‘Green Lantern’ Spoilers Discussion

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:46 pm,

While our readers are already discussing DC’s latest superhero film in the comments section of our Green Lantern review, this is the place where you can discuss Green Lantern spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Green Lantern for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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  1. Okay…Went to a screening of Green Lantern last night. I would like to make it clear that regardless of all the teasers and footage used to promote the film, I went in trying to be as objective as possible, hoping that all the CBMs this summer would kick butt.
    Without giving away anything, these are my impressions of Green Lantern:

    The script, and direction disappointed me. I’m a big GL fan, and they simply truncated too much of the important stuff in favor of developing unimportant relationships. Reynolds seemed to be trying his best to carry the movie, but it seemed as if he were instructed to keep a tad too much “Van Wilder” in his performance.
    Mark Strong was very good, but his performance was ultimately wasted and that ticked me off…. I mean COME ON MAN…THIS IS SINESTRO!
    Blake Lively…Man, I have no idea (besides her looks) how in the world she nabbed the role. She wasn’t just distracting to the story arc, but a completely useless character to boot.
    Oa, though pretty cool, was too much like a video game as far as the CG, and at times it was difficult to focus on the intent of the characters, and too few of the lanterns were given any real life.
    Parralax Might as well have been called Parralaxitive. It irked me that even though he could speak, he got the Galactus treatment…

    As much as I was rooting for GL to be a great experience, I left the theater wishing to god the film would have had more moments like X-Men first class, where my interest in the characters was considered by the director and writers to a greater degree than the eye candy. I just can’t figure out how these guys didn’t knock this one out of the park, but I do hope that the film generates enough money and interest to garner a proper sequel.

    • DSB…Well-thought-out review…I agree with you on a great many points. I loved the film :)

  2. The score on Rotten Tomatoes is ridiculous. Right now it is ranked on par with Ghost Rider and it is far superior.

  3. 8.5/10. Awesome. I loved it. But the movie was over in a flash, you barely got to know the characters! What’s up with that? With the Harry Potter franchise finished, and Batman likely going on hiatus after DNR, Green Laturn looks like it can become WB’s new leading franchise.

  4. I might take some flack for this. But I think the human supporting cast, and most of things involving Earth could have been left out and replaced with character development for Sinestro, the Guardians, and the rest of the Corps. I would have have given Carol Ferris no larger a role than Amanda Waller.

    • I agree, Hal learning how to be apart of the corp would have been much more interesting. I found the movie to be horribly predictable, granted I still enjoyed the movie with the low standards I had set for it.

    • My feelings exactly!

  5. To me the film was just fun. I wasn’t expecting to be as good as the new Batman films were, but to me, it was on par with the first Spider-man.

  6. I found the movie quite enjoyable tho in a way I was a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to the movie and when that happens I seem to always be a little disappointed but after multiple viewings I get over it and love it. Plus origin movies are usually not my favorite anyway. Always love the sequels more as the hero is already established. Loved X2 and X3 more than X1, loved Spider-Maan 2 and 3 more than 1, loved Dark Knight more than Begins, loved IM2 more than IM1, Superman 2 more than Superman1,etc. As comic book fan we know the characters so move on but for general public you have to introduce them.

    And I disagree wholehearadly about Parallax and Hector Hammond. Thought they were great villains, though I’m disappointed Hector won’t be in any sequels.

    Overall promising start and I can’t wait for GL2 and the war against Sinestro Corps.

    • You lost me at Iron Man 2

  7. I’m a hardcore GL fan, my favorite DC superhero, and I had high hopes for the movie… Having seen it, I must say, I’m conflicted: a part of me, the kid part that still unconditionally loves all things superhero, loves it, though it was awesome; another part, the part of me that has become more discerning and picks and chooses my comic books with care, is a little let down… Doesn’t hate it, just feels like it coul have been so much more. Overall, the tone of the movie was a little too much like a 90’s Saturday morning cartoon, I think; would’ve loved it as a kid, but as an adult I can still enjoy it but in the end I would prefere something meatier. This has me worried that that is exactly how WB is approaching it, like GL is the kid series to Batman’s more hardcore adult themes, and that’s so not the case, the GL comics books are not fluff and deal with many complicated and adult themes, much weightier stuff than we were given in this movie. I hope the sequel is better with it’s plot. The two things I really didn’t like so much about the movie are the following: making Kronos and Parallax the same creature was a bad move, it lessened parallax’s awesomeness, they should have kept it as a pure fear entity that just posesses people like in the comics; also, the fact that the guardians consented to make the yellow ring made no sensanhui would have been better if Sinestro made it on his own, convinced he was the only one willing to do what was necessary. That said, I did enjoy it, I like Reynolds as Hal, Mark Strong will make an awesome villain, and Captain America can’t get here fast enough

  8. I think Ryan Reynolds is an awesome actor but he was the wrong choice for GL. While I doubt anyone could be a better DEADPOOL then Reynolds he certainly was not the right choice for Hal Jordan is far, far from being the sarcastic jerk that Reynolds is so good at portraying.

