New Green Lantern Website Reveals Animated Logo

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Green Lantern Promo 1 New Green Lantern Website Reveals Animated Logo

For those interested in anything you can get your hands on about Warner Bros.’ upcoming comic book movie Green Lantern, you’re in for a little treat as the studio has just launched the official website which gives us a new look at Green Lantern‘s official logo.

It’s still early yet on the Green Lantern front (the film doesn’t open until next June) and so the website doesn’t have much of anything on it (at least in terms of the plot, etc.). However, it does provide a fresh look at the Green Lantern movie logo, an important aspect of any superhero movie.

Green Lantern fans can rest assured that the famous logo hasn’t been changed a great deal (it’s not one of those that presents much of a problem translating from comic page to screen). And we do get to see it in animated form with the striking green color glinting in the light in front of some mysterious background smoke.

Take a look at a screenshot of the logo below (click the logo to visit the official site):

Green Lantern official website logo New Green Lantern Website Reveals Animated Logo

Green Lantern is definitely a lesser-known character in the superhero canon as far as mainstream audience awareness goes. Will that hurt the film’s potential at the box office? Or will this be another Iron Man – i.e., where audiences embrace a character they hadn’t really seen before the movie?

I’m inclined to think the latter because of the uniqueness of the character, the big marketing push that WB will inevitably give Green Lanern (the studio is already planning a sequel) and, of course, the star power of Ryan Reynolds in the titular role.

Green Lantern has loads of potential on pretty much all fronts, from the stars and the director, Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), to the villain (Hector Hammond) and the uniquely fantastical premise. Here’s hoping all the elements come together to make for one of the better comic book movies.

Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong and Tim Robbins. It hits theaters on June 17th, 2011.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. I sat and watched it for about 30 minutes this morning.

    Also, I think GL is a pretty well known DC character. He’s up there with Batman and Superman.

    • Up there with Batman and Superman? Yeesh, I’d have to very much disagree there. Most people who just turn up at the movies on a Friday night to see “whatever’s on” (and that’s most) don’t know who the Green Lantern is.

      Iron Man was the same (although I think GL is even further down than him) but audiences surprisingly embraced him (did better than the Hulk and he’s a MUCH better known character I think you’ll agree).

      • Well, I honestly disagree. I really do think GL is a well known character. If someone said name some DC comic book characters, first answers would be Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman, Green Lantern.

        I don’t really see this as a risk either, Marvel are making a Deadpool movie, I mean thats a character no one will know.

        • Green Lantern is a lesser known to the general public we aint talking about comic book fans who know the character. the people who aint comic books fans dont know nothing about Green Lantern universe. they will know more about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman cause they had major cartoons, tv shows, movies, etc. Green Lantern is not in that league yet when it comes to general public.

          • He is in the Justice League though…

            • yeah but did he even has a solo animated show, solo tv series, film that been show to none comic book readers. older generation know more of the history about Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman instead of Green Lantern and they dont read comics. Green Lantern is a lesser known character when it comes to the general audience who make money for the film industry.

                • we aint talking about after the movie coming out we talking about right now. of course he will be well known when the movie comes out but for now his not well known to the general public. just expect Green Lantern to the general public is a nobody until the movie comes out.

                  • Guys,

                    Go stand outside the local supermarket and ask 100 people if they know who Green Lantern is – that should give you an idea. :)

                    BTW, my wife had no idea who GL is.


                    • Take bail money. Just in case. :)

                    • Lol. Neither does mine. She was the first person I asked.

                    • Look, it is important. Look at James Cameron’s Avatar. Would it have been as big of a box office success if it weren’t for the fact that everyone knew what Avatar was beforehand? Probably not. It is very important that a character be known beforehand for a film to be a box office success. All of Pixar’s movies, they are all based on previously known characters that everyone has heard of already. I don’t even understand how people can think Green Lantern can even come close to Iron Man. Everyone knew about Iron Man because of the song Iron Man, which was in the movie. Who knows about Green Lantern? Nobody.

