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Green Lantern Reviews Green Lantern Review

Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw Reviews Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a failure of epic proportions.

I write this (painfully) as someone who actually knows this particular superhero and has been a big fan of the modern Green Lantern mythos established by DC Comics writer and chief creative officer Geoff Johns (who is an executive producer and consultant on this film). Despite having rich source material to draw from, there is just so much that director Martin Campbell and the script writers (Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Goldenberg) get wrong that it is a compliment to even call Green Lantern a movie, rather than a vapid black hole which sits in place of a movie about a green superhero.

The first mistake Green Lantern makes, is that it fails to establish any kind of coherent context or mythos for its titular superhero. The movie opens with some heavy exposition blurted out by fish-man Tomar-Re (voiced by the always impeccable Geoffrey Rush) about “emerald willpower,” ancient beings, power rings, space sectors, Green Lanterns and some “yellow fear” bad guy named Parallax. No mention of the fact that in this comic book reality, all emotions (will, fear, anger, love, etc…) give off different kinds of “lights” that can be harnessed as power; the naming of “green willpower” and “yellow fear” are deemed sufficient explanation. They are not.

Nevermind all that, though, as we cut to a purple guy (Abin Sur, if you happen to catch his name) battling a floaty yellow fear-blob (Parallax). Purple guy gets wounded, says something about a replacement, and then flies off in a spaceship. Cut to Earth, where we are speedily introduced to Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) – a cocky, womanizing test pilot, clearly hero material – and his (Former flame? Current crush?) Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). Cut to a plane chase, spastic flashbacks to Hal’s dad dying in a plane crash, then Hal moping around until he gets a super ring from the dying purple guy (who’s been lying in a swamp all day, not that we see him crash on earth). A few scenes of Ryan Reynolds comedy schtick later, Hal is flown off to a distant planet to hear an exposition dump explaining his new super ring. We briefly meet some of the other Lanterns (Kilowog, Tomar-Re and Sinestro, if you happen to catch their names) – but don’t bother taking a liking to them, because they’re gone again in just a few minutes.

Green Lantern movie Kilowog and Tomar Re Green Lantern Review

Kilowog (Michael Clarke Duncan) and Tomar-Re (Geoffrey Rush)

Back on Earth, dead purple guy has some yellow blobby stuff inside him that infects nerdy Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), a scientist who is friends with Hal and Carol (or something). Hammond gets a swollen head and psychic powers from the yellow blob (somehow) – so then all of a sudden there’s a yellow fear-blob in space, a blob-powered psychic on Earth, and Hal must beat them both with his new green super ring. Only, Hal isn’t really sure he’s courageous enough to use his green super ring, so he mopes around earth some more, dancing around his feelings for Carol until he summons the  (you guessed it) will to be a hero.

If the above paragraphs confuse you, welcome to the experience of trying to follow Green Lantern‘s “story.” This film is by and large an overstuffed, incoherent mess that I’m not sure director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) ever had his hands, his head, or his heart around. The same goes for the script writers. The movie never seems sure of itself – what to show, how to show it – and the result is a disjointed patchwork of scenes varying in effectiveness and tone, with many, many, holes left wide open between the seams. Key moments in movement, development or action are overlooked, leaving we, the viewers, to fill in the blanks with either our imaginations, assumptions, or annoyance (for me it was the latter).

You can almost make a game of it: watch the film, and pick out all the times where characters go places (like quick trips into deep outer space) or do things (like show up to fight villains), without any firmly established reasoning or motivation. (I would still like to know how Hal Jordan, doubting himself as a Lantern, knows to show up for his first big fight with Hector Hammond. Suddenly he’s just there in Hammond’s lab, no explanation why or how.)

