‘Green Lantern’ Gets Bigger Effects Budget; New Lantern Corps Posters [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated March 9th, 2013 at 1:49 pm,

Green Lantern Movie Sinestro Kilowog Green Lantern Gets Bigger Effects Budget; New Lantern Corps Posters [Updated]

[UPDATE: Scroll Down For A Hi-Res Banner of The Green Lantern Corps!]

As Warner Bros. ramps up the marketing campaign for Green Lantern, one of its biggest 2011 summer tentpole films, we’ve been seeing extended trailers, TV trailers, and posters hitting the Web almost daily.

Today brings two new Green Lantern character posters, this time spotlighting fan-favorites Sinestro and Kilowog. In addition to the posters, we have word that DC/WB is pouring more money into Green Lantern‘s budget, in order to refine and polish the film’s many visual effects.

If you’re a stranger to the Green Lantern comic book mythos, then you definitely need to be brought up to speed about who Sinestro (played by Mark Strong) and Kilowog (voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan) are. Sinestro was once known as “the greatest Green Lantern,” for his unshakable willpower and many victories in battle – that is, until Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) becomes the first human member of the Green Lantern Corps. The ascension of Hal Jordan has a significant and transformative impact on Sinestro’s destiny…and that’s all I’ll say for fear of spoilers.

Kilowog, on the other hand, is a hulking brute alien with a heart of gold, who serves as the drill sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps, primarily responsible for training all new recruits (including Hal Jordan). Kilowog  is best known for his bravery, his dedication to the Corps, and for affectionately referring to his new recruits as “Poozers.” In many ways, he is the heart of the Corps.

Check out the character banners for Sinestro and Kilowog, courtesy of Yahoo Movies.

UPDATE: As a bonus, you can check out a MTV Exclusive hi-res version of a banner featuring some the main players from the Green Lantern Corps!


greenlanternmoviebanner Green Lantern Gets Bigger Effects Budget; New Lantern Corps Posters [Updated]


Race to the Finish: Green Lantern‘s Visual Effects Dilemma

One of the most contested issues about this Green Lantern movie has no doubt been the visual effects. Unlike, say, Batman – or even Spider-Man – Green Lantern is a superhero whose story incorporates a lot of fantastical sci-fi elements, not the least of which are alien worlds, several galaxies’ worth of alien species, alien technology, etc. Sure, Marvel’s Thor is also attempting to tell the story of a hero from beyond our solar system, but at least the God (alien?) of Thunder is surrounded by a cast of primarily humanoid supporting characters. No such luck for Hal Jordan.

green lantern ryan reynolds listening to sinestro speech 570x240 Green Lantern Gets Bigger Effects Budget; New Lantern Corps Posters [Updated]

When the first Green Lantern trailer was rushed online, fan reaction was severe: the general consensus was the extensive CGI being used to create the movie looked downright poor. Even the most loyal fans were left holding on to the small hope that the effects work was only in its preliminary phases, and would be given serious polish before the end product premiered in theaters. DC/WB reps quickly jumped ahead of the marketing crisis, promising fans that better effects were indeed on the way.

Since then we’ve seen better trailers and images for Green Lantern that certainly seem to evidence some improved effects work (though some gripes about Hal Jordan’s CGI costume still remain). Variety is now reporting that despite the warmer reception, DC/WB is still scrambling to get Green Lantern‘s effects worked out in time for the movie’s June 17th release date.

In fact, DC/WB has gone so far as to pump an additional $9 million into the film’s already massive budget, which should even out at around $200 million (if not more) when all the post-production, marketing and promotion is done. In addition to mo’ money, the studio has hired additional effects houses to aid the team from Sony Imageworks and Rising Sun Pictures, who are already working around the clock to meet the mid-June deadline.

So far, the grueling schedule seems to be paying off: buzz for Green Lantern is building exponentially, and the movie could conceivably end up garnering the biggest box office profits and fan adulation during the 2011 superhero movie summer showdown.

