‘Green Lantern’ Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

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gl costume Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

Well, the Green Lantern trailer is finally here, and fan reaction is… mixed at best.

Opinion is split on everything to do with this Green Lantern movie – whether Ryan Reynolds is right to play Hal Jordan, if Blake Lively can act (I say yes), whether the movie looks too cartoonish and not “dark” enough, etc. However, one hot topic of debate currently raging isĀ  whether Green Lantern’s CGI costume looks good…or just plain silly.

Rather than force you to play the Green Lantern trailer over and over as you drum on your mouse for that shot-by-shot effect, we here at Screen Rant thought that we might make things easier by actually giving you a shot-by-shot, hi-resolution image sequence of Hal Jordan (Reynolds) powering up his ring and “putting on” his Green Lantern uniform.

First check out the trailer in its entirety, then we’ll stack the images of Reynolds transforming into Green Lantern below, so you can check them out:


gl transform 01 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 02 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 03 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 04 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 05 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 06 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 07 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

I have to admit that I think the CGI costume effects are pretty well done… right up until I get to that final image of the finished costume.

It should be understood that at this point the CGI effects are not finalized and are going to be polished in the coming months – so they’ll likely look much better when the finished product hits theaters. (Remember the unfinished effects in that Iron Man superbowl TV spot fans were once up in arms about?)

But, as loyal fans we should – nay, must – help the filmmakers find their way. So it’s in that helpful spirit that I’d like to present three things about the Green Lantern movie costume that I think could use some improvement:

1. The Color Tones

The colors are way too light in tone. Not every superhero outfit has to be “dark,” but when you think about it, it would make more sense for GL’s costume to be darker, with the green aura of the ring bearer’s will providing the light. If a Green Lantern dies, and their light fades, it would look more fitting if their uniform had a darker tone to it (the absence of light). But that’s just me.

2. The Texture

The actual “skin” of the outfit makes me feel like they might has well have gone with some cheap plastic/latex costume and skipped the CGI altogether. The color tones and “feel” of the outfit (especially around Reynolds’ wrist and hands) reminds me of the Hal Jordan action figure I used to play with when I was a kid.

gl space flight1 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

3. The Mask

I know in my heart and soul that there was never going to be an easy way to pull off a mask like the one Hal Jordan wears (whether it was CGI, makeup, or costume piece). However, the mask they’ve gone with strips Reynolds of virtually any chance he has of NOT looking silly. I will admit that in a previous magazine cover image, the GL mask actually played (thank you, airbrushing); in this trailer image, not so much. You can call me a blasphemer, but personally, I think the filmmakers would’ve been better off going with the “armor mask” worn by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. But again, that’s just me.


Enough of my opinion – how do you guys feel after taking a closer look at Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern costume? Did the closer analysis sway your opinion, or do you feel the same way as before?

Green Lantern will try and shine in theaters on June 17, 2011.

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  1. That suit, and especially the mask, are “Batman and Robin” awful. Did nobody in charge of making this film see that movie? Apparently they should have. You could honestly CGI Chris O’Donnell’s Robin into the movie, or even Alicia Silverstone’s Batgirl, and you wouldn’t know the difference. They could have saved Ryan Reynold’s salary by using another movie’s footage.

    And the scene where he changes into Green Lantern in front of his roommate is pretty ridiculous. Look at his posture. He looks like he’s constipated and really struggling there.

    • Constipated? Are you aware that a Green Lantern has to use his willpower to activate his ring. And with this being the start of Green Lantern’s story, he’s still getting the hang of it.

  2. And I also agree with other’s thoughts about how his body goes from healthy muscular to a strange muscular/frail (the same kind of physique that serious runners have) once the suit goes on. Why would a superhero become skinnier and weaker when he gets his powers? One thing’s for sure. I bet he can run one heck of a mile.

  3. Kofi-
    I think I had the same action figure – you press his legs together and the arm raised? Now that you mention it, that figure had really small hands and wrists in proportion to the rest of him.

    Yeah- CG-Ryan has the same look!

  4. There was a fan-made suit that frequented the covers of many of the GL posts. That one blows this crap away big time. The organic “muscle tissue” look just isn’t cuttin’ it,at least Sinestro’s suit looks better than Hal’s though.

