Early ‘Green Lantern’ Screening Builds Positive Buzz

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In this day and age, early reactions to an upcoming blockbuster title usually don’t make-or-break the film in question – but they certainly can help or hurt buzz around a tentpole film. Similar to how many a person was glad to hear that some people with credibility like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, a number of fans should be glad to hear that the early response to Green Lantern seems good so far.

“Enthusiastic” would actually be a more fitting adjective than “good” in this case. However, before we continue on and discuss just what is being said about Ryan Reynold’s turn as Hal Jordan, it’s best to remember that this early positive buzz isn’t coming from professional critics – since they’ve yet to see it.

Those in attendance at a Green Lantern screening over the weekend – including Fandago.com‘s Trey Alexander and Ashley Williams from Good Day Sacramento – have released several positive tweets about the film. According to the “quotes” rounded up by /Film, they found the film to be a “great mix of humor, action & drama” – not to mention, “Blake Lively looked Smokin as a brunette and Ryan didn’t look too bad either icon wink Early Green Lantern Screening Builds Positive Buzz .

Filmmaker Robert Meyer Burnett (Free Enterprise) went a step further and released a (sort of) full review for the movie (NOTE: It’s been edited for NSFW language):

GREEN LANTERNmag glass 10x10 Early Green Lantern Screening Builds Positive Buzz f***ing ROCKED. The 3D was AWESOME. As a lifelong DC fan, the opening ten minutes made me squeal like schoolgirl. … Believe it. The first ten minutes will make you believe. The 3D is also outstanding. … GREEN LANTERN was terrific fun. The fact that it works at all is a miracle, but it really does cook. The first ten minutes sold me. … The 3D in the opening ten minutes is wonderful. But YOU MUST see it with polarized glasses. The color is great. … It’s not campy at all. The humor is earned. And Mark Strong as Sinestro was AWESOME. … I LOVED GREEN LANTERN. Don’t know why, but it kinda’ felt like THE LAST STARFIGHTER. I know…”Huh?!? What?!?” … it really did feel like an 80′s movie, circa ’84… Weird. … BTW…In LexG parlance…Blake Lively…LOOK AT HER. SMOOOOOKING hot.

massive batch of hi res green lantern images1 Early Green Lantern Screening Builds Positive Buzz

It goes without saying that although every informed opinion about a film is equally valid, a handful of positive marks from the first people to see Green Lantern in no way guarantees that others won’t take issue with it having unconvincing CGI, tonal issues, ill-fitting casting choices, and so on. However, positive buzz from anyone is still positive buzz – and give Burnett credit, in particular: he does actually discuss some of the artistic merits of the movie (in a casual manner, of course).

The Last Starfighter comparison from Burnett seems like an especially encouraging sign, since that cult sci-fi classic actually did a very good job of introducing people to an imaginative extraterrestrial world – without getting bogged down in the trappings of too much exposition or not taking time to allow viewers to appreciate the breadth and scope of its intergalactic setting(s). As for the 3D comments: Anyone who watched the most recent Green Lantern theatrical trailer shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the film’s digital effects are something to behold in the third dimension.

Combine all that with the recently-released batch of high-definition Green Lantern images and two behind-the-scenes clips that illustrate just how visually-rich this film promises to be – and there’s good reason to be hopeful that the movie could sit well with professional critics, comic book fans, AND casual moviegoers alike.

We’ll find out when Green Lantern arrives in theaters next week on June 17th, 2011.

Sources: Robert Meyer Burnett & Twitter, via /Film

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  1. Yeah… and people said Watchmen was good months before it came out.(kevin Smith, Blunty3000).. Were the right??? No.. Stay away from this movie.

    • Yes. Yes they were. At least I thought so. And isn’t that what this is all about? The opinion of each individual. Go see this movie. Or don’t. It’s up to you. :)

    • Watchmen was good to people who read the graphic novel but the general public did not like it. it seems like the people who liked the Green Lantern seems like comic book fanboys and not the average moviegoer.

      i personal cant wait to see the movie but i wonder how successful the movie will be by the back of the general public.

      • Read the graphic novel, didn’t like the movie.

        Excited about GL!

        • Read the Watchmen graphic novel as well. The book was good. The movie was much better.

