Green Lantern Screenwriter Talks Script, Cast & New Characters

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green lanternring Green Lantern Screenwriter Talks Script, Cast & New Characters

Marc Guggenheim has been hard at work on the script for the upcoming live-action Green Lantern movie for some time now. Along with writing partners Michael Green and Greg Berlanti, Guggenheim has been trying to find the perfect balance between a script that captures the nature of the comic book character, while still providing an epic interstellar adventure audiences everywhere will enjoy.

Guggenheim has been on the blog-circuit recently, talking about the latest revision of The Green Lantern that he, Green and Berlanti turned in to Warner Bros. last week.  The writer also hinted to MTV News about the still-announced role of Green Lantern/Hal Jordan, while also dropping the news that a brand new Green Lantern character will be appearing in the film.

Check out what Guggenheim had to say about the revisions to The Green Lantern script that have taken place since Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) was attached to direct:

It’s basically the exercise of changing the movie from being just a script that people are reading to being a script that people will actually shoot, perform and produce…

That’s understandable: About a year ago, Latino Review snagged a first look at an early draft of the Guggenheim/Green/Berlanti script, which was chock-full of epic Earth/space battles and called for all kinds of spectacular F/X. Even with the $150 million budget The Green Lantern has since been tagged with, that early version of the script was an epic piece of comic book cinema; it wouldn’t be surprising if the studio has had to shave it down to meet the realities of actor/shooting schedules and budgetary restraints. After all, GL is still somewhat of an unproven superhero as far as the mainstream goes.

And besides: what they don’t fit into Green Lantern 1 I’m sure they’ll save for the inevitable Green Lantern 2.

Back to Guggenheim: the writer played coy about knowing who is likely to be cast in the role of Silver-Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan – but interestingly enough, he was just as quick to defend the yet-unannounced actor taking on the role:

It’s always particularly funny when there’s a rumor that goes around and I’m like, ‘I know that can’t be true because that actor’s schedule doesn’t permit them to do the movie in our time frame,’ or any number of other things…But I’m a very big believer that in acting, people can surprise you. People you didn’t necessarily think were the right choice on paper can be the absolute right choice.”

When Heath Ledger was first announced as the Joker that wasn’t the obvious right choice, but now that everyone has seen ‘The Dark Knight,’ can any of us imagine someone else in that role?” he added.

Hmmm… interesting words from a guy who alleges to know nothing about the casting decisions… True words, too. There WAS a lot of fan outcry when Heath Ledger was first announced as the Joker, and look how that turned out. Despite talks of everyone from Chris Pine to Bradley Cooper to Brian Austin Green being “right” for the role of GL, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. soon announces an out-of-left-field actor playing the role (see the recent case of Chris Hemsworth playing Thor).

green lantern corps Green Lantern Screenwriter Talks Script, Cast & New Characters

Finally, Guggenheim ended the interview with MTV by revealing that there will be a new Green Lantern Corps member (remember, the Green Lanterns are an interstellar police force, there are more than one) who was created specifically for the movie.

To read MTV‘s full interview with Marc Guggenheim (he talks more about the new GL they created for the movie) you can go here.

The Green Lantern goes into production this fall. It’s slated to hit theaters on June 17, 2011.

Source: MTV News

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  1. They should just hurry up and cast Bradley Cooper as Hal Jordan. All this waiting is starting to get annoying. He’s perfect for the role. When are they going to realize that? -_-

  2. He seems to be hinting fans might not like the intial choice.
    I wonder who it could be?

  3. David Boreanez I think would be a great Hal Jordon..

  4. Bradley Cooper? The guy from The Hangover? I thought that movie was awesome, too, but I’m not about to fantasy-cast its actors into superhero movies. Has Cooper ever worked with green screen before? Action scenes requiring a stunt double? I suppose there was a little of that in The Hangover, but not much. Still, I’d rather someone with relevant experience get cast.