    • ulik,

      While I liked that fan-designed suit, it looked too much like a regular suit made of fabric. GL’s suit SHOULD look “alien” and otherworldly.


      • Then why is everyone here hating on the suit?

        • Gary,

          You’d have to ask “everyone” and not me. 8)


      • @Vic I agree the suit should look otherworldy and not like “fabric” but I liked the overall “uniformity” of that fan-made design it really looked like he belongs to a space unit or “corps”.I’m convinced that they could have made the design a combination of both without the “fabricky” look. Intiendes? :/

  5. I need to get a c.g.i. suit that thins my waist line. I mean he lost like 2 to 3 sizes during that transformation.

  6. I’m hoping either way that the final result will be a little more “polished” than it is right now. Yes the suit looks awesome, and the 3-d aspect is gonna be cool, but the mask still needs a little touching up. I’m still super excited about the movie–keep the DC train rolling!!!! One small thing I’ve noticed though—why do his feet look so small in the final transformation shot? Fully loaded suit, yet his feet look tiny compared to the rest of his body. Anybody else notice that?

  7. I’m actually fine with the costume, the only thing I hate is the mask it looks ridiculous, it’s way too big on Hal’s face. Looks like a beak.

    That is the only critism I have. Everything else looks great!

  8. Not being a fan of the comics, all I can really say is, the suit looks bad now, but with months to go to fix everything up and render everything correctly, we may see something good… or we may not, who knows.

    What I’m really worried about is the tone of the movie, simply that it seems to be all over the place, at times serious and epic, at others wildly “humourous”. Of course, this is only from a two and a half minute trailer, so I may be wrong and the final movie may balance things perctly (in which case bad job marketting and trailer people).

    But it seems like the movie is trying to emulate the humour from Iron Man and while I’m confident Reynolds has the charisma to pull it off, I’m unconvinced of the director.

    As an aside, does it worry anyone else that the fan trailer staring Nathan Fillion looks tonnes better than this?

  9. The suit doesn’t look that bad. It is what I expect from the Green Lantern. The White Gloves would have looked gay. As for the mask, I could only imagine what you guys would say if he didn’t have the mask. Personally I would like the mask to be black but whatever. The only Earth Based GL’s without the mask was John Stewart and Guy Gardner. I am happy that they are staying fairly true to the character. What I think is funny is that all the people that are just howling in anger and nitpicking this trailer, will be sitting right next to me opening day.

    • GreaterTater,

      I believe that most of us that are criticizing the suit haven’t said anything to indicate we won’t go to the movie. Of course we will.

  10. wow. this looks terrible. i didnt see one minority in a supporting role.

    the opening joke about the water in the bathtub is awful.

    this is one expensive gilded turd

    • Sorry, why do minorities have to have a role exactly? Surely shoehorning a minority in there just for the sake of it is bad?

      Also, I think you may have misunderstood the joke. The water is in the tap.

    • I don’t know, I saw lots of aliens in the trailer :)

      • And last time I checked Amanda Waller was black, and she’s in the film.

        And yes, aliens should count. :)

        • Angela Basset is in the film – only one of the most respected black actresses around.

          I’ve already dealt with the foolishness on another site with people crying racism because ‘Green Lantern was black and they made him white.’

          If you don’t know the difference between Jon Stewart and Hal Jordan, or don’t know the casting of this film (Angela Basset) and that this film has fewer human than alien characters, then do yourself, the Internet and the rest of us with basic comprehension of this film a favor:


          • A-FREAKIN’ MEN KOFI!!!

          • Why does race come into play? Are we not in the 2010 now? I have nothing but respect for all races and am multi racial myself. Bay area hip hop!

            • Does the friend character in the suit transformation scene count as minority? I understand he’s half Jewish, half-Maori (indigenous New Zealand). Apparently he’s supposed to be the “eskimo” (Inuit) Tom Malaku, originally called “Pieface”. At least we’ve gotten past using terms like that as they did in the pre-Civil Rights days when GL started.

              • yes he is count as a minority

    • Hey there cowboy. He says “There’s water in the TAP. As in, the kitchen sink faucets.