Thor vs X Men First Class vs Green Lantern vs Captain America Green Lantern Gets Bigger Effects Budget; New Lantern Corps Posters [Updated]

SIDE NOTE: The Variety article is quick to point out that Green Lantern isn’t the only blockbuster facing a strict crunch time. We already know that Marvel’s Captain America, Fox’s X-Men: First Class and Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 are all racing to meet their release date deadlines.

Green Lantern will be in theaters on June 17th (come hell or high water, according to the studio), hopefully looking as pretty and epic as it should.

Sources: Yahoo Movies, Variety

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  1. It seems like these movies spend most of their time in post-production doing special effects. It is crazy to think they are still going to do almost 10 million dollars worth of CGI effects at this point and the movie comes out in June. X-Men also looks like it is still doing post effects since each new trailer seems to add little shots of new effects.

  2. They’re spending soo much money and time on the special effects, but what about the 3D? I’m starting to think GL won’t be released in 3D after all. Not that I have a problem with that.

    • Hopefully they used that budget for special effects as well. I’d prefer great looking CGI in 2D rather than bad CGI in 3D.

    • You and me both.Though if there was a movie this year I wouldn’t mind watching in 3D this would be it.

  3. Ha! “fear” of spoilers. I see what you did there.

  4. Good news! I was sold on the film from the beginning (being a G.L. reader), but even the skeptics should be coming around. The WonderCon trailer was good, and now the news of extra money/help to polish the effects even MORE? This could turn out to be the best super-hero film of the summer.

    • Agreed.

    • GL is looking to be my favorite of the summer, and most-anticipated. But the studio is marketing the film all wrong, and it’s gonna hurt it in the long run.

      • Please elaborate on that statement….

        • It’s the end of April, and we haven’t seen a second trailer yet (Yes, I’m aware one will play in front of Thor, but that’s not my point). We’ve already seen several for XFC, and that film comes out two weeks (more or less) ahead of the film. Yes, we’ll likely see more from GL next month, but it’s pretty much last minute marketing. Heck, I’ve talked to many, and they’ve forgotten the iflm was even coming out. WB is hoping Reynolds will sell the film, and that’s why he was cast in the role.

          WB needs to start showing off more of this film.

          • X-Men actually only has one trailers for the US and the rest that have been on the net are for International markets. Green Lantern has been all over the television and I haven’t seen one X-Men spot on television yet.

            • Hmmm, I haven’t seen any TV spots for GL. Yes, XFC has only one US trailer, but GL only has one trailer period. I have yet to see any other trailer for the film other than the one shown several months ago. And no, the Wondercon footage doesn’t count as a trailer.

              • The Green Lantern trailer has been all over the NBA Playoffs, pretty high profile spots. The X-Men trailers are pretty much the same with a few seconds of footage added it seems. They might still be doing post work too which might explain the lack of television spots.

                • ::shrugs:: I don’t watch sports.

          • Thor comes out a month and a half before Green Lantern, so if a GL trailer is attached to Thor, I hardly see how a month and a half equates to “last minute”.

            • B/c XFC comes out only a couple weeks before GL, and we’ve already seen a lot more from that movie than from GL.

              • That is not true. One trailer for each, not including the Wonder Con footage for GL along with the characters posters and stills they both have released pretty close to the same amount of material. Like it really matters anyways, they both are being marketed appropriately, IMO. WB knows how to market a film….period.

                • Wait are you saying that GL has had worse marketing than X-Men First Class?

                  Now that is funny stuff. I think you need to take another look at some of the XFC promo materials.

                  I mean the GL humorous trailer ain’t got nothing on those atrocious XFC posters.

                  • Haha, so true, those posters were horrible. The extra cash into effects for this movie can only be a good thing, I have complete faith in this movie and I originally was on the fence about it.

                  • ::sigh:: I said we’ve seen MORE from the marketing of XFC than from GL, not that it was better.

                    • So your only concern for GL is that not enough material has been released for marketing purposes, that’s it? June 17th release leaves them plenty of marketing time left especially with their budget. Your more of a quantity rather than quality type of person aren’t you.

