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Green Lantern Reviews Green Lantern Review

Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw Reviews Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a failure of epic proportions.

I write this (painfully) as someone who actually knows this particular superhero and has been a big fan of the modern Green Lantern mythos established by DC Comics writer and chief creative officer Geoff Johns (who is an executive producer and consultant on this film). Despite having rich source material to draw from, there is just so much that director Martin Campbell and the script writers (Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Goldenberg) get wrong that it is a compliment to even call Green Lantern a movie, rather than a vapid black hole which sits in place of a movie about a green superhero.

The first mistake Green Lantern makes, is that it fails to establish any kind of coherent context or mythos for its titular superhero. The movie opens with some heavy exposition blurted out by fish-man Tomar-Re (voiced by the always impeccable Geoffrey Rush) about “emerald willpower,” ancient beings, power rings, space sectors, Green Lanterns and some “yellow fear” bad guy named Parallax. No mention of the fact that in this comic book reality, all emotions (will, fear, anger, love, etc…) give off different kinds of “lights” that can be harnessed as power; the naming of “green willpower” and “yellow fear” are deemed sufficient explanation. They are not.

Nevermind all that, though, as we cut to a purple guy (Abin Sur, if you happen to catch his name) battling a floaty yellow fear-blob (Parallax). Purple guy gets wounded, says something about a replacement, and then flies off in a spaceship. Cut to Earth, where we are speedily introduced to Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) – a cocky, womanizing test pilot, clearly hero material – and his (Former flame? Current crush?) Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). Cut to a plane chase, spastic flashbacks to Hal’s dad dying in a plane crash, then Hal moping around until he gets a super ring from the dying purple guy (who’s been lying in a swamp all day, not that we see him crash on earth). A few scenes of Ryan Reynolds comedy schtick later, Hal is flown off to a distant planet to hear an exposition dump explaining his new super ring. We briefly meet some of the other Lanterns (Kilowog, Tomar-Re and Sinestro, if you happen to catch their names) – but don’t bother taking a liking to them, because they’re gone again in just a few minutes.

Green Lantern movie Kilowog and Tomar Re Green Lantern Review

Kilowog (Michael Clarke Duncan) and Tomar-Re (Geoffrey Rush)

Back on Earth, dead purple guy has some yellow blobby stuff inside him that infects nerdy Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), a scientist who is friends with Hal and Carol (or something). Hammond gets a swollen head and psychic powers from the yellow blob (somehow) – so then all of a sudden there’s a yellow fear-blob in space, a blob-powered psychic on Earth, and Hal must beat them both with his new green super ring. Only, Hal isn’t really sure he’s courageous enough to use his green super ring, so he mopes around earth some more, dancing around his feelings for Carol until he summons the  (you guessed it) will to be a hero.

If the above paragraphs confuse you, welcome to the experience of trying to follow Green Lantern‘s “story.” This film is by and large an overstuffed, incoherent mess that I’m not sure director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) ever had his hands, his head, or his heart around. The same goes for the script writers. The movie never seems sure of itself – what to show, how to show it – and the result is a disjointed patchwork of scenes varying in effectiveness and tone, with many, many, holes left wide open between the seams. Key moments in movement, development or action are overlooked, leaving we, the viewers, to fill in the blanks with either our imaginations, assumptions, or annoyance (for me it was the latter).

You can almost make a game of it: watch the film, and pick out all the times where characters go places (like quick trips into deep outer space) or do things (like show up to fight villains), without any firmly established reasoning or motivation. (I would still like to know how Hal Jordan, doubting himself as a Lantern, knows to show up for his first big fight with Hector Hammond. Suddenly he’s just there in Hammond’s lab, no explanation why or how.)

Green Latern Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern Review

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in 'Green Lantern'

Without a good script as a safety net, and a competent director providing a tightrope, the performances of the actors plummet into the aimless and campy depths of a Joel Schumacher Batman film. (I dare evoke the name of Batman & Robin, as that was the only other time I’ve had the impulse to walk out of a comic book movie.) For all the debates about casting, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are never really given the opportunity  or material needed to develop their characters – scene by scene, Hal and Carol alternate from hot to cold to middle-ground buddies, and a good chunk of the dialogue they speak is laugh out loud bad.

