‘Green Lantern’ Spoilers Discussion

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:46 pm,

While our readers are already discussing DC’s latest superhero film in the comments section of our Green Lantern review, this is the place where you can discuss Green Lantern spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Green Lantern for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!


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  1. It was real great. I thought all the green lanterns were awesome, and they left it off good with a chance of a sequel.

  2. I liked the movie I just thought that it was really really short. I dont understand why Warner Bros decided to make it 1hr 45 mins (compared to The Dark Knight which is 2 1/2 hours) but then again with all the special effects it may have been too expensive. Ryan Reynolds was a good Hal but I was honestly concerned at first that he was going to be too much Van Wilder when it shows him driving around base. Only thing I wish is that (besides it being longer) it had more of the backstory on the Green Lanterns (like show more of them in action) and where is the Green Lantern Planet?! lol that dude was so awesome in Emerald Knights! Why isnt he in this? lol.

    • u cant compare the running of TDK to Green Lantern. TDK is a sequel of cause the running time will be longer.

    • I’m starting to get the impression a lot of stuff was cut, because Mogo was meant to feature in the film, and there are definitely some scenes with Sinestro and the yellow ring missing.

      • DSB did you stay after the credits?

  3. As a green lantern comics fan for many years I was highly satisfied with this movie. It had a great balance of epic greatness and witty humor/cockiness on Hal’s part to fit the character well. Visually striking, and can I just say that Mark Strong as Sinestro was just about the most perfect casting imaginable. I’m glad that they didn’t convolute things with Sinestro putting on the yellow ring until the post-credits scene and kept this as an introduction to the Green Lantern universe and not a cram-fest.

    • I was expecting the “universe needs order” Sinestro actually. What we got was a Sinestro who believes in the Corp and what it stands for. As he talked the Guardians into fighting Parallax with fear, I was thinking there is more to this story that was edited out. I hope at least they go bigger and more complex story in part 2. I still dont get why the Guardians did not take the ring from him after Jordan took off to fight Parallax? Great yellow suit!!

      • Yeah I felt they totally droped the ball with Sinestro:

        He’s a great character because he believes that what he’s doing isn’t evil. He wants to bring order to the universe, and believed the guardians and the corps can do so. When the Guardians are revealed as hypocrites, Sinestro is disillusioned and looks for other means by which to bring order: The power of fear.

        THAT MAKES SENSE. This movie, with it’s arbitrary plot device of a yellow ring (which serves nothing in the story) and then Sinestro putting on the ring “just because he felt like it” after Parallax is already defeated???? Yeah… they ruined his character for me.

        • This I agree with. Complete waste of a good story and character.

          • I agree, but I think Sinestro is being set up as the main villian in Green Lantern 2. Lets hope they do better then.

            • Well it will be more better, because in this they were just more focused on the right color of the suit and everything, now that they know what to do, how it will look like, they can concentrate on the story.

        • Totally agree with this. Made more infuriating because, in my opinion, Mark Strong was so good in the role. Wasted.

          • Mark Strong is good in ANYTHING he is in Ben :)

            • Hah, fair enough.

        • YES, YES. That was it exactly. There was NO REASON for Sinestro to keep and put on the ring at the end. We all know he was going to do it when it was created but I felt like something was missing in the story. WHY DID HE DO IT? I think that there was a reason he had the Guardians create it but it was left out. I was like WTF?? Just because he lost ONE battle against Parallax, he thinks fighting FEAR w FEAR will work. NO. Something was missing.

          • So you missed out on the obvious tension between him and the Guardians? It was so clear to me that he was over it with them already, and no surprise that he would take something that would give him power against them (the ring).

            • I could tell there was SOME tension between Sinestro and the Guardians. Its just that he caved into the “fight Fear with Fear” song. Which makes me think there was a reason or scenes cut out of the movie to explain this. It would also explain WHY he put the ring on during the post credits scene. I got the feeling he believed in what the Corp stood for and would die for it. So his putting on the ring of fear was strange for me. But, it keeps the story going so I am good with what we got.