Green Latern Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern Review

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in 'Green Lantern'

Without a good script as a safety net, and a competent director providing a tightrope, the performances of the actors plummet into the aimless and campy depths of a Joel Schumacher Batman film. (I dare evoke the name of Batman & Robin, as that was the only other time I’ve had the impulse to walk out of a comic book movie.) For all the debates about casting, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are never really given the opportunity  or material needed to develop their characters – scene by scene, Hal and Carol alternate from hot to cold to middle-ground buddies, and a good chunk of the dialogue they speak is laugh out loud bad.

Mark Strong tries to elevate the proceedings as Sinestro, Hal’s militant foil within the Lantern Corps. However, the screenwriters drop this ball as well, marginalizing Sinestro’s presence to a mostly arbitrary assortment of scenes sprinkled throughout the movie. Worse yet, the writers toss in a totally arbitrary plot device meant to set up a Green Lantern sequel, thereby destroying any hope fans of the comics might have of seeing the wonderful character development that has been written for Sinestro over the years. This movie spares nothing.

The effects (for all the controversy and money surrounding them) are just…ok. There are some enjoyable  moments (Hector Hammond’s psychic powers are surprisingly fun), but they are over pretty quickly. Parallax looks like a silly cartoon (but commits some bizarrely grisly acts) and only some of the CGI aliens work as believable characters (Tomar-Re), while others don’t (Kilowog, The Guardians). The Green Lantern costume Reynolds wears works sometimes and looks cartoony other times, and though the power ring constructs are well done, they’re often used in over-the-top ways meant to fetishize the effect, rather than enhance the film.

Green Lantern 3D effects Green Lantern Review

Don't bother with the 3D version.

As for the 3D? It’s a total gimmick, don’t pay for it. I have great eyesight, and even my eyes began to hurt while watching this film. Then I took off the 3D glasses and I figured out why: most of the movie isn’t in 3D. The majority of the time I didn’t wear the 3D glasses at all; other times, scenes were either slightly blurred (half-rendered in 3D) or had one or two objects in the shot which sported the 3D effect. The outer space scenes, Green Lantern costume and powers were all 3D, but even then, the effect looked cheap compared to other films actually shot in 3D, instead of being converted after the fact.

Despite all the aforementioned problems, can Green Lantern still be considered a bit of mindless summer movie fun? Sure, if you’re age 10 and under. But if you’re too old to run out and by a Green Lantern action figure as soon as the movie is done, then you are probably too old not to notice that you are watching a really, really, poorly constructed movie. Biggest disappointment of the summer for me.

If you’ve already seen Green Lantern, head over to our Green Lantern spoilers discussion – to chat about anything that could spoil the experience for others.

However, if you’re still on the fence about seeing the film, check out the trailer below:

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Our Rating:

1.5 out of 5
(Poor, A Few Good Parts)

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  1. Wow, I totally hate this review. While I agree that the filmed was terribly filmed/written, Kofi’s review is an attack to people who liked it. Kofi, you can disagree with some people, but telling them they are inferior because they don’t share your view is a problem. This review was clearly biased.
    Again, I do agree that the movie sucked, but this review sucked as well.

    • Everything ever written is biased, so saying Kofi was being biased is like saying video games have graphics.

      • If you’re going to make a biased review then don’t make one. You’re supposed to be a “critic”, someone who watches a movie as a normal movie-goer, not as a fan. Besides, that’s not my main point, what I’m saying is that he insulted a fan base calling them kids under 10 for liking the movie. You can hate a movie all you want, but if you insult the ones who like it, then we have problems.

  2. Seeing how Geoff Johns who was an executive producer and consultant on this film was involved would anyone want to guess this maybe how the characters are going to be in September when the #1 comes out with new origin stories and such?

    • I sure hope not.

    • I heard that Geoff Johns stated that Green Lantern was going to be the least affected character from the changes in the DC universe.

  3. The review was too harsh. I read the review before seeing it last night, and it got me a little worried. But that was OK because it gave me things to think about as I watched it, and I have to say I did not feel there were a jillion “plot holes.” The one that did glare at me (and I don’t know if I would have noticed this before reading the review) was how Hal managed to show up at just the right time at Hammond’s lab–there was nothing before that which showed Hal being alerted to this problem that I saw. So that was a little “weird” and might have been an oversight in the editing room. But other than that, it was a fun superhero movie.

