First Look at ‘Green Lantern’ Power Battery

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green lantern movie logo First Look at Green Lantern Power Battery

Green Lantern fans know just how important the Power Battery is to the Green Lantern Corps. Funneling power from the Green Lantern Central Power Battery on the Green Lantern home planet of Oa, each individual power battery provides power to a Green Lantern’s ring. In the comics, as well as in the upcoming movie, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) receives his power battery and ring from a dying alien named Abin Sur.

At this past weekend’s Spike TV Scream AwardsGreen Lantern beat out Thor, The Avengers,  and Captain America for the title of “Most Anticipated Movie.” Ryan Reynolds accepted the award from co-star Blake Lively in style, riding onto the award stage on — what else? — a giant model of the famed Green Lantern Power Battery.

Until the Scream Awards, fans hadn’t gotten a chance to see what the film version of the Power Battery would look like. In the comic books, it looks like an old-fashioned lantern. For the movie, however, it appears that the Power Battery will have much more of an alien tech vibe, similar to the CGI Green Lantern suit.

Of course, why would you want to settle for a model of the Power Battery when you can see a picture from the movie itself? Luckily, we’ve got both. Check out a picture of the prop from the Scream Awards below (via Just Jared) as well as the first image of the Power Battery from the film (via The Daily Blam).

Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern Power Battery 570x779 First Look at Green Lantern Power Battery

Green Lantern Power Battery First Look at Green Lantern Power Battery

While I love the iconic Power Battery of the comics, I think the movie version actually looks pretty cool. It’s consistent with the sci-fi elements of  the Green Lantern series and the overall look of the Green Lantern film. There will always be those who insist on “authenticity,” but it’s important for filmmakers to break away from tradition sometimes to create a new experience for a new audience. Consider the Batman suit from The Dark Knight: Early on that costume rubbed a lot of people the wrong way for looking too “techy,” but it ended up being awesome in the context of the movie.

Even with stiff competition from Marvel, I still believe that Green Lantern has a shot at being the best super hero movie to come out in the next few years. If it doesn’t, DC will only have Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film to bank on, which would give Marvel a stranglehold on comic book movies. Sure, there is Superman: The Man of SteelThe Flash and Wonder Woman, but Green Lantern is going to have to pave the way first.

Source: Just Jared, The Daily Blam

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  1. I still hate The Dark Knight bat suit.

    • Which would you prefer, Doc…the Dark Knight suit or the Batnipple/Codpiece Schumacher monstrosities?

      • I prefer the Batman Begins suit. And the Batman suit from 89.

        • but both of them are too hard to movie around The Dark Knight suit is much more better for movement

        • @ DrSamBeckett

          I thought i was the only one who didn’t like TDK bat costume. Looked little too high tech lookin, even for Batman and one thing for me was, i couldn’t really see the Bat-emblem. It was small on the chest area and i could only notice the wings. I liked the yellow bat emblem from the 89 Batman film & the sequel, yellow belt too, Classic lookin from the comics in my opinion.

          • Thats exactly it!!! Where was the bat symbol? You’re right the 89 version rocked! And so does the animated series suit!

            • Other than that, I liked the new batsuit. It does distract from the costume, not having the yellow bat-symbol emblazon on the chest. Plus it did have a purpose. It gave the enemy someplace to aim. The theory was that it stood out so much that they would see it and fire where he was most protected. Technically when it is not there, the first thing they will probably see is the bottom of his face and that would suck.

              • I always thought that about Batman, shoot him in the chin or through the eye, any sniper gcould do that, especially in a DC universe where characters such as Deadshot reside.

              • I never thought the yellow bat emblem was a problem on the costume. In the movies you can clearly see it, but mostly the costume is black and Batman always seems to be in a dark surroundings. In Nolan’s films, particularly TDK in the scene with Chow in Hong Kong building, Batman had no yellow emblem but they still saw him. And in some of the comics, & Batman: TAS his cape kinda covers the emblem. One thing Burton’s film was his utility belt also yellow but it was always covered by his cape when he wan’t in action.

    • I loved the suit from TDK. I especially love how it incorporated into the story, and he doesn’t just show up at the beginning with it. I hope they do it again for the next.


    I give it an A+ for creativity, but a B- for authenticity. I miss the mechanical normal looking lantern, but since this movie is going in the direction of using organic technology for some of stuff in this movie like the costume and apparently the lantern battery.

    Now I wonder how the other Lantern batteries are gonna be designed.

  3. Isnt that one of the Crystal Skulls from Indiana Jones?

  4. Make with the trailers, already!

    • Its coming out with the Harry Potter movie this November.

  5. Looks awesome.
    I like the alien look they gave it.

  6. as much as im into the idea of a GL film. I dont want to see that character as much as i want to see deadpool com to fruition. i was thinking about who could make that film mabe better than robert rodriguez.
    Nicolas Winding Refn. i know he said he wanted to do wonder wwoman but i bet hed be much more suited for deadpool. or the directors of crank they should have done DP instead of ghost rider. that films like its just going to be a waste of time but it does have a goyer script so ill wait for the trailer. what do you guys thing about that dude nicolas winding refn for deadpool?

  7. That is an amazing spin on how a modern day power batery looks like.

  8. Anyone heard when a first trailer mnight hit? I suspect we shoudl see something even if its a teaser by this Chistmas. I blieve Christams is when they released the first trailer for Iron Man. If I understand correctly this film is in post-production and if thats right I’d think theyd have something to show for a trailer by now. ANyone have any knowledge on GL Trailers?

