Carol Ferris in the Comic Books

In the comic books, Carol Ferris was originally the Vice President of Ferris Air, and she hired Hal Jordan to fly for her father’s company. Since the 1950s, the two have been romantically linked over and over again. Repeatedly. Ad nauseum.

In Secret Origin, their initial knowledge of one another was altered slightly. Now, Hal and Carol have known each other since childhood, as their fathers were best friends and worked together. (Indeed, Hal’s father died while flying for Carol’s father’s company.) Later, Carol became a pilot for Ferris Air, but dropped flying altogether to be Vice President when her father fell ill.

In the comics, from time to time, Carol has been possessed by a member of an immortal alien race of warrior women called the Zamarons, transforming her into the evil Star Sapphire – a cosmic Green Lantern villain – forcing her to do battle with her (on, off, on, off) beloved Hal Jordan.

More recently, it was revealed that the Zamarons have harnessed the violet energy of Love – like green is to will, yellow is to fear, blue is to hope, red is to rage, and indigo is to compassion – in the form of purple power rings. Carol has become one of many Star Sapphires in the Star Sapphire Corps, and she’s no longer an evil, alien-possessed villain constantly at odds with Hal Jordan. She’s a Star Sapphire of her own volition.

Carol Ferris in the Movie

Like Hal Jordan and Abin Sur before her, the Carol Ferris of the film is pretty much identical to the Carol Ferris of Geoff John’s Secret Origin. At the beginning of the film, not unlike Hal, Carol is a very capable pilot flying for Ferris Air (under the flight moniker “Star Sapphire” – yay for Easter eggs!).

As the film progresses, Carol transitions from capable pilot to business executive – perhaps as Vice President, though this is unclear – and basically functions as the damsel in distress.

Advantage: Tie – Neither version of the character is all that interesting.

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