    If you go in looking for depth a-la Nolan’s Batman films or X-Men, then you might be a little disappointed. I did think “Thor” was a better film, but I would put “GL” in the same boat. I enjoyed “GL” just fine. Don’t let this review scare you off. By the way, I’m not a huge fan of the character, but I do read comics and am historically more of a DC guy than Marvel (although I have enjoyed the Marvel films immensely and think Marvel Studios is kicking DC’s butt!).

  4. This does not surprise me. I never really got too excited for this film. Wanted to see it do well, but wasn’t putting much stake in it.

  5. It also sort of reminded me of the “Fantastic 4″ movies.

  6. The movie was that bad. Def makes it in my top ten list of the worst comic movies..

    I don’t blame the actors or director because it what they had to work with.

    But Ryan Reynolds should have done Deadpool instead.

  7. Got a question for Vic or Kofi. Do you think they edited out a lot of stuff that should have been left in? Haven’t seen it yet but from the reviews I’ve seen that was the biggest problem.

    • Yeah that’s what it sounds like to me.

      Haven’t seen it yet either, but there’s no wy the script would have just had Hal turning up at Hector’s lab. Must be a bad edit/cut or something.

      It sound slike a directing/editing issue to me.

      • I’ll know i’ll like it regardless. What I’ve heard from most despite the flaws it was awesome.


    I’ve been loooking forward to this all year! I haven’t seen ityet, but it CAN’T be as bas as Kofiis making it out to be surely!

    Oh my gosh, I feel so sad. Hopefully I’ll like it when I see it, in 2D mind you, thanks Kofe.

  9. Kofi, obviously you didnt read all the responses cuz they were not all full of juvenile insults slung your way, i personally brought up my concerns about the unprofessional nature of your review on a site ive always loved for its professional nature in an extremely mature way as have a few others and of course neither you or anyone else from the staff has responded to my concerns. Bashing a movie and its fanbase so viciously then coming online playing the victim whos to cool to care while making a broad statement thats simply untrue makes you the juvenile one sir.

    • @Scarecrowe

      As another commenter advised, I’m choosing to keep my responses very limited. Anybody who wants to hear me comment about the film, there are 1,100 words up above to read.

      As for the accusation that this review is “unprofessional” – I’ll let people decide what is professional and unprofessional criticism for themselves.

      What I do know, though, is that if this review had been just as impassioned and aggressive about how GOOD I thought Green Lantern was, something tells me the accusations of me being unprofessional would have been cut by about 80-90%. :-)

      Take that how you will.

      • So at least you’re admitting that the review was aggressive. But I disagree that if you had changed your story that people wouldn’t be reacting to it. Most of us don’t think the movie was that good. There is not a whole lot of objection to the things you bring up in your review. What people are objecting to is the harsh and blaring bias in the review, and it’s concluding rating for the movie.

        A lot of what you point out in your review is pretty accurate. The way you chose to deliver it is what makes it unprofessional.


    322 comments! If you’re gonna bash a reviewer save your comments please. if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all. Its just his opinion. Go watch it yourself and make your own.


    • They are all entitled to thier own opinions on the movie, and yes, even the reviewer as well, sheesh ;)

      • Its just gone TOO far LOL I see alot of bashing comments I mean wow…. Its kinda sad man.

        • Well, any reviewer here opens themselves up to heated debated and thrashings when they review a film like this. I understand where Kofi is coming from. Me, i have yet to see it. Its not on my high to see list. might be a netflixer for me though, we’ll see.

  11. so far the critics are ripping this movie apart.

  12. Is this the next Fanastic Four or just another Batman and Robin movie without nipples on his cgi suit.

    Thor was great and X-Men: First Class was awesome, those two films are the best comic book movie of the summer so yet.

    I hope Captain America: The First Avenger turns out to be great.