    • are u serious Hal friend is minority geez also Angela Bassett is in the movie do your research

  11. Personally, I think they can do a better job on the costume, but it doesn’t offend me. The costume itself is dark enough. The symbol is lit up in Semi-Ethan Van Sciver art style (in that it glows, but doesn’t float an inch from the costume like Ethan’s drawings). And I think they tried to make it look like there are power conduits pooling in the curves of the costume feeding that effect.
    I like the power ring and the battery, and Oa looks awesome from what I can see. Kilowog looks awesome, Tomar-Re needs a little work, Abin Sur looks cool, Sinestro looks good, and Hector looks interesting.

  12. I wonder how the other Lanterns will look in the sequels? The Red Lanterns will probably look like they’re covered in glowing bacon if they keep this costume design.

  13. This may sound “fanboy-ish”, but if they can manage to nail the development and character of Jordan and the other major players of the comics, then I think I can deal with the slightly cartoonish CGI of the suit. After all, it is a film that features a group of aliens and one human beating each other with giant green (and sometimes yellow)items, generated from their own thoughts and wishes ;)

  14. 1. I actually prefer this brighter, emerald green. I have the opposite opinion; when a Green Lantern dies, it makes the fading light on his suit more dramatic than if it was a darker green.

    2. The didn’t skip the CGI with the texture, if you listen to the filmmakers. The organic feel of the shell is all done in post. It fine tio me; better, it’s different than what we’ve seen in previous superhero films.

    3. I agree about the mask. What you can get away with on a comic page isn’t the same as live action, where it looks cheesy. If this is about hiding his identity, he should use a construct like Kyle Rayner’s face shield. Or a half mask shaped differently from something that looks like you stuck on with spirit gum.

  15. All the complaints about how he should be black, the mask should be black, the suit should be darker, the mask should be like Kyle’s, and what’s with this mix of humor & serious sci-fi?

    They’re doing something unheard of with GL: actually filming the story as it’s been written for 50 years. Hal Jordan IS a cocky jerk (read Emerald Dawn) and that’s clearly inspired the transformation of character that is only hinted at in the trailer to a responsible member of an intergalactic Corps. Reynolds’ portrayal IS straight from the book.

    I’m sure they’ll tweak the CGI and such, and complaints will be heard. But don’t knock the character portrayal unless you’ve actually read the comic book – for once they’re drawing from the comics pretty straight, not assuming they’re more clever than dozens of writers who’ve worked on this character for 5 decades for DC. That’s why it’ll work. Just make the comic book into a movie, as closely as possible, and we’ll have a great film.

    Except for the white gloves. Those really did have to go.

    • I agree. Ryan Reynolds is pulling off the perfect interpretation of Hal Jordan. In the comics, Hal’s a little more serious then he was at the start, mostly because of the damage he did as Parallax, but as you said, Reynold’s is pulling of the cocky jerk that Hal Jordan was at the start of his GL career.

      And as for the costume, while it’s not perfect, I like it. Being completely CG makes it look as if the whole suit is made from the light of the ring itself, which to me is pretty cool.

      I know that there have been many stories where the costume is a separate thing from the ring, but I personally like the costume being a construct from the ring.

      • Reynolds pretty much plays a cocky jerk in every movie, this trailer looks like Ryan Reynolds to me (with the exception of the CGI body with the Ryan bobblehead when he suits up).

        I’m not trashing him, he has really good mix of comedic timing and athletism (perfect for action movies).

        I really hope they plan to fix some of that CGI in post. I still have high hopes for this movie

    • Agreed! When working with classic stories, film-makers need to follow the story-line as closely as possible.. this is not a time for making a movie “one’s own!”

  16. It’s all good… but IF there was a change or two….

    1. ‘White out’ the eyes when the mask is on. Ca’mon. The mask is fine.
    2. CG in the White Gloves.

    Doesn’t look as good as my suit, but hey. I am Iron Man! – Stark

    • That explains why you’d CGI-in the white gloves.. you competitive bastard!

  17. Oh my God!!! the mask looks TERRIBLE!!!! Please studio DO something about it, there is STILL time to turn this around, the mask looks silly at best, Reynolds looks ridiculous with that mask. The whole thing looks solid and you can see the effort in the production, but couldn’t they come up with a better idea for the mask, something that would look imposing instead of looking silly??? Geez, I hope they hear us fans and change this.

  18. Wasn’t there an African-American GL? Possibly they will work that story in later on in the sequels? I agree with DSB, throwing in a minority just to do it would be more of a slap in the face (this coming from a hispanic male).

