Green Lantern’s Costume Will Be CGI [Updated]

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[Update: We have a picture of Ryan Reynolds in his Green Lantern "costume."]

Our friend Peter Sciretta over at /Film dug up a juicy exclusive that will no doubt send comic book movie geeks fans into a frenzy: Ryan Reynolds’ costume in Green Lantern is going to be almost entirely computer generated.

That’s right, you heard me correctly: a CGIGreen Lantern costume is what we will see in the movie.

Right about now, you’re either nodding your head and saying “Makes sense,” or tearing your hair out in frustration. Either way, let the ranting begin.

According to Sciretta’s exclusive report, Reynold’s is currently running around the Louisiana set of Green Lantern in a ‘gray tracking motion/performance capture suit with led lights and white LEDs,’ cracking jokes that Warner Bros. will turn him into a Na’vi by the time Green Lantern hits screens. Although, I don’t think some fans are going to share Reynold’s humor about this subject.

From what I gather, the filmmakers are sticking close to the idea from the comic book, which is that a Green Lantern’s costume is a manifestation of the ring bearer’s power; Sciretta’s source inside Warner Bros. claims that onscreen, the suit “will look cool.”

Before people can start claiming that a CG costume = an epic fail for the Green Lantern movie, Sciretta reminds us that Academy Award-winning costume designer Ngila Dickson (Lord of the Rings, The Last Samurai) is working on Green Lantern – I’m fairly certain that between Dickson and the current standard of CGI technology we’ll be getting a Green Lantern outfit that fanboys can be proud of and moviegoers will be impressed by. Just my prediction.

I’m going to go ahead and put it out there that I am NOT freaking out about this (though as I write this, I’m not sure if I speak for the rest of the Screen Rant staff, or have once again ventured out on my own limb).

The simple fact is, the Green Lantern costume is going to be worn by a lot weird alien creatures; Hal Jordan (Reynolds) has to be able to make it manifest and disappear in an instant just by willing it so; the costume needs to have an emerald aura constantly surrounding it… there are simply too many demands for a spandex and/or leather outfit to handle in this case.

You can argue about “old school movie making” until you’re blue in the face; the team behind Green Lantern is trying to take super hero drama to the next universe (literally) – boundaries are going to be pushed and conventions tested. It’s the type of risk-taking filmmaking that can pay off big…

…Or fall flat. I’m sure that no matter what I argue, a certain contingent of hardcore Green Lantern fans are going to feel downright betrayed by this news (and will hopefully air their grievances in our comment section icon smile Green Lanterns Costume Will Be CGI [Updated] ).

Before you get too reactive, however, be sure to head over to /Film to read some additional Green Lantern updates about the following:

I know that – love it or hate it – it’s still good for fans everywhere to be getting info about how the Green Lantern movie is coming along, so thanks again to /Film for the wonderful update.

Update: Thanks to an exclusive from MTV Splash Page, we now have a look at Reynolds in his Green Lantern “costume!”



Ok, so it’s a motion-capture suit – but it’s a cool looking motion-capture suit! That’s good…right?

Green Lantern will be in theaters on June 17, 2011.

Source: /Film

Update Source: MTV Splash Page

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  1. Thats EXACTLY what i was going to say. I'm even MORE excited about it now simply because of how incredibly awesome the ironman costume turned out, and IM SURE that suit is much more difficult to create than Green Lantern's.

  2. ^they DID do that with ironman?

    • just bits of the suit — mostly legs and arms and that stuff

      • Yeah that especially showed in the suitcase suit scenes. The close ups on the legs and arms would have been impossible or cost prohibitive to pull off otherwise.

        I don’t see this being a serious issue. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again with an addition. WATCH the flights! And the ring power ups should be more elemental, diffuse and geometrical. Hands, maces, common items made of green energy they don’t come off that well. The one exception perhaps is if he makes something that substitutes for a common object and looks and functions like a common object. Like in the “Matrix” a door or even a building that wasn’t there before.

  3. I think that the space ring, power-up scenes, like flying through space or fighting bad guys is most likely going to need the mocap suit.

    Now when he's just in his suit, I hope they just give RR a costume.

  4. Is Mark Strong going to play Sinestro?

  5. I didnt realized they used that much CGI for the Iron Man films. I guess if it worked for them then im willing to give the use of CGI in Green Lantern the benefit of a doubt to be put in good use. Especially how we will see our hero use his power ring in multiple ways which im more curious to see in the film.

  6. this article made me bite my fingernails till my skin peeled off, no joke. am a little nervous about this movie, the pic above looked decently awesome, now considering it be CGI…..hhmmm..i don't know..guess we'll have to wait and see.

    • don’t do that to your skin! relax! look, look at the puppy — isn’t it cute? XD haha

  7. If they do as good a job on the suit for Green Lantern as they did on Doctor Manhattan for Watchmen, then i will be happy….Just no green penises

  8. Spider Man is different because in the scenes you speak of Spider Man was completely computer generated, this will be different as the actor will still be live.

  9. Sounds cool! Let's see it.

  10. LoL JohN, You had to mention that didnt ya? I never seen any of her films so i hope Angela Bassett can play a great Amanda Waller just as CCH Pounder & Pam Grier have to the character. Anyone know if Super Max still being made or what? Id like to see a Green Arrow film. If DC/Warner Bros. plan to do the same thing Marvel is doin, Amanda Waller is one good character put into place. Especially if they used Project Cadmus, Suicide Squad stories. Anyways im counting down the days till ill hear the words ( In Brightest Day. In Blackest Night. No Evil Shall Escape My Sight. Let Those who worship Evil's Might, Beware my power…… Green Lantern's Light! )

  11. Like you said, with the legitimate reasoning behind it, and the level of CGI these days, I think it will turn out well.

  12. I'll wait and see what the result will be. If the story is good and the effects work I am all okay.

  13. the casino royale director is making this. CGI all you want. But the thrust of this movie will be a badass star spanning supercop that fights interstellar badguys and gets to fight in wars that spread across galaxies. If you can do that well with just spandex and miniature models, you rock and deserve a lifetime achievement oscar but I cant wait the 15 years it would take to do this right with that old school technology.

  14. PLEASE NO CGI for the COSTUME !!! Make the glow when needed CGI all you want, but the costume needs to remain a physical material !!

    • I heard they stopped production for a couple of weeks just because of your post –

  15. Kofi, you son of a ….!! I was expecting to see the actual costume! Remember when Kahless said he was powering down his disruptors…? :0

  16. ViolatorX2 ,
    If you are still out there,
    Mark Strong is going to play Sinestro.

  17. I hope to here a reference to a badass,beer chuggin,mean space motorbike ridin’,bounty hunter named Lobo. Maybe even a quick photo.

  18. I’d hope to hear a reference to a badass,beer chuggin,mean space motorbike ridin’,bounty hunter named Lobo in the GL movie. Maybe even a quick photo.

  19. In my opinion, a CG suit = WIN!

  20. Now that looks more like a costume.