‘Green Lantern’ Spoilers Discussion

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While our readers are already discussing DC’s latest superhero film in the comments section of our Green Lantern review, this is the place where you can discuss Green Lantern spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Green Lantern for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!


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  1. My wife and I saw this for my birthday and honestly from the previews my expectations weren’t that high. By the end of the movie I’m realizing, Ok I actually enjoyed and was satisfied. No the 3-D wasn’t Avatar but no one is matching that 3-D until Avatar 2.

    Ok, my favorite elements of Green Lantern

    1.) Abin Sur was amazing, I wish he had more time
    2.) The yellow fear theme was cool
    3.) Sinestro was a strong character, he is a born villain
    4.) The Final battle scene between Hal and Parallax
    5.) Hal’s Training on Oa was awesome, I wish it was longer

    So overall I thought it was about 3 stars, I think a sequel they can go deeper like X-men did with X-Men 2.

  2. No major complaints from me on GL,I enjoyed the movie.
    (1 Small problem,Parallax vs.GL should have been longer),great fight though + we saw GL vs. Hector and Sinestro running from Parallax after seeing his fellow Corps getting diminished.That’s it,until I BUY the dvd and re-watch it.

  3. The fight with Hector and Hal did it for me, came away remembering that scene the most.

  4. Vic, Kofi, and Ben M.

    I found this opinion piece at Batman On Film and thought it explained much better than I have been doing WHY I and others have been so fervent in both our irritation/anger and our defense of the film. I put it here on the Spoilers thread and put it all in quotation marks (along with writer’s name and the date of the writing) to show that I am not trying to pass it off as my own. I also am not showing it as some kind of dig at anyone on this site (I SPECIFICALLY like it BECAUSE it does stay away from digs at ANYONE…like me, however, the author did seem to enjoy the film).

    I hope you will allow the piece to stay, so that others who may share my opinion(s) or those who may wonder how I could possibly support this film or get upset about what’s been written will see the WHY and HOW.

    I also wish to confirm that this, IN NO WAY, shows any displeasure with ScreenRant but offers a complementary piece that allows both sides to be viewed on equal footing…thus, hopefully, getting rid of any need for further complaint from either side of what has been a contentious issue.

    Thank you for you time and your indulgence…

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011
    by Sean Gerber

    “Opinion: The ‘Brightest Day’ Lies Ahead for Green Lantern
    Wiping away the ridiculous hyperbole, Modern Myth Media offers a reality check on Green Lantern that acknowledges the film’s shortcomings while recognizing the potential greatness the would-be franchise still has to offer and how that potential can be realized.”

    “In all honesty, this is an article I never thought I would have had any need or desire to write. In my mind, Green Lantern was (and still could be) an earth-shattering, game-changing franchise just waiting to be launched. With a space opera premise so unique to superheroes and a lead character that is incredibly relatable and overflowing with charisma (just like the actor playing him), there is little reason why Green Lantern could not be Warner Bros.’ biggest superhero franchise outside of Gotham City. Well, there was little reason, until the first installment in this potentially gigantic franchise fell flat with critics and left a mixed first impression with fans and general audiences.

    Even though I gave Green Lantern a positive review, I’m well aware of the fact that I am in a relatively quiet minority on that point. Among critics, there is a loud, unmerciful majority delivering venomous shots at the film. Some criticisms are fair, some are not, some are just plain inaccurate, but all of that is beside the point. Critics go to free screenings and it’s the mainstream audience whose monetary opinion counts the most. The final results are still weeks away thanks to staggered international release dates (suggesting Warner Bros. knew negative buzz was coming), but the early polling is at least a little underwhelming.

    With $53.17 million pulled in at the domestic box office during the film’s opening weekend, Green Lantern is not a disaster, but it has to be a disappointment for a studio expecting something in the range of $55 million to $60 million. Those may have already been reduced expectations, as Warner Bros. was probably hoping for Iron Man numbers when it began work on this project. Of course, it is unfair to hold any film starring a lesser-known comic book character to the standard set by Iron Man in 2008 since no new franchise has matched the Marvel Studios phenomenon. For all its critical and box office success, even Thor has not proven himself worthy to polish Tony Stark’s armor. Still, Warner Bros. can and will hold GL to the more reasonable standards the studio set for it prior to June 17.

    The possibility of a Green Lantern sequel is in serious doubt, making it tough to really call it a “franchise” for the time being. Warner Bros. was confident enough to commission the film’s screenwriters to begin work on a script for the second installment as early as last August, but that kind of investment is minimal and not difficult to walk away from. It would not be the first time a studio paid for a script that it never ended up using and it certainly would not be the last.

