Shiny New ‘Green Lantern’ Wall Posters

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Green Lantern movie wall posters Shiny New Green Lantern Wall Posters

Of the three solo superhero movies hitting theaters this summer, Green Lantern has so far been earning the most mixed buzz from fans. We’ve already broken down Ryan Reynold’s CGI GL costume shot by shot and speculated about how the suit’s look will affect the film as a whole, so there’s little point in carrying on about it more until another trailer or the movie itself is released.

Four new Green Lantern wall posters have been unveiled, and while they don’t feature Reynolds as Hal Jordan in the flesh, his illustrated counterpart looks pretty slick with the glowing outfit on.

Here’s an official synopsis for Green Lantern, for those whose memory needs a little refreshing:

In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. A brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order, each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. But when a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest recruit, the first human ever selected: Hal Jordan.

These new wall posters feature a look at Jordan’s fellow Green Lanterns, including the pig-faced Kilowog, and should provide enough glistening eye candy to satisfy those who’re been eagerly awaiting director Martin Campbell’s big screen adaptation of the classic DC comic book series – until the film itself is released, of course.

Check them out (via The Daily Blam!) in the gallery below:

The official Green Lantern trailer left a sour taste in many viewers’ mouths, in large part thanks to the bits with Reynolds being (for lack of a better term) all “Reynold-ish,” and of course the Lantern’s incomplete, computer-animated suit. However, those who either paid more attention to the second half of the theatrical trailer or just watched this recut GL preview instead are likely more optimistic about how the final product is going to turn out.

Couple that with early reports that the movie’s screenplay reads as more serious and quite epic in tone, and who knows – maybe Green Lantern will surprise its detractors and be the best comic book flick of 2011. We’ll have to wait and see.

Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D theaters this year on June 17th.

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  1. this makes me sad

    • And why is that? These are promo illustrations. The new trailer is inbound anytime soon and is gonna kick major tail.

      • sad because it reminds me how disappointing the cgi costume looks. That’s all. Movie could very well be awesome, but that’s not the issue.

        • Yea I know there were some scenes where the cgi was off but that was a while back. The new trailer will have more polish. To me some scenes the suit just didn’t have texture.

          • I REALLY hope ur right. GL is one of my fav heroes and I’m more of a Marvel guy smh. Plus I love Ryan’s portrayals. Ur right tho, next trailer is due momentarily

    • It’s still in post, have faith!

  2. I’m gonna go ahead and be the guy who’s not negative and say this is awesome. I loved the trailer and will wait to see how the actual movie is instead of cry about how bad a trailer made by people who didn’t even make the movie is. Can’t wait!

  3. That third one looks like it would’ve been the cover for the video game if this was back in the 80′s with the title coming out of the ring. Aside from that the others aren’t too bad. I like the second one the best.

  4. If they cut the first scene of the trailer then people wouldnt be complaining, and I thought that scene was quite funny. Judging an entire film on the basis of a two minute teaser trailer which shows very little is just silly.
    The costume looks fine to me too, it makes sense to have it as CGI to me.

    • I just think the first trailer was just actually to give fans sneak peek into the movie. There is so much we haven’t see yet but this will be dealt with in the coming weeks I’m sure.

    • Same.

  5. Pretty optimistic about the movie.
    But then whenever I see Reynolds, Deadpool comes into my head. And then this voice screams WHY WHY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY?!

  6. thats what im saying if you look at the posters reynolds just looks odd as green lantern. he just ISNT hal jordan im sorry he just isnt.

  7. These posters look pretty good. I really like the variety of Lanterns being used. My question is on the 2nd poster, the snake like guy in the bottom right corner……who is that? Only one I can think of is Zghithii, he is the only snake like Lantern I can remember (and I had to look up the name because I barely remembered him).

    • I’ve read its Isamot Kol

      • Ahhhh, just looked him up. New GL book that I never read. I have been out of the loop for about 7 years on the new comics. They just seem to not be as good as they used to be.

        • Idk I kinda like Johns run on GL

          • It may very well be good, I am talking comic books in general, I havent read much of anything new for quite a while. I have been thinking about going back to it, but just havent had much of the time or money to sink into it that I would really want to, so I figure its best to just stay away lol.