                    • Reed,

                      WHO knew about Avatar long before the movie came out? No one knew what “Avatar” was until they started advertising it on TV.

                      Pixar movies based on previously well known characters? Like ants and grasshoppers? Cars? Superheroes they invented for the movie? Generic space and cowboy toys?

                      And what the heck does the song by Iron Maiden have to do with a comic book character who suits up in high tech armor to fight bad guys??

                      Your comment makes no sense. Seriously.


                    • Vic, that’s exactly my point. None of those other box office successes had anything to do with prior knowledge of the character. Prior knowledge is nice, sure, but as in all those other movies, and as in Inception this summer, it isn’t necessarily a factor at all. People didn’t go to see The Dark Knight because of Batman and the Joker, they went to see it cause it looked like a good movie. Would some people still see it even if it weren’t a good movie? Sure. Look at the movie “Batman and Robin.” but having a built in audience is ONLY enough to ensure that some dedicated people will still see it even if its bad. If its good, thats the only barometer for success.

                      I was using sarcasm to explain a point.

                    • Reed,

                      Doh! (slaps forehead)




        • I think it would be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash.

            • heres something them movies was marketed hardcore also it had well known actors attached to them projects. WB going to do the same thing when GL is coming out also. WB will market GL movie to the mass audience.

              no one never said GL is not a cool comic book hero the comments was about right now GL is unknown to everyone. but when the trailer hits on the net and next year we see more advistement, new Green Lantern video game, new Green Lantern cartoon and etc. then eth mass audience will know the character even more then before.

      • i disagree a bit, i think most have heard who GL is, but maybe dont know him that much, just that hes a hero you know

    • sorry but your wrong when u go by the general public alot of people dont know whos the Green Lantern. they dont know Hal Jordan history and the other Green Lantern corps. most people will know Batman and Superman cause they are been introduce to the general public in movies, tv, cartoon, etc. Green Lantern major fanbase are comic book fans but when it comes to the general public they dont know a thing about the character.

      • oh has Green Lantern never been in a cartoon? Must have imagined it.

        • did Green Lantern have his own popular cartoon show like Batman and Superman. im not talking about the cr*ppy cartoon show way back in the days. lets compare Batman and Superman to Green Lantern.

          major popular Batman cartoons we grow up on – Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, The Batman, Batman Beyond, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

          Superman cartoons we grow up on – Superman, Superman: The Animated Series, Legion of Super Heroes, Krypto the Superdog

          only time people have seen Green Lantern is when his part of a group like the Justice League and Super Friends lol.

          i know we had a Green Lantern: First Flight but did everyone seen it only comic book fans has not the general public.

          • Dan your forgetting though that in all those popular Superman and Batman cartoons GL has appeared in nearly all of them. I would say that has spread his name around.

        • I asked my wife who Wonderwoman, Superman, Spiderman, and Batman are and she knows. I mentioned Green latern and she said “who?”

          The character isn’t popular or as reconizable among the average person.
          Nothing wrong with that, the same could be said about Ironman and we saw how his movie turned out.

          • Green Lantern was more popular than Iron Man to the general public before the Iron man movie came out.

            • only to comic book fans that Green Lantern is popular not the general public on the streets.

    • Drsam I agree that GL is more well known than he is being credited for, but I don’t think he is up there with Batman and Superman at least a notch bellow. Certainly not as unknown as the article would make it seem though.

  2. Not much different from the other logo’s but still pretty cool looking.

  3. The people at WB aren’t idiots (when it comes to marketing and making money and all that, anyways), they wouldn’t put so much behind the movie if there was any chance that it would flop. It definitely has Iron Man potential.

    • I dont like WBs marketing methods at all…

      • What you didnt like the way the marketed The Dark Knight, one of the most ingenious marketing campaigns of all time?

