Massive Batch of ‘Green Lantern’ Hi-Res Images

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After Thor and X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern is next on the 2011 superhero movie chopping block. Despite the increasing quality of the trailers, the film still has some hurdles to get over with regard to the CGI, costume, and mask, before fans are completely satisfied.

Well, perhaps this will help – today, we have a massive gallery of hi-res images from Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern featuring various images from the trailer as well as a few new ones. In these new hi-res images, star Ryan Reynold’s costume and mask look more convincing than ever.

Check them out below:


Out of all of the images, possibly the most interesting one is the header, with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) as Carol Ferris. Not so much for the Blake Lively/Carol Ferris element, but because Ryan Reynolds actually looks like Hal Jordan, which is something that has seemingly been missing in all the other media we’ve seen so far. Look at how casual he is with his ring on in public and his brown leather flight jacket! Just like Hal Jordan!

Also, even though we’re still not entirely sold on the design of the costume and especially that mask (shape-wise, it looks a bit like a green butterly in the middle of Reynolds’ face), at least they’re both starting to look convincingly physical.

Take a look for yourself:

green lantern ryan reynolds mask costume Massive Batch of Green Lantern Hi Res Images

Previously, the mask has sort of looked like a 2-dimensional floating green blur in the general vicinity of Ryan Reynolds’ head. Now it genuinely looks like it’s taking up space on his face, thanks to details like shape, shadow, and lighting. The same goes for the rest of the costume, which also looks to be getting more and more detailed.

But what do you guys think? Have these images assuaged your fears about the costume and mask, or are you still on the fence? Furthermore, are you looking forward to Green Lantern in the wake of Thor and First Class, or are you starting to get superhero overdose?

Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Mark Strong, hits theaters June 17th, 2011. The animated companion piece, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is now available on Demand (to Verizon, Cablevision and Comcast subscribers) and hits shelves June 7th, 2011. Be sure to check out our official review HERE.

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  1. The eyes still bug me, but whatever, I’m going to enjoy this film anyway.

    • I agree, though it wouldnt be so bad if they whited out the pupils like they did the irises

  2. I’m still on the fence with this one. Which ever way you look at it, this film is a milestone in terms of blending CGI with real world objects and people (please don’t give me that “Avatar did it first” crap). I still don’t like Reynolds as an actor but if the narrative is strong enough then hopefully it can distract me from thinking about it too much and also thinking about what is sure to be a couple of crappy VFX shots.

    • I’m not sure how this is a milestone in terms of blending CGI and real objects. The Star Wars prequels did what Green Lantern did 6-12 years ago.

  3. Yeah I the eyes are still a tiny issue, but who cares? This film is going to rock, I am going to love every minute of it, and if all goes well, then the doors have opened up for more DC properties to have their chance on the big screen. I am especially looking forward to Mark Strong as Sinestro.

    • Avatar did it first 😛

  4. Hate super hero masks which dont actually hide your identity. Other than that, no complaints. Very excited. Dont know much about Green Lantern except what I hear watching Big Bang Theory.

  5. Wow, Angela Bassett is still an unbelievably beautiful woman (not that I ever expected that to change)!! She’s always carried such an air of class about her.

  6. True, that mask does nothing to hide that it’s Ryan Reynolds. It might even be a worse disguise than Clark Kent’s glasses and slicked-back hair, haha.

    But, it’s faithful to the comic book look *shrugs* and he’ll be off in space most of the time anyway.

    Funny that if Hal got rid of it in the comics, though, it’d ruin the look of the character. Even though he COULD… it’s not like he’s spending much time in his civilian identity.

  7. Well, I’m totally in. I thought Reynolds was great in “Definately, Maybe” and “The Proposal” so I’m really looking forward to seeing him in GL. I like your comment how he is Jordan because he accepts the ring and jacket. I’m a casual reader rather than a comic nerd, but I thought Thor was pretty good. I’m not that impressed by X-Men, but will probably go see it this weekend.

