First Official Images of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated July 16th, 2010 at 11:25 am,

green lantern filming 3d First Official Images of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern [Updated]

[Update: We now have a high-res pic of Reynolds as GL along with other new images!]

EW has posted a preview of their latest issue, which focuses on the upcoming 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. Gracing the cover of the issue is one of the biggest films that will be a major focus of this year’s Comic-Con: DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.’ upcoming adaptation of Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds is playing the titular hero, Hal Jordan, and a few months back we learned that Green Lantern will be wearing a CGI costume in the film. Now you can see how the F/X-heavy outfit has turned out.

The first reaction I’m having to seeing this Green Lantern costume is “Weird.” It echoes the traditional GL costume we know and love, only with more of an “organic suit” kind of feel that is reminiscent of the black symbiote suit from Spider-Man.

This is yet another superhero movie costume that is going to split fanboys down the middle of the love/hate divide. Check it out:

green lantern movie costume hi res 2 First Official Images of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern [Updated]

Am I off the mark for calling this strange? I mean I get why it’s being done this way – the early Green Lantern concept art suggested that the film was going for a more “alien organic” aesthetic, and some early set photos suggested that Green Lantern’s emerald power ring was going to have a similar organic rock/mineral look to it. So, at least they’re keeping things consistent…

Fanboys who look at this and are revolted by it: I get why you’re displeased. It isn’t what you would call “traditional” Green Lantern and in some ways it makes Reynolds himself look slightly like a CGI mo-cap character. However, Green Lantern is a superhero who flies through the deepest recesses of space while having epic battles with what are essentially mentally controlled lasers. A hybrid alien spacesuit/armor design is (admittedly) a pretty logical way to make all this cosmic warfare seem believable onscreen. We’ll see how it holds up when the first footage from the film is presented.

The cool folks over at iFanboy put up some of the other images found inside this issue of EW – Check ’em out:

As the cover indicates, it’s all going down next week at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. Be sure to stay tuned to Screen Rant’s Official 2010 Comic-Con Page for the latest updates.

Green Lantern will be in theaters on June 17, 2011.

Source: EW

Update Source: MTV Splash Page

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  1. Not interested. DC characters are not as cool as Marvel characters. MARVEL RULES!


      That’s the funniest thing I have ever heard! It’s also Bull****

  2. Can’t tell much about the overall look or the black/green colour scheme from the lighting on this one shot. I’m liking the white eyes though.

  3. Looks much better than just a “man in tights”. Certainly brings uniqueness. I’m jamming on the cover overall- GL/ Thor/ Buffy/ Zombies on TV!
    Wake me up I must be dreaming. I’d love to see an EW cover from 10 years ago just for reference as to how Hollywood now relies so heavily on the fanboy market.


  5. Do I hate it? No. Do I like it? No. But I am surprised that I don’t find it the least bit awe-inspiring. Of course, I’ll still see the film because I like Ryan Reynolds as m*****f****** Hal Jordan; and you can’t judge a movie just on the costume. The character has to be more interesting than the power set. The ring looks good, though.

  6. Looks very allien-ish. Not a fan of those veiny stripes and I’d like to see more black, not all green. But overall I think it’s a good design. Since it’s just an image (and we can’t fully see him) I’ll wait for the trailer to properly judge. Hopefully they’ll release it online soon after (or during) Comic-Con.

  7. the suit will most likely look better in the film when you see it in action it makes more sense for it to look this way the suit is generated by the ring it was created by aliens of course its not going to look like a costume made by a person(like supermans and batmans) and imagine him in space flying all over the place fighting aliens and s*** itl look like a badass uphoric battle its gonna be like eye candy him glowing and everything

  8. Is that the Crysis outfit?

  9. Not that happy with it to be 100% honest. Was not happy with the casting, now the suit, and they gave him the “b****” ring. Only thing left for them to do. Is come over to my house and tear up my comics and break my action figures.

    • sorry about the wording hit submit too quickly


  10. Guess this will be a straight to DVD release. Why waste money on distribution and marketing when we can already tell this will be utter crap? The concept is so simple and they have to go and screw ti up with this ‘Hollywood” garbage.

    “Lets make it cool and modern and hip!”. The Green Lantern thing was done so well in “The New Frontier”. This one looks like it was inspired by the Catwoman movie with Halle Berry. I have no doubt it will suffer the same fate. A silver lining to this might be that there will be some decent action figures in the discount bins a month after the movie hits theatres.

    • Wow if you had a meter of negativity on you, it would shatter like Eddie Murphy’s career.

    • Don’t you mean YOU can tell the film will be crap? Fortunately, I doubt most people (including the actual distributors) will have the slightest interest in your negative perspective. I happen to like the costume in the pic (as well as Reynolds casting), but I realize these two brief hints of major components do not guarantee quality and success. I DO believe, however, that I’ll very much enjoy the movie when it comes out…so far, so good.

    • @”Why waste money on distribution and marketing when we can already tell this will be utter crap?”

      You got all that from those pics? Wow.

    • Idiot

  11. Don’t like it looks dumb but still better than Odin and Thors Biker jeans.

      Thor will have Harley Davidson marketing.

  12. b**** ring???? You know that’s what the original green lantern ring looked like. And all you people bitching on the costume, would you really want him in spandex? O and there is a difference in color on the costume. There’s a different color in green where the white gloves would be.

  13. Ive never really been a fan of DC (except Batman ALWAYS loved batman) or of Ryan Reynolds, so I cant really comment on the costume… but to a newcomer I think he looks ok :s

    My main question is what is “The New Buffy” about? any insight would be appreciated

  14. I’m not going to pile dirt on this movie because of one picture that doesn’t even show the full uniform. It could go either way at this point.