          • The reason they did it was so they can have something to look forward to in a sequel and have people want to see what happens, if it didnt have that at all, this may have been the only green lantern film, im sure they will have back story to it in the sequel

        • As much as I agree that they could have taken their time with the introduction to the yellow ring, I believe that this will be remedied in the second film. Just because he puts on the ring in the end, doesn’t mean it will stay on. I think they are going to have Sinestro remain part of the corps in the next film and over the course of it, he will slowly become a slave to the power of the yellow ring, until the end where he will become the leader of the Sinestro Corps and an epic battle will ensue with Hal Jordan. I really enjoyed the movie. Green Lantern offers one of the harder back stories for a film, since its more sci fi. But they id a good job establishing themselves for a proper sequel. I would like to know if they have plans for Carol Ferris to become Star Sapphire in the third film maybe…They kept alluding to that possibility…

        • I think they will go more depth with Sinestro in the sequal.

      • Indeed the yellow suit really made me happy. As far as more complexity with Sinestro I have a feeling they’re going to do something with Sinestro’s homeworld that makes him upset with the Guardians and the Corp (esp. Hal) and he falls further under the influence of the yellow ring.

      • I guess you didn’t pay much attention to the scene at the end. The yellow ring was sealed in a green energy “shell”….they DID take it from him. He stole it back!

        • Yeah i feel like i was the only one who caught that

          • Yeah i caught that too.

  4. Loved it, didn’t take it too seriously.
    The only thing that brought me out of it was MCD as Killowog. Weird voice casting.

    Also, I recommend hitting the ol’ Green Lantern before going to see the Green Lantern, if you catch my drift.

    • yeaaaaaaaa I am definently hitting the green lantern before the green lantern lol

  5. This is a good ORIGIN story to set up subsequent sequels. While the FX were good and worth the money spent, I was expecting more. I found myself thinking that I had seen all this in the various trailers over and over again. I liked Xmen FC more. Overall, a great start to the franchise. The expected last scene after the credits sets it up for part 2….

  6. I found it to be a terrible film. Mostly because the director seemed inept and the script was god-awful.

    I reviewed it and rated it so low that Vic is going out to see it for himself, so we’ll see what the consensus is :-)

    • BTW: I’m a BIG fan of GL Comics.

      • As am I. I know the backstory of all the characters. I found myself expecting MORE. But I will say that for the regular movie goer, they will love it.

        • I did expect a BIT more, but I’m thinking with a good setup like this they will delve a lot deeper in the next one.

        • You have to understand, that would not work for the average moviegoer. They don’t want a history lesson. The writers did a fantastic job!

      • I agree about the portrayal of Sinestro. He is more of a tyrant in the comics, almost a dictator-mindset. Maybe in the next film he will experiment with the yellow ring, and ultimately fall to the power it gives him to establish order?

        • Um are you forgetting what he told Hal Jordan when they first met?

    • Is that why the spoiler is up brfore the review Kofi?

    • I almost agree with you, I did not think it was terrible, just not very good, the script and the subsequent dialogue were awful and the villain, parallax, reminds me of the mess they made with the fantastic four sequel treatment of Galactus, it just looked silly, and it ended so abruptly. Having said that apart from parallax, the rest looked great the fx were good, all the aliens looked fantastic, and Mark Strong was superb as Sinestro. I think Thor was better as a film as was first class.

    • Well I enjoy your reviews kofi, and 90% of the time I agree with your view on film. Guess I will be skipping this one lol :). Not a Reynolds fan at all.

  7. okay this pic is not the suit he wore in the movie number 1. second the movie to me was way to cheezy there was way to much love cheezy stuff in this movie!!! And the actress that played his girlfriend was a terrible actor!!

  8. My bad it is the suit.

  9. *sigh* he should have made DEADPOOL.

  10. I can see this one’s going to be quite polarizing.

  11. Movie was better than I thought it was going to be.


    - Green Lantern Core, Oa and the Guardians
    - The sections where Reynolds used his ring
    - The fight with Dr.Hammond
    - Sinestro and the tease of more Sinestro

    - Reynolds as Green Lantern (okay, he was decent)
    - Movie was too short, they barely developed any characters
    - CGI at times looked like a Halo game.
    - The main villian Paralax was a weed cloud..No bueno.