Mark Strong tries to elevate the proceedings as Sinestro, Hal’s militant foil within the Lantern Corps. However, the screenwriters drop this ball as well, marginalizing Sinestro’s presence to a mostly arbitrary assortment of scenes sprinkled throughout the movie. Worse yet, the writers toss in a totally arbitrary plot device meant to set up a Green Lantern sequel, thereby destroying any hope fans of the comics might have of seeing the wonderful character development that has been written for Sinestro over the years. This movie spares nothing.

The effects (for all the controversy and money surrounding them) are just…ok. There are some enjoyable  moments (Hector Hammond’s psychic powers are surprisingly fun), but they are over pretty quickly. Parallax looks like a silly cartoon (but commits some bizarrely grisly acts) and only some of the CGI aliens work as believable characters (Tomar-Re), while others don’t (Kilowog, The Guardians). The Green Lantern costume Reynolds wears works sometimes and looks cartoony other times, and though the power ring constructs are well done, they’re often used in over-the-top ways meant to fetishize the effect, rather than enhance the film.

Green Lantern 3D effects Green Lantern Review

Don't bother with the 3D version.

As for the 3D? It’s a total gimmick, don’t pay for it. I have great eyesight, and even my eyes began to hurt while watching this film. Then I took off the 3D glasses and I figured out why: most of the movie isn’t in 3D. The majority of the time I didn’t wear the 3D glasses at all; other times, scenes were either slightly blurred (half-rendered in 3D) or had one or two objects in the shot which sported the 3D effect. The outer space scenes, Green Lantern costume and powers were all 3D, but even then, the effect looked cheap compared to other films actually shot in 3D, instead of being converted after the fact.

Despite all the aforementioned problems, can Green Lantern still be considered a bit of mindless summer movie fun? Sure, if you’re age 10 and under. But if you’re too old to run out and by a Green Lantern action figure as soon as the movie is done, then you are probably too old not to notice that you are watching a really, really, poorly constructed movie. Biggest disappointment of the summer for me.

If you’ve already seen Green Lantern, head over to our Green Lantern spoilers discussion – to chat about anything that could spoil the experience for others.

However, if you’re still on the fence about seeing the film, check out the trailer below:

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Our Rating:

1.5 out of 5
(Poor, A Few Good Parts)

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  1. I worry that bad reviews of GL will reflect poorly on the genre, and that studios will not put as much money into ‘b-list’ hero movies.

    As a moviegoer, I understand GL was not a work of art.

    As a comic fan, I am biased towards negative reviews as they jeopardize my future happiness.

    I believe that this is why many fans are angry with Kofi and screenrant this week. Anger towards the review is just worry for the future of the genre.

    • What chance does Ant-Man have of coming to fruition when a mostly-CGI superhero movie is slashed like the Lantern?

      The studio will not give them a $200,000,000 budget now like they did with GL. They will hedge their bets and give Edgar Wright $40 mil instead.

  2. Well I saw “Green Lantern” today and I gotta say that I really enjoyed it. I’ve only read a few of the pretty recent comics, but i’m sure most audiences that are unfamiliar with GL would easily follow the story.

    It wasn’t perfect, but I found it to be far from the terrible film people had been making it out to be. If I was a ten year old kid I would be lapping this film up. I certainly think there is more in this GL movie then there is in “The Dark Knight” for young viewers.

    It was good to see a superhero film where they didn’t diminish his powers, or try to “ground it in reality”. The first half of the film did drag a little and it was a shame that most of the other Lanterns were just background filling coolness, but hopefully it will do well enough for a sequel. Then it would be good to see the entire movie based off earth, on other planets and give the other Lanterns a real purpose and characterisation. Give them the chance to develop within a purely sci-fi plot.

  3. Best comic book to movie adaptation ever. Awesome. Not perfect but no adaptation will ever be. Although there are Hollywood-ized moments, the pros far outweigh the cons. Taking out 20 min of romance/cheesy “character development” would have have massively improved it though. It was humorous, even poking fun at other superhero movies of recent years if you paid attention or had the intelligence to catch on. I avoid new big budget movies like the plague most of the time but I gave GL the chance & it surprised me. Opinions are infinite & to me, only mine matters. This review above is ridiculous. I’d love to see what this guy won’t complain about.

