‘Green Lantern’ Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

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gl costume Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

Well, the Green Lantern trailer is finally here, and fan reaction is… mixed at best.

Opinion is split on everything to do with this Green Lantern movie – whether Ryan Reynolds is right to play Hal Jordan, if Blake Lively can act (I say yes), whether the movie looks too cartoonish and not “dark” enough, etc. However, one hot topic of debate currently raging is  whether Green Lantern’s CGI costume looks good…or just plain silly.

Rather than force you to play the Green Lantern trailer over and over as you drum on your mouse for that shot-by-shot effect, we here at Screen Rant thought that we might make things easier by actually giving you a shot-by-shot, hi-resolution image sequence of Hal Jordan (Reynolds) powering up his ring and “putting on” his Green Lantern uniform.

First check out the trailer in its entirety, then we’ll stack the images of Reynolds transforming into Green Lantern below, so you can check them out:


gl transform 01 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 02 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 03 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 04 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 05 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 06 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 07 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

I have to admit that I think the CGI costume effects are pretty well done… right up until I get to that final image of the finished costume.

It should be understood that at this point the CGI effects are not finalized and are going to be polished in the coming months – so they’ll likely look much better when the finished product hits theaters. (Remember the unfinished effects in that Iron Man superbowl TV spot fans were once up in arms about?)

But, as loyal fans we should – nay, must – help the filmmakers find their way. So it’s in that helpful spirit that I’d like to present three things about the Green Lantern movie costume that I think could use some improvement:

1. The Color Tones

The colors are way too light in tone. Not every superhero outfit has to be “dark,” but when you think about it, it would make more sense for GL’s costume to be darker, with the green aura of the ring bearer’s will providing the light. If a Green Lantern dies, and their light fades, it would look more fitting if their uniform had a darker tone to it (the absence of light). But that’s just me.

2. The Texture

The actual “skin” of the outfit makes me feel like they might has well have gone with some cheap plastic/latex costume and skipped the CGI altogether. The color tones and “feel” of the outfit (especially around Reynolds’ wrist and hands) reminds me of the Hal Jordan action figure I used to play with when I was a kid.

gl space flight1 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

3. The Mask

I know in my heart and soul that there was never going to be an easy way to pull off a mask like the one Hal Jordan wears (whether it was CGI, makeup, or costume piece). However, the mask they’ve gone with strips Reynolds of virtually any chance he has of NOT looking silly. I will admit that in a previous magazine cover image, the GL mask actually played (thank you, airbrushing); in this trailer image, not so much. You can call me a blasphemer, but personally, I think the filmmakers would’ve been better off going with the “armor mask” worn by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. But again, that’s just me.


Enough of my opinion – how do you guys feel after taking a closer look at Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern costume? Did the closer analysis sway your opinion, or do you feel the same way as before?

Green Lantern will try and shine in theaters on June 17, 2011.

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  1. People need to realize every Superhero isn’t Batman. Some superheroes do look silly and bright. Won’t take away from the film being good unless you let it.

    • oh man… where to begin.

      1) Does anyone else feel like Blake Lively’s line “this test today is important!” was awkward to watch?

      2) Why the green fire burning in the background of the trailer? They are biting off of The Dark Knight’s teaser trailer and opening credits!

      3) The scene with the Jeep catching air looks like it was pulled straight out of Casino Royale.

      4) Whats with the Revenge of the Nerds guy???

      5) Im sorry but this looks too much like a made for TV series…. Im just filled with more doubts after watching this trailer.

      • “The scene with the Jeep catching air looks like it was pulled straight out of Casino Royale”

        u know its been directed by the same director who did Casino Royale LOL

    • Hahaha…

  2. I agree completely, the color of the suit and mask bothers me a lot. I was watching this with my roommate and I was telling him the color bothered me. He looked at me and said, “Not a good sign if something like that is bothering u already” lol hes right :/

    • After his mask is in place, Green Lantern looks like Ben Stiller. Hahaha…

  3. The suit is passable, but that mask needs a seriously retooling. It looks straight out of Toy Story.

  4. I think it looks ok. Faithful to the comics at least.

  5. Well I will respect your opinion on some levels
    I Can live with it, but now that everyones thoughts are now out they can maybe fix whats wrong.
    Like you said about the lighting in the costume they may change it i believe to a darker tone, not too much but just a bit.
    And for the mask I think they still are working on that forsure by making the eyes white in the photo, then the picture above

    I guess we will find out in the next few months.