    I want a sequel just to see Sinestro, cuz I think Mark Strong would kill it.

    • i agree the movie is short and there needed to be somthing more it is a good film but could have under gone more devolpmet

      • The sequel will be better because this took forever just trying to get the perfect image (Which they got) A lot of people didn’t like Batman Begins, and those same people fell in love with The Dark Knight. Why cant the same thing be with Green Lantern?

  12. “This one is causing quite the behind-the-scenes debate, folks!”

    Why not just do two separate reviews for whoever two are arguing about the movie? Unless I misunderstood.

    Haven’t watched the movie yet so I’m gonna safely stay out of the conversation lol.

  13. Yeah Kofi, you should post your review and Vic should write one too. Be interesting to see how you guys differ or share in opinion.

    • No need. My review wouldn’t have been as scathing as Kofi’s but I would have gone 2 stars tops. It was weaksauce IMHO.


  14. a good superhero movie but sadly dose not live up to the trailers as that is where the best bits are Ryan Renolds is not as good as you would have first thought and Blake Lively is shocking i think its down to the script.
    The story is good but the movie just drags the ending is a good fight but if i have to be honest the film is a let down Marvel is going to win the summers superhero battle but will it be Xmen or can Captain America be better

  15. i loved it!!! some of u guys take things way to serious. im jus happy to see my fav comic character on screen in an epic film!!!

  16. Huge GL fan…probably why I was left at the end wondering why that was it. A lot of the “epicness” from the last few years of GL IMO came from the fact that Geoff Johns and co had that long to set everything up. I was expecting something on that scale…but I guess the movie was limited by it having to set everything up and develop Hal. Hopefully if there’s a sequel they’ll be able to reach what was done in the comics. But for me the other GLs will always be the coolest…it’s too bad they have to focus on the main character.

    No offense to Ryan Reynolds, he did a great job as GL and I’m glad they had him for this role; from the interviews it’s clear he genuinely cares about doing these superhero roles right. I just wish we could have the same diverse cast of characters as in the comics.

  17. Was there any easter egg at the end of the movie, I knida forgot to stay since it isn’t a marvel movie. Do we see Sinestro witht he yellow ring/suit or something ?

    • Shawn Yes Sinestro broke the Yellow ring out of the prison the Guardians had put it in. He put it on and walla Yellow Suit and Eyes.

  18. Wow there sure are alot of studio plants in the forums today. And doing their best to blend in too


    • Sweet! That’s the first time I’ve ever seen “studio plant” in a comment on Screen Rant. Watch out Aintitcool.com. 8)


  19. LOVED THIS MOVIE! LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!!! My score: 8.75/10.

  20. Loved it. 9/10.

    Considering to be an origin story, what more could a green Lantern fan want?

    • How about a coherent script and direction? Not a messy patchwork of scenes and terrible dialogue. I’m surprised you liked this Beckett. Really surprised, actually. Worst comic book movie I’ve seen since Wolverine, Daredevil and Batman & Robin.

      • Ah, well, I really liked Daredevil.

      • Pretty coherent to me. Told some of the back story. Told why the rings are green and nice flow from beginning to end.

        • Totally agree… :D

      • im on this site quite often and rarely post but today felt as if i should. now i enjoy all the contributors writings and feel they do a great job, but kofi i believe your getting a little out of hand here. we all read your review, we know you hate this movie. you dont have to keep stating it after someone has a positive comment about the film, i mean leave it alone man, if they like it let them like it. i personally loved the film, yes there were some bad spots in it that were spot on in your review, but overall i think it was a great origin story for the masses and i cant wait for a sequel.

