First Official Images of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern [Updated]

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green lantern filming 3d First Official Images of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern [Updated]

[Update: We now have a high-res pic of Reynolds as GL along with other new images!]

EW has posted a preview of their latest issue, which focuses on the upcoming 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. Gracing the cover of the issue is one of the biggest films that will be a major focus of this year’s Comic-Con: DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.’ upcoming adaptation of Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds is playing the titular hero, Hal Jordan, and a few months back we learned that Green Lantern will be wearing a CGI costume in the film. Now you can see how the F/X-heavy outfit has turned out.

The first reaction I’m having to seeing this Green Lantern costume is “Weird.” It echoes the traditional GL costume we know and love, only with more of an “organic suit” kind of feel that is reminiscent of the black symbiote suit from Spider-Man.

This is yet another superhero movie costume that is going to split fanboys down the middle of the love/hate divide. Check it out:


green lantern movie costume hi res 2 First Official Images of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern [Updated]

Am I off the mark for calling this strange? I mean I get why it’s being done this way – the early Green Lantern concept art suggested that the film was going for a more “alien organic” aesthetic, and some early set photos suggested that Green Lantern’s emerald power ring was going to have a similar organic rock/mineral look to it. So, at least they’re keeping things consistent…

Fanboys who look at this and are revolted by it: I get why you’re displeased. It isn’t what you would call “traditional” Green Lantern and in some ways it makes Reynolds himself look slightly like a CGI mo-cap character. However, Green Lantern is a superhero who flies through the deepest recesses of space while having epic battles with what are essentially mentally controlled lasers. A hybrid alien spacesuit/armor design is (admittedly) a pretty logical way to make all this cosmic warfare seem believable onscreen. We’ll see how it holds up when the first footage from the film is presented.

The cool folks over at iFanboy put up some of the other images found inside this issue of EW – Check ‘em out:

As the cover indicates, it’s all going down next week at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. Be sure to stay tuned to Screen Rant’s Official 2010 Comic-Con Page for the latest updates.

Green Lantern will be in theaters on June 17, 2011.

Source: EW

Update Source: MTV Splash Page

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  1. weakkkkkkkk

  2. my thoughts:well this is a total kick in the ass straight up from warner bros and dc entertainment

  3. I think it looks neat, actually…weird, yes, but it does work with the mythology of the Green Lantern universe.

    • I agree.

  4. Brava! Stupenda! Magnifica!
    First reaction was WOW, pretty cool. Love the suit, unsure about the mask.
    Reynolds at least has the LOOK for a good super hero. Hopefully his acting and spin on Hal will work as well. Can’t wait to see the trailer!

  5. I think that it is definitly unique… Weird, but not bad… not that good either… this pic makes it look like that his costume gives him his powers, due to the glowing… I think that it could work… but im not crossing my fingers…

  6. I like it, it stays true to the comic version but also updates it in a modern way. It’s a hell of a lot better than those Thor costumes!

    Plus this is an early shot on the front of a magazine, I’d wait and see what its like on the trailer before maing any real judgement.

  7. As much as I want to SHUN SHUN SHUN this suit, I know full well why they designed it like this, and I can get over it as long as the film comes out well in the end..

  8. No luce nada bien, probablemente tengamos otro Superman Returns en nuestros cines, que tristeza

    • No estoy de acuerdo y creo que se ve increíble y no puedo esperar para esta película


      • HUH?!

        • Hab SoSlI’ Quch!! nuqDaq yuch Dapol??!! :-)

          • LOL, Kahless – that’s two online dictionaries I had to consult!

            • LMAO here!!!! :)

      • @greenknight Uh, sabes español? :D

      • Yo decia lo mismo hasta que vi estas imagenes, cuendo será que DC se reinvidicará con sus fans con algo de buena calidad que no se Batman?

  9. DC next bomb.

  10. Bring on Deadpool! I need to see more and better pictures to sell me Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. He was AWESOME as Hannibal King in Blade Trinity. I would of watched a spinoff of that character.

    • Yes. I can’t wait for the DP movie. With creative control by Ryan Reynolds and the director the film cannot fail.

  11. LOL this is certainly looking better than Marvel’s upcoming fare:

    -Captain America & Thor will be ruined in Post-Pro 3D (If there was anything to ruin that is)
    -The Avengers will remind us all of the crap-tacular Iron Man 2
    -The “New” Spider-Man will show itself as what it is; Sony’s hasty transparent attempt at making some more money off Spidey before Disney can

    All this while DC is looking up, heck even this Green Lantern costume looks cool…

    As a “True Believer” for almost 30 years I am sad to see DC get the upper hand.