    • “Best comic book to movie adaptation ever”. Wow. No, seriously … wow. And the ridiculous review above is simply an opinion, albeit, one that is received by a greater audience, but an opinion nonetheless. You obviously check Screenrant somewhat regularly and therefore value what they think. If it was truly the case that only your opinion mattered then you would have taken the review with a grain of salt and simply dismissed it. In fact, if you actually believed your opinion matters most, then you wouldn’t be on here in the first place. Obviously you were irked by the review and decided to go on the defensive. Your entire comment is devoted to repudiating what the reviewer said, even taking shots at the attention span and intelligence of the critic. You apparently care enough about GL to write a comment defending it it so to say that you merely gave it a chance doesn’t seem right. If you were honest from the outset, then your comment would be respectable, but you try to maintain the pretense of not caring when your comment suggests otherwise.

      Bottom line is they miscast Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern but they had no other choice. For a movie based on an obscure Superhero, the producers had to cast a name, or a face, that would appeal to one of their target demographics, that being young girls that swoon over Ryan Reynolds. Then they cast Blake Lively to make sure and get enough guys in the seats that actually think she’s hot. The fanboys alone weren’t going to fill the seats so they had to resort to getting the pretty faces. Girls=”Ryan Reynolds is so hot” Guys=”Ryan Reynolds is hilarious right? Hey, look, it’s Van Wilder in a Green Lantern costume”. The special effects looked hokey, and if that’s the look the movie was going for, it succeeded. The trailers looked ridiculous to those that aren’t fans of GL. The only thing that appealed to me was the peformance of Mark Strong, but he apparently is so criminally underused that it wasn’t worth the money. It seemed like they just threw in a swiss cheese script, mixed it with some cheesy dialogue and unrealistic CGI, cooked it and threw Ryan Reynolds on top. No thanks.

      • TDH…

        You have one opinion; I have another:

        Ryan Reynolds was NOT miscast and in fact was quite good in the role. Also, the effects were actually beautifully done. You haven’t even seen the film, so you don’t get to BOTTOM LINE anything…except that you don’t want to see it. In my opinion, that’s your loss.

        • Oh no, it’s not my loss. It’s really not. If I never see this movie, I’ll be fine. Maybe a year or so from now, it’ll be on Starz and I’ll pass over it while surfing. Will I watch it then? Maybe. Probably not though. Ultimately, the money it makes will speak for itself. And to be honest, I am more than capable of finding out every single thing about this movie without having ever seen it. I know who’s in it. I know the entire plot. I know what the effects look like. I have read more than enough reviews to know that this movie has been thoroughly rejected almost across the board. The truth hurts sometimes. The. bottom. line. is. when they greenlighted Green Lantern and started throwing together a script, they knew that this wasn’t Spiderman or Superman. Outside of serious fans, no one was going to be interested in this movie unless they cast the current leading man. In this case, it was Ryan Reynolds. Helmsworth was already taken by Thor, Chris Evans was busy doing Capt America. They got Ryan Reynolds. I know you would like to think that the numbers that come in tomorrow for GL will reflect the great story and character development, but know that if it wasn’t for the ladies that wanted to see Ryan Reynolds in a form-fitting suit, this movie would have utterly bombed, more so than it is now. Hopefully it makes its money in the next week or so before Transformers comes out because unlike Green Lantern, Transformers will actually be worth seeing in 3D. Good luck Green Lantern

  4. I am merely posting here because I want to contribute the 9 page (and growing) thread.

    No need to thank me, just doing my part.

      • it might have catered to the fans of your website a little more

    • Daredevil had Ben Affleck as a blind superhero and Ghost Rider had Nic Cage. I saw Ghost Rider because it had Nic Cage and Peter Fonda and Sam Elliot, but it was beyond awful. It’s no fun when when there’s never a sense that the hero is truly in danger. In the end, Ghost Rider takes care of the devil’s son in two seconds. To compare Green Lantern to arguably two of the worst superhero movies ever to grace the screen and say it is still better than both is not saying a lot. But I get what you’re saying.

      • I know this is a little off-topic, but I thought Cage and Affleck both played the roles perfectly. They just suffered from a horrible written script, terrible directing, and horrendous acting by both of their antagonists.

  5. Seriously folks. You need to distinguish two facts. The review addresses GL first as a movie, regardless of what the subject is. Second, that in the reviewers eyes, their approach to the franchise was not much more than a hurried outline. To me it felt like what a sequel would feel like after a well establish origins film hadlike played. But that’s what I think. IH

  6. You need to distinguish that The review addresses GL first as a movie, regardless of what the subject is. Second, that in the reviewers eyes, their approach to the franchise was not much more than a hurried outline. To me it felt like what a sequel would feel like.