  6. soo is parallax in this?

    • Parallax has already been confirmed as the villain. http://www.killerfilm.com/articles/read/confirmed-green-lanterns-villain-is-48511

      • awsome. i did notice alot of yellow twards the end of the film in hammonds eyes and i couldnt tell exactly what it was but i saw a large yellow object at the end of the trailer so that should be cool i think one of the reasdon people arnt to much into the costume is cause he does look to skinny to be green lantern and to young. and the mask is a bit awkward i dont know ill enjoy it but they could have done better than reynolds hes waaay more suited for deadpool so whaaatever im done complaining about it

        • not film i ment trailer*

    • doubtful.

      • his in the movie ryan reynolds confirmed it in comic con

  7. once they sort the mask i think it will look alot better (fingers crossed)i think the suit looks good now ive seen it a few times the colour is bright but im ok with that tbh

  8. I think it looks good. And I am totally going to see this, no matter what anyone else tells me. I think Ryan Renolds looks hot in and out of the suit. And yes as it was said not every hero is Batman so he’s going to look different. I’m sure there will be a little redesing here and there before we get the final product next summer. It will be worth the wait I believe.

  9. Comes out a day before my bday so i must see it lol. Looking ok at best…

  10. Yep I’m out. This will be a dollar theater or possibly Dollar Bin dvd pick up for me. The costume is beyond awful it’s far to childish and comedic and Blake can not act.

    “Hal. Your. Late. This. Test. Is. Important.”

    That was like watching a horrible teen reading lines for the first time in high school drama. Monotone much? Blake would make a great Terminator.

    • I agree that after reading that ONE line she would be great as a Terminator.

      • Yeah she was awful at that…question is why they would go with that scene…I would have re-shot it.

        • @UziGunner,Makes you wonder about the rest of the film’s acting quality doesn’t it? The trailer is the major selling point of the movie and they wanted sell it with these bad shots?

      • “great as a Terminator”

        haha –
        “come with me if you want to be a superhero… again”

  11. Id say it looks fair. But I am no longer worried about this being better then Thor. It may make more money. But not better

  12. 1. The Color Tones

    how dark u want the green lantern costume to be its a character that is based on green light. his suit cant be very dark his not Batman even the Superman Returns costume was too dark for Superman.

    2. The Texture

    the skin texture is alright since Green Lantern costume is not like the other superhero costume. his costume is part of him not him wearing the costume. anyway i remember people complain or still complain about TDK costume saying they dont like it.

    3. The Mask

    i was not a big fan of the mask in the comics let alone on film. but that is part of Hal Jordan anyway so the mask we have to expect. your idea for him to wear Kyle Rayner mask is just wrong. thats Kyle Rayner mask not Hal Jordan. it was bad enough for Justice League of America TV movie had Guy Gardner who looks like Kyle Rayner wearing Kyle Rayner mask.

    • I agree. GL’s costume has never been dark green in the comics. It’s always been a bright shade of green. So you’re right, it wouldn’t make a single bit of sense if a costume generated by light was a dark shade of green.

      If a character has bright colors in the comics, bright colors are needed for the films. That was the only thing I didn’t like about Superman Returns was the colors of the costume.

  13. i think it looks good, it looks like a fun film. just like the comics are fun to read. if i was dark and gritty i will read a punisher comic or watch a punisher film or batman whatever. my point is that they have stuck to the basics of the comics and i like that. im glad they havnt “batmaned it up” lol. one thing i do agree on though is the cgi looks dodgy but this is only the first trailer, i remember when the first ironman trailer hit, everyone said the same thing. but when the film came out no one batted an eyelid.

    • * If i wanted dark and gritty*

  14. I think the trailer looks like it is going to be a fun movie, BUT the suit is a bit off. I’m still going to see this no matter what, but they’d even be better off if they made the mask black instead of neon green.

    • The mask has been green since the debut of Hal Jordan decades ago. Green mask in the comics calls for green mask in the film.

      At least they are staying true to the character, unlike Chris Evan’s refusal to dye his hair blonde for Captain America.

      • Not EVERYTHING from the comics transfers properly to the screen or else we’d have a Batman costume more like Adam West’s. Sometimes changes need to be made, and a black mask would look 100x better than the neon green one.

  15. In my opinion the aura of the transformation should be emanating from the ring not from his chest. I think the green energy itself is a bit too faded. Remember the Justice League animated series where the Lantern’s energy was a bright and shiny green colour.