  21. GL was always my 2nd favorite comic book, ( Right after Thor). Hammond was brilliant. Sinestro was perfect but Paralax reminded me of the Galactus cloud in the 2nd FF movie. Just wetter, kinda like a bunch of giant moving turds with a head in the middle. I didnt like the so called energy around the GL symbol on Hals chest. It reminded me of a bubbling hot tub. Way way too much CGI in this thing. It was like watching a video game. I gave it a 3.

    • At least Parallax could speak, unlike Galactus.

  22. 2/10. Pure cinematic excrement.

  23. I actually enjoyed it. Had flaws, but probably the best superhero film so far. Hopefully the sequel will expand more on Sinestro and a few of the other Corps. members.

    And @IronPatriot, I think we already know what you would think about this movie, haha! You have been bashing it for weeks.

    • Oh yes, I am already imagining a GL Corp Civil War for the sequel. Sinestro trying to get GL members to his Corp. YES!! More Guardian interaction, Ganthet, Salakk, Boodika, Kraken, Laira, Arisia, Katma Tui. Just a slew of EASTER EGGS in the sequel.

    • The best superhero film so far? Are you sure you saw Green Lantern? Because I saw a mediocre/silly movie. Had some expectations, but they got smashed at the stupidity of its characters and storyline.

      • Yes, he saw “Green Lantern”. Definitely.

    • “Had flaws, but probably the best superhero film so far.”

      Speaking without bias: definitely not the best superhero film so far. X-Men First Class was better in my opinion.

      • If it’s your opinion, it’s incredibly biased unless you have evidence to support it; you’re not showing evidence, ergo, the assumption is that you’re being biased under the table.

  24. I enjoyed it. not as much as i thought i would not enough action. Loved sinestro, am i right to assume that he becomes a yellow green lantern and turns evil? in the future bc man he would make a awsome villian. Also the cgi was still well below what is capable these days but overall best superhero movie thus far. and the battle with paralaxx was way way to short.

  25. Early reviews suggest Green Lantern leans closer to Battlefield Earth than to, well, …anything else I guess, as shown by the formula AnyMovie>Battlefield Earth. It’s one thing to read one negative review, or two, or three, but when you notice a trend then they’re obviously trying to tell you something, and in this case it’s no. I won’t be seeing Green Lantern, at least in theaters, and I’ll see anything with Mark Strong as a general rule. This just screams Ryan Reynolds was cast to ensure the 18-35 female demographic would line up in droves to assist Green Lantern in securing a somewhat respectable opening weekend (pretty obvious, would they be seeing it otherwise?). And then there’s the whole Blake Lively “controversy” that reeks of purposely trying to generate buzz. There’s an Onion video regarding Green Lantern fandom that perfectly captures the attitude towards the movie. I mean, I only found out about Green Lantern via The Big Bang Theory. The trailer looked pretty bad and didn’t help the cause, it also didn’t help that the effects were awful, at least in the trailer. Whether they cleaned up the CGI is another thing, but most people outside of die-hards will not give it the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of what they tried, I may not have seen Green Lantern anyway cause I am just not a fan, of the comic or of Blake Lively, but I think in the summer of giants like Transformers and Harry Potter, it was bound to struggle. I’ll save my money to pay for the 3D ticket to Transformers.

  26. Although this should go without saying, the following is JUST MY OPINION, even though I am not going to start every sentence with IMO.

    The superhero movie that Green Lantern most resembles is the original X-Men. It got lots of things right, felt a bit rushed, and left me a tad unsatisfied because I know there is a much richer world waiting to be tapped. This is miles above the Fantastic Four movies, but sadly not near as good as it should have been. Still, 20% on RT is ridiculous. This should be in the 50-60% range at least. If Spider-Man 3 has a fresh rating, I don’t see how this doesn’t. Thats a movie to be embarrassed by, this is just one that didn’t reach its potential. I am not going to say it is as good as TDK. Its not. But it is closer to The Dark Knight than it is to something like Jonah Hex. To avoid the cliche I won’t say GL2 could go all “Wrath of Khan,” but it could definitely pull an X2.

