Green Lantern Movie Logo & Promo Art

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green lantern movie logo Green Lantern Movie Logo & Promo Art

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are expanding their DC Universe properties and the focus of their marketing is on the Green Lantern brand. With news of a Green Lantern animated television series and the recent release of the official Green Lantern movie plot synopsis, WB has now unveiled the official Green Lantern movie logo along with some promo art.

The new images come attached with the Warner Bros. press release covering details about the partnership between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Mattel toys which discusses the opportunities going forward to market the growing franchise.

Brad Globe, president, Warner Bros. Consumer Products:

“The sheer volume of the DC Comics property portfolio lends itself to an incredible array of consumer offerings… As master licensee, Mattel has consistently created innovative products that are true to the spirit of the DC Comics heroes and villains from which they are inspired. We look forward to seeing the results of the next wave of property collaborations.”

Donald De Line, Producer, Green Lantern:

“The Green Lantern film has an incredibly wide merchandise appeal… The potential is there for amazing toys and merchandise because Green Lantern’s ring can create anything the imagination can conjure. From space stations and vehicles to alien action figures, the possibilities are just endless.”

DC has a great opportunity to start fresh with new product lines of movie and cartoon based toys, merchandise, apparel and other brand-related products. For you collectors out there, you know how Hasbro has really brought down the quality and coolness of Marvel action figures and collectables, leaving a big hole in the market for Mattel to fill.

Here are the three pieces of promo art – keep in mind that the first one is not the official Green Lantern movie poster [click to enlarge]:

green lantern movie poster 280x335 Green Lantern Movie Logo & Promo Art

green lantern movie promo image 280x336 Green Lantern Movie Logo & Promo Art

DC Entertainment promo art universe of opportunities 280x335 Green Lantern Movie Logo & Promo Art

If you’re a Green Lantern fan, this promo art might seem quite off the mark – Not because of the imagery or colors, but because of the strange tagline on the first image which reads “anyone can be chosen.” That’s not exactly how recruitment into the Green Lantern Corps. work; they don’t just accept “anyone.”

When the Green Lantern Abin Sur crash-landed on Earth, there were two potential candidates previously chosen to be Earth-born Green Lanterns and they had to be “utterly honest and born without fear.”

However, don’t get too stressed out, the tagline is limited to the toys – not the film.

What do you expect from the Green Lantern and DC Entertainment’s future movie plans?

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Green Lantern opens in theaters on June 17, 2011.

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  1. well, don’t forget, they have some twit in the marketing dep’t who thinks up these taglines.
    it’s not like working in marketing means you have a head on your shoulders, or even know anything about the subject at hand.
    he’s trying to come up with a line that will stick in peoples’ minds. mind you, in this case, he phailed pathetically.

  2. Yeah the tag line stinks but from a marketing standpoint they are trying to be all inclusive to bring in mass appeal for DC. Its not an official movie poster so it doesn’t have anything to do with actual G.L. continuity… but they better change that tag line for the official one or they’re going to have some problems with the hardcore fans.

  3. Not a great tagline, kinda misses the point entirely.

  4. I cannot wait to see The Green Lantern when it hits theatres next year Summer 2011.

  5. logo doesnt look that bad. As for that anyone can be choosen thing. While that isnt correct from the comics. But its probably just meant more for toys and games and all that. Then for the film itself.

  6. Looks too much like one of the Tron: Legacy posters.

  7. The user comments have assuaged my fears when I read ‘ANYONE can be chosen’. Hopefully DC make a great film of this…I’m not too inclined towards Green Lantern so my hopes won’t be dashed :)

  8. a better tag line would have been : Anything is possible…

    means alot more from the stand point of the ring. still looking forward to the movie though!!!! roll on 2011!!!!

  9. better tagline No Evil Will Escape.

    • Or the first part of the oath. Or to finish your quote “No evil will escape my (or his) sight” to me sounds better.