  16. Here. Comes. The. Crappy. CGI.

    That was the sequence.

  17. Its the eyes that screw up the mask… the eyes look stupid, if they keep his real eyes behind it it might look less silly and tacked on. Also, in defense of the suit, it breathes and that’s pretty rad. If they tone down the skin-look a little (because I think the homophobic teen-male fanboy group doesn’t want to look at his bod so much, or at least they won’t admit they do). I’m still hopeful because a bad trailer doesn’t mean a bad film (and vice versa terminator salvation).

    • I think whats cool about it is that the suit takes form differently around whoever has the ring. The creature from the comics that is scaly actually has a scaly suit and I think that makes the whole mythology really cool. Its not a ring that wraps you in latex its a ring that wraps your physical body in power.

    • Ben Stiller’s 3D eyes. Hahaha…

  18. The one thing that worries me is that it looks like it can’t decide between serious and silly here. I have to wait and see the actual film.

  19. Its the final form of the CGI costume that doesnt look right as well as the mask and the eyes…first off the final form or the costume Ryan looks Enorexic and not well fit..people will atomatically believe that that looks fake..second the Mask looks silly or at least the eyes in the mask which look fake

    Understanding that no other Superhero costume can look as dark as Batman’s but in some cases sometimes they do have to to look better..if they would have made it look like in the video game Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe that would have been better

  20. So a friend of mine told me today that while he was in Austin at a convention,he met and had some drinks with the guy who’s playing John Stewart.He said that he’s only going to have a cameo in this movie.

    I guess he didn’t really go into too much detail about it,but It looks like he will probably be taking over for Reynolds at some point(obviously),and possibly as soon as the second movie.

    Now this is all second had knowledge,so take from it what you will.

    • Let me guess, your “friend” also said that The Blackest Night happens at the end of the second film too?

      They are just now introducing Hal, I doubt they are going to replace Reynolds until after 2 or 3 films. And if anyone replaces him, it has to be Kyle Rayner, because John Stewart has to be the stalest of the human GL’s.

      • Dude, what’s your problem seriously?

  21. I think it looks as good as it can get. At leased they didnt try to do the whole thing about giving every superhero a leather jacket and pants like xmen and daredevel. Which I didn’t mind, but the second most important thing about a super hero besides their character is their costume.

  22. I wanted to point out that this movie will be in 3D. Anyone notice how much darker 3D movies look? The glasses reduce a small percentage of the projector light, which makes the images on screen look darker. That was clearly evident in Avatar. Perhaps the film makers went brighter with the suit to offset some of that light loss. Just a thought…

  23. i honestly don’t see what’s wrong with the suit, it has the classic black and green with similar patterns on it, the only major difference being is that this suit is textures with lines giving it an ‘organic’ look/feel.

    ffs people wait for more footage prior to bashing the movie, i know the script makes reynolds look like an idiot (not portraying the character right etc etc) but it seems most you people are more worried about the SE which mind you aren’t fully complete seeing as how the movie is still in production and not in its post production/editing phase.

    btw i was right about the suit generating from the centre outwards :)

  24. The costume looks way too fake at the moment with the biggest problem being the mask, definitely. In the shots from the trailer it looks like something I would have photoshopped on in a short amount of time…

    • @Rob Keys, Wow,this statement coming from YOU, REEEALLY scares me for this movie because you’re so much more optimistic than most. I appreciate your honest opinion Rob.

      • Rob Keyes may help run this site, but his OPINION doesn’t hold enough weight to declare it a bad film when all we’ve got is a 2 minute trailer.

        And all of the talk about Blake Lively’s acting? One line and people have automatically declared her a horrible choice.

        The same thing happened to Brandon Routh, one line in one of the Superman Returns trailers and everyone was like, “he can’t act.”

        And by convincing yourself that from hearing ONE line that someone is bad, when you go see the film, you refuse to give it a chance because you blindly follow the opinions of people who want nothing more than to let jealousy cause them to hate every film. That’s what Screen Rant is, it’s a bunch of guys who are so mad that they don’t have the talent to actually work in the film industry, that they want to trash everything because it’s better than what they could do.

        And Rob Keyes, if you can “photoshop” a better GL movie, I can’t wait to see it. And hate it.

        • “That’s what Screen Rant is, it’s a bunch of guys who are so mad that they don’t have the talent to actually work in the film industry, that they want to trash everything because it’s better than what they could do.”