    There is some hope, however. As shocking as it may be to some, opening weekend box office numbers are not everything. There is still an entire box office run of several weeks, after all. In addition, exit polls will help Warner Bros. determine what percentage of the audience that spent money to see GL would do the same for a sequel within the next few years. CinemaScore, an independent market research firm, found that the average audience rating for Green Lantern was a “B,” demonstrating that moviegoers had a far better impression of the film than critics. Warner Bros. would undoubtedly like it to be higher, but as it stands, this grade is a modest victory.

    Merchandising and home release numbers will also play a huge role in determining just how profitable Green Lantern will be and whether or not Warner Bros. will consider a sequel worth its while. Basically, there is a lot of data that will need to be collected in order for Warner Bros. to properly assess the viability of turning Green Lantern from one film into a full-fledged franchise.

    Despite all of the warranted pessimism, there is reasonable cause for hope. One thing fans probably can count on is not hearing any official word on GL’s sequel status in the near future. It will likely be months before any definitive information is issued. Patience is indeed a virtue, but not one that fans typically possess so there’s still plenty more to say while we wait for Warner Bros. to finish weighing its options.
    Obviously, if there is no sequel, then there is nothing left to talk about beyond the frustrating, alcohol-aided discussions of what could have been. In the event that there is a sequel, however, there are plenty of things Warner Bros. must consider to make sure Green Lantern 2 outperforms its predecessor. Second chances are rare and third chances are almost nonexistent, so MMM has a few tips to get the studio started.

    1.Stick with what works: Believe it or not, Green Lantern did have a lot going in its favor and audiences seem to think so based on the data from CinemaScore. While Ryan Reynolds has received some criticism, the overall impression of his performance has been positive with most of the issues with his character being blamed on the script. The same goes for the very well received performance by Mark Strong as Sinestro. Blake Lively got far more out of her character than the film’s story provided so there’s no need to “let her walk away” from the franchise the way Warner Bros. did with Katie Holmes after Batman Begins. The visual effects were another consistent area of praise from fans and audiences, so the CGI suits can be kept instead of being tossed out in favor of practical, tangible superhero clothing.

    2.Hire a new creative team: This one probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Inspiring confidence in the minds of GL’s detractors will be difficult under any circumstances, but impossible with the same creative team employed. With all of the same ingredients, who’s to expect a different result? Martin Campbell has yet to publicly express any desire to direct a sequel, so he is probably moving on anyway. The film’s four credited writers should also be replaced. One man WB should take a long look at to write the story and perhaps even co-write the script is DCE CCO Geoff Johns. He is the man largely responsible for GL being viewed as a viable film property in the first place and much of what the first film lacked is ground that Geoff Johns covered very well in his own take on the character’s origin. He has screenwriting experience and is the man who defined the relationship between Hal Jordan and Sinestro, which is the element that will make or break a potential sequel to Green Lantern.

    3.Get some cooks out of the kitchen: Hiring a new creative team is just the start, as it is equally important to make some changes in the creative process. Green Lantern’s disjointed feel suggests a lot of people making creative decisions that did not achieve a proper level of harmony. Even though Johns is the right man to develop the story and script, he is not a director. Warner Bros. must hire a director with a vision. Find a Christopher Nolan with Johns in the role of David Goyer. This is no easy task, but if WB finds the right director, that person must be given the creative freedom necessary to bring his or her vision to the screen.

    4.Remember the relationships: Green Lantern had interesting characters that were played quite well by the actors, but the relationships in each character’s life needed more definition on screen. Hal Jordan’s emotional arc missed the foundation of an adequate presentation of his relationship with his father and his family. His relationship with Sinestro was not developed anywhere near the level it needs to be at for Sinestro’s inevitable turn to have any real meaning or impact. The next film must take the time to show a bond of friendship and respect formed between the two characters so that their eventual rivalry will feel as tragic as it should.

    5.Unleash the space opera: It’s easy to say that Green Lantern should have spent more time on Oa and showcased the “superhero Star Wars” vibe that so many of the principals involved with the film had promised. While that would not have improved the film nearly as much as more time spent on each of the characters and their relationships, it would have aided in the overall perception of GL. It’s too late to go back and tell the origin; Warner Bros. has to cut its losses there and start making good on its SW comparisons while focusing on the relationships between various members of the Green Lantern Corps. Earth is one of many inhabited planets in Space Sector 2814, leaving room for a jaw-dropping action sequence to open the second film with Hal and a few fellow Lanterns lighting up the screen to save an alien race from a deadly threat. GL 2 must burn brighter than any superhero film that came before it.

