‘Green Lantern’ Hi-Res Image Roundup

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hi res image roundup for green lantern starring ryan reynolds Green Lantern Hi Res Image Roundup

Thanks to the trailer released after Wonder Con – which seemed to take itself more seriously while improving the much-ballyhooed CGI – Green Lantern has actually become one of the more highly-anticipated comic book movies of summer 2011.

While we’re still waiting for more footage, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have released various high-res images from the most recent trailer to show off some of those improved effects. Additionally, courtesy of Green Lantern issue #65, we now have a semi-complete list of the major members of the Green Lantern Corps.

Check out the images below released by Warner Bros. (click to enlarge):


green lantern ryan reynolds listening to sinestro speech 570x240 Green Lantern Hi Res Image Roundup

green lantern ryan reynolds with tomar re played by geoffrey rush 570x240 Green Lantern Hi Res Image Roundup

green lantern ryan reynolds with mini gun 570x240 Green Lantern Hi Res Image Roundup

And check out the scans from Green Lantern issue #65, with a note from Creative Executive Adam Schlagman, regarding Oa and the Green Lantern Corps (click to enlarge):

green lantern issue 65 1 570x324 Green Lantern Hi Res Image Roundup

green lantern issue 65 scan 21 570x556 Green Lantern Hi Res Image Roundup

Here’s the note as text:

Green Lantern is an epic sci-fi adventure!

The feature film transports us on a journey through the stars to the alien planet Oa – the precinct of the Green lantern Corps.

With an abundance of futuristic spacecraft and ancient alien architecture and unique Green Lanterns, Oa is a world like no other. Production Designer Grant Major and Sony Imageworks have put great effort into the creation of the planet, its detailed features and the Corps members that inhabit it. On this very page you can catch a glimpse of the Great hall featuring the Green Lantern Corps gathered together.

The Green Lantern Corps is composed of thousands of unique alien creatures spanning the universe from diverse worlds, extraterrestrial cultures and strange societies. Many of these Lanterns are featured in the film. Playing key roles are the legendary Abin Sur, drill-sergeant extraordinaire Kilowog, the detail-oriented Tomar-Re and of course the greatest of them all, Sinestro.

But there are many other fan-favorite alien corpsmen sprinkled throughout. See if you can spot some of these fearless Lanterns when the film comes to theaters:

  • Boodikka, one of the fiercest warriors
  • Bzzd, the smallest and boldest
  • Hannu, the Lantern who would prefer to use his fists before his ring
  • Larvox, the friendly insectoid
  • Green Man, the most dedicated and loyal
  • Medphyll, the experienced veteran plant life-form
  • Morro, the caretaker of the Crypts
  • R’amey Holl, the recent majestic recruit
  • Rot Lop Fan, an enigma
  • Salaak, the ultimate multitasker
  • Stel, the battle-driven sentient robot
  • Voz, the no-nonsense Warden of the Sciencells

And come June 17, they’ll be joined by the very first Earthman: Hal Jordan!

– Adam Schlagman, Creative Executive

I have to say, of all the images we’ve seen of Ryan Reynolds ‘all Green Lanterned up,’ as it were, the one with him wielding a ring-constructed mini-gun (a la Jesse Ventura in Predator) is by far the most impressive.

Maybe that’s because he’s not wearing that shoddy mask and we can’t see his “running socks,” but I also think the image most successfully exemplifies the reason for using a CG suit instead of actual real-life fabric. Still – why couldn’t they at least give him a real mask?

Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern hits theaters June 17th.

Source: Collider & Green Lantern Issue #65

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  1. “Green Man, the most dedicated and loyal

    • ok well didnt mean to post that like it is, but I was going to say someone is a brown-noser. lol

      Looks good, CGI is better, lets hope they finally got the mask lookin good

  2. This movie looks horrible, the cg looks cheap and outdated compared to other films being released.

    • I guess I’m a sucker for horrible looking films because my butt will be in the seat.

    • i agree. bob the builder can pull off more a believeable presentaion than any of these trailers or pictures have shown. might wait till it comes on in redbox to see this

      • Jay19 and RyanT…

        Works for me…You two won’t be in the theaters, while others will happily come to see what I think will be an enjoyable movie-going experience…especially since no one will have to listen to your grumbling throughout the showing of the film.


        • Hey, stop hogging the popcorn! :-P

          • There’s plenty for everbody here…now.


  3. CGI looks great. It’s just that it looks like there is a human head floating around in all of it, or at least it appears that way.

    • Wouldn’t that qualify as bad CGI if the human head looks so out of place?

      • The head is not CGI, so no you can’t really say that it’s bad CGI; more like bad lighting or what ever else it is that they do to make real stuff blend in with the CGI.

  4. So I don’t know much about Lantern lore, but I thought he could only make solid objects, swords, hammers, etc. Or am I wrong and he can make anything?

    • I believe the second terminator had those rules but, GL can create anything he can think of (as I understand it…)

    • As long as his ring has enough power, he can make about anything his imagination can come up with.

  5. In my opinion, the suit was never bad, it was the mask that was bad, why didnt they just CGI the suit and have him put on a REAL mask?… I guess its a good excuse to spend money….