          • I didnt read the novel at all and loved the movie. I know a lot of people that liked the movie and I would bet a million and everything I own that the closest they came to a copy of the graphic novel would be walking by that section of barnes and noble on the way to the bathroom

          • Great White I agree the movie was better. It stayed close to the source but made changes that were necessary unlike alot of hollywood films these days it changed what should of been changed instead of making unnecessary changes.

      • The Watchmen graphic novel is an outstanding piece of literature. The movie, while it gave a solid effort to make fans happy, was terrible. All the characters were miscast, and since when did ‘monotone’ as Moore described Rorschach’s voice mean he sounds like Batman? I hated the movie, there was almost nothing good about it

        • …in YOUR opinion. I quite enjoyed it and thought it well-done. Also, I liked the end result of Ozymadias’s plan MUCH more in the film than in Moore’s original.

          • …sigh…OzymaNdias’s…butter fingers.

      • I never read the graphic novel but watched and liked it.

        • But did buy the graphic novel and read after i saw the movie.

    • I for one am more of a Marvel fan, but my god, give it a chance. I mean seriously. I have an ASD (Austism Spectrum Disorder- Asperger’s syndrome), meaning I’m not normally much for variety, but you are ridiculous.

    • No way I am staying away from this movie. Everything I have seen about this movie says awesome!

      And Watchmen was great to those of us who own the graphic novel. To date its the best comic book movie adaptation out there. It is the one book turned movie that is nearly straight off the page.

    • Actually, yes, they were.

      Go SEE this film.


    • If I remember correctly, the early reviews for Watchmen were mixed. But I dont’ care, I loved it. Greatest comic book movie (IMO). And yes, I can’t wait for Green Lantern.

      • I didn’t think it was the greatest, but yes it was very good. Easily in my top 8.

    • “Watchmen” was good it just wasn’t your over saturated Adrenalin push-in action CBM that’s long on cool but short on brains. This should be much more in-line with what the under 40′s set expects in a CBM at least in tone anyway…

      • The Old Man I agree. Watchmen was a great film, but it was misleading to general audiences. Some people it seems expected typical Hollywood Comic Book block buster adaption and instead were treated to a very good movie. Though I do think with a more skilled director it could of been even better. It was undoubtedly great either way though.

        • I own both now and watch the movie regularly. The more I dwell on it the more I think people that didn’t like it, just didn’t like the story period. Didn’t matter that it was a faithful adaptation with changes that were reasonable or not. They didn’t want to see the clay footed hero that was mostly passé. They wanted the Young Watchmen, who were do-in it right and appreciated for it. Some ideal they could imagine being themselves. Which I see as fitting your assessment; “typical Hollywood Comic Book block buster adaption”

  2. cant wait till next friday when this comes out ggonna be awesome

    • Same here.

  3. The early reviews of X-Men First Class were good and I loved it. So I’m lookin forward to this as well. Can’t wait.

  4. The early reviews of X-Men First Class were good and I loved it. So I’m lookin forward to this as well. Can’t wait til the 17th.

  5. Oops double comment. *new phone*

  6. Watchmen WAS awesome. It stayed true to the comics almost 100%. I’m still not convinced on “Green Lantern” though, I’ll have to wait until more trusted reviews come out.

  7. From the trailer it looks very true to the comics. I’m sure Sinestro will take his wicked turn in the end, which should spawn off a number of sequels. Reynolds was not my first pick for Hal, I would’ve like to see this role onto Bradley Cooper. Or maybe Idris Elba ifthey went the John Stewart route.

    • I wonder how long it took to paint Reynolds neck green. They probably just put a mirror in front of him so he would sit still.

  8. Yes, Watchmen was a great movie… And tho im not a Green Lantern fan, the movie looks to be pretty awesome

  9. I’m one of those guys who, all my life, didn’t know the difference between the Green Hornet and the Green Lantern and I didn’t really care either. It was more circumstance than anything else. So, everything I know about these two separate Mr. Greens, as superficial as it is, I’ve learned in the last 12 months… and, yes, I realize Seth Rogan’s approach was not faithful and pure. As an absolute newbie on the Green Lantern front I’ve enjoyed the Hollywood education via movie trailers… and my wife, who saw one trailer that explained the entire premise for the unfamiliar said, “Seems cool. I’d watch that.”