                    • Nope. I prefer quality over quantity, but they need to promote their. Like I said earlier, they’ve shown very liitle of this movie that some (not us who read sites like this) have forgotten about the film. Waiting a month before the film hits is just the wrong way to do it. Heck, XFC comes out only 2 weeks before GL, and I’ve more press on that film than GL.

                      But I’ll just agree to disagree b/c ya’ll don’t seem to understand what I’m saying, and it’s getting on my nerves.


                    • Release is over a month an a half away, more than enough time for some quality material to draw an immense crowd. If it’s getting on your nerves I wont badger you anymore (you started this thread comment btw) but base your comments on fact not just your random statements about no one knowing who GL is or who remembers that this movie is coming out, they do know who GL is and they do remember it’s coming out. You obviously know nothing about marketing, I manage a marketing firm and have done so for many years and GL is being done correctly and this is apparent due to the massive turn around in public opinion, not what your friends or some random people on the street say. Look at the bigger picture and expand your horizons beyond your stoop.

                    • Right. I figured that was what you were saying from the beginning. You’re comparing the amount of marketing between XFC and GL.

                      I think everyone else is saying, “What’s it matter?”

                      I’d say a month is the appropriate amount of time to release a new trailer. That way, people can get hyped a lot closer to the release date, as opposed to getting them hyped and having them forget about it because the release date was too far off.

      • I disagree. The marketing will not hurt this film. I agree its not the best but the marketing that has been done and word of mouth will make this a hit. This may be one of those movies that has a better 2nd weekend than opening.

        • Maybe, but many of the general audience members are still unaware of who GL is, and the trailers have been targeted at fans of the comics. Like I said, the studio is basically hoping for Reynolds to sell the film.

          • I really think you are understating the publics familiarity with the character (not that it really matters all the time) and the material WB has released. I hope you’re not taking a poll of just people you know and stating it is as a personal fact of GL’s popularity (or lack of popularity) to the general audience because we have seen that on SR before. I think Alpine is right, this movie is going to have good legs, internationally as well.
            I’m also pretty confident in saying WB has ample experience in the field of marketing movies, so let’s just leave this one to the pros shall we?

            • Go ask random people on the streets and ask them if they know who Superman, Batman, or Green Lantern is. I bet you’ll find very few that acutally know who GL is and what his powers do or where he got them.

              • I don’t think a large portion of the general population would know what the powers are and where they came from for any of those characters, they really just need to know who they are at some point and time before the film comes out and their butts will be in the seats. Everyone knows who Superman and Batman are but most people won’t be able to tell you where their powers came from and so on and so forth, people know who GL is and that’s what matters. You are going with two arguments here, is WB marketing the film wrong or is there an underlying problem that not enough people know who GL is? I disagree with both and they are two completely different aspects for this character and the movie, but again lets leave this one to the pros (that goes for me too), they are not going to spend that kind of money without people knowing about the character and the movie itself.

                • Walk up to random people on the street “who’s your favorite superhero mister.” HAHA.

                  • I can see it now:

                    “Your mom.” Punches you in the face. “Nerd.”

      • this is gonna be one of me favs too =)

  5. I am really looking forward to this movie. It seems to me the additional money is a bit high due to the film being shot in 3D. I would think post special effects shots would be more costly due to the 3D treatment. From what I have seen so far the movie will be epic in size and greatness. I will keep hoping for the best. I would hate to see this much money spent to only have a weak story.

  6. Fix the green skull mask, the bare feet and the fish meat leggings PLEASE! For 9 mil they should be able to do that much.

  7. I never had a problem with the original trailer’s CGI. But I’m glad to hear I was right in assuming it would be touched on further

  8. This is pretty insane. All the fan-boys rants literally changed this movie.

    • ha

    • Changed it visually for the better. For once fan-boys can be proud of their bitchy attitude.

      • everyone except ghost :)

        • Nah he’s not a nay-sayer, he just has low box-office expectations. Doesn’t mean he thinks the movie’s gonna be bad.

    • Either that or the studio wasn’t happy with the effects themselves. They showed the trailer at an industry event to get feedback on the movie and I guess they decided that is wasn’t where they wanted it to be.