    • BCC,

      I thought I read somewhere the trailer for Green Lantern would be out with Harry Potter…


    • It is indeed attached to Harry Potter but I reckon it’ll hit the net a few days beforehand.
      I’m aggressively looking forward to the trailer, which Geoff Johns described as an epic teaser.

    • Jebus! Slow down and read what u write. Half of this response is illegible (that means no one can read it) and the other half is not even related to this article. You should be banned along with all the other twittering, twexting tweakers that technically type terribly. Too ta loo.

  9. I was almost mortified when I saw the GL costume… but after seeing the power battery, I’m getting more optimistic.

  10. Thats a cool view to see the actors from the Green Lantern movie making conversations about themselves

  11. You know what they should have done is said the lantern changes with the user. So when Abin Sur has it it has the above shape and when Hal gets it it changes to look like his idea of a lantern. Best of both worlds.

  12. Ugh, it’s hideous. Looks like something straight out of the Matrix sequels.

    • Yeah… not sure I’d go so far as to call it hideous, but I don’t think I like it either. There’s something about its design that just doesn’t work for me. I’m glad that it’s not an atrocious idea though. I think the concept is good and I definitely don’t mind it being a new stylized version worthy of the 21st century.

  13. Cooooooooooool!

  14. Did it occur to noone that the lantern is supposed to be the logo?
    I mean really, why would you make the battery and the symbol of the corps different shapes?

  15. HAHA Its Time for DC to school those marvel geeks. Bring on The Green Lantern!

  16. Looks like crap. Why is that Hollywood is making all the designs way too busy?

  17. What kind of Green Lantern battery is that? Or should i say who designed it? Looks like a lousy high school prop.

    • WallyWest,

      Production photos can be VERY misleading. I’ve been on sets and it’s amazing how fake stuff looks without the proper lighting and such.


      • @ Vic

        I keep forgetting that. I hope it looks better on film cause im forward to another DC hero flick besides Batman & Superman on the big screen.

        • I meant to say looking forward.

  18. I hope that is a fake, if not, this may turn out to be a disappointing film.

  19. The design style is looking like the trendy, “pack as much texturing and computer chip look as you can on every square inch of surface of the object as you can” style used in Transformers, Skyline, and every sci-fi video game currently available to buy.

    Not impressed or happy with this “look”.

  20. Oh btw, if you don’t like the batsuits from BB and TDK then you obviously like shiny, corny, colorful costumes. So go watch the live action Batman series from the sixties.

    The batsuit used in both is basically a high tech, police swat gear uniform with a cowl on it.

    • Sorry why exactly are you being aggressive? Because i don’t like a superhero costume in a movie as much as you?

      Also, the only colour on Batman’s costume in 89 was the yellow on the bat symbol, so you know, ya could tell he was Batman.

      And the bat suit in TDK, was motor cycle armour.

  21. Ummm, Batman costumes from previous films weren’t very colorful compared to the 60’s plus the 60’s costumes were tights.

  22. It looks okay.

  23. man screw ryan rynolds hes a liar!

  24. The very BEST uniform ever worn by an actor portraying The Bat-Man is hands-down seen the the fan-film, “Batman: Dead End”! ’nuff said.

    When will you people realize that this is a fictional character, and as such can get the job done in spandex tights! You greatly diminish the legendary prowess of the character if you believe that he has to wear that bulky armor favored in recent films! If Bruce Wayne is out enjoying a night on the town and spies the Bat Signal, Burton, Schumacher & Nolan’s version would have to travel from wherever he is ALL THE WAY BACK to The Batcave, change, and race ALL THE WAY BACK to the scene of the crime! By then the hostages would be dead (unless Joker decides to play with then until Bats arrives)! Why is it that in such masterpiece like, “Batman Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth” & “Batman: Year One” we see our favorite vigilante get the j.o.b. done in tights that can be concealed beneath tailored suits, but went transposed to the big screen, he has to don gear that that can withstand ballistic artillery? I watched an episode of, “Batman: The Animates Series” and the thugs were shooting at The Caped Crusader, and The Masked Manhunter simply avoided their fire as he rapidly closed in for the coup-de-gras!

    In the graphic novels & animated films he simply doesn’t allow these untrained scum to hit him! The last time I saw Batman get shot, it was by the professional assassin Dead Shot in, “Batman: Gotham Knight” and he still managed to knock Dead Shot out cold!

    And while I have your attention, what the freak purpose is there to having a BLACK bat symbol on a BLACK chest piece (see in both Batman Begins & The Dark Knight)? You can’t see it, so it’s not like the symbol surrounded by the yellow circle, whos purpose was to give the enemy a target (the chest other than the head) that is protected by a bullet-proof vest (Wayne wears one). And why the change from the Navy Blue & Charcoal Gray of the comics. No one changed Superman’s uniform in his films (until some idiot place an, “S” on his belt buckle in, “Superman Returns)! The Blue & Gray tights are like Shadow-Camo, whereas the all black is like a ninja… BUT HE’S NOT A NINJA! HE’S THE BAT-MAN! And could kick any ninja’s butt any day (or night) of the week!

    Moral of this story? Loose the body armor, because Batman is THE ULTIMATE SOLDIER IN THE WAR ON CRIME (even beat Captain America in a cross-over), and doesn’t need it!