  13. Abin Sur’s ring glowed before being attacked by Parallax. Tomar-Re said the ring would warn of danger. Hal’s ring glowed when the helicopter went in a tailspin. It glowed before his confrontation with Hector Hammond. The ring leads him to danger. Was it a plot hole? No. Was it well done? No.

  14. I did enjoy watching “The Green Lantern” last night at the movies and I did enjoy watching the Special Effects and the CGI-Effects that Ryan Reynolds played “The Emerald Knight” Protecting and Defending the Universe from the Forces of Evil. He is a cocky air force pilot stationed at Ferris AFB near Coast City, California. This movie gets an A+ and I cannot wait to see this at the Academy Saturn-Awards.

  15. I get that he railed on the movie. I’m not surprised in the least. A lot of people went away from the film with a bad taste in their mouth, and that will be the case. Movie experiences are subjective. There are people with profound love for movies considered to be the worst ever. But I feel like some of the things Kofi attacked, he did just for the sake of having reasons to dislike the film. Such as everytime he would use parenthesizes to highlight what he felt were things you probably wouldn’t catch, but often times, I completely disagreed. Character names he felt you might just lose because they weren’t repeated several times? Both Tomar-Re and Kilowag had their names clearly stated. Just because they weren’t repeated ad nauseum doesn’t mean that they were automatically lost on the audience.

    He mentioned that Hal just shows up out of nowhere for his first fight with Hector, but right before we’re introduced to that scene, it shows Hal being “informed” by his ring of trouble that needed his attention, as Tomar-Re said would happen earlier in the film. This was alluded to, and executed. And it’s not like it was a “you blink and you miss it” scenarios. It was there. If you were half paying attention, you would have come across it.

    It feels like in the rush to tear the movie apart, the reviewer decided to just throw in things for the sake of needing more arguments, which begs the question of how much attention was paid in the course of the movie, or if he just wrote the film off and then stopped listening.

    Again, I don’t care that the reviewer didn’t like the film. I personally had a fun time with it, but I can also see that there is a lot to deconstruct to make this film look bad without taking away credit to the things it did right.

    Just an opinion.

    • Barry…

      Well-written…Excellently expressed…So true.

    • @ Barry I’ll refer you to this part of the review:

      “Key moments in movement, development or action are overlooked, leaving we, the viewers, to fill in the blanks with either our imaginations, assumptions, or annoyance (for me it was the latter).”

      This absolutely applies to the lab fight sequence, IMO.

      YES, we are given very speedy info dumps about how Hal’s ring senses danger early in the film. However, the lab scene occurs when Hal is claiming he doesn’t want to be a Lantern. So to me, from a storytelling perspective, we need a scene where we actually see Hal sense Hammond’s attack, and decide he’s going to do something about it. Just a brief scene. Then when he shows up at the lab, we know concretely that this is a pivotal moment for our hero. The film did not establish this well at all, IMO.

      More to the point: If Hal can sense Hector Hammond anywhere, why did he not stop him during the helicopter scene?

      • If we’re going specifically by the “rules” established in the movie (which is what I’m assuming, after all, the yellow impurity wasn’t established at all, and you didn’t call that into question), then it calls to point that Tomar-Re (who along with Kilowag were essentially exposition machines) established that the ring would alert Hal to any immediate danger that would need Hal’s attention. What we saw, prior to the fight, was the ring alerting Hal, his eyes going all green (which I feel is proper to assume is the ring giving Hal the lowdown of the events). Considering the people (or more appropriate “person” as they briefly touched upon a prior relationship between Hector and Hal), is that much more crucial for you that they explained in words Hal’s motivation for intervening? I guess my point is that I felt enough information was espoused that I had no trouble jumping from point A to point B in that particular instance.