  5. Damn it, why don’t they roll the dice for once and adapt that “epic piece of comic book cinema?” After all, that’s what we want! Heh.

  6. I always wonder, would people be so confident to use Heath Ledger as an example of perfect casting if he hadn’t died? I’m not challenging it, he was very good, but typically no matter how good an actor is, there will always be some critics that thought that it could have been better, it was just ok, or some might actually think that person did a bad job. So typically people aren’t so confident to use anyone in particular as an example to prove their point like they have been recently with Heath Ledger, like they know nobody would dare disagree with them or something. It’s kind of weird, and annoying, lol.

  7. Yeah, it seems hard and even disrespectful to criticize a dead actor on their last (or next-to-last) role, but this is the kind of world that people would still do it regardless.

    I think Heath Ledger did such a great job of impressing everybody, though…

  8. I don’t know, I tend to judge people by their merit, not by a circumstance. I happened to think he did a good job in TDK, but if I thought he was bad in it, I would say it regardless of if he’s alive or dead. Hey, I’m giving my opinion on the performance, not the person right?

    I mean, if I was an actor, and did an absolutely horrible job in a movie, then killed myself, should everyone praise me and give me an oscar or only speak nicely of my performance just because I’m dead? I don’t think so, I think people should be allowed to say exactly what they think without criticism.

  9. @jj
    I think bradley has worked with green screen before or at least with a good amount of cg… Check out the midnight meat train… Its pretty cool.

  10. Bradley Cooper is in next summer’s A-Team, so I don’t think it will be him. I’m gutted though, he is my first choice. Chris Pine would be god for Kyle Rayner but not Hal Jordan.

    I wonder if Superman is still in the movie? That’s the part I’m looking forward to the most.

  11. Wait for it…I’m sure that they will “leak” the news soon enough that the role of Green Lantern has been has been decided upon and cast.

    I’m sure Seth Rogan will do an admirable job!

    Eh? Wrong Movie? My bad…right color, wrong rumor.

  12. Nathan Fillion should be the green dude

  13. They should choose Nathan Fillion, he would be absolutley perfect for the role!

  14. I agree with the fact that Bradley Cooper would fit the role nicely. I’m a big GL fan from back in the day.

  15. I’d like to think Adam Baldwin would be a good choice as Hal Jordan since after hearing him voice Hal Jordan in a cameo on JLU. But no matter who they choose they will be forgottin. No-one thought anyone could top Jack Nicolson’s Joker but fans and critics said otherwise so it wouldnt surprise me if people forget Heath Ledger’s joker 10 or 20 years from now. Outta the names mentioned for the role though id say Bradley Cooper would be my first choice. i cant see Brian Austin Green but ive seen enough movies where this or that person or a unknown surprise ya.

  16. @Phil…the studios DID roll the dice and came up with Watchmen. Look how that turned out.

    Nathan Fillion is still my choice. I finally saw an episode of Castle and he was great. Kept saying to my GF that he would be perfect as the GL. She was like “WHO?” LOL.

  17. I heard heard it would only be Clark Kent appearing in Green Lantern film as a cameo. Question i have is if its Brandon Routh’s Superman universe that the GL film will be tied with. It might aswell, i hate long waits.

  18. chrisj, I for one didn’t think Heath topped Jack- rather he was inspired by him- it showed in Heath’s portrayal. As for the Green Lantern movie, i only hope it isnt consumed in CGI and loses out on good script. Personally, i find Guy Gardner a more interesting character than Hal Jordan ( who’s just another truth, justice and all that stuff kinda guy). Hope Guy has a major role in the movie.

  19. I agree with ya Claude. I thought both NIcolson’s and Ledger’s Jokers were great in their own way, not one was better than the other. I mainly remember Nicolson’s Joker for killing people and the victims dying with a smile on thier face. etc. I dont know much about Guy Gardner Green Lantern. Mostly i just know Hal Jordan and John Stewart and little about Kyle Rayner.