    6.Slow down and take your time: With a 105-minute runtime, it’s no wonder Green Lantern missed some opportunities to show the actual formation and progression of relationships between its characters. GL 2 will have a lot of ground to cover both in terms of action and character depth. A solid 2-hour runtime should be the minimum. The studio has already hit the fast forward button with its teaser during the credits, so the proposed new creative team will have to slow this down to make sure Sinestro’s complete arc is showcased in the next film. Also, if a Sinestro Corps War is inevitable, then there is no need to introduce and resolve that problem in one film. Let GL 2 be the Empire Strikes Back of this franchise where the bad guys can win, forcing the heroes to regroup and emerge victorious in a third film.
    These suggestions may fall on deaf ears and prove to be nothing more than a self-gratifying brainstorming session. If the powers that be happen to look upon this article and take one thing away from it, let it be this final suggestion—do NOT give up on Green Lantern.

    The first film has enough revenue streams to generate a profit even if the box office numbers have fallen below expectations. By and large, mainstream audiences like this film and there is a good chance those who pass on it in the theater will be happy with what they see when Netflix delivers Green Lantern to their mailbox later this year. There is no need to panic and, like Hal Jordan, Warner Bros. must overcome its fears and really see the opportunity that lies ahead. The fans have spoken and they still want Green Lantern. They just want the best Green Lantern film possible.

    Warner Bros., you have the ability to give them exactly that. All can be well with Green Lantern.”

    • @Archaeon – I’m going to let it stay this time since this thread seems to be dying down but as a general rule in the future please just share the link to large articles and not the entire article itself.



      • Will do…I don’t usually post links anyway, so this sholdn’t be a problem in the future…

  5. Also I really felt WB cut some important scenes from what Campbell may have originally intended. 2 most notable, the end battle with Parallax where the first trailer showed cops shooting at it also a storyboard for the film had Hal, Kilowog and Tomar-Re warding off Parallax as ppl escape. Then also from the first trailer they showed Hal protecting a boy that looked a lot like his nephew.

    Read rumors Campbell stopped putting is input in the film from May which included flashback scenes with Hal, Hector and Carol as well as a longer training sequence on Oa. Again this was just a rumour I read on comicbookmovie.com until either Campbell or WB comes forward when GL is taken out of theaters and admit this happened take it with a grain of salt tho it does seem plausible.


  6. I just saw ( for the first time ) the 5:00PM Saturday 6/25/11 3D Green Lantern showing in Theatre.And after seeing it, I have no idea why so many people are ‘Hating’ on this film…

    I liked it.I liked it alot :) Ryan Reynolds did Hal Jordan justice!! He is often called “The greatest Green Lantern of all time.” When he gave his speech to The Guardians and attempted to rally them to Earth’s aid.When he faced off against Parallax alone: He showed himself to have the potential to be worthy of such accolades ;) I was rooting for him and cheering for him.He overcame his insecurities, redeemed himself and saved the world:

    They say,”Behind every great man there stands a woman.” Blake Lively did well.She reminded me of Trinity in some ways.Neo couldn’t have become The One without her support and encouragement.With Hal, Carol didn’t cut him any slack and helped bring out the best in him and like Neo & Trinity, they didn’t kiss till the end of the movie.I liked that it wasn’t the typical Summer Movie Popcorn Romance. Example: Daredevil, Elecktra and Matt Murdock have a ‘One night stand’ and then her father is murdered a day or two later.She dies trying to avenge him and DD is grieving like he lost the love of his life: Now Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese didn’t know each other that long either but as S.C. said,”They loved a lifetimes worth in the time they had and i concur :) At times, Hal & Carol seemed more like brother and sister and it was cute to watch :)

    I hope that there is a sequel.They deserve it.Hopefully it will be as superior as X-Men 2: Muntants United, was over X-Men…Green Lantern was a Top Gun/Space Opera/Character Study.Perhaps in time critics and audeinces will come to appreciate this fine film, more than they do now.Even if its Box-Office doesn’t improve much, like i said, i saw it at 5 o clock on a Saturday and it was only like 10 to 12 people in the theatre with me. That’s unfortunate :(

    But personally, I plan on seeing it again :)

  7. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/warner-bros-pursue-green-lantern-205703

    What do ppl make of this? ^_^

    P.S. Im happy btw :P

    • What do i make of Warner Bros deciding to pursue a sequel ( not a reboot ) of Green Lantern ? One word: HALLELUJAH :)

      Just one thing though, if Green Lantern’s budget was 200 million; then how big of a budget will Warner Bros give the sequel in order to do justice to “The Sinestro Corps War?!

