Early ‘Green Lantern’ Screening Builds Positive Buzz

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In this day and age, early reactions to an upcoming blockbuster title usually don’t make-or-break the film in question – but they certainly can help or hurt buzz around a tentpole film. Similar to how many a person was glad to hear that some people with credibility like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, a number of fans should be glad to hear that the early response to Green Lantern seems good so far.

“Enthusiastic” would actually be a more fitting adjective than “good” in this case. However, before we continue on and discuss just what is being said about Ryan Reynold’s turn as Hal Jordan, it’s best to remember that this early positive buzz isn’t coming from professional critics – since they’ve yet to see it.

Those in attendance at a Green Lantern screening over the weekend – including Fandago.com‘s Trey Alexander and Ashley Williams from Good Day Sacramento – have released several positive tweets about the film. According to the “quotes” rounded up by /Film, they found the film to be a “great mix of humor, action & drama” – not to mention, “Blake Lively looked Smokin as a brunette and Ryan didn’t look too bad either icon wink Early Green Lantern Screening Builds Positive Buzz .

Filmmaker Robert Meyer Burnett (Free Enterprise) went a step further and released a (sort of) full review for the movie (NOTE: It’s been edited for NSFW language):

GREEN LANTERNmag glass 10x10 Early Green Lantern Screening Builds Positive Buzz f***ing ROCKED. The 3D was AWESOME. As a lifelong DC fan, the opening ten minutes made me squeal like schoolgirl. … Believe it. The first ten minutes will make you believe. The 3D is also outstanding. … GREEN LANTERN was terrific fun. The fact that it works at all is a miracle, but it really does cook. The first ten minutes sold me. … The 3D in the opening ten minutes is wonderful. But YOU MUST see it with polarized glasses. The color is great. … It’s not campy at all. The humor is earned. And Mark Strong as Sinestro was AWESOME. … I LOVED GREEN LANTERN. Don’t know why, but it kinda’ felt like THE LAST STARFIGHTER. I know…”Huh?!? What?!?” … it really did feel like an 80′s movie, circa ’84… Weird. … BTW…In LexG parlance…Blake Lively…LOOK AT HER. SMOOOOOKING hot.

massive batch of hi res green lantern images1 Early Green Lantern Screening Builds Positive Buzz

It goes without saying that although every informed opinion about a film is equally valid, a handful of positive marks from the first people to see Green Lantern in no way guarantees that others won’t take issue with it having unconvincing CGI, tonal issues, ill-fitting casting choices, and so on. However, positive buzz from anyone is still positive buzz – and give Burnett credit, in particular: he does actually discuss some of the artistic merits of the movie (in a casual manner, of course).

The Last Starfighter comparison from Burnett seems like an especially encouraging sign, since that cult sci-fi classic actually did a very good job of introducing people to an imaginative extraterrestrial world – without getting bogged down in the trappings of too much exposition or not taking time to allow viewers to appreciate the breadth and scope of its intergalactic setting(s). As for the 3D comments: Anyone who watched the most recent Green Lantern theatrical trailer shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the film’s digital effects are something to behold in the third dimension.

Combine all that with the recently-released batch of high-definition Green Lantern images and two behind-the-scenes clips that illustrate just how visually-rich this film promises to be – and there’s good reason to be hopeful that the movie could sit well with professional critics, comic book fans, AND casual moviegoers alike.

We’ll find out when Green Lantern arrives in theaters next week on June 17th, 2011.

Sources: Robert Meyer Burnett & Twitter, via /Film

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  1. Cannot even explain how much I am looking forward to this, Superman is my favourite DC character (but I have zero excitement for TMOS because everybody involved seems fundementally wrong) but Green Lantern is a close second, this looks incredibly faithful to the comics, the casting is spot on (I have no problems with Reynolds as Hal), the effects look amazing, people who say otherwise are crazy people.

    Also, I’ve heard you absolutely must stay till after the credits.

    • DSB, I am a big fan of Reynolds and I hope he knocks this role out of the ballpark. Part of me, however, feels like he was miscast as Hal. Of course this is just from the 2 minutes or so of trailers I have seen and I have hope that Reynolds will pull this off beautifully. It’s just that he is just soooooo perfect for Deadpool and Nathan Fillion seems SO right to be cast as Hal. We shall see though, but I am definitely going to have my butt in the theaters to see this next week (or the week after if I have to wait for 2D)!!