  7. You need to distinguish that The review addresses GL first as a movie, To me it felt like what a sequel would feel like.

  8. Green Lantern was truely horrible !!! For it to be 2hrs plus, it just seemed rushed and never gave the characters a chance to develope. What also made it difficult to watch was seeing all the best scenes in the previews. GL has taught me that if a movie is trying to sell you with a hundred previews it’s not going to be good. This movie lacked substance and the ability to captivate the audience. The casting of Ryan Reynolds was horrible, he plays the same character in every superhero movie he’s been in. Hannible Cane, Dead Poole, and GL all have the same demenor. The script is lacking in some many areas which made this movie so unentertaining.

    • Jase82…

      Not only was the film NOT over two hours, it was only about 90 minutes (just over if you stayed for the in-credits reveal).

      Also, he never played Hannibal Cane…I think you meant Hannibal King.

      Other than that, your opinion is just just as valid as mine (which is completely the opposite of yours, by the way).

      • @ Archaeon

        Theres a scene when the end credits roll?

        • Yes…it’s not at the end of the credits; it’s in the middle. I won’t give it away.

          BTW, others have mentioned it on the Spoilers thread.

          • @ Archaeon

            Do you know if Jay Garrick, Guy Gardner, or John Stewart we seen in small cameos? I read they would make appearances but never really believed it.

            • WallyWest…

              I’m sorry I can’t help you with that one. I was having so much fun I forgot to look for any other familiar characters. I CAN tell you that NONE of the three were named during the film, so it’s possible they were not in it.

              • @ Archaeon

                No problem. Btw, i misread that artical & got Jay Garrick who’s the Flash confused w/ Alan Scott as one of the Green Lantern cameos but not in custume. John Stewart was the 2nd GL cameo which i thought ive seen. Anyways, i misread about Guy Gardner being in the film, thought i outta clear that up.

  9. Sorry for the 3 off-subject comments. Browser kept telling me there was a failure in posting.

  10. The review was just fine. I wanted to go see this until I heard all the bad reviews by critics and Rotten Tomatoes. At that point, I waited to read Screenrant’s review since I generally agree with Vic and his writers, including Kofi.

    Having read the review, I will save my money and time on yet another silly Hollywood mistake. The only possible issue with the review was it spoiled much of the film while explaining it. And that is a minor complaint, at best.

    Thanks, ScreenRant. You still have a fan or two out there.

  11. Kofi, I’m not sure how long I’ve been commenting on SR. I see that one dayafter the movie came out, GL’s review produced 370 comments. Do reviews usually produce this much hate? Thor did’nt. Is it just negative reviews.

    • No, it’s just because everyone had high expectations for this, and who can blame them? They had such a huge budget and wasted it all on special effects. Even with all those CGI effects they couldn’t even give us a good 3D version of the movie. I was very disappointed with what they gave us and I hope everyone feels the same.

      • No, everyone does NOT feel the same way. Quite a few people actually enjoyed the film.

        • Well than I feel sorry for those few people.

          • That’s so cute…silly, meaningless, and assinine, but cute. We all appreciate your concern. Truly.

            Just because you did not like the film does not make your opinion the right one. See? Now, you’ve received a lesson from an adult. Learn it.

            • Because I clearly said, “Everyone hated this film and it was terrible.” My opinion is, this movie was absloute garbage and I HOPE everyone feels the same way (notice how I never said, my opinion is the right one and everyone should follow it)

              See? Now you’ve received a lesson from a person with a brain. Keep it. Remember it. Love it.

              Now please reply paragraph after paragraph about how right you are and how much an adult you are. I think everyone would love to hear more about it.

              • of an adult*

              • Awww, you are so cute…You went and put on some big-boy pants, didn’t you? Awww…

                You talked down to people who liked the film; you did EXACTLY what a lot of people are upset with Kofi for seemingly doing in his review.

                You said you “hope” everyone thinks _______. I responded that EVERYone does NOT think _______. THEN, you talked down to many people with your sadness at our OBVIOUS mistake.

                Hopefully, THAT spelled it out clearly enough for you. You should talk of brains until you’re ready to join a conversation, instead of a silly argument.

                When you ARE ready, I’ll be glad to DISCUSS the good and bad of the film.


                • Excuse me…I mistyped: You should NOT talk of brains until you are ready to join a conversation, not an argument.

                • You are my hero.