        And let’s be fair. I’m not some fan espousing hollow praise for a film I was hoping to be great. I had fun with the film, but it’s not like I feel it was some kind of achievement. The scene where Hal goes to Oa to ask permission from the Guardians to fight Parallax was unnecessary. Including Hal in that scene at all served only the purpose of letting Hal have a “I’m a hero now” speech. Flaws are not hard to find in the movie. I just don’t feel, as you do, that that scene, and some of the other instances you mentioned are to be considered flaws.

  16. it’s just a damn review. Go take your bitchy comments somewhere else. Your blowing up my e-mail! And this review is 100% accurate

    • Don’t sound bitchy while whining about bitchy comments…and no, the review was NOT 100% accurate…not even close.

      • @Archaeon well obviously you have no taste in movies. And I’m not being bitchy about other people’s bitchy comments. I’m just trying to tell them that it’s just a review, people have different opinions

        • Neal…

          Your response, just now, is pretty much the definition of being bitchy. It’s also wrong…It’s sweet that you tried, though. Try HARDER…heh-heh.

        • Just so we’re clear, by the way…

          You’re wrong that I have no taste in movies. I agree that people are entitled to their own opinions. ;)

    • Dude, this movie was incredible. The best superhero/comic book movie ever created.

        • Exactly, I won’t crap on this, but I was dissapointed I sacrificed good rest to see this for the midnight showing. Dare I say Thor intrigued me more.

  17. Are folks upset about the 10 year old comment? I received a GL action figure for Father’s Day and wore my GL t-shirt to the movie, but I’m a 10 year old in a 30 year old body. Seriously.

    It seems that this movie has a split amongst those who love it and those who hate it. I feel like this is an example of Transformers 2 where it was panned by critics but sold like crazy. The truth is, the movie played like a true comic book movie in a different reality. GL is not a reality based superhero. He is one of four that opperate with other galaxies/worlds and lifeforms (Aquaman and Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter being the other three). I thought the movie translated that well and I like the back and forth between Hector and Hal as each transformed into their respective characters, instead of doing each one separately for x amount of minutes and then we see them fight for ten minutes at the end (though some of that was there). I liked the growth Hal had trying to become a GL and earning Sinistro’s respect and earning the right to wear the ring. Hal, afterall, had doubts in the comics, else he would have never become Parallax after Coast City was destoryed.

    I, personally, did not find Kofi’s review to be overly harsh towards people who liked it. I found it to be true to the reviewer being disappointed. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed, I had zero expectations of the film and could not be disappointed by anything.

    Anywho…I can’t wait for there to be a sequel and get past the introductions of the characters and showcase more of Sinistero.

  18. Oh and further proof of bias, just take a look at their ratings for First Class & Thor. Because according to the number of stars they recieved theyre about onpar with “Tree of Life.” LOLZ getthefvvkouttahere! marvel fanboys.

    Tree of Life is a work of art. Those marvel movies, LIKE Green Lantern is nothing more but popcorn fluff. I predict once Cap Am is released it gets about the same as first class or thor even though it might suck. The only DC nip sucking this site ever does is to Batman, because EVERYONE loves batman and if you bad mouth the bat, everyone will leave. No wonder no one takes you guys seriously. Phhh im outta here… Forever.

    • I’ll be the first to say it — not all CBMs are fluff. A well-made movie is a well-made movie.

    • Nobody is playing favorites, accusing critics of something like that is just dumb. Green Lantern was horrible. End. Of. Story.

      People praise Batman because it was an amazing film, not because they love the comic book character and they would never say anything bad about it. Hell, the newest Superman remake was also an amazing DC film and is highly praised on this forum as-well, so accusing the site of being biased towards Marvel is just stupid.

      Please do go, nobody wanted to hear you complain anyways.

      • End. Of. YOUR. Story.

        NOT everyone else’s…Why do you not understand that both sides of this argument present very compelling, valid points? It’s really not a difficult concept.

        • Arch…you’re my hero, green or not. ;)

        • Because in my mind they are not very compelling and they do not contain valid points. Do you have a hard time realizing that, or do you need me to type in caps?