      • I was thinking the same thing. Which worries me, thinking like “a merc with a mouth”. :o

  10. Some say it’s a selling point for toys (like the ring) but if they can’t think of one that makes sense, why have on at all?

    Do those words make parents by more toys? lol

  11. I’m really curious to see what kind of toys they come up with, other than a light up ring. With Batman and Ironman, you’ve got a lot of accessories and stuff that kids can shoot and throw a each other, but all Green Lantern’s got is a ring. It’ll be hard to make a ring that shoots things. I guess they could just make a bunch of green stuff and pass them off as constructs.

    • I’d love a Green Lantern Lantern! Although i’m sure u can get them since Shelton in the Big Bang Theory has one

    • That’s a good point.

      The Dark Knight toys were a pretty big fail since all they included was two dozen different colored versions of Batman on a crappy size scale (5″ instead of the good 6″ like the regular DC/Marvel action figures).

      I hope they don’t come out with the stupid 3″ toys like we’re seeing recently with Hasbro’s GI Joe and Marvel figures and even DC now.

  12. The ring looks good on Brad Globe:)The tagline needs a little work, but it’s okay. And the logo has really improved since last time.

    Now for the story I think the blend of Secret Origin and Rebirth would go pretty well with the story’s premise. Both include Hector Hammond and Rebirth includes Hal facing Parralax and Secret Origin is an obvious include to the movie. I also think that either Micheal Madsen, Christan Slater, or Bruce Willis would make an excellent Kilowog.

    • Kilowag will probably be CGI as will more of the unusual looking Lanterns

      • Kilowog I mean

        • I meant as the likeness and voice of Kilowog. I didn’t want it to be like Fantastic Four with the Thing.

  13. I wonder if we will get a brief glimpse of Guy Gardner. I doubt it but it would be a neat little nod to the fans,

  14. I guess the tagline is saying something like, “Anyone can be chosen, but only the honest and fearless can become a real hero.” That’s just the first thing that comes to mind. It’s Hal’s journey to prove that he can become a Green Lantern and a true hero.

  15. I think this would make a better tagline…

    “No evil shall escape his sight.”

  16. Tagline: Will you be chosen? “ANyone” shows a complete lack of understanding of the source material by marketing executives..

    I have various Green Lantern collectible stuff that I have aquired over the years but I would love to get a replica lantern that when activated emits a emerald light..that would be tres cool!!

  17. I’m not too crazy about the tagline either- but I understand it.

    If the concept is to “include all kids” then the idea is somewhat sound because you don’t want the concept to be ‘exclusive’ but ‘inclusive’.

    YES it’s a huge, huge blunder given the source material, but I get it.
    It’s just wrong.

    Kids will play with the toys anyway.

  18. I believe the point of the tagline is not that any person can literally be chosen, but that the requirements for the ring to be worn can come from any place, even a human. Didn’t you guys see Ratatouille?

    • Anyone can cook. Or in this case: Anyone can shoot an alien energy and stop intergalatic perps.

  19. @ happypalooza, I saw the tagline the exact same way. It is saying it COULD be anyone, not that it would be anyone. Just a way of saying it could even be a human like you said.

  20. Not just anyone can be chosen or are you the chosen one wouldve been better. The logo looks good, they kinda put a spin on the classic look. Making it dark with the green emerald in the middle looks cool.

  21. I was actually “This” close to getting a G/L Tattoo(jst a small 1) but then I stoped myself (thank-god) when I realized it was only a matter of time before it got made into a movie, Then the sighn would be everywhere,
    ow well I’m a bit of a freak for buying G/L stuff so this will be good….well not buying the ring though…well cheesy

  22. The problem with the tagline is that NOT anyone can be chosen…the primary characteristic of a GL is that he/she/it be FEARLESS…and how many can honestly claim that?!
    BTW, FaDGE, I have Kyle Rayner’s black/green GL emblem tattooed on my left wrist…would have been too easy to go with Hal Jordan’s emblem…although I may someday get the Golden Age GL, Alan Scott’s, emblem tattooed on the opposite side of my left wrist…