Green Lantern ‘What The Fans Will Want To See’

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hal jordan green lantern movie Green Lantern What The Fans Will Want To See

My buds at Latino Review have alerted me to a new bit of news about the Green Lantern movie that is indeed moving forward (without Jack Black, thank you very much).

Marvel Comics writer Marc Guggenheim has been tasked with writing the screenplay, and so far, it’s sounding like things are moving in the right direction.

He was interviewed by about his current run on Spider-Man and had this to say about the Green Lantern film:

I’ve been working my ass off on Green Lantern,” he said, then laughed. “I’m ready for a weekend off. I really can’t say too much about it. I’ve sworn a blood oath of secrecy. I will tell you it features Hal Jordan and is an incredibly faithful rendition of the character. It honors everything everyone loves about the hero. We approach it from a fan’s perspective. Every step of the way, we ask ourselves what we want to see and what the fans will want to see. I think we have a script that will actually satisfy on those levels. Right now I’m just doing a rewrite for the studio with Greg [Berlanti] and Michael [Green]. We’ll turn that in next week. We justkeep moving forward. It’s really good stuff!

Now lest you think I Marvel Comics writer shouldn’t be tackling the emerald hero, much less writing a screenplay, he has written for DC Comics before and in addition does have experience writing for TV shows like CSI: Miami, Law & Order and The Practice. Click here for his full bio.

Now as I said above, so far this sounds awesome. But a LOT of things can happen/change between the first draft of a screenplay and the final movie we end up seeing on the screen. It does add fuel to the “this movie may be cool fire” based on our previous Green Lantern script report last month. There are many, many, MANY “cooks” who get their fingers in the pot over the course of a film’s production.

green lantern concept art Green Lantern What The Fans Will Want To See
Concept art from the Green Lantern movie (Murray Studios)

Of course, things turned out pretty damned well for The Dark Knight, so that inspires some confidence. I’d love to see an awesome Green Lantern movie. Non-comic book geeks may not be aware that while the obvious Marvel/DC comparison for Iron Man is Batman, many comic book fans consider Green Lantern to be a better DC analogue for our favorite armored Avenger. This is due to the fact that they are both ordinary men (non-meta-humans) who have superhero powers – unlike Batman who has honed his physical prowess to the point that he seems super-human when compared to the average couch potato. simple smile Green Lantern What The Fans Will Want To See

Michael Green is co-writing the script along with Marc Guggenheim, and let’s hope Marc’s passion makes it all the way through the film-making process. Green has been involved with TV shows like Heroes, Everwood and *cough* Smallville *cough*.

As far as we know Greg Berlanti is still set to direct the film.

Source: (not the official Comic-Con site) via Latino Review

Image Source: Joe Bergeron

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  1. Sounds great,,, the first half hour of this film should take place in space,,,
    I’m really pretty excited on seeing a really cool Green Lantern movie.

    Any thoughts on how this origin film should go ???

    Green knight333 and KEL,,, I’m talking to you !!!!!! ?????

  2. Cool, if they go all out sci-fi this could be great. Lets hope its as good as TDK and Iron Man

  3. Am I the only one or does the concept art look a lot like something from TRON?


  4. No ZAR, that’s the Green Lanterns homeworld…
    The power of the Lantern is pure extraterrestrial…

    Suck on that Indy4 critics!!!!!!

  5. I wonder How deep the story will get into the mythology of the Corps.

  6. @790:

    It’s those weird clouds and the “fires” that remind me of the entry scene to the digital world in TRON – including the input/output-towers.


  7. Well that’s cool ZAR, Tron kicked aas! 😎

  8. @790

    Dude, I *love* sci-fi/alien movies – it just didn’t work in Indy 4. The ending felt totally tacked-on and out of place.


  9. I thought what they did with Green Lantern in the Justice League: The New Frontier movie was decent. Hal Jordan definitely has the chops to man a movie by himself if they do it right. Please do it right! :)

  10. I’d love to see a successful and well-done Green Lantern movie. I’ve never read any of his comics or know much about the character at all but its looks pretty sweet.

  11. Just don’t have him carrying around the lantern; that’s just too dorky. He can use it to power his ring, just don’t carry it around.

  12. ZAR-
    I think it’s the Death Star approaching Alderaan.

    GL better be great, these writers have a lot on their shoulders.

  13. @ 790

    I think the origin if told for modern times..i.e. after 2000 then why not have Jordan as an astronaut on the space station in orbit around Earth and have the dying Abin Sur find Hal there. The ring wisks him off to the Guardians where he gets the scoop on why he is destined to have the ring and what he can do with it…Then they make capturing Sinestro his first mission because he is the one who killed ABin Sur… The lantern could be a metaphysical thing whereby all he has to do is imagine it and its there for him to recharge the ring…I don’t think the chant will work in the movie because of the dork factor it has when you say it out loud…

    Try it

    “It brightest day, in blackest night…

    I love GL and I have been reading the books since 77 and I don’t think this will work in a movie..ALSO NO PARALLAX…that was crap..the most noble of the heroes other than Superman and they screw with his mythos…that really sank my battleship dudes…


  14. Sounds cool,,, Greenknight333, yeah that could work for the Lantern.
    The chant has to go, I agree. 😉

  15. I say keep the chant. And don’t go waaaay into Oa and such. Matter of fact, they should only feature the council once, towards the end of the film, otherwise, non-comic geeks will totally zone out. You suck them in with a guy that’s test-piloting(or space-stationing if you prefer) and he meets the dying life form that says he is true of heart. Then he learns how to use his powers, saves others, and faces Sinestro once. After a near-death defeat, he is brought before the council where they help him understand this strange new power, and how to use it. And, leave the chant. It shows the code that the character upholds, which is why the paralax thing didn’t make sense. That’s why superheroes are dying out. Because people are afraid of moral absolutes, and upholding them. Don’t make the green lanterns light turn dim and gray in this “darkest night” of our world.