    • Yes, Nicolas, John Stewart is the African-American GL, one of 5 GL’s on Earth (why do we get so many? cause we love ‘em so? Or maybe Earth’s just a big mess that needs extra help). That character ought to featured in a sequel along with the others. You get to see lots of Lanterns in this film, but Jordan is the first from Earth to join the Green Lantern Corps – Stewart (the one you’ve seen more on cartoons) came later and won’t be in this film.

    • I hope they do introduce Jon and Kyle in the later films, but it’s a good out for thr studio that other characters are also Green Lanterns.
      However, if they decide to introduce Guy Gardener I will not be happy. Cos he’s a prat!

      • Which is why, if there is a GL series of sequels that draws directly from the books, it will continue to combine humor and sci-fi special effects, as the ring fails to motivate Guy Gardner to ever grow up, even if Hal Jordan does.

      • John Stewart is going to have a un-named cameo in the movie.

  19. They didn’t even try matching the torso to Ryan Reynolds’ body, did they? Lame.

  20. Earth is always described as “backwards” or “primitive”, so I guess we do need a crap-load of Lanterns. I am both excited and slightly concerned about using Parallax so early. It would be awesome to see Jordan’s road to redemption from that event on the big screen, and would serve to tie-in Rayner or Stewart!

    • Right – loads of material to use for sequels, with twists & turns and new characters to introduce. WB needs a new tentpole to follow Harry Potter, and they’re hoping GL can be it. I hope the concerns expressed about the CGI mask & uniform don’t keep fans away from what really ought to be something terrific. The public will like it, and I’m looking forward to seeing people get into a character I’ve followed for 50 years.

  21. Wow. I had no idea that as a fan of Green Lantern comic books I have a duty to tell a filmaker how to do his job. I can’t wait till I get to cash those big fat movie producer paychecks I am entitled to now.

    What an arrogant load of crap this article was. 2 minutes of my life I will never get back.

    • JJ,

      You are welcome to never return. If you like I can facilitate that for you by blocking your IP address.

      Always eager to help.

      Best regards,


    • JJ,

      Thanks for the pageviews and spending two minutes of your life with us. ;-)

      Kofi “Arrogant Bastard” Outlaw.

      • Can that please be your new nickname? :)

        • i second this =)

      • whoa dude… chill… just cause you dont like somthing dont mean you need to insult someone… take me for instance, i dont call you a name like you did with kofi, instead i inform you of saying it in a nice way… i dont like when you or anyone else talks dirt about someon else, like it says in the article, the suit will look differently by the time the movie comes out…

        kofi, i think that this article was very informative and reminded me of that supebowl add, thanks for the info…


      • “Arrogant Bastard” is a damn tasty beer, Kofi. :D

  22. This should be great, The trailer looks awsome! I can’t wait to see this it is one of the great stories that you could wrap your mind around as a kid and thats exactly what I did. So to get to see it come to the big screen will be a treat.

  23. He should have done Deadpool instead. This trailer looks.

    • yh deadpool would have been better

  24. VFXJunkie.

    The costume still needs work. You’d be surprised how much feedback or consideration we get for these types of analyses we do.

    Nobody cares if you like it or not. And I mean NOBODY.

    • i for one appreciate the analyses these guys put into this site i can think of countless times something has been brought up that i missed or overlooked thats why i use this site for my movie/tv news and not one i of the countless others out there.

    • I think you are reading too much into the choice of music. There will not be room for Krona in this film. And he would need another film just to set him up. Plus, GL would need all the of the JLA plus Marvel’s Avengers to deal with him!

      • he was already rumor to be in the movie from comicbookmovie website and they are stop on with the Green Lantern news

  25. I’m not complaining, it looks like all the fanmade photoshop stuff we’ve seen since Reynolds was announced for the role.

  26. So when the ring runs out of power will his suit disappear?

    • Leaving People Magazine’s sexist man nekkid? At which point he bumps into Sandra Bullock. Suppose there’s a target audience for that.

  27. Never ceases to amaze me how mean people can be… What ever happened to “If you have nothing nice to say, do not say it”? I am just now getting into the comics and enjoying them greatly. Here is hoping the the movies will do these awesome books justice!