          So, what are you doing on this side? Besides making friends?

        • Gary,

          Don’t presuppose that you know anything about any of us, m’kay? If anyone is “angry,” based on looking over the last two dozen or so of your comments across the site – I’d say it’s you.

          Feel free to express your opinion, but continue to act the troll and I’ll take measures. I’ve already had complaints about you on other threads.


        • Oh, and we sure trashed the hell out of that Cowboys & Aliens trailer, didn’t we? Gave that one a good drubbing for sure.


        • Dude, is someone forcing you at gunpoint to read and comment on this site?

          Because if they are, just say the word “cabbage” and we’ll send the team out to rescue you.

          If not, then there really is no help for you.

  25. His crotch should be green, not black – and bigger.

    • THAT’S not weird at all.

      Please don’t start advocating nipples and molded butt. :-)

    • Blue Lantern,

      Why? Does the ring have the power of Viagra?


    • Wow………………..

    • lol

    • Actually, in the modernized concept of the suit, that part IS black. I think it works better as it takes away from the often silly “underwear” look of that part of so many costumes.

      • My comment was half in jest, and no I’m not advocating nipples and such, though I personally didn’t mind them – but that movie was terrible anyway.
        It just bugs me a little when movies, etc., try to downplay the inherent sexuality/sexiness of the superhero genre. If you go back to the original GL costume, it’s green. I was assuming by making that part of the costume black they were trying to make it less noticeable.
        I agree, the mask doesn’t quite work. I think it’s the shape/line of the upper eye-brow part, and those weird ridges around the outside and lower part of the eye-holes.

  26. Without the “white gloves” the uniform violates the long history of the Hal Jordan/Green Lantern character, those gloves distinguish Hal from the other earth based Green Lantern characters.

    • I didn’t even pick up on the lack of white gloves, but you’re absolutely right. It’s not a big deal to me I suppose, but now that you mention it, it sorta bothers me

      • I think the lack of white gloves is very forgivable. Considering how no one seems to mind that Chris Evan’s doesn’t have Steve Rogers classic blonde hair for his “portrayal” of Captain America.

    • @Harold Ryan Reynolds said with his own words that “The white gloves won’t be there cuz they’re lame”.

      • @ulik, Hal’s GL has been wearing those white gloves for over 50 years so there’s something to them. As for Ryan Reynolds it’s his name that’s out there and he and the director are, I guess within their rights to assert their creative license to make themselves feel good. I’m going to see it because it appears to be on track as a great scifi action flick and in the end that’s all that counts. I’m just saying that bringing an iconic superhero character to the big screen is tricky and small changes that seem no big deal can have unforseen consequences. Brian Singer/Brandon Routh both got put on the back burner for leaving the “S” off the back of Superman’s cape among other things.

        • If you look it up, Singer said he took the S off of the cape from Superman Returns because it would mess with the CG and the flappings of the cape. They had the S on the chest, good enough for me.

          And on the topic of staying true to a character’s costume, look at Batman. His film costumes are never accurate to the comics. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but you can’t hate on one film for the costume not being an exact copy of the comic version without noticing how small the changes really are.

          • … Not to mention that white gloves may not have looked all that great on a hero onscreen.

            • Ok everybody I’m over the white gloves and being a Hal/GL fan I’m just hoping the movie is great. As for Singer, I view that as an excuse, Imageworks or ILM could have accomplished that little bit of CG with their eyes closed all he had to do was say this is what I want and they would have made it happen the movie cost $200+ million, lol. Don’t get me wrong about Singer I think he’s a great director, just not on that movie, I’m sure he’ll create another spectacular movie sometime soon. I’m not hating I’m just saying.

  27. I personally love how the suit looks in the top picture of it.

    and I think the reaction is less mixed, and more the detractors are louder. ALSO…fans are the ones who are mixed. The regular folks are much more positive. And it’s starting to sway to the positive i think. The more that is shown, the more impressive it’ll become i think.

  28. Looks good to me! But then I’d pick any live action over cartoons.. LOL

  29. I understand that the emphisized physique is a trademark comics and animation, but in live action it looks silly. Looking at the difference between the 4th and 5th pictures above, he appears to have lost at least 3 inches off his waste.

    you know, I always thought Reynolds kindof had a big head to start with (literally) and with the suit giving him a slimmed physique, his head looks even bigger.