    I wanted GL to be the hit of the Summer and after seeing it I can only say it was fun but it was also disappointing.

    Heavvy Sigggh

  9. SC review is UNFAIR! to call it a “dissappointment of the summer” for you, is understandable and respected, but to paint a picture of this movie as a tragic mess, is OVER REACTING much! It was a fun movie, but not so bad that people notice EVERY flaws of the movie.
    I did, however, wonder what Abin Sur was doing in his spaceship in the meantime while he waited for the ring to find a chosen one. Im sure, in the whole world, there is someone far more deserving of the ring than Hal. It’s so convenient that the ring chose someone a drive away from Abin Sur. You would think, someone near the area will see his glowing spaceship SITTING on top of rocks near the docks.
    I much wouldve believed this scene had Hal Jordan been flying his jet and saw Abin Surs carshed spaceship in the middle of the dessert.
    Carol Ferris storyline was abit dissappointing too.
    The movie was fun though! This movie was NOT made for FAN BOYS, because frankly, even if all the fans of green lantern came together to watch this movie, it would not make enough money, theefore, the script writers altered evrything to make it more “appealing” to NON fans.
    They did screw up with Sinestro, there is so much more to him than just wearing the yellow ring. I wish they had ended this movie with Sinestro being somewhat jealous of Hals success or perhaps, Sinestro being consumed with an emotional battle going on within him. If they were to make another movie, I hope they rewind abit and show how Sinestro became and chose to wear the yellow ring. It would have been alot better had they explained all the other types of rings.
    So yeah, the movie is mindless fun. Movies like these need people to practice “SOD”
    Suspencion of Disbelief…

    • BTW – I WILL see GL again when it hits rental-sell thru and if they make a sequel I am there day one but that’s because I am a die hard movie fan.

  10. The acting in The Green Lantern film was horrible in my opinion why
    1. you see an alien, you are brave enough to walk up to it relieve a strange ring take it straight home play with it all in one night all while acting completely normal an relaxed by these events (Where is the shock in you as a human living in the real world Hal Jordan?) The director didn’t emphasize enough on the acting. Pharallex was a poor choice to use as a villain in the first Green Lantern film considering the fact that he doesn’t come across as believable instead over used poor use of computer graphic images
    2. There is this scene in the movie where Pharallex comes to earth surrounding the city with what looks to be heavy black smoke and there on the set are millions of civilians whom stand there and watch as though they don’t see whats happening and some time shortly after they all panic( the director set up a scene that looked like the Sept 911 with no people reacting or screaming in fear of pharallex presents (the directors timing was off his cue for the civilians to panic made the movie even less believable.
    3. The Doc’s head is huge, I mean swollen and nobody panics (in spite of there sworn secrecy to there job’s its only human nature to worry a little if you are the first ever to discover a real alien Abin sur and your head swells up giving you professor-x like powers you began to make some what of a big deal about these circumstances happening in your life) Green Lantern felt rushed!!!

  11. Saw it free of charge, so went in w/o many expectations, other than generally disliking Ryan Reynolds (usually want to reach through the screen and punch him w/most movies, tho he was actually a bit reserved and thus bearable here).
    Actually liked it, tho not blown away. Note that while I more or less know what really is supposed to go down w/the mythos, I was nvr a fan, so cannot weigh the resultant disappointment factor of having this movie be a tossed salad of incorrectly dropped names. Nonetheless, the plot isn’t as messed up as the reviewer indicated, as there were visual cues/clues as to why things were happening, but they were possibly too understated to stand out in a movie replete w/big booms. The ring seemed to home in on trouble, for instance, allowing Hal to locate where he needed to be, thus the plot wasn’t filled w/holes. The color implications at the beginnign of the movie were sufficient for the scope of the film; we need not hear of red and blue lanterns, of Ion, etc.
    While this flick was not canon by any stretch of the imagination, and certainly wasting background material (why make a superhero flick if you aren’t going to follow that hero’s actual story?), it wasn’t bad as a movie. It wasn’t “super”, but it held its own.

