash. They’re popcorn fluff, nothing more. Rarely to they live up to the hype or fan expectation. There are so few exceptions, that is may as well be a rule.

    Word to the wise: NEVER!!! Believe the trailers and presume that ALL comic book to movie translations are intended to vamp your money from your wallet into their bank account because THEY ARE!

    Movie producers want to make money, that’s their job. And comic book movies are making money right now. So, it goes something like this: comic book movies make money; therefore, if I make a comic book movie, I will make money. Producers don’t care about authenticity and cannon!

    That being said, a direct translation to the screen may not even work. Comics and movies are different mediums, and it would be impossibly to put years of material into an hour and a half film. That’s what sequels are for. ;)

    So, next time you have an urge to buy into their insanity think. Maybe wait to see what others have said about it, or just accept that you made the choice to sit in the seat.

    One day film historians will look back at this time and have nothing to say, except that people watched these (so called) films. Most of these movies are going to be forgotten and end up in the “please buy” bin, sold at garage sales or lying in a landfill.

    I mean, most of them look as though the same person makes them; nothing to distinguish them from one-another except their title and names of characters. Iron Man looks the same as X-Men, and that looks like Thor and so on and so on and so on.

    If we are truly NOT sheep, STOP giving them money and maybe they’ll stop or learn they need a better product.

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie of The Tick except done right. Of course, now that I said that, it’s probably in the works. And, when it does come out, it’s suck. And, just wait until Hollywood runs out of well known comic book characters and stars bombarding us with lesser-known ones. Live action Calvin and Hobbs anyone? (Oops, that could be cool…) How about, maybe, live action Little Miss / Mr. Men? (Okay, they’re not a comic, but you get the point… I hope.)

  25. Not sure if Kofi Outlaw was asleep when he reviewed this movie, but I was able to fully understand what was going, I don’t care that they didn’t show the ship crash on earth, it’s kind of a given, and yes I heard the purple guy name as well as the other green latern. So please pay attention the next time you review a movie and don’t expect them to put the whole history of the Laterns into a two hour movie.

    • I agree. I’m not really understanding how the critics of this movie have done what Hector did to his dad to this movie, while most “normal people” seem to have enjoyed it. I’m the first to call a garbage film garbage, and I thought this was a fun movie. I agree, the 3D was bad and pointless, but I only went to see it because that version was showing at the time I could go. I wasn’t expecting epic oscar-winning performances, I was expecting a fun, good time at the movies watching a superhero I’ve always liked duke it out with bad guys. Check, check, and check!

  26. Many things included in the voice over would have made a better movie. The Parallax-Abin Sur Battle would have been a great second scene. The first scene should have been the Guardian becoming Paralax and maybe the reason Sinestro wants to learn to conquer the yellow lantern power. This would have made the introduction of other green lanterns more rounded and engaging. The Hal Jordan character could have been better realized and all of his conflicts and relationships filled out. The Earth battle and Hammonds transformation could have been better served in the sequel as well as the final battle with Parallax. Oa was more interesting than Earth and Abin Sur more interesting than Hal and Sinestro more interesting than Hammond.

    • While I agree they could have done things more in depth if they has split the movie, I think they were just trying to resolve Parallax and set up Sinestro as the bad guy in the next movie (if there is one)

  27. Honestly i enjoyed it plain and simple thought i was going to hate it cause of costume but i liked the movie, not loved, liked.

  28. You know I really tire of the endless critics that 99% of the time trash all Scifi and or Comic book movies. This movies are what they are supposed to be, comic book movies, they are not intended to be serious drama. A way to escape to another age and day when we are all young and actually read comic books. I thought this movie was well done, lots of non stop action and the acting was on par with any other comic book made into movie to date. The scenes on Oha were incredible and both my girlfriend (a non comic book person) and I both liked and enjoyed the movie. Of course the both of us are not professional movie producers and script writers that apparently most of the critics seem to believe they are. If any one thinks they can do a better movie, get the money, script and actors and go produce one. Till then I say this is a good movie and worth seeing. Opinions, every one of us have one. This is mine.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I’ve been reading reviews and wondering how I possibly could have enjoyed myself at a film that was so bad? How did I not notice? Then I read hundreds–ok maybe tens–of comments like this and I know there’s just a big disconnect between critics and people who like having fun at the movies…Thanks!

      • I learned a long time ago to never ever listen to any reviews or critics opinions. I completely ignore them until after I’ve personally seen a movie. These people never like the same things that I do.

        I liked this one and I don’t really care if anyone else likes it or not. lol

        • There are actually quite a few of us who DID like this film. :D

  29. As a Green Lantern fan, I must say this movie was great. It took mostly from Secret Origin and I thought they actually handled Paralax much better. I always thought it was stupid that Hal would ever become evil, or even possessed in the first place. Plus, the cameo by Bzzd and the others was a total nerd gasm for me. If you didn’t like the movie, then defiantly STAY AWAY from the comics. Hal is a more fun superhero that isn’t about being a brooding emo character like a certain BATmang.

    I swear people were expecting The Dark Knight level of entertainment here or something.

    • I think Tommy hits the nail on the head. Many critics won’t be happy until every comic-book based franchise twists and morphs their stories and characters into darker versions with more “grown up” issues, as in The Dark Knight. I think DK was awesome work, but I think it would be a mistake to shove all of our comic book heroes through the same grinder. Green Lantern was entertaining. It was rather shallow and two-dimensional, but as long as I’m entertained, that’s what I’m paying for in a movie like this!