        • They tend to market EVERYTHING from a specific source at once,like with HP,well be flooded with clips,tv spots,posters etc this upcoming month. Id like it if they give us little by little but no…

          • they only doing that to martket to the wider audience they have to do that to get people to watch it

  4. Dr. Sam

    I agree – GL is known to anyone who knows what the acronym “DCU” stands for.

    I think what Ross was saying is that people outside the DCU circle aren’t as familiar with GL – sure they know OF him, but his alter-ego, backstory, powers ans weaknesses, the multiple GLs there are – I’m not sure they know all that.

    People know a lot more info about Bats and Supes I’d wager :-P

    • That’s fair, but how many movie characters are people incredibly familiar with before they walk into a theater?

      • Most people go see the new Bruce Willis movie, not the new John McClane movie. :)

      • Actually, not to be a ball buster but people do have a good knowledge of characters if its a comic based movie because they read the comic or if its a reboot or if its a movie based on a book. And since we’re living in a time full of those then I’d say there’s a fair amount of people who know about a character before they go into a movie

    • I think he’s something of an equivalent to Iron Man. People (outside the comic world) have likely heard about him but, as you said, may not know his strengths/weaknesses or his rogues gallery. Yet, those same people will still go watch a movie about the character because they like the actors or it looks like a good flick. Not knocking GL or Iron Man, but they’re second-tier heroes to most moviegoers.

      • Agreed. Superman, Batman and Spider-Man are probably the 3 most popular superheroes out there-Tier 1A if you will. Tier 1-B would be Wonder Woman, Fantastic 4, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America. I would call Green Lantern, Thor, The Flash and Iron Man Tier-2 heroes. People know WHO they are, but aren’t familiar with their history like the Tier 1-A guys. You can probably walk up to a guy in China and he’d know who the origin story of those 3 guys. LOL.

        That being said, I think GL is going to do well because he IS like Iron Man. The character looks cool and having Ryan Reynolds as Hal certainly isn’t going to hurt it’s appeal. Unless WB completely effs up the script, this movie is going to kick major behind!!!

        • Tier 1-B would be Wonder Woman, Fantastic 4, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America. I disagree because most of the character you have listed have either b in a tv or b a tv movie and yes even the Flash had his own tv show. By the way Thor was hinted at in an 1980′s movie called Adventures in Baby Sitting. Green Lantern, Thor, The Flash and Iron Man Tier-2 heroes. Anyone that has seen or watch anything that has the Avengers or Justice League know these characters even my wife knows who GL and Iron Man was before the movies came out. It doesnt matter if they know the characters back story or not, just that they have heard of them.

    • That’s true. I think your right,I think lots of people would be aware of the character but not really know as much about GL.

      Any idea when a trailer might surface? Seems strange that no footage has been released, I mean the Thor trailer leaked..

      • @ DrSamBeckett

        Even in Australia, growing up I was more of a MARVEL fan, but I knew who the Green Lantern was. I vaguely remember having a stack of old black & white DC reprints and some featured the JLA.

        Ironically my wife who is ten years my junior, and has never been into comic books knows who the Green Lantern is from a TV cartoon series.

        So while Green Lantern is not as widely known as the more iconic super heroes, I think there is enough awareness of the character out there.

        At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. If it’s a good film people will flock to see it.

  5. That would make an awesome screensaver!

  6. I love how this looks already, I love that this is building up to Sinestro going against the corps and I love that Blake Lively’s lips and eyes have a shade of purple to them. This is really looking like it will embrace the Green Lantern comics. I can’t say for sure how Ryan Reynolds will do but he seems to have the best personality for Hal Jordan and I would really like to see farther down the road, appearances by Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Garnder. I’m not seeing anything really bad yet with this movie yet (of course there’s no trailer but seeing Reynolds say the oath was enough LOL)

  7. Hi guys,
    Can anyone please tell me how was the symbol created? Why a cercle between two bars? where does it come from or how did the creator explain it?
    I just know it represents willpower.
    Thank you

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