‘Green Lantern’ Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

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gl costume Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

Well, the Green Lantern trailer is finally here, and fan reaction is… mixed at best.

Opinion is split on everything to do with this Green Lantern movie – whether Ryan Reynolds is right to play Hal Jordan, if Blake Lively can act (I say yes), whether the movie looks too cartoonish and not “dark” enough, etc. However, one hot topic of debate currently raging isĀ  whether Green Lantern’s CGI costume looks good…or just plain silly.

Rather than force you to play the Green Lantern trailer over and over as you drum on your mouse for that shot-by-shot effect, we here at Screen Rant thought that we might make things easier by actually giving you a shot-by-shot, hi-resolution image sequence of Hal Jordan (Reynolds) powering up his ring and “putting on” his Green Lantern uniform.

First check out the trailer in its entirety, then we’ll stack the images of Reynolds transforming into Green Lantern below, so you can check them out:


gl transform 01 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 02 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 03 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 04 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 05 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 06 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

gl transform 07 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

I have to admit that I think the CGI costume effects are pretty well done… right up until I get to that final image of the finished costume.

It should be understood that at this point the CGI effects are not finalized and are going to be polished in the coming months – so they’ll likely look much better when the finished product hits theaters. (Remember the unfinished effects in that Iron Man superbowl TV spot fans were once up in arms about?)

But, as loyal fans we should – nay, must – help the filmmakers find their way. So it’s in that helpful spirit that I’d like to present three things about the Green Lantern movie costume that I think could use some improvement:

1. The Color Tones

The colors are way too light in tone. Not every superhero outfit has to be “dark,” but when you think about it, it would make more sense for GL’s costume to be darker, with the green aura of the ring bearer’s will providing the light. If a Green Lantern dies, and their light fades, it would look more fitting if their uniform had a darker tone to it (the absence of light). But that’s just me.

2. The Texture

The actual “skin” of the outfit makes me feel like they might has well have gone with some cheap plastic/latex costume and skipped the CGI altogether. The color tones and “feel” of the outfit (especially around Reynolds’ wrist and hands) reminds me of the Hal Jordan action figure I used to play with when I was a kid.

gl space flight1 Green Lantern Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot

3. The Mask

I know in my heart and soul that there was never going to be an easy way to pull off a mask like the one Hal Jordan wears (whether it was CGI, makeup, or costume piece). However, the mask they’ve gone with strips Reynolds of virtually any chance he has of NOT looking silly. I will admit that in a previous magazine cover image, the GL mask actually played (thank you, airbrushing); in this trailer image, not so much. You can call me a blasphemer, but personally, I think the filmmakers would’ve been better off going with the “armor mask” worn by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. But again, that’s just me.


Enough of my opinion – how do you guys feel after taking a closer look at Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern costume? Did the closer analysis sway your opinion, or do you feel the same way as before?

Green Lantern will try and shine in theaters on June 17, 2011.

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  1. Now that I think of it, Ryan Reynolds would have made a better Flash than GL.

  2. i think Mark Strong looks far more better in his suit from what i caught a glimpse of than Ryan does in his and i still cant believe Jeph Loeb let this disaster happen !!

    • You know I would have to agree with that I want to see himas Deadpool more. And I think he would have been a much better Barry Allen (Flash), other than that I’m getting a Kyle Rayner feel from this Green Lantern Film not Hal Jordan. The way he acts in the trailer is more so like Rayner than Jordan. Jordan wasn’t much of a smart ass he was mostly professional and I’m not getting that. The best thing about the movie so far is Mark Strong looks awesome as Sinestro which surprises me because I was skeptical about that. And Kilowag looks awesome too, however from the look of that scene it seemslike Hal is going to say something stupid like Brush your teeth much. I don’t know like I said I’m a huge Green Lantern fan and I’ve followed Hal JOrdan forever and Ryan Reynolds doesn’t look like he’s acting very Halish.

      • Wow! A real comic-book fan! Or, that is the impression I get from RPG Hill’s comment. I must confess I am not really beyond Spider-man in the late ’60s / early ’70s. It is good to see! And, not being a GL fan for more than a few casual viewing of very early Justice League cartoons, it is good to hear the motion-picture industry is trying to accurately depict well-known characters. I am really looking forward to seeing this, not because I am attached to an actor or character but because of the fan-base the series was able to keep. Also, I cherish super-hero movies, like the X-men, Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange and Incredible Hulk (DD, for that matter), because there were ALWAYS things I couldn’t get into in the comics and movies seem to fill me in on them — even Man-Thing. So, again, I am really looking forward to seeing Green Lantern! :)

  3. Seth’s mask in ‘The Green Hornet’ looks better !!!!!

  4. Hi Archaeon

    Yeah ok i’m with you on the dogs…

    I thought the use of the panels was a different and at times innovative. Scenes merging into one another had worked quite nicely at times giving the movie that sense of fluidity from a visual point of view. The mistake perhaps Lee made was to use the panels in the action sequences. It’s very difficult to enjoy Hulk smashing things when it’s split in small portions all over the screen.