  8. that second poster is epic, & the third has an old school-feel to it. i can dig it.

    does anybody know if these are being sold anywhere?

  9. Getting a little tired of people jumping on people’s reactions to trailers which arent fanboyish and perpetually optimistic.

    Just as we supposedly “judge a movie based on a teaser” and arent happy with what we see, you people too are “judging a movie based on a teaser” and come away with a different opinion.

    Sheesh, you’d think the obvious would sink in after time, but the same ole fanboys over and over keep vomitting up the same argument.

    • Thank you…for speaking most on the minorities minds dude…I seen Spiderman’s costume and the fanboys are praising it….aleast DC is trying to innovate the typical latex/spandex costume. New Spidey costume sux….I said it now fanboys are gonna argue in wrong. Please that is so hypocritical…I like both DC and Marvel…DC more.

    • Or maybe I’m getting a little tired of people just bashing a film they haven’t seen!!!
      Am I optimistic? No, rarely. But I think this will be very good, and just wanted to express that. So who are you to tell me I’m wrong?

      • Well Sam, you see……they are the all powerful faceless person on the other side of the interwebz who get to tell everyone off when their opinion is the only one thats right.

        • Yes. True. But there is no need for it is there?
          All I was saying is that people should be a bit more open minded considering the small amount of footage we have seen, and I got told that was the wrong thing to say.
          Just crazy. Might as well not bother saying anything.

          • I agree with you 100% Yeah I may say here and there that based off footage I am not holding out hope or whatnot, but never say its going to be terrible just based on the footage in a short trailer.

      • It was you (and some others here) who see a negative opinion of a trailer and immediately start in with the “how can you judge a whole movie based on a teaser, that’s just silly” type of comments which wholly ignore that you’re also “judging” a movie based on a trailer.

        You state your opinion, I state mine. There’s no need to go further every time DSB and accuse folks of being unfair, judgmental, etc.

        You like the movie, fine. Fanboys will continue their undying support no matter what.
        I’d like to think my opinion is an “outside the culture” view stemming from a more objective platform – which means Im just a average joe looking at this from a middle aged perspective and would like to pulled in for a great moment of entertainment – and Im just not seeing it at all with this GL thing.

        I could be wrong, maybe it will be fun and look better on the big screen. Based on the trailer though, it’s got a sci fi channel look to it.

  10. I think DC/WB are moving carefully after the reaction of fans when the trailer was shown. It’s a shame that now they are showing good stuffs and we’re still worried.

  11. i don’t mean to spam the same questions,
    but does anyone know if these are being sold anywhere?
    i’d love to have that second poster framed.

  12. I really love the 2nd one. The fourth one is cool too. I want to buy them if they are being sold

  13. I like the Jack Kirby touch to the illustrated poster.

    Still, Green Lantern needs a second (and better) trailer even more than the Thor movie did. For the second go around they need to show us more of the dramatic action that I have faith will be there in the movie and probably to show more of the supporting alien characters rather than put the spotlight on Ryans Reynolds’ alter ego/superhero dual lifestyles which is rather painfully cliché by now, even without the humor.

  14. I cannot wait to see The Green Lantern hitting the big screen this summer.

  15. Pretty funny (or sad depending on your point of view) that not even illustrations can make that mask look good.

  16. Looks good. As fae as I’m concerned Green Lantern was the hardest to adapt of all the comic movies. Cant wait.

  17. It looks great, If you never paid attention to every little update about the suit and read the many stupid and uneducated (about cg art and animation) comments about the suit, you would be super impressed. These negative comments are from people that grew up with cg special effects in everything they see. They’re jaded and probably never seen a movie before 1994.

  18. Noticed the diff between the promo art and the trailer is that there is more black in the promo suits, indication of final product maybe? xD

    Also if you pause the scene where he saves the kid his mask is pointy at the corners like in the comics.

  19. Two of those posters look pretty bad, the other two are horrid!

    P.S. Merciful Rao is a great name by the way (Even though I thought Clark was brought up in Kansas).