  12. I think it’s AWSOME that his eyes are white!!! This looks much better than Thor from what I’ve seen up to this point.

  13. Please tell me this isnt being converted into 3D???!!!???

    • DrSamBeckett,

      Yup, it sure is.


      • too bad, it wouldve been great if filmed in 3D

        • Absolutely, filmed in 3D this could be amazing. I’ll just have to try and see it in 2D, which is becomming more difficult as time goes on, and I really dont want to have to wait for DVD on something like this.

  14. I think that’s an interesting and modern approach to the costume and it’s different to what we are used to see in superheroes’ films. I like it though we still have to wait until a footage is released to appreciate how does it look like in full motion.

    In one word: Phenomenal!

  15. It might grow on me in time.
    My biggest complaint is that with the the glow,his hair looks GREEN too!

    • Hair relects light somewhat so it only stands to reason that his hair would have a green tinge to it..

  16. I think it looks FRICKIN’ AWESOME!!!! The suit does look alive and like it arises from the consciousness of the person endowed with the ring…like it ‘flows’ from the ring and envelops the GL imagining it!!

    I am very impressed and it looks better than I ever could have imagined!!

    • I actually went out wearing my Green Lantern ring yesterday by mistake. Felt foolish and cool at the same time.

      • I’ve got mine on a chain I wear around my neck!! :) Geek-tastic!!

        • Cool. I had actually gotten on the bus, sitting there for like fifteen minutes before I realised I was still wearing it! Classic. I’m looking forward to getting a cool new one to go with the new movie.

          Glad to see you like the costume too.

        • My son, my fiancee, and I all dressed up as the Green Latern Corps last Holloween. It was so tight.

  17. It’s interesting.

    My one big complaint is that it appears to be entirely green. I really hope that when we see more pictures, it’ll end up having the green/black scheme. The white can be done away with.

  18. I think it looks better than ANYTHING we’ve seen from Thor. MUCH better.

  19. it doesn’t look all that bad, i mean yeah its overly green but if you look carefully the green is brighter around both the ring and the chest logo, probably indicating that the glow will be apart of the body which is being used e.g GL makes a hammer so his whole arm will glow green whilst the rest of the body will remain either black or have a darker/less radiant green glow.

    now all we need is sinestro’s finished look and we can pass judgement… sort of

  20. I cannot wait to see Ryan playing THE GREEN LANTERN hit theatres next year I cannot hardly wait

  21. While I’ve never been a fan,nor hater of Green Lantern,I must admit that it looks kinda cool.I’m actually interested in the movie now.

  22. These one line replies like “DC next bomb” are pointless.

    You don’t know if the fact that it’s CG will mean that the costume could be animated. It might move and react to what he will be going through. It might be linked to his nervous system. Who effin knows? Write some constructive thoughts next time.

  23. Ugh. It looks like something out of a bad video game.

  24. I’m not a fan of the shape of the mask, but I do think the suit actually looks decent for being a deviation from the source. Thought I do hope that there’s a lot more black in that outfit. It’d take some getting used to for me if it was all green like that :-(

  25. Looks like a Halloween party Green Lantern.

  26. I actually think the costume is ok. It’s just the mask that makes me think ‘WTF?’

  27. Other than missing some of the black areas of the costume (can’t really see if it’s there or not), I think this is a good look for the Green Lantern. Makes more sense to have a more organic outfit. Give it a bit more of an alien background.

  28. Wow that thing looks more like a big throbbing Penis! it does not look like a Green Lantern at all. and to say that that thing looks better than other costumes is to admit a love for big throbbing Penis!

    this just made the movie a miss for me

    • Maybe it’ll grow on you! :-)

      • LOL no. no growing of big green Penis

  29. I am going to hold out for a trailer to see how it looks then, so far I am not a fan. I love Hal’s simple GL suit, that kind of separated him from other lanterns like Jon Stewart, Guy Gardener and Kyle Rayner this looks like they are forcing it to look to Alien, if the Alien life in the movie looks good then their should be no reason to make the costumes look more alien. It would be cool if it was Kyle Rayner but with Hal it goes against the character.

    • In the comics every Lantern had a different costume or ring. So the individuality of costumes is still a possibility in the movie and franchise. So I see no worry in that area.