    • Crazy ? That’s a bit unfair.

      Sorry , but IMO it’s the some of the worst CGI I’ve seen it looks to fake. The film looks half life like and half like a cartoon. It almost looks like they used more CGI than they had a budget for and had to make it all sub standard. I’m sure if this wasy 1993 we would all be impressed.

      Costume still looks like crap though.

      • I fail to see how any of it could have been acchieved without massive use of CGI, its all aliens and other planets, space and power constructs, very little of this could be done with practical effects.
        I honestly dont see how you or anyone else can say the effects are bad, they simply arent, they’re just cgi effects and impressive ones at that.

        • I’m gonna have to agree with you DSB. The first trailer they released wasn’t that impressive in the CGI department, but then again it was just A TRAILER. Now we’ve see the wondercon footage and new trailers and tv spots where, like you said, the CGI looks awesome!

          And anyone who says otherwise is “crazy” ;)

          • Crazy? No

            Disagrees with you ? Sure.

            I don’t think your crazy for thinking that awful fake looking CGI looks good I would expect the same respect.

            • All CGI is fake looking. How realistic do you want an alien planet, hundreds of different species of aliens and energy constructs made by the power of green to look?

      • Actually that sounds interesting still, half human and half CGI cartoon bridging the line between the two. If it’s CGI than it may be like Assassin’s Creed: Lineage video where it seemed like a computer but moved like a human and actually had human actors just showing off the tech effects cool.

  2. Will be a cool movie. Still not convinced with the CGI… it just looks wrong! – Too fake.

    • Your standards are impossibly high because GL CGI looks amazing.

      • I’m not saying that the CGI isn’t cool, but when you make an entirely virtual costume and edit it onto an actor it will look a little off and please don’t get into the technical issues about that because it is essentially what happens. Reynolds puts on some pajamas with dots on and then the guys behind the screen makes it look cool.

        Look… I can’t say for sure that the CGI will be bad because I haven’t seen the movie in it’s entirety… only small clips from trailers. So who knows… maybe when we see it for real… it will be awesome (that’s what I’m hoping for).

        I just don’t think that the movie’s special effects are going to be very “flowing”.

        • Well from the clips so far the CGI looks great IMO and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

        • the only bad bit of CGI is his mask, which look terribly out of place (and digital), even on the posters (which they could have easily have edited to make it look more ‘real’ (in comparison to the armour)).

          i think most people are just pissed off at the effects and such b/c the suit isn’t like the black/green from the books/cartoons. if you pay close attention to some of the full body shots of reynolds in the movie, you’ll notice that its very much like the comic suit, except the green looks ‘organic’.

          • I personally don’t even think it’s the CGI itself that is making the mask look so bad. It’s how they decided to make the mask look that’s the issue. So whomever made the decision (and to not alter it after numerous complaints) really failed.

            And the suit doesn’t look anything like the comics. Aside from the organic look, the extremities blend from black to green which just looks weird and no white gloves (which is admittedly not a universal trait so…). Then there’s the whole barefoot look which looked silly. Does the uniform also form fit around his groin in a similar manner? If not then he should be wearing freakin’ boots.

        • So Iron Man and Spider-Man’s costumes were off? They used CGI for them. Even Daredevil use CGI for some of his action scenes. Come off your high horse, guy. You’re no expert on CGI, VFx, or cinematography so how would you really know what is better and be credible?

  3. This will generate more fan buzz on the forum than a certain recent Faux Marvel release. I’d rather get reviews from the dude next door than some cat who’s “Paid” to review movies and doesn’t know squat about comic books.
    Question: WTH are “Polorized” 3D glasses?

  4. It’s a good thing that comic book world people can’t recognize someone with a mask over his eyes, or when someone takes off his glasses and combs his hair the other way. That’s my only beef with DC, and it’s easily forgotten when you get submerged in the films, but then it comes back when it’s over…..

  5. the extended trailer sold me!!! not sold on the 3D though… about the only movie I’ll be seeing in 3D is TF3, and that’s because you guys at SR RAVED about how awesome the quality was.