                • Seriously, shut up. You try so hard to make yourself out to be some sort of a smart sophisticated adult, yet you’re arguing about my point of view towards a fricken movie. Grow a pair kid, because that is what you are. A child who is to pathetic for words, who also really must love Green Lantern.

                  You can pick at my wording all you want, but the truth is I think the movie was disappointing and that I hoped some people shared the same view as I do. Guess your feeble mind will never hope to process that logic, but it’s ok.

                  I guess we should never write a bad review because it might hurt someones feelings! Let Screen Rant never do that again, because every movie I like should be good! Oh please. The movie was horrible and it deserved a bad review to match, so why don’t you go be an adult and tell me how writing a bad review for a movie that deserved one is the wrong thing to do.

          • Don’t feel sorry for me; I enjoyed it.

            • Hahaha, Zero Wins. Fatality.

              I was going to see this movie but after this thread I have decided not to pay for it. Everyone who does like it doesn’t come out and say that it was a good movie. People who liked it “enjoyed it for what it was” and it “wasnt that bad” or it was “fun.”

              I will see this movie at some point but I would feel foolish going out of my way to pay for it now. I had every intention of seeing it even though I did not like the trailers or the posters. I never expected myself to love the movie but I was looking forward to it. After all it is the summer of comic book movies. I watch at least one movie everyday.

              I love movies and sometimes I actually feel like it is kind of a problem. I spend all of my time talking about them, watching them, following them from pre-production to final cut. There are movies like this that I see advertised and tell myself “that movie looks bad” and then I say “I am still going to see it.” Then the movie ends up being bad and I am left wondering to myself “why did I bother when I saw that coming from a mile away?” Well this time I am going to acknowledge that I have a problem. It is obviously a problem if I still feel the need to see it yet won’t pay for it. At least if I don’t pay for it I am practicing self control?

              I will get better soon

  12. I just seen the movie & imo it was pretty good. Could of been better liked i hope but at the sametime i didn’t think it was terrible as most people here make it out to be. I overheard people around me in the theater not only laugh but sounded like they enjoyed it. I loved every scene that Jordan uses his ring fight/defend & save people. The CGI costume did look good on film despite what it did in picture here on the net but in some scenes some effect imo could do without, like GL’s mask kinda glowing but it didn’t do very much so didn’t really bother me. Michael Clarke Duncan was awesome as the voice of Kilowog, aswell as Geoffrey Rush as Tomar-Re. Mark Strong was pretty good as Sinestro & believe could carry the character further in sequels. I have to disagree with Kofi about comparing this film to Batman & Robin. I think the movie Steel would fill that spot. But so far, outta all the comic book films that came out this summer, i do rank this film as 3rd. But like i said before, i don’t think it was terrible.

    • Oops…disregard my above response to you. Now that you’ve seen the film yourself, you can answer your question yourself. :)

      • Oh, and ignore the the multiple “you” variations…sheesh!

    • the sequel only will happen if they make enough money so dont jump the gun. even Superman Returns ment to have a sequel and look what happen LOL

  13. I also cannot believe we didn’t get to see any other lanterns REALLY kick some butt. Seemed like they all just got thrown around (besides Hal, and even he got thrown around most of the time), besides the whole training exercise that lasted a huge six minutes.

    Calling bets for when the next reboot is coming, any takers?

  14. I think that lots of the opinions are coming from either fanboys (not an insult, I am a fanboy of many things lol) who wanted the movie to be perfect and were sorely disappointed so they say how much they hated it (Kofi) and the fanboys who also wanted the movie to be perfect and are determined to prove that it was (DrSams Review). In my opinion both are wrong. To say it was terrible or to say it was fantastic are both way too extreme. The movie had many flaws but was still fun and could have been a lot worse. The biggest problem I had was that it had great moments but they were short lived.

    On a different note: It reminded me of Thor because the Earth scenes were lacking in both but the off-world scenes were much better. The difference though is that Thor had more time off Earth while Green Lantern had barely any.

  15. its not an awesome one and certainly not worth even 7 out of 10. but at least its worth to see. I enjoy watching it (perhaps because I’m a fan of GL), but its very forgettable. The feeling was like watching chick flick. you’re just having fun while you watching it. After that, there’s no real excitement to want to watch it again or have an interesting discussion with your buddy about the film…

    • Zamm…

      Actually, that’s not true. I, for one, enjoyed it (and thought they got a lot right…though it was not a perfect film) and am looking forward to seeing it again.