    • LOL! First thing I thought was “Wow! The CGI does look better!!! … Where’s his mask?”

  6. Seriously a minigun?? Of all the things he could have crafted that is the best he can come up with? My impression of the movie keeps going down with each new release of images.

    • I probably would’ve made the same thing…

    • Actually, one of the criticisms of Jordan by the other human Lanterns has often been that he has the least imaginitive constructs…’Really? A big green fist, AGAIN?!?’


    • I’m going to guess in that scene he is just testing out the powers of the ring, nothing to get all up in arms about.

    • Yeah because miniguns are sooooo lame. What!? And p.s., I’m sure he’ll think up more than just the minigun. My God, the critisms of this movie are just rediculous.

    • I thought the same thing when I saw the minigun, but it does make sense… you start off with what you have seen in the movies, then you learn what you can really do. But still, I would have gone with a rocket launcher…EXPLODE SOME $%&@ UP!

  7. Looks like they reduced the amount of “mask” time. Smart move. The mask still doesn’t look good in clips.

    This is starting to look interesting to me.

  8. I like the look of the suit much better when it’s not lit up like a Christmas tree. I think they could have gotten away with doing a real suit and just added CGI effects to it.

    Also glad to see I’m still not alone in the mask and feet issues. ;)

    As for the portable vulcan cannon……I think it looks awesome! You have to remember that the power of the ring takes the shape of what the user is thinking so why wouldn’t a test pilot be thinking of one of the most bad assed weapons a fighter jet uses?

  9. So if he can make a minigun and its projectiles then could he, say, make a bomb?

    (Yes, I realize that my comments are sounding more & more Terminator 2 related)

    • Yes, he can.

      • Well that is interesting, then why does he always make big green fists in the comics? (At least what little of the lantern I have seen he’s always making some melee weapon or a fist)

        Seems to me a fighter pilot is a lame choice for a Lantern, if he can make anything he wants wouldn’t a writer, artist, or some other creative person make an infinitely better lantern?

        • Oh, hey I’m not talking smack, I am interested in seeing this movie just trying to get a handle on the character. Out of all of the DC heroes, I know next to nothing about the Lantern.

          • Dante…

            Not only do you have Kyle Rayner, the artist; you also have John Stewart, the architect, who has come up with some absolutely incredible constructs.

            • Sorry, I just noticed the indentation…this response was supposed to come AFTER Brian’s, to support and add to his comment.

        • Actually there is another human lantern in the comics named Kyle Rayner who is an artist and is ALOT more creative than the others.

          • And to respond to your statement about a fighter pilot being a lame choice for a lantern: the number one quality that a being must possess in order to become a lantern is that they have to be fearless, which a good fighter pilot has to be.

        • He doesn’t just make giant fists, though. He has made fists, of course, but he’s also made a whole host of different things, including bombs and fighter jets, etc.

          • I also a have GL comic where Hal Jordan constructed a whole operating room with doctors, nurses, and surgical tools.

            • Thank you guys for clarifying, so the ring can even make living beings? Or their representations?

              • Think of it as kind of like holograms like in the X-Men danger room. They’re just constructs made up of light that can physically interact.

              • Dante…

                The constructs are solid light and quite advanced…but NOT sentient. The rings cannot create life, but they can create likenesses.

                • Ahh, so his ring is like a holographic projector (with the holodek safeties off) for his mental imagery? Very cool idea

  10. minigun looks kool =)

  11. I agree the minigun is a plus but you would figure since he is a pilot that he’d create some sort of missile launcher

  12. So are the Green Lantern Rings considered “magical” in the DC universe?

    • The original Green Lantern from the Golden Age of Comics was Alan Scott. His ring had magical orgins. But later when they revamped comics in the Silver Age, the orgin of ring was became technological. It came from a very ancient race of aliens.

      • Was just thinking he could whoop Supes if he was magical.

  13. The images look real epic, I am really excited to see this

  14. If the Green Lantern Corp is composed of thousands of unique alien creatures spanning the universe from diverse worlds is there one from Krypton

    • No, Superman and Supergirl are the last Kryptonians.

      • Plus, not every race or world has a Green Lantern. Rather, “Sectors” have Green Lanterns which encompass whole galaxies.

    • Recently, a Green Lantern HAS been highlighted who shows what a Kryptonian Lantern might be like. He is actually a Daxamite (I think that’s his planet of origin), named Sodam Yat. When visiting Earth’s solar system (yellow sun), he gains all of Superman’s powers (which he, of course, can use in harmonious conjuction with his Lantern constructs).

      His weakness: lead.

  15. Unless he’s mowing down puppies, he shouldn’t have such a sad look on his face

  16. All I have to say is Ryan Reynolds? Rufk me.

  17. Green Lantern will be the highest grossing superhero/comic book movie of 2011. This movie is going to catch on like wildfire and unlike other superheroes, GL can appeal to a general science fiction fan. WB is about to make some BIG bucks.

  18. If I had to lay my money down on the cbm’s for this summer & their haul I would say in order of most money to least:

    1. Green Lantern
    2. Thor
    3. Cowboys & Aliens
    4. Captain America
    5. X-Men: First Class (a very distant 5th)