      I have been wondering though about these movies that use allot of Green Screen and post production special effects how they deal with the dailies. They can’t have a complete picture (no pun intended) of what the film is really going to look like until it gets the post work done. What do they look for then when seeing how the project is going ?

  9. its really awesome to see how much of a turn around this movie has gone through in the eyes of the fans, hardly any bad comments compared to a few months ago when it was hard to find a good comment. personally since hear if this film i was excited, even more excited when ryan reynolds took the lead(im canadian, i gotta be excited). i think this movie will carry itself quite welland people will be talking about it for months afterwards.

  10. I was such a huge doubter after the first trailer, but this looks great and I am so looking forward to this film!

  11. FYI pumping additional money into a vfx budget for summer film toward the end is normal. Films do that all the time because there’s a safety net they have to plan for last minute changes. An additional $9 million toward VFX is nothing. They did this with Matrix 2 and 3 and look how those turned out.

    Still a pass for me.

  12. See, the first mistake this movie made was not hiring the RIGHT visual effects company. The V.E.company that is doing this movie is Sony Images…really?? in my opinion Sony doesnt have the best visual effects company. They should of hired Weta Digital or ILM. Weta would have gotten it right the 1st time.

    • Well, WETA get’s EVERYTHING right. I’d be happy if they could garner the resources to do the effects on EVERY movie made. I would imagine they’re pricey to use, though. Then again, I also don’t know anything about it.

  13. I always wondered why they let a guy named Sinestro in the universal police force, to me that’s just asking for bad news. I mean you wouldn’t let a guy named Molestro work at a daycare would you? This is just somethin that always bothered me

    • lol…oh that was a good one….

    • Well, remember that here on Earth, “sinister” actually just meant “of the left side” or “having to do with the left side” (related to the term “sinestral”) and did not have a negative connotation EXCEPT for the idiotic fact that so many buffons assumed left-handed people must be unclean or even satanic.

      In terms of the character being named Sinestro, aliens would not view our words in the same way we do (“Sinestro” might translate to something like Robert or John on his homeworld). Remember, he was originally extremely highly regarded.

      Of course, we as comic readers on Earth KNOW that his name means trouble…kind of like Victor von Doom.


      • Sheesh…BUFFOONS, not buffons…sigh.

        • Wow Archaeon you are so learned thanks for the explanation I can finally sleep soundly. I can always count on you

    • Yes, now that was an awesome comment!

      • Whoops, that was meant in regards to the Molestro comment.

        LOL Molestro

  14. I’m still worried about Ryan Renalds ruining the charector with wise cracks every three minutes, trying to make everyone laugh. Otherwise, I’m impressed with how well the CGI looks.

    • That would be the writers’ fault, not Reynolds’.

      • True, some people are incapable of grasping that concept.

        • No, I disagree. Have you seen any other films with Renalds, he’s the same in every movie. There are certain acktors that take their personality with them, what ever roll their playing. Example: Clint Eastwood. I’m sure some writers keep that in mind. So yah, I am capable of grasping that concept.

          • Buried, Smokin’ Aces, Paper Man, Adventureland,Amityville Horror and soon to be Green Lantern, all Ryan REYNOLDS (spelled correctly) not as stereotypical Ryan Reynolds, even if he was, he is still funny to me. Reynolds movies do well because of his personality but he has shown that he is capable of having range. Do some research rather than just stating your opinion from the movies that you have just seen, their is more out there.

            Actors (spelled correctly)

          • Are you sure about that? Clint Eastwood is typecasted, Reynolds has not as of yet and has been in some very different movies with some very different acting styles. Acktors…..haha, classic!

  15. the effects for thor weren’t as great as everyone on board made the out to be, probably b/c i was watching it in the dreaded 3-d and was right in front of the damn cinema :(

    this however looks really good, alot of detail to the CGI characters and hopefully the ring effects (giant fist etc) are all top notch as well.

  16. can anybody tell me the budget of this movie?

    • over 150 million i think, it may even be 200 million (dont know for sure)

      • Yeah, $200 million is Kofi’s loose guess in the article as well.