  12. In my opinion In this movie “The Green Lantern” Ryan Reynald’s portrayal of Hal Jordan was a disgrace because it really emphasize on him being a jerk he puts me in the mind of Homer Simpson an unworthy person for the ring In the words of Heath Ledgers Joker “Maybe I should come back when you start taking things a little more serious” Get a better well written script a new director hell why stop there a n entire new cast and oh yeah one more thing LAY OFF THE OVER USE OF CGI especially if its gonna look like that and your not gonna do it right treating a Green Lantern movie with the proper care and respect that it deserves this is why Nolan sticks to a bare minimum of cgi telling Warner Brothers to take their 3D concept for “The Dark Knight Rises and shove it”

  13. It looked outrageously phenomenal (I expected that). Ryan Reynolds was actually quite good (did not expect that); he was very comfortable and natural in a role I didn’t think was going to be good for him. The film may not be perfect, but it’s no failure by a long shot. Just a lot to squeeze into 1 and 1/2 hours. But as always: Haters gonna hate.

  14. The Bad guy from “Howard the Duck” meets Jim Carry’s “The Mask” is what it felt like while watching the scientist and the green lantern Hal Jordan
    Haven’t you guys learned from the failure of the movie “Howard the Duck” that crazy scientist with big heads , yellow eyes and over acting doesn’t work.

  15. I know this is the spoilers post, but since the film has already been cut up pretty much in various comments, I gotta ask folks. Who would you want to play the Flash, if a Flash film was even to be attempted. Also Barry or Wally? Grodd, or some of the Rouges?

  16. I’d give it a solid 8.5/10 for a comic book film, and maybe a 6 or 7 just as a film.

    I could have done without Hammond and Parallax altogether, and characters other than Hal could have used more fleshing out (especially Sinestro, Tomar, and Kilowog). But, all in all, I can’t really complain. I am glad that Martin Campbell won’t be returning for the sequel, though (assuming that enough people come out for them to make a sequel). His pacing worked to the film’s detriment in several spots – especially the opening. Despite low scores from critics, I think that word of mouth might work pretty well for the film, because audiences seem to love it.

    Like I said in my comment on the review, there’s a lot of room for a sequel to improve on this origin story, now that Parallax has been cast into the sun and we can focus on Sinestro as the villain.

  17. A lot of people are freaking out about the post credits scene with Sinestro, but i think it was there just to tease comic book fans about the the sequel. I think if there is a sequel we will see why he gives into the yellow power ring, and i doubt it will start off with Sinestro suddenly being a yellow lantern.

  18. I am thoroughly stunned that so many people disliked this film! I thought it was a great summer action-adventure comic book flick and definitely succeeded in being a fun, worthwhile experience…I left the theater smiling.

    I had my belief in Reynolds being the right choice for Hal Jordan confirmed near the beginning when I overheard a small child behind me say, very matter-of-factly, “He’s a smart aleck”. Reynolds beautifully captured the essence of Jordan. I even thought Lively was fine as Carol Ferris…She didn’t have much to do except “be there” for Hal, but she did so effectively. I enjoyed the rest of the acting, as well, ESPECIALLY Mark Strong’s Sinestro (BTW, Kofi: I had no problem with him putting on the yellow ring…no matter what he said about Jordan’s success and the power of will, he was still obviously looking for a leg up on the terrors plaguing the universe).

    The plot flowed fairly smoothly, and the situations and scenes that needed to be dramatic and action-packed WERE. I even enjoyed the quieter moments, though there were few of those.

    …and the CGI spectacle of it all–DAMN!

    Now, do I think this film is going to pick up any Oscar noms (except, MAYBE, some sort of tecnical nomination)? Hell NO. It was not that type of film. It WAS, however, the type of film that I look forward to seeing again…next time probably in 3D (Just think: This is what I thought of the 2D!). I did not feel that way after “Thor” and “X-Men: First Class”, and I loved both of those films.

    To me, though, this film had an extra quality, perfect for a Friday afternoon. “Green Lantern” was a lot of fun.