  10. well i’m glad the first 10 minutes was good. how about the rest of the movie?

    • He said he enjoyed the film…he just concentrated on the first ten minutes in his mini-”review” because that initial exposure hooked him for the rest of the film…at least as I interpreted his comments.

  11. I am anticipating this film EVEN MORE now.

  12. Still can’t get behind this film, not cause I’m some fanboy, cause I know little if anything about Green Lantern. I just looks like a typical CBM to me. I’m sure others will enjoy it, and if they do, that’s awesome and they will have a film they like to watch over and over again.

  13. From what I know about Green Lantern this movie appears to stay true to the source material. I am not a big fan of DC comics but Green Lantern was my favorite DC character. I hope this movie does well for the sake of comic book movies. I still think it looks rather lame in tone from the clips I have seen. Everything looks good or better than good visually except the mask and the collar/turtle neck area that just seems to have Reynolds head floating about it. I am not usually one to nitpick things like this but I watch all sorts of movies, the best of the best and the worst of the worst. I can usually find something good in every film despite how bad it is. I all most feel bad complaining about it because I feel like there is a lot on the line with this movie for DC and the team behind it. I really only see the fan boys paying to see this, hopefully it can pull in a younger crowd and milk the parents for their money as well? I am predicting that it will do First Class numbers, maybe even less but I think it will be in the same ball park. I hope I am wrong and I hope to be stunned when I leave the theater but I am not expecting to be.

    • “I am predicting that it will do First Class numbers”

      Ha I’m hoping it does 3X First Crass numbers and wakes Fox and Marvel up to the fact that they’re not seeing nearly the potential that the properties could garner…

  14. Green Lantern will decide the fate of other DC films getting made or not. Worst case scenario: It flops. WB decides people are sick of comic book films, or nobody cares about 2nd tier DC heroes. Then only Batman and Superman films get made. If WB decides it flopped because of bad f/x or because Ryan Reynolds was the problem, then Flash and Wonder Woman get made, but with reduced budgets. If it is a hit, then WB opens the floodgates. Then Beppo the supermonkey will be getting his own movie.

    • After a successful Thor and XMFC release I HIGHLY doubt that DC/WB will think people are sick of comicbook movies. If GL somehow flops I’m sure they will instead take a long hard look at what they are doing wrong and what Marvel and Fox are doing right. Of course I don’t think it’s gonna flop though ;)

  15. I will be there on the first day to see GREEN LANTERN and have confidence that it will be a great adventure. The promos have been exciting and I’m sure it’s gonna rock!

  16. Yup this is the only movie i really HAVE TO go SEE. I think the movie is gonna do alot better at the box office because they have been promoting since the Super Bowl. And the trailer make it look EPIC on a grand scale.

    • I actually don’t think anyone around here at least is still thinking about that first trailer. About the only real point of contention is the horrid mask. If that’s the biggest flaw this film has though then it will be a huge success.

  17. Trust me. It sucks.

    • I don’t trust you.

      And don’t say “I’m a doctor!”

      • hahaha. I won’t but I’m still right. It will do great but won’t hold up at ALL.

        • Whimisic Alley…

          I’ve no reason to trust you and CERTAINLY no reason to agree with you, so I won’t. This film looks like it will probably do quite well.

          Hahaha :D

        • I’ve seen more than the trailers show. Trust ME…this will do terrific business. If the summer weren’t so crowded, I’d really go out on a limb. But the coolness factor alone is 100%. There’s stuff in this movie that no one has ever seen in any comic-book film before. (And probably the only film this summer that might be worth seeing in 3D, that’s for sure.)

  18. of course, we’ll all watch and decide for ourselves. but for me, batman’s the only reason that i care that dc exists…and as for the ‘best comic book adaptation’, i kinda think sin city takes the cake.