  16. @ the Hunter

    Lose the can’t work…sounds too lame…and I love the GL character…probably my favorite of the Silver Age characters…if you doubt me say it out loud ..dorksville dude…and by losing it there would in no way have to compromise on Jordan’s nobility or higher purpose he was meant to have the ring…only the purest are and that point can be brought home very powerfully in this movie without the “chant”….beware my power…wuh ha ha ha…beware..

  17. Council would only be features once as Hal is ordered to get Sinestro who is on Earth looking to destroy Abin Surs ring..set the stage for a big finale and showdown at the end….

  18. I am extremely excited to see they are doing Hal and not Jon. I was worried about it because of his popularity in JLU.

    On the movie itself, I think they pretty much HAVE to have the chant in there…..but only once. Make it something that is said as he is “sworn in” to the Corp. I think it does have some corniness to it, but whenever someone is sworn in to anything, they have to make the pledge of the place they are being sworn into, so I think that would work. I also think they should keep the corp. in the background the rest of the movie. Do not delve into that stuff in a first movie, it would be way too much and there would be no time for good storytelling. Basically have him go to Oa towards the end of the movie after the Guardians see what he is capable of with the ring, then have them swear him in so he can go whoop Sinestro. It would be interesting to see them pull off Mogo, Ch’p, Tomar-Re etc hahaha. OK, maybe not Ch’p :-)

    Oh, and Green, although I agree Hal is noble, I wouldnt say second behind Supes… about Captain Marvel, he is above Supes in that category :-)

  19. I agree with Doom. I mean, yeah it may seem corny and ultra geeky to say it aloud, but then again, none of us have been entrusted with a ring to be part of an intergalactic police force to watch over the earth. However, if Hal Jordan says it once, as his oath upon recieving the ring, it would just sound awesome. I mean, he’s saying he accepts the responsibilty. Also, I don’t think it would be terrible if Hal himself made a joke about the oath sounding corny, until a final battle in which he learns of all the Lanterns that have fallen fighting Sinestro, and then, as he is defeating him, toss it out there line by line, until he brings down the final blow with “GREEN LANTERN’S LIGHT!” Chew on it. Don’t right it off. Part of what made old school comics work so well(despite cheeziness) was the commitment to ideals.

  20. @Greenknight333

    You dissed The Oath.
    I have to confiscate your ring now. lol.

    I think that even having the film set in modern times, there should be more of an adherence to the original material. Why couldn’t Hal be testing a SOTA trans-atmospheric plane or VTOL when Abin’s ship crashes? It maintains consistency with the original story, yet puts a modern spin on things.

  21. green lantern is AWESOME!

  22. gah… Things that need to happen.

    1. Hal Jordan cocky test pilot due to his “no fear”.
    2. Alien crashes. Ring finds Jordan.
    3. Hal learns to use the ring.
    4. Cameo from (pick one Batman/Superman/WonderWoman)
    5. comes looking for the Ring.
    6. Hal on the brink of loosing to the villain is rescued by the Corps.
    7. End of story.

    GL2 can have him move to “space” learning to use the Ring from Sinestro also showing Sinestros downfall.

    You know kinda like the latest cartoon.

    If anything Ironman taught us was keep it simple. What is more simple then alien ring finds man based on his ability to block out “fear”, play with the ring then find the ring is a badge of a larger network of rings designed to protect the universe/cosmos?

    After that you can explore the abilities of the ring “why” it works, the best minds that make it work, how it can be manipulated etc…. giant baseball bat etc…

  23. the writer of this article made a mistake…… Iron man does not have super powers either.. It's guy in a very advanced weaponized suit. Doesnt make him comparable to Green Lantern. If batman wears a weaponized suit, (as he's done occasionally) doesn't that make him a super hero just like Greenlantern/Ironman? No. Something happens to Green Lantern, and he becomes a cosmic being. I understand he is so just cause of the ring. just like Ironman. If he would have said Lantern is a human who's given special super-human abilities by an enabling device just like Ironman then fine. But they aren't meta-human. Bat-man is not a meta-human either. And is enabled AS MUCH as Iron-Man is by his gadgets. So, none of them are meta-human. You're hiding behind this phrase “many comic fans consider–” no you consider it. Many fans don't consider such ludicrous ideas. None of them are meta-humans. Iron-Man has tons more in common with Bat-Man than the Lantern. Lantern was out of the military and chosen to become a superhero by an outside force- sounds like Captan America.