      • Has anybody seen Ryans Deadpool in Wolverine, its the same in GL. In the begining, everyone was all, the CGI sucks and Ryans ackting would be better suited for a Deadpool movie. Well, the CG looks great, but I don’t think he matches the comic version very well.

        • Ackting….haha, classic?

          • Oops, ackting, that is pretty lame of me,and I did it twice.

  17. To me the 1st trailer was like “Ok, this will be a fun super hero movie”

    After the second trailer I was like ” WOW, this looks like it will be an EPIC super hero movie”

    I am not too familiar with Lantern all that Much. I just know the basics. Average guy gets a magical ring that gives him super powers. Never really got into the character. But after viewing the second trailer, Ive been reading all about his story and history and am VERY excited to see the film.

    I know Deadpool was always a funny humorous guy, so Ryan seemed good for the role. But was Hal Jordan a funny type of character, or was he pretty serious type character? I think Ryan wont go over board with the jokes. Hes been serious in movies before like Amityville or whatever that horror movie he was in. And by the looks of the trailer, it seems like hes taking the role pretty seriously…

    Either way, I think all fun blockbuster hero movies should incorporate humor into the films. I guess its how they try to make it fun for all types of different audiences. I know fan boys don’t like it that much, but if fan boys just bought tickets, movies wouldn’t gross that much. You gotta reach out to 13 year old kids and family’s who want to have a good time enjoying themselves while watching the film. They Do it with Thor, they do it with Iron Man. Its about marketing to ALL audiences…IMO

    • Tim…to answer your question about Hal’s attitude, at first, he’s very obnoxious and arrogant…the perfect stereotype of a hotshot pilot. He does become more serious as time goes on but never COMPLETELY loses his attitude (or, at least, his sense of humor).

  18. I wish Kilowog’s head was a bit bigger (like in the comics) – I mean, he’s an alien. Use the special effects to make him the unique creature that he is supposed to be.

    Nevertheless it does look like it’s gonna be a good movie.

  19. I’m glad to see they are concerned enough to deliver the best product to the finish line that they can, that they are investing the extra money for refinement. If some of the rough spots can be ironed out, I would be willing to accept a bigger budget or even production delay. My hat is off to them for caring. I personally think that despite a few flaws that most of us can agree on, this movie will be the over-the-goal-post 4-star kicker of the year. Here’s hoping!

  20. I dont care about this movie but Transformers 3`s effects gonna be awesome…..ILM effects are good i dont like sony imageworks

  21. This had just better pay off in the long run.

  22. My parents aren’t from the U.S. and they have a saying where they come from:

    “Monkey make he pickney till he spoil em”

    Basically it means you groom and groom something so much you end up ruining it.

  23. Only thing they need to do now is improve the mask. The rest has been improved enough to make it watchable

    • Right…..

  24. Im from Ireland and so have already had the chance to see Thor and you might think im being a bit premature but id be very surprised if there is a better movie this summer.

  25. Green L for me all the way!

  26. After all these gazillions have been spent on making this movie, why? why on God’s earth couldn’t they CHANGE that awful looking MASK!!!??? I said it all along, I can buy the muscle-looking suit powered by the ring, the awful looking battery, but the mask!!! It makes Ryan look ridiculous. I get it that since the mask is made by the ring it should look like energy-made radiant mask, but the shape of it looks plain silly. If they are INVESTING more money in “additional” special effects why won’t they change the mask.

    I think they are going the Spider-Man route. When we found out that web would come out of his wrist instead of cartridges he built we all went crazy. Now the movie was awesome and we rolled with it. I hope this movie is well written because I have been waiting for 20+ years to see The Green Lantern make it to the big screen and anything below AWESOME is a FAIL.

    • Yeha I agree, they could have used a spray on jobby and it would have looked much better for the money. Ironic thing is, they probably had 5 CGI artists working on every frame of that just doing the mask!

  27. So they shaved the budget to start with, then realised they made a mistake underfunding when the audience poo pooed the crappy graphics trailer. Now there isn’t enough time so they have to take on even more CGI staff to fit in with the schedule.

  28. Rubber Ken doll jammies LOL