    I really loved the first hour of the film. In fact, about 45 minutes in I was really puzzled at all the negative reviews. Admittedly, the second half was not as strong, but I still believe critics unnecessarily pounced. There were a lot of things that did work in the movie. The costume worked (mask aside). In fact I will go as far as to say the CG costume was the right decision. It looked way better than spandex or leather would have, especially when you add the aliens to the mix. The mask was a bit wonky, but it was much less of a problem in the movie than in still photos. The visuals were for the most part pretty amazing, Ryan Reynolds was surprisingly good. There were good character moments in the first half. Sinestro was great, although not given enough time and the stinger scene was awesome.

    My main complaints are that the score was one of the worst of any recent superhero movie. Completely forgettable. The GL Corps were criminally underutilized. Where they were used they were great. A GL2 focusing on them using the set up and designs in this movie would be amazing. The villains were a major letdown. Granted, this storm cloud was better than the one in FF2, but a cloud is still just a cloud. Hammond was also mostly pointless. And the editing of scenes in the second half broke down a bit.

    If you are a fan, see the movie and have fun with it. Don’t listen to the negative hype. Just enjoy the fact that we finally got a Green Lantern movie that gets a lot right.

    • HERE HERE! I definitely agree with your sentiments. Lets ace it, a lot of fans will have something to say. Just like I had a few things to say about Xmen FC. But overall this is a good start. Everyone is bashing this film likes its another crappy comic book movie. But lets think a moment. Daredevil, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Spiderman 3, The first Incredible Hulk. Those are some AWEFUL comic book movies and I think GL is a better comic book film (and a film in genereal) than all of those previously mentioned. I think it was even better than Superman Returns. So hate on the parts you want to hate on and tell people its not that great for certain reasons (in your opinion obviously. I for one liked it alot), but don’t act like it deserves to be grouped in with other poor superhero films.

    • You do realize this was Hal Jordans origin story right?

  27. Alright Vic!

    Release the Kraken! Erm, I mean review!

  28. Anybody else bothered that every time they showed Hectors lab it first had that exterior shot of the building which had Science Building on it? Like we couldn’t tell from all the science stuff that it was a Science related building. That was basically the theme of the movie for me.. Spoon feed every obvious detail rather than have the watcher figure it out. The first 4 minutes is basically a voice over telling the viewer what to expect. Hey there is this thing called the Green Lantern Corp and this is what it does, here is their powers, here is their main enemy, if you still have questions don’t worry it will be explained too you like you are 4 year old later in the film.

    • Ummm, about the labelling of the Science Building, have you never been to a college campus? The buildings are labelled.

      • I have been to plenty of college campuses and normally the building are not marked by functionality but rather by who paid for them. It may have been more clever to name the building Hammond Hall. Another brick in the wall of resentment between Hector and his dad. Like daddy paying for the building secured his teaching position and was not earned. Have you ever been to a college that had a building labelled Math Building or Food Building?

        • Yes, I have. You’re right that many buildings on college campuses ARE named for particular people or families, but quite a few ALSO identify themselves according to their functions. It’s highly possible the other side of the building had a plaque (or signage) indicating that it was the “Hammond General Sciences Building” or the “Nodell (the guy who co-created Green Lantern) Physics Building”, OR maybe the entire area was the “Hammond Quadrangle” with the buildings in the quad simply being labelled according to function.

          Colleges use a variety of methods to name their buildings, so I saw no problem with “Science Building”.

  29. I’ve never read any Green Lantern comics so i really don’t know how it compares, but as someone who was introduced to the story via this movie i can say that it LOOKED phenomenal, everything was just so pretty and badass.
    The story though was relying too much on setting things up for a sequel like the forging of the yellow ring. some of the “emotional” parts came off as corny although i thought all the performances were pretty strong, i shall etarnally be a staunch Reynolds fan, it was great to see Tim Robbins again, Mark Strong is always fantastic and i thought Peter Sarsgaard’s character stole the show, even if he did come to a sudden end, and in hindsight, not a whole lot really happened.
    I enjoyed it though and i think if they give the inevitable sequel a longer runtime it should be an excellent follow up to a promising (if slightly disappointing) start to the franchise