  6. Argh I hate you all!!! You will be able to wath the movie in just a week and here in Spain we have to wait until july 29!!! (damn you WB) I’m a great GL fan since I was a kid and the wait is going to kill me :S

  7. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the rapture that was suppose to happen May 21st actually happen June 8th? Man, I would be ticked! 8-)

  8. I’m going out on a limb and guessing he really liked the first 10 mins?

    With how much he talked about the 3D and the first 10 mins makes things even more worrisome to me like those are the only good parts because it is all he mentions. Roughly 34 times.

  9. After the release of “AVATAR”, and seeing the degree to where CGI can be employed, I said, ” Now they can do all of them”-meaning ALL of the comic book character films. And I just knew that the time was right for the Green Lantern. I’m an OLD Comic book reader from the EARLY sixties. Read my first Thor story in a “Journey Into Mystery” issue 90-something back in 1963. Had been reading DC comics for awhile before then. As far as how I feel about bringing the characters to life in cinema, how shall I put it? I’m in comic book heaven. I LOVE what’s being done. While I could nitpick about certain details about each film that I don’t or didn’t like, the general feeling is that the characters in my youth are now on display to a world wide audience-and I’ve become an authority on them for those around me that weren’t readers. My son and I are planning on seeing it Opening weekend(which is around Father’s Day), and we are eagerly looking forward to it. All of the trailers I’ve seen look really good. The competition between the BIG II(DC & Marvel) has only made things better for the fans. I’d have to Marvel the slight edge based on their total number of exceptionally done movies-althougth I think “The Dark Knight” was probably the best of the best so far. But with only “Batman Begins” and “Superman Returns”(which didn’t do DC ANY favors), the total is outmatched by Spider-man’s I & II and Iron Man I. Were I to rate the films in order, the order would be something like this: 1.”The Dark Knight” 2.”Batman Begins”/”Iron Man I”. 3. Spider-man I & II/Iron Man II 4. The Hulk II/”THOR” 5. “X-Men I & II”/”Hulk I” 6.”Spider-Man III/X-Men III. 7. “Superman Returns” 8.”Wolverine” Mind you, the Thor film is still fresh in my memory and I did not want to overrate it, (Thor being one of my FAVORITE five Marvels)-But after the initial excitement wore off I was able to see it for what it was. While I enjoyed it tremendously, there were a FEW things that prevented me from placing it on a higher tier. That was also the determining fact when ranking all of these films. I think “Green Lantern” will probably share the third tier ranking as shown. IMHO. “nuff said”

    • I don’t know; Superman and Superman 2 should be in there somewhere.

      And no love for Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Elektra, Catwoman, or Ghost Rider? Wait a minute, I just read what I wrote. Never mind. 8-)

  10. On the DC side. I’d also add the Tim Burton Batman films as well, along with V FOR VENDETTA, WATCHMEN Ultimate Cut, and (to a lesser extent) CONSTANTINE (although I’d have preferred Paul Bettany or Jude Law over Kanuu in that HELLBLAZER role).

  11. Hahahaha

    Marvel fans never fail to voice their insecurities.
    Check back with me when a Marvel movie makes over $1,000,000,000 in its theater life.

  12. i don’t like Ryan Reinolds for the role, but i’ve got to see the movie for say something about it. I hope the movie reach my expectations.

    • Ryan Renolds is so perfect for this role!!!!! I don’t know anyone who could do it better!!

  13. well 2 out of the 3 greens have been filmed now (hornet,lantern) just got to see if someone will do green arrow now (im from nottinghamshier uk so its a robin hood thing for me lol) but the first time i saw the trailer for lantern it blew me away plus one of my all time fav actors in it too in Ryan Reinolds he was stunning in buried and the nines just hope IF there is a JLA movie he gets a shout not being sexest but come on whats wonder women got a gold bit of rope and an invise-plain don’t really compare to a ring that can do anything imo but that is just me

  14. There is a fine line between a good movie and a great one – and this film flirted with that line but didn’t quite cross it. It couldn’t decide if it wanted to be story driven or a summer blockbuster. And while trying to be a blend of both, became neither and left me feeling like there should have been more. It was a good time that had all the potential to be a great time…see my full review at The Boxed Office.