First Image of ‘Green Lantern’ Villain Hector Hammond

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green lantern peter sarsgaard as dr hector hammond  First Image of Green Lantern Villain Hector Hammond

We reported a few months back that actor Peter Sarsgaard is playing the villainous Hector Hammond in DC/Warner Bros.’ upcoming adaptation of Green Lantern.

Despite several sneak peeks at the movie’s set and early looks at leading man Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, we’ve had yet to see a single image of Sarsgaard as the deformed and deranged Hammond, leaving many fans wondering (and worrying) about how the character will translate onscreen.

Early this week, the first image of Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond leaked online over at Sky Showbiz. Despite the fact that this image is one of those “caught on the fly” candid pics where Sarsgaard isn’t even in full costume, we nonetheless get a pretty good look at the makeup job the award-winning Green Lantern f/x team has put together.

For those who don’t know, the most recent comic book origin of Hector Hammond, goes like this:

The alien Abin Sur crashes on Earth, delivering the emerald ring which transforms Hal Jordan into Green Lantern. Hal is working for Ferris Aircraft and pursuing the owner’s daughter Carol Ferris (played by Blake Lively).Hammond is a consultant at Ferris Aircraft who is also interested in Carol; when Abin Sur’s ship crashes on Earth, Hammond goes poking around the wreckage and is exposed to an alien meteorite that serves as the ship’s power core. The meteorite endows Hammond with super intellect and psychic abilities, but also leaves him totally paralyzed and disfigured. Using his new powers, Hammond deduces that Green Lantern is Hal Jordan, and the rivarly is born.

Now that you know all that, it should explain the image below, in which Sarsgaard sports a swollen cranium and some ugly features:

This is the sign of a truly top-notch makeup job: I couldn’t even tell that was Peter Sarsgaard under there. From this early image, Hector Hammond is getting a movie treatment he deserves, and with a talented guy like Sarsgaard in the role, I feel safe in proclaiming at this early stage that Green Lantern will have an interesting villain to battle.

One interesting thing to think about: Hector Hammond’s father, Senator Hammond, will be played in the film by Tim Robbins. I suppose there will be some sort of father/son falling out, and I can’t wait to see what kind of sparks fly between Sarsgaard and Robbins – especially when Sarsgaard embraces his eveil nature.

What do you guys think – is Peter Sarsgaard looking good as Hector Hammond (so to speak)? Do think the Sarsgaard will make for a compelling villain, or were you hoping for something more epic from this film?

Green Lantern will light up theaters on June 17, 2011.

Source: Sky Showbiz via AICN

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  1. I’m a littile more excited about GL now for a very odd reason. I’m more excited not because this pic but because Tim F’n Robbins. I didn’t know he was in this that’s awesome.

  2. I’m not sure that I am even familiar with this villian.

  3. Personally, I’m a little more worried about Ryan Reynolds then I am Sarsgaard. The photos of Reynolds as GL with the mask on certainly make him look more the part but unlike Sarsgaard I’ve never seen Reynolds in a hero’s role that I’ve like. I’m not hating on the guy. I’ll certainly give him the benefit of the doubt but I’m still not 100% sold that if I were in the DC universe I wouldn’t be really worried that he was my Green Lantern. It just smacks a little of Affleck in Daredevil to me right now.

    • Actually, Reynolds was one of the few things I liked about X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

      • he really was THE best thing.

        • I felt the same thing about Gambit..

          • Exactly why they’re making the DEADPOOL movie. Even the critics were pissed about the way they portrayed Deadpool in the X-Men Origins movie.

            • the whole wolverine movie sucked big time

            • yeah everybody was pissed about how they made Deadpool in the end but character wise Reynolds portrayed his attitude and sense of humor perfectly i think
              just have to get rid of the laser eyes and sword claw crap

    • i have the same thoughts about both reynolds and chris evans as captain america.
      i cant picture chris evnas being serious, and the same goes for reynolds. i hope he cuts the crap and plays the serious side of things, rather then making GL into a comedy. same goes for evans, if i see him crack a joke during the captain america movie im leaving the cinema. :(

      • Ya well not only that but I see chris evans a wuss I mean can he turn that suit into a badass or is he going to look like a fairy. I mean when I look at the captain america comics I see one big dude which is very oppisite of chris evans. So if he wants to play a good part those trainers better be beating his ass.