  16. It was ok. Could have been better, but could have been a LOT worse. 3 out of 5 stars

  17. Just had to get in on this record-breaking thread.

    Carry on with all the hate.

  18. One thing I was really looking forward to, and apparently isn’t in the film, is seeing the various Green Lantern Corps member’s constructs. Each Corps member has their own style of energy construct, and their own method of fighting, and I really wanted to see their individuality expressed.

  19. it should have been longer, and the dialogue want that strong, half the jokes fell flat

  20. Poo on the silver screen

  21. just saw the movie, i actually loved it. I did see some of the faults that people are having with it, but all in all, i had a immensly enjoyable time with the film. It really saddens me that the reviews are so bad. But hey everyone is absolutely entitled to thier opinion, and i respect that. I just hope that a sequel is made that will give me the same enjoybale expierence that i had with this one, and that everyone(people whom didn’t like this one) else can get behind as well. Well fingers are crossed!

    • Well said. Flaws and all, I still enjoyed the film. Couldn’t stand Thor because it felt like I was watching a spoiled brat!

  22. Okay…I’m calling guiness! This has to be the most extended thread over a movie (good or bad…) that I’ve ever seen! Jeeze, Kofi…You just generated enough keystorkes to power Shri Lanka for five years!!! LOL!

    • I hate those keystorkes. THey keep dropping off grid babies at my e-mail inbox doorstep.

  23. I saw Green Lantern a few hours ago. I went in with a lot of doubt stemming from the trailers, however, I was pleasantly surprised. The costume worked better than I thought it would, although I would have rather seen a uniform (Much like they did in the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe video game), but whatever. The movie isn’t about what Hal Jordan wears. I find that Kofi Outlaw (The person that wrote the review on this site), missed a minor detail that was made pretty clear to me; You say that Hal shows up at Hammonds lab with no explanation of how he knew to be there. Well earlier in the movie, Tomar-Re, is explaining to Hal what the Green Lantern Corps is, he mentions that the ring will warn him to impending threats of importance (not those exact words, but they get the point across). This comes after Hal asks him why he know things he shouldn’t.
    I don’t think Martin Campbell is given his fair shake in regards to what he has to work with. Blame DC and Warner for not exposing their characters earlier. DC Comics have so many great characters with rich histories, yet if it’s not Superman or Batman, most people don’t have a clue who Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Flash, etc, etc… are. I would bet money that The Avengers are a much more recognizable name than The Justice League, never mind trying to compare them to the X-Men. There may be a few really bad Marvel movies (X-Men: Last Stand, Ghost Rider, Electra), but at least they’re exposing there characters. Seems that Warner is afraid to cross reference the characters together too. Oh wow, they mention Gotham City in Superman Returns, yet in Green Lantern Hal says that humans don’t even know of aliens being real….. Um… Superman!? Anyway to wrap this up. Green Lantern is a good movie, if you can enjoy it for what it is. Not the best comic movie, but far from the worst.

    • Superman himself does not life in the same universe as Green Lantern. Superman Returns did reference Gotham City but thats so long ago plus Superman been reboot.

      more people know Justice League compare to The Avengers. JLA is well known since the cartoon series been on TV for years.

      • Possibly, but the only Justice League cartoon I can really remember is Justice League Unlimited on Boomerang (Which was very good, wish they’d make more)and I’m sure a lot of adults didn’t see that (Super Friends don’t count, haha). Basically what I’m saying is that Marvel is doing a better job exposing their universe in mainstream media. Plus, why reboot Superman? I liked Superman Returns. There may not be a ton of action or special effects, but it had a solid plot.

        • the show i was talking about was Justice League Unlimited lol. the truth is more people know John Swetart as Green Lantern instead of Hal Jordan.

          Superman Returns did suck it needed a reboot the first place. Superman was made into a stalker, no true villain went aganist Superman, why they add the kid for. what will they do with the kid in the sequel if they had the chance.

          Marvel Studio is doing better and the truth is they going to keep on bring new characters to the general audience. while WB/DC is just stuck with Batman and Superman. geez im surprise Static Shock never got a movie since that character was expose to everyone, well im not that surprise cause Hollywood dont know how to handle black characters in the lead if you not Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith.

  24. Great review, still going to see it when it comes out in Australia in August. Serious question, anyone know why GL didnt get a world wide release? I suspect it has something to with when Aus has its school holidays but I was seeing XMFC a few days before its American release, and its a CBM as well.