  19. What is wrong with you Marvel people trying to bash this movie before it even starts??? This is my 1st post of this nature but could not take nor understand why somebody would wish ill upon a superhero movie just because of the company?!?!? Idiotic! I am a DC fan seeing the first Superman movie in theaters live as a kid. From there I began comics but I loved them ALL – Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Batman, GL and Fantastic Four just to name some. I am beyond happy if both companies can run successful movies because I am a TRUE fan of superheroes. As fans we should want ALL the movies to be huge! Think about it, think about how many more characters will get their turn on the big screen. I really would like an reasonable explanation from a Marvel as to why they want DC to sink. I’d really like to know your logic.

    • Don’t buy the DVD get the blu-ray!

  20. i sorta like how mainstream viewers give their opinion b/c they aren’t trying to sound like they’re ‘superior’(by liking the 1st 10min) plus they dont act like know it alls (and they like the 1st 10min). lastly, the 1st 10min will def be awesome :D

  21. How come the Green Lantern movie can seem way more appealing than any recent or future Superman?

    What kind of Bizzarro world are we living in…

    Green Lantern gets awesome intergalactic foes that push his powers…

    …and for Superman we have Zod again.

    • I know. It is maddening. For the last film, they did a strange rehash of Superman I. Next they’ll do a strange rehash of Superman II. It is so frustrating. I loved the Donner films, but until someone has the guts to leave that era behind, the Superman franchise is dead. You can’t keep boring the audience with same old stuff, and then wonder why everyone says Superman is too “boring”! Well no duh, if you keep rehashing the same old movies!

    • Wow what a way to put it but that is so true. I am looking forward to both movies but I am just as confused and dissapointed as you are on them making Zod the villain in superman they couldve stepped it up as they did in GL with a villain like Brainiac. If the new superman franchise does not include braniac or darkside I will be dissapointed.

      • Someone told me, on here in response to my ranting about Man of Steel, that they couldn’t introduce a character like Darkseid without tons of backstory or the audience wouldn’t believe him…

        Hmmm, you mean like introducing Parallax in the 1st Green Lantern movie?

        Strange…well, when it does work, as I hope it does for GL, then it will make me all the more angry about Supes.

        GL does well & Superman II – The Zack Snyder Cut gets bashed way harder.

        • I’m glad you agree that they should take superman towards a different direction. I am a little worried but not that concerned because I know christopher nolan will make superman a smash either way. But yes villains like Mongol, Doomsday would be great, but Darkside is seriously supermans ultimate villain the way I see it. He tears the screen apart with evil that can even give grown men nightmares if brought to life in a movie. They can easily add some backstory in superman 2 if snyder succeed which he will simply because of nolan. And also he can be used as a villain for justice league but seriously their is a new era of superhero fans that grew up on the animated series and I believe in order for the dc universe to work they need to follow the new format and leave the past where it belongs

    • To be fair, though, Superman has always been pictured as an American icon, so there’s a ton of symbolism going on in his movies as opposed to just having plain old fun — like Green Lantern obviously will be about.

      Green Lantern has for a long time been ballyhooed as a movie that could be spectacular because of all the space opera, and now they’re proving us right.

      That being said, I agree that they just need to go in a different direction with Superman… I don’t want to cheapen the S symbol or anything, but give him some dangerous super-powered foes like Doomsday or Mongol. We’ve had enough of Lex Luthor and Zod.

  22. Green Lantern is coming in 1 more week to theatres I cannot hardly wait to see it

  23. Havent seen the movie but i can see Sinestro arc toward yellow ring (wont call him evil) thru the trailers. It looks as if Hal Jordan ask the Guardians for help in stoppin Parallax but the Guardians refuse to help and only send one GL in fear of Parrallax. You hear Sinestro in the trailer say something along the lines “If u fail ur entire world will die.” I Think this is the push that leas Sinestro over the edge in believing that the guardians are weak and foolish and seeks alternate means for power and control. I would like for this movieto be succesful in the hopes that Sinestro and the rest of the corps is fleshed out. Hopefully by the third movie Hal will be moved to another sector and John Stewart will become the new GL of earth.

  24. its worth noting that Australian movie goers have to wait till August. Not happy. Should be having a world wide release.

    • yeah man, i thought it would’ve come out middle of next month at the latest but middle of august WTF !!! though i’m not all that pissed off, b/c we get transformers 3 end of the month, and i’m not a GL fan (only really going to be watching it for the special effects and ryan reynolds (one of my fav actors))