    • I’m with Alex although I’m less nice about it. I find reynolds annoying. I hate that in almost every role he’s had he had to add a little of that obnoxious air of his.

      I don’t see him as Green Lantern. I am VERY disappointed he is GL. At this point the only way I will see this movie is on video not in theater and if they at least get GL’s costume right. I don’t care about anyone else. They can screw around with the other characters in the movie but the title is Green Lantern. If they screw that up(which to me they already have majorly by choosing reynolds) then what’s the point?

      And about X-men Origins…how could you like him in that? Besides the fact they screwed up Deadpool. Just him, reynolds….he just, for lack of a better word, sucked.

  4. I really hope they just do a word for word remake of the recent Secret Origin storyline. I wanna see Atrocitus and a young William Hand!

    • I don’t think we’ll be seeing Atrocitus in the first two films but I hope I am wrong..The War of Light storyline would probably need two movies to cover everything. They are a great read though

  5. What if that is just some guy that works on set? haha

    • LOL!! :)

    • hahaha!

  6. After reading up on Hammond, I find myself…underwhelmed. Giant head on a paralyzed body vs. Ryan Reynolds in a Green Lantern costume. Ick.

    • Yes and Professor Xavier is just a man in a wheel chair and Jean Grey is just a red headed bimbo….. ;)

      Im thinking this first movie will have him walkign and mobile most of the movie. Maybe close to the end his power/cranium grows ever so mre and places him in a non walking state or some side bar to something GL does does.

      • If he’s the main antagonist of the film I can’t see them waiting that long for his transformation to take place..

      • Xavier and Jean have something this guy doesn’t: dignity. I just don’t think casual fans will embrace the full “football head, paralyzed body” look, especially when it comes to being a credible threat. I can only hope they go the Jonathan Crane route: keep the core of the character intact, but ditch the more grotesque elements.

  7. I went to school with a guy that looked like that.

  8. Wow! This should get the fan-boys excited. Maybe there will be some photos that are not on the sly

  9. Reynolds will nail Jordan’s confident swagger and the suit will look great!! This is probably my most anticilated film of the next few years along with Captain America, Thor, Avengers and Flash!!

  10. Reynolds wasn’t my first choice but certainly not a bad choice. I still think Ben was a bad choice for DD the movie was just poorly made I think with a better script/director Ben would be good as Dd. As oppsoed to Chris Evans one of if not the worst casting choice in comic films.

  11. Like I mentioned in another site, it reminds me a lot of Joseph Merrick..

    • I don’t think he looks like the elephant man, he’s not as deformed as Merrick..he looks like Anthony Zerbe the actor who played Councillor Hamann in the Matrix Reloaded with a really swollen forehead…Lumbar-peritoneal shunt on the set please!!

  12. Oh, and it better have Rot Lop Fan. Just sayin.

    • Dude .. no way that character is in this film..waaaayyyyy to obscure..

  13. I think with Evans it’s just that, he’s played several roles where it has been demanded of him to play within that character we so identified with Johnny Storm. But I don’t think he walks around day in day out with that character projected for everyone to see and identify with. At least I hope that isn’t the case. I don’t remember his performance in “Street Kings,” was too busy watching Keanu Reeves Pinocchio his way through that role looking for clues or signs of a Klaatu or Spike I could identify with…

  14. I wonder what he’ll look like when they get done with the camera magic. Will they follow the comic and make his body tiny and his head huge or will what we see here be the villain. A great job on the makeup…

  15. @ [A]

    “Like I mentioned in another site, it reminds me a lot of Joseph Merrick..”

    I don’t think he looks like the elephant man, he’s not as deformed as Merrick..he looks like Anthony Zerbe the actor who played Councillor Hamann in the Matrix Reloaded with a really swollen forehead…Lumbar-peritoneal shunt on the set please!!

  16. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing when you get more excited about the villain rather the hero. Looks promising.