  8. I don’t know why anyone had a problem with the costume’s design in the first place. What works in the comics won’t work on film, otherwise it would look like a cheap Halloween suit.

    In recent comics, the GL suit is basically a construct of the ring, meaning it is just solid light. That is what I believe they perfectly captured for the film. The CGI suit may not look perfect, but it incorporates all of the best qualities of the comics.

  9. Just so long as we don’t see any more “Whoa, lookit that cod-piece!” shots, or little toesie-footsie shots, then I can live with the changes happily! Movie looks a bit on the humor-heavy-side, but otherwise looks like it will really “Rock The Casbah!” I’m buying the DVD for sure!

  10. The problem with the mask is the highly defined orbital ridges which make it look like he has bags under the eyes. It’s supposed to follow the contours of the FACE (i.e. the fleshy part), not the skull underneath. It should have a much softer look to it.

  11. I don’t know, but that mask still kind of bugs me. It just looks…unnatural. It’s a CG mask, right? I think it might have been easier just to make a real one…

    The costume looks much better now though, but I think this movie may be abusing CGI a bit.

    • Hey, it’s the price you pay for pre-releasing all these movie stills.

      I agree that commenting on some parts of the costume is nit picking (like the “bare feet” look is silly……so does the suit also form fit his groin area???) but the mask above ALL other elements HAS to look right because you see it every time you see Reynolds (on Earth) because the face IS the focus. So I would disagree that this one thing is trivial.

  12. I have no complaints, never had 😛

    Looks like a GL comic book that has been brought to life

  13. I still don’t like the actual ‘look’ of the film. The whole thing just doesn’t seem right to me. From the weird glow of the costumes to the cgi machine gun from the trailer it just looks off.

    I’ll probably get shot down now, but having never read any of the comics or know much of the background surrounding Green Lantern, as a cinema goer this holds little appeal to me.

    • I don’t agree with the “CGI machine gun” comment. It’s an energy construct and it looks like what I would expect it to look like. But I agree on the general look of the film — it just seems so weightless, blurry, and weirdly colored.

    • In the GL comics his suit actually does give off an aura. Also it’s a comicbook sci-fi movie in every sense can’t compare this to an ordinary movie that uses CGI. So there really is no “right” way in terms of look. And as with most other VFX heavy movies some shots will look a little off.

  14. I might be missing something obvious, but the pics are all low-res when I try them. Apologies if I’m being thick-headed.

  15. Slightly off topic here, but does anyone know when we’re going to start getting reviews for this? When does it premiere? I know that Screen Rant doesn’t release their reviews until the day before the movie opens (or on opening day), but we should have reviews from other publications soon, right?

    • Publication reviews usually come out about a week before the release I believe, so we’re about a week away from that since it’s two weeks till the movie comes out.

  16. Holy torpedo,those look great.

    • I keep staring at the one with Hal and Tomar-re flying, just amazing that one.

  17. This film was going to be a hard one to do right from the beginning, what with so much of it requiring CG. It’s tough to make some things convincing and look “real” and not overly CG-ey (if that’s a word?). Given the preexisting challenges, I think it’s turned out a lot better than it could have, and I look forward to enjoying the film. Incidently a friend of mine works at one of the FX houses working on the CG, she said the hardest thing for them has been that damned CG suit. I’m glad they’ve put a lot of extra focus on it, looks like it may work out in the end.

  18. 540×240 HighRes….. off course….

  19. How are any of these high-res? Am I missing something?

  20. The FX look amazing considering the massive task of creating GL universe in live action, this film looks like a wonderful adaptation of the source material, yeah sure, the mask is a bit off, but if anyone is going to let that bother them, well, thats their own stupid fault.

    This will be the best comic book movie of the year without a doubt. Thor was good (7.5/10), X Men First Class was great (9/10) and this is gonna be even better.