          • That’s fine if you don’t agree, but You SHOULD understand that OTHERS do.

            • According to the majority of your replies towards me, it was NOT fine to disagree with you. Glad your “adult” mind can realize the error now.

    • WTF are you talking about!?! I think that everyone would agree that Batman and Robin might be the worst comic book-based movie over the last 20 years. Batman Forever wasn’t much better. The Christopher Nolan Batman movies are fantastic. Much more story driven than previous Batman Movies.

      • @ diddleyboobody

        Batman & Robin the worst comic book-based movie ever? Not imo. I thought it was better than Steel & by far Supergirl. Im glad i didn’t see Catwoman which my friends refered it as “CINO” Catwoman In Name Only, just as people treated the american verision Godzilla as “GINO”. I only find it the weakest installment in the Batman franchise. While i like Nolan’s films as much as i do Burton’s, i consider them perfect or overwhelming better. I even liked Batman Begins more than i did TDK & hoping TDKR will be little bit better.

        • Fun game: Top 3 worst CBMs in Oder from worst to bad

          1. Catwoman
          2. The Spirit
          3. Elektra

          • @ MrBlades

            I never saw the Catwoman or The Spirit, but watched half of Elektra & couldn’t watch anymore honestly lol. I knew Catwoman would be crap as my friends told me don’t even rent it.

          • Never saw The Spirit, but I guess now I know not to.

  19. Reading the review made me think of the Star Wars prequels. Is it as bad as Sucker Punch?

    My wife and I were talking about seeing it last night since there was nothing else out worth seeing but decided not to. Even after seeing the opening of the spoiler thread (re debate over the rating) I figured this was going to be a bad review.

    Guess I’ll just pass on this one altogether. Thanks for the warning Screenrant.

  20. I didnt know a whole lot about the comics going into the movie as most, I knew a few things because I’m an avid comic book reader, and it’s mainly dc (although Marvel
    is much better in the movie department) I felt the movie really dragged during the first half and I think the review is pretty fair on most of the plot holes. That being said I did enjoy the last half of the film greatly. If I was to rate it I would say a 2.5 possibly a 3. But I can completely see why people think less of it. But that’s what’s great about movies haha some people love them and others don’t.

  21. I guess last year DC paid Kofi to write the article “Why Iron Man 2 is a Weak Link in The Avengers Chain”????? Anyone remember that?

    I have not seen Green Lantern yet, but I’m planning on it later this week. I’m very curious to see what the final product is like after hearing so many split opinions.

    As for Screen Rant being biased towards Marvel and only “nip sucking” to Batman…. they did give 3/5 to Superman Returns and 4/5 to Watchmen. So that argument is a little invalid. Besides, there haven’t been many DC movies for them to review. Marvel has turned just about every major property into a big budget Hollywood film in the past decade. DC has always relied on Superman and Batman to make a profit at the box office. It wasn’t until recently they tried to expand by making Watchmen and Jonah Hex last year.

    The reason they gave Batman Begins and The Dark Knight good reviews is because they felt those are good movies. It has nothing to do with fearing everyone will leave if they bad mouth Batman. Batman Begins got an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes and The Dark Knight scored a 94%. It’s obvious that some critics were not afraid to speak their mind and give an opinion that differs from the majority. I personally LOVE the Batman Nolanverse, but if a critic wanted to tell me a different view, I wouldn’t badmouth and insult him just for not thinking the way I do.

    And you know what? Let’s say DC makes a Wonder Woman movie. And it rocks. It’s better than The Dark Knight. It breaks box office records. It takes the Tomato Meter places it’s never gone before. I’m pretty sure Kofi or one of the other reviewers would give it a good write-up… with or without a check from Warner Bros.