    I agree with you 100% on the films intelligence and psychology. I think Lee must be praised for deepening the character, explaining the causes for his rage. Linking the internal struggle with a family tragedy was genius I thought, and that particular scene was beautifully done and one of the best scences in the film.

    I still think it’s one of the better made comic book films around, just a bit more action was needed especially considering the character that it’s about.

  5. I think the CGI needs work and hopefully the time until release helps them get it looking better. Regarding the color, I think that perhaps a darker green could help with things, though it’s hard to say. I’d rather like to see more of it myself.

    The mask is what really bothers me though and I can’t help but wonder if it would be better if he didn’t have one at all. Of course, there are reasons for it and I honestly don’t know how they could fix it.

    What bothers me slightly with the trailer is that I found myself far more interested in the scenes in space with Oa and the other Corps members than with any of the scenes on Earth. I’m wondering if we might get two movies in a way because of that.

    But I’m still excited and look forward to seeing more in any case. Just hope they can improve the CGI.

  6. Actually, if you go back to the “Emerald Dawn” series in the Green Lantern comic, you see Hal Jorden as a cocky, smart-ass care for nobody pilot. And, Carol was always a pilot, having grown up in Ferris Aircraft. And, when Hal was first dragged to OA, hey was way beyond his element, but still made an impression. He did not get along with Kilowog, nor many other GLs. I am not too sure about the costume, but I will give this a shot.

  7. Wish they would have The Green lantern appear on Smallville
    already maybe then he would look more true in a real costume!

    • Smallville….. the bane of my tv world. If I hadn’t watched all of them and this wasn’t the last season, I would have binned any notion of watching them any more.

      Please explain to me how Smallville would make his costume better?

      Would it not just make a shoddy attempt at doing it on the cheap, as with most other Smallville episodes. Notice he still can’t fly, the special effects to make him fly would cost money. Smallville = Pathetic attempt at tv.

  8. other then the waist thing the movie add look pretty good i reakon

  9. well at least the costume is not black copycat of batman’s costume, and this does look like the green lantern from the comic book. i do wonder however if this movie was rushed into production because the costume looks like still needs some work on it, but the trailer was pretty good…

  10. anyone else thats seen the add with this transformation sequence think to themselves…why is green lantern naked and why is his skin a cross between scales and muscle tissue?

    • Could not have said it better.

  11. I think the appearance of the costume is gonna be alright. The mask looks like crap in the still shots, but looked better in the trailer (maybe cause it was moving, and harder to focus on?). Either way, I still think this movie will be pretty good. DC could use something with a lighter tone, they’re sticking to much darker themes with everything else. I think this’ll be good.

  12. 1.The special effects and the mask. OBVIOUSLY the CGI is nowhere near done!! Do you really think with half a year to go until the release the crew is just sitting around doing nothing? Also, the costume is so tight because it’s a layer of solid light similar to a second skin. And if you paid attention there are a couple different mask types shown in the trailer so who knows what transformations the costume goes through during the movie.

    2.People hear a few funny lines in a trailer and they assume the whole movie is a comedy! Has no one seen Spider-Man? That had quite a few funny moments, as well as plenty of serious moments and that was a great movie! Nolan’s Batman films also have jokes in them, are they now comedies too?

    3. On that note, people who say that Ryan Reynolds isn’t portraying Hal Jordan properly because he’s not serious enough and that he’s acting more like Kyle Rayner, obviously haven’t read the comics closely enough. When Hal started out he was a cocky jerk who shamelessly tried to hook up with Carol every chance he got. It was his ordeal with Parallax that made him into the modern “serious” GL that people know today. I thank the people in this thread and threads everywhere who have helped to clear up this issue.

    4. Don’t even get me started on the whole “GL is supposed to be black” business.

    5. The multitude of Deadpool “fans” who came out of nowhere claiming that Ryan Reynolds was/would be soooo much better as Deadpool. Did you discover him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Did you read a couple funny pages of some Deadpool comics you found on google images? Did you decide you were hardcore into Deadpool when you found out it was a funny, edgy, mature rated comic? Did you say to yourself, “Wait this guy has guns AND swords?? Sign me up!!!” Bandwagon fans who like Deadpool because they’ve heard he’s cool and badass and who haven’t read any of the comics need to shut up about things they know nothing about. No offense to actual long-time Deadpool fans.

    5.1 I do, however, think that RR would have made a GREAT Flash.

    • You sir, get an A.