    • why are you stunned that so many people hated the movie.first off the 3d is terrible complete wast of money.where do i start with the problems with the movie.first too short should of been another 30 minutes or you could of scrapped the whole stuff with his father.the fight between paralax and the laterns way to short and after to of the laterns die the rest run away.they are supposed to be fearless.why have 2 villians one is enough.then you kill both villians of in the movie.if you did this in comics the series would be over in a year.the whole helicopter scene making a race track to stop it.who’s this for 5 year old’s i hope they reboot this movie and do it proper the next time

      • I saw it in 2D (so I’ll just see it again the same way). I wouldn’t have minded if it had been another thirty minutes, because I was enjoying everything happening up on the screen. The father backstory could NOT be dropped…it was the reason Hal became a pilot AND the reason for his self-doubt. I thought the two battles between the other lanterns and Parallax WERE short, AS THEY NEEDED TO BE to illustrate just how ill-prepared the Corps was in dealing with this “new” threat (remember that Sinestro pointed out the Lanterns were, to this point, undefeated…now, they were confronted by an enemy who could negate a great deal of their power…if they’re scared in combat, it’s MUCH harder to be willful). As for the STRATEGIC RETREAT (because that’s what it very clearly was…if your forces are being decimated and you don’t know how to correct the tactics, you quickly leave the battlefield and review, and correct, the strategy), leaving allowed the rest of the Corps to learn something about the way the enemy operated.

        If you’ve read the comics, you know, it’s a simple matter to bring back the concept of Parallax (remember Sinestro’s eyes turned yellow when he put on the ring), plus, there are still PLENTY of villains to face. As for the helicopter/racetrack scene, Hal thought back to the track in his nephew’s room (which they made a VERY obvious point of showing) and decided, spur-of-the-moment that such a construct would allow him to direct the copter away from the crowd. I actually thought that was great.

        You didn’t like the film…fine. I did. Was it perfect? NO. My initial comment dealt with fact that the film was inspiring so much HATRED, not mere dislike. I think that’s ridiculous and, yes, STUNNING.

  19. Saw it this afternoon and thought it wasn’t as bad as everyone said it was. Not great by any means but a fair movie. It had its silly moments and was rushed for the most part but I still enjoyed it. I definitely felt it could have used a good extra half hour or so to give more depth to certain scenes, the training on Oa being one of them for sure, hell more Sinestro period would have be great seeing as Mark Strong’s performance was the best part of the movie IMO. The post credit scene was to be expected but felt incomplete. If more time would have been giving prior it could have been more meaningful. I hope the film does well and I’m sure it will so a sequel can rectify some of the issues this one had.

  20. i was expecting this to be better (haven’t seen it yet but alot of people hate it). like i’ve said time and time again: they need to drop the whole ‘love interest’ bs and just focus on the main character, i know its a pg-13 movie which is aimed at kids as well, but this formula has gotten old and stale. thor was ok with it, b/c they didn’t swarm the movie with ‘i love you’ moments, but IM2 sucked mainly b/c pepper pots dominated the screen longer then the villains.

    i bet the editing team spent more time of the effects then they did on the editing, and only until their deadline came did they realise things didn’t integrate properly.

  21. Terrible movie! Action wasn’t strong to me the only part I enjoyed was the after credit scene with sinestro putting the other ring on. I would give the movie probably two stars

  22. Green Lantern: “I’m Green Lantern. I am all powerful!”

    Yellow: “Hey, I’m yellow.”

    GL: “Really?”

    Y: “Yup.”

    GL: “Oh… Uh…”

    Y: “I totally defeat you.”

    GL: “Right… sorry. I’ll just be going now.”

    Y: “That’s probably for the best.”

    [GL slowly shuffles off. Re-enters]

    GL: “Are you sure I’m defeated?”

    Y: “Yup.”

    GL: “You really sure…”

    Y: “Don’t make me get more yellow.”

    GL: “Right… Uh… Bye…”

    [GL hangs his head and slinks away again]

    This is why Green Lantern sucks and why the movie would only take a minute after he obtains the ring. Sad. It’s pathetic, traffic lights would take him out. Like Superman fighting a villain on a pile of Kryptonite, it wouldn’t work.

  23. I thought the movie was cool, by far the weakest of the summer comic book movies, but an enjoyable film in the end.

    My one problem were the scenes with Blake Lively, everytime she was on screen there was something weird going on in my pants and that was very distracting but alas i got over it.

    Also Mark Strong is just a badass, he made my list of top ten favorite actors.

  24. In this movie, you MUST practice SOD ( Suspension of Disbelief )
    Fun movie but not very bright.

  25. Green Lantern was fun but not very bright.

  26. Looking forward to Captain America!!!

  27. I cried at the part where Carrol had her back to the wall and started crying :(

  28. saw it earlier this afternoon, not the worst superhero movie ever, but not best, i was disappointed, this movie prob had the shortest amount of villan time ever, hector knocks down a helicopter and kills his dad, then dies. wow really? not as much action as the trailer shows.