    Now when it comes to the Thor images from yesterday there should be air raid sirens blaring in every town across the country. The armor looks like those cheap plastic shields and swords I would buy at Wal-Mart 25 years ago. And nothing says I royally had my ass kicked like a GOLD EYE PATCH!!!

  15. Hmmm…I’m not sure yet…but kinda coming down on the side of “ecch”.

  16. ok Hollywood must be becoming desperate. Ryan Reynolds? come one people you cant take someone who is another super hero/evil villain from another comic and just assume people will be ok with this, i mean he is supposed to be Deadpool in X-Men. WTF? there are so many other options out there and they choose this guy? i think the casting people should all be taken out and shot for being idiots, and these actors should be turning down conflicting roles like this or suffer the same fate.

  17. Man, maybe it’s just because I am a casual fan, but I freakin love it! I seriously don’t get the hate!

    I love that they make him look like he has alien technology. So far, I dig it.

    • Yeah, I think the alien tech can explain a lot of the look. However, based on the excruciating detail regarding the look of the suit as far as exposed musculature and how far down that EW cover pic goes… what’s going to cover his “package?” An alien athletic cup? 😛


      • Vic,
        As always, YOU ROCK! Way to ask the tough questions that nobody else has the (dare I say it) bal…….(no, I don’t dare) cajones to ask.

        btw, I like the costume. If they just went with a spandex suit that looked exactly like the costume cut out of the comics, I believe it would look lame. Possibly like that not to be mentioned Cap film out of the 90’s. I’ve been a Green Lantern Fan for as long as I remember. My kid’s even love GL. When we were going onto the local army base, I asked my son, who is 5, if he knew who lives on the army base, and he said, “Yeah, Green Lanterns!”

        But anyway, back to the point…..Thanks to you, I am now curious about Ryan Reynolds…..uh……”coverage”.

        Thanks for that! LOL

    • I’m with you there, looks great in my opinion

  18. Well one things for sure he should have neat lines against an outer space or night background with the light between the seams and all. Looks alot like Bob Ringwood’s handiwork.

  19. am i the only one who sees different shades of green on the suit. it looks like he has a collar and its a llighter shade of green where the white gloves would be on the original costume. am i right….. or wrong???

  20. betcha when hes not using the ring or using power the suit is black completley, and depending on how much hes using the ring, the greener its going to get..

    Very cool i think

    • COOOOL….A mood suit.

  21. It doesn’t look like alien tech it looks like an alien penis.

  22. Hate, hate, hate the costume. Hate. Love Reynolds. Hate the costume. I’ve waited all my life for a big budget Hollywood GL movie w/ an actor that I like but I absolutely HATE the costume. It’s terrible. HATE the costume.

  23. The costume makes sense to me, so I have no problem right now with it, least til I see it in action. As long as the character designs are done
    well, an of course, a decent story, this will do fine. After the last Superman, DC can’t afford another misstep.

  24. I’m really more a DC than a Marvel’ But at least Marvel gets the suits as close to right as they can. DC doesen’t seem to care what their people lookmlike! Hoping the EW pic is just a really bad photo or a really bad joke. This is not Green Lantern. I had faith in Martin Campbell because he directed Mask of Zorro’ But I have to say I’m a bit let down!!

  25. omg, plz say this movie will not suck every person i no would want to watch this movie. i agree with you guys

  26. I find the hatred for this suit ridiculous. There are FAR WORSE movie costumes out there. Fanboys need to let go – this isn’t comic book GL, it’s MOVIE GL.

    I for one am tired of “comic book movie” mentality – the goal here is NOT to take what fanboys obsess over and put it on the screen. The goal is to take that core essence of what fanboys love about these characters and translate that concept into something non-fanboys (the general movie audiences of the world) will discover and enjoy.

    Fanboys: if you want your beloved world to stay intact, stick to the books. The movies you share with everybody out there, so compromises will be made.

    IMO, Marvel’s misstep in this Avengers race is trying to be TOO slavishly loyal to fanboys. DC has been better about interpretive freedom, both to great gain (BB, TDK) and mild disappointment (Superman Returns).

    So far, so good for GL. I’m betting this is going to be a huge movie.

    • Well Said!

      “The goal is to take that core essence of what fanboys love about these characters and translate that concept into something non-fanboys (the general movie audiences of the world) will discover and enjoy.”

      Agreed. Couldn’t have said it better myself…so I won’t.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I too am a fanboy but there has to be a bit of reality to what you’re watching. Which is what Christopher Nolan did with his Batman. I mean Bale didn’t run aroun looking like Adam West (no offence Mr.West) nor did Ledger have the squirting flower, big green mallet (super powers line) from the past. It’s new, it’s exciting. It’s just like the comic without doing a page for page. As I first stated I agree, just relax and wait for the final product. You may be surprised as to what we get.

  27. I’m of the mind to hold back judgement until I actually see the movie. I wholeheartedly agree with Kofi Outlaw. Changes have to be made in order to translate something to the big screen. Of course I was never big into Green Lantern comics. I’ll tell ya one thing though, I sure didn’t hear a lot of people complaining that they took away Spiderman’s web contraption and web fluid for the new movies. With the exception of part 3 they certainly weren’t crap.

  28. It looks like they spent alot of time designing that suit. Time that probably should have been spent elsewhere.

    Why in the world did they decide to make it look like something out of a Grey’s Anatomy book?

      • yeah, skin tight, but doesn’t look like muscle tissue. I say black and green with a glow is all that’s needed. This just looks like they’re trying to differentiate for the movie

        It’s not terrible, I just hope they put the same effort into the rest of the movie

  29. Kofi I’ve made clear many times I like changes being made as long as it makes sense and is good. This is just bad though GL is just a big alien penis.