      May there be no changes in the existing cast members and actors, the humans and aliens.All of them were well cast and i would like to see a continuation of the story of “The first human Green Lantern” not a reboot, like Man of Steel.Thought i don’t have a problem with MOS :P in fact while watching GL, I was kind of hoping that a Teaser Trailer for MOS would be revealed at the end credits…

      Truth be told, even though i have always liked Hal Jordan/GL i don’t know much about him.I know John Stewart more so, from watching Justice League/Unlimited… But i identify in some ways with Hal, he’s a test pilot, I was in AFROTC and I sought to become a fighter pilot like Maverick in Top Gun :) Unfortuantedly that dream was shattered when i learned that my eyesight was not as good as a pilot must need :(

      I’m a very creative and imaginitive person so the Lantern’s Ring would defintedly be put through its paces in my hands.Like the age old question,”Which came first: The chicken or the egg?” The question for me has always been,”Would you rather have power like Superman or Green Lantern?” One is a physical marvel, blessed with a glorified body! The other remains completely human but is the weilder of great power! Superman sees hears and expierences the world in a unique way.Green Lantern has the ultimate Smart Phone/App. Its his sword, sheild, vehicle and communication device. What more could you ask for ;) But Superman can run or water, leap tall buildings in a single bound, here the footfall of an ant and a whole bunch of other stuff.Like i said, “Tough choice.”

      • Lol, well there is a thread for it now go indulge yourself.

  8. I just saw GL, in 3D because that was all that was available, and I have to say I enjoyed it. Not a five star movie, but certainly a solid three.

  9. I just watched the movie yesterday… Honestly…. I have been reading GL comics for the past 20+ years from the initial Version 1 to its current ver 4 and I have to say…after watching it I felt like a little boy having his dream come true..

    I know a lot of critics has bombarded the movie with negative reviews..but hey… there are some movies that are great..some mind boggling…some really exciting and some (like this one) just entertaining…!! All you have to do is go in watch it and come out… I have to admit though that should those who does not have any idea on GL’s history or storyline ( at least a little bit) will get overly consumed and have to much to digest.
    I tried explaining the mths and legends of GL to my wife and boy…did she have a hard time. Imagine tring to explain the follwing:

    1) How Parallax was eventually trapped in the OA central battery( explaining the impurity of the green power to yellow stuff…
    2) How parallax took over Hal Jordan and blasted the whole city.
    3) WHo is Guy Gardner,John Stewart and Kyle rayner
    4) The beginnings of the Guardians…Krona…
    5) Sinestro being the architect of the Yellow Lanterns
    6) Carol Ferris being Star Sapphire
    7)The Indigo,Blue,Black etc… Corps.
    8)How Krona created the anti matter universe adn unleashed the Anti-Monitor (Crisis of Infinite earth??)
    9) And then there is the explanation of the GL from Earth 2 and his daughter Jade???

    Whole and the list goes on…

    So just go relax …get a dossier of sorts on the matter and just enjoy it as a visually stimulating movie..

    My take though :)

  10. As a GL comic book reader, i was impressed how they introduce Hal in the movie, i would give it a five star. Although its quite messy, it does make sense, they wanted to include as much as possible in the movie, and i am cool with the funny and love scene, people should watch it, and critics should not influence them, give GL a chance, many people’s mouth have ruined it. The review from rotten tomatoes wasn’t fair. and it affects the movie so badly, i m dissapointed with the critics, i m proud of watching it with my mother, and i love the moral value of the story, courage to overcome fear. I love it. 5/5. Thanks=] a great father’s day movie too.

    • [b]Jeffery[/b], I saw Green Lantern with my mother as well :P And she enjoyed watching it as much as I did– and she’s in her fifties ;) She was asking me questions about the characters and mythos during the movie and after we left the Theatre.

  11. I don’t think Kofi’s review is fair. He tells us at the beginning that he has been a fan of GL since childhood. His expectations were so high I don’t believe they could have possibly been fulfilled. It’s also clear he wasn’t paying much attention to the dialouge either. He states that Hal shows up at Hammonds lab for no reason whatsoever when Tomar-Re clearly tells him that the ring will warn him of impending danger. Call it a GL spidey-sense if you want, but it was mentioned. I liked the movie, maybe even a little better than Thor. Granted I’m not well versed in GL mythology, but I thought they did a decent job.

    • JoelJ, I think that Green Lantern was better than the entire Sam Rami Spider-Man Trilogy !! As much as i like those films and Tobey Mcguire’s performance in particular.They felt very formulaic to me.Each movie ends in the same manner.

      -Peter Parker must save his love interest while defeating the the Bad Guy and oh, his secret identity is revealed as well, during the conflict… <_<

      I sware, at times i felt like I was watching Dragon Ball Z (while watching Spidey on the Big Screen )

      –Green Lantern on the other hand, does not regurgitate the same plot.The sequel will be the Sinestro Corps War for crying out loud! :P And Hal Jordan's 'love interest' will become a super powered being herself…I can hardly wait to see the Trailer for Green Lantern 2 :D

      P.S. I am the poster formerly known as Ubermensch… ;)

  12. The beginning of the movie is quite dumb, why didn’t Hal Jordan’s father eject from the jet before it crashed???

    (There should be a eject button in the jet)

    or he could have jumped out and pull the parachute if the eject wasn’t working.

    • Ummm, you DO realize it’s not that easy to jump out of a fast-moving, high-flying plane, right?

    • There are, of course, other physical and physiological concerns.