  22. It’s all a pretty standard sci-fi action formula: lots of big noises, expensive CGI, generally bombastic music score, current wisecracking fan-fave in leading role, and several disingenuous “emotional moments”… all that would be fine because it’s been done by Hollywood forever. But the pricetag on this film is the annual budget of a small country, so the microscope gets a bit closer… and reveals.. a very predictable, extremely expensive, and quite average summer-release film. So far, the Dark Knight films are the hands-down BEST of this type largely because of the investment in CHARACTERS. Audiences are no longer gee-whizzed by CGI (Avatar being a recent exception)- films in any genre have to be ABOUT someone and something. A director can’t get around that (Transformers 2, much?).. in a way, I hope this thing flops in a big messy way, so the biz will consider a retool of its approach toward comic book flicks.

  23. Hey everyone

    After reading this review, i was very disappointed with how the movie was gonna pan out. But i still watched the movie albeit with lower expectations. I believe this review is somewhat unfair as it picks on the bad points of Green Lantern (GL)and none or not many of the good points. However I do believe the reviewer did have a few valid points ie. with the script, direction and overall character development.

    Anyway i hope all of you will still give it a chance and actually watch the movie because i believe the movie still has its good points – cool visuals

    I think most of us had too high hopes for GL since batman was so good! Just watch it even if you read all these bad reviews. Its still a fun ride and would want to watch an improved sequel if it gets made! :)


  24. Oh well, Golden Fist Guy…don’t let the door hit ya where ths good lord split ya…and I hope the “forever” sticks. These one time, “peek a boo” posters slay me. I bet the highlight of his adolescence was the old dog poop in a flaming bag on the porch trick…

  25. Ok, I just came home after seeing it. I would give the movie a 3.5/5, about the same as Thor (but I think Thor is ahead by a smidgen). I didn’t like the amount of time they gave the love story; I wish they had spent more time on Senestro and Kilowog. I will leave specifics to the spoiler thread but I did like the CGI.

  26. I am a loyal fan to Green Lantern and have been reading since before Rebirth where many people lately have started. The move did have some changes but in retrospect, they were fine. This reviewer calls himself a “fan” yet clearly needs everything laid out for him. The movie was great and the after the credits scene can make any true fan of the series jump out of their seat in excitement.

  27. To me, reviews are just an alternate viewpoint that I can hear/read w/out the flailing of arms & usual psychoses that come from discussing movies w/ my friends. Whether or not I agree with them is pretty much irrelevant.

    I liked GL as a movie. Most of the plotholes & mauling of canon went over my head as I’m not overly familiar w/ GL canon beyond “dude has magic-like ring-thingy that lets him fly & do weird things w/ green energy”. I saw it ’cause I’m a comic book movie junkie (have been since I saw Howard the Duck in theatres as a kid) & as such I had fun. (half the fun is the movie, the other half is watching the fans, like the guy who came dressed in full GLC costume & kept yelling “That’s not right!” through the whole movie…). Not a bad use of a free movie pass. =)

  28. I am not a GL fan, I’ve never read a GL comic book fan, I’m not a gigantic comic book movie fan, just a plain movie fan and I thought this movie was terrible. Not since Spiderman 3 have I wanted to leave a movie so bad (and I actually left Spiderman 3).

    Give me as much grief as you like but I thought this MOVIE (which is what I paid to see) was a massive waste of time and my money

    • Exactly, I won’t crap on this, but I was dissapointed I sacrificed good rest to see this for the midnight showing. Thor intrigued me more.

  29. Well, I guess what’s wrong is not the movie, the movie is only a product of lazy thinking, bad casting and just plain bad writing… maybe DC should spend less money on special effects and concentrate in good writers. I mean, the must be thousands of persons in this world who love comics and would like the opportunity to be part of a great dialogue for a movie of this genre. Besides, how difficult can be producing a dialogue or script for a comic movie, when everything is already lay down by their creators. The only thing you really need is IMAGINATION, and obviously, this element is absent in almost all studios and writers.

    Also, with comic based movies is the same principle as a book based movie: you already have the background, and of course your imagination and the idea of how things should be, will never be fully portrayed in a movie. Because YOU didn’t make it…