8 New ‘Green Lantern’ Clips Paint an Exciting Picture

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The release of Green Lantern is almost upon us, bringing one of the most anticipated, debated, doubted and risky projects of the summer 2011 movie season. With all the money DC/Warner Bros. has invested in making director Martin Campbell’s CGI-heavy sci-fi superhero tale, it’ll be interesting to see if the studio is successful in launching their second-tier hero into the mainstream. With Harry Potter bowing out of theaters this summer, the stakes have never been higher.

Thankfully, the latest Green Lantern trailers have been much improved over the original teaser trailer, and recent TV spots, featurettes and images have all evidenced an increasingly good-looking film. But as any savvy moviegoer knows, promotional materials can be (and often are) misleading. The real test of a movie is how it actually plays in context and sequence.

Today we have 8 new clips from Green Lantern, each about a minute long, giving viewers a thorough look at snippets of the film from start to climax. The clips do a good job at teasing just about every aspect of the film fans are curious and/or worried about:  Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s chemistry as Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris; the CGI alien ranks of the Green Lantern Corps and the Planet Oa; the fear entity known as Parallax, and how Hal Jordan slings his ring in battle.

Normally I’m not one to watch a bunch of clips that give away alot of a movie before I see it – but in this case I am just too curious about how this film has come together. I’m betting that more than a few of you out there are as well.

Check out 8 minutes of Green Lantern below. We’ve put them in as close to sequential order as we can without having seen the film:


Seeing these clips settles a lot of issues for me. The Green Lantern costume effects are much improved, while the ring effects are just downright awesome in battle. Ryan Reynolds IS Hal Jordan – no doubt about it, he was the right choice. Blake Lively isn’t as bad as I worried. The Green Lantern Corps look pretty good. Mark Strong’s Sinestro may be the best comic book character performance of the summer. Even the music score is fittingly epic and moving. Overall, this film looks like a superhero origin tale that will actually transcend the genre to become a bonafide great cinematic adventure.

I officially mark this down as the moment I switched from looking forward to this film with worry and slight dread, to looking forward to this film with genuine excitement. Considering that some early reviews of the movie also paint it as a good experience, and it seems that Green Lantern is now poised to be a big score for DC/Warner Bros. Probably why we picked it as our winner of the 2011 Superhero Movie Showdown.

We’ll find out for certain if we were on the money next week, when Green Lantern hits theaters (in 3D) on June 17th, 2011.

Sources: Warner Bros. via HitFix & Mr. Superhero Movie Fan

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  1. I still say Reynolds should be Flash, and Timothy Olyphant should be Lantern!

    But these look pretty sweet.

    • After seeing Blade 3 yesterday I have to agree that Reynolds was born to play the Flash. His smart mouthed Hannibal King is a spot on match for the character. Nearly of equal match is him playing Deadpool which also meshes extremely well.

      Now I’m not saying that Reynolds was somehow miscast and he won’t make a good GL, because it overall looks extremely promising, just that I would have preferred it if they had signed Reynolds on to do the Flash instead.

  2. How can anyone take this seriously? It is Batman Forever all over again.

    • No, it really is not. THAT is how so many of us can take it seriously.

    • Batman Forever wasn’t good, but it’s not as bad as you seem to want it to sound. And this looks like it will be a great deal better.

    • Adam, really? To say this movie looks like Batman Forever is ludicrous. You either have a vendetta for DC or you are blind. Either way, you wont have much support on this site. Why hate on the spectacular?

    • Where’s the s/ after your quote? This looks great and its another piece of the jla puzzle that fits.

    • Not sure about Batman Forever, but using the ring to make a catapult and then springs under the truck?!?!?!? Seriously, who is he roger rabbit?

      • GL’s constructs are determined by the situation.

  3. So it’s settled. This is officially a movie I’m excited about. =3

  4. Wow, Blake Not-so-Lively could give Denise Richards a run for her money in the “hot chick woefully miscast” contest. I guess it’s a DC tradition at this point.

    • Iron Patriot…

      I’ve just got to ask: Do you revel in complaining about EVERYTHING DC? You have been negative EVERY SINGLE TIME you’ve commented on one of these threads. It’s annoying and pointless.

      It’s obvious from your screen name that you’re a Marvel lover…nothing wrong with that. Heck, I very much enjoyed “Thor” and XM:FC and am looking forward to “Captain America”. I, however, am ALSO anticipating “Green Lantern” and find it irritating to see you blathering everywhere on this site that I look to find DC information.

      If you don’t like DC, that’s fine…we don’t need to hear your attitude AT EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY.


      • I dont mind hearing what he has to say. Not like he’s talking about nothing. He is saying Blake Lively is miscast. If you disagree then disagree but dont come out with “we dont need to hear your negativity all the time,” cuz really, we dont necessarily have to hear any comments whether they are positive or negative. He has a right just like you do to speak his mind

        • i dont care if blake lively was miscast. she still looks hot

          • Actually she isn’t that bad in those clips. Convinced me.

        • Iron Patriot AND Pharoah…

          IP: Fair enough about your reasoning in this case; I was just reacting to the fact every comment I’ve ever read from you on this site has contained some negativity (a significant enough degree that it outweighed any positive thoughts you might have expressed). It’s very off-putting…

          Pharoah: I agree he has every right to express his opinion about anything being discussed, positive OR negative. You’ll notice I did NOT criticize his opinion; I spoke out about the CONSISTENCY of his negativism.

      • I agree with Archaeon. Some of these commentors act like they are trying to sway the opinion of others. It is tiring.

      • My point was that Blake Lively doesn’t make a believable test pilot, much like Denise Richards playing a nuke expert in “The World is Not Enough”. Lively, is just another poor casting choice along the lines of Malin Akerman, Megan Fox, Kate Bosworth and Katie Holmes. Those actresses were unquestionably the weakest links in their respective films. If that bothers you, blame the casting directors, not me.

        • She looks fine to me. I mean that in every sense of the word. And BTW: Carol Ferris isn’t a test pilot in the traditional sense. She’s a daddy’s girl who gets to play test pilot. Big difference. In that regard, Lively looks fine to me, as I said ;-)

      • Thank you I am sick and tired of seeing people b****. Everytime news about this movie comes out it only wants to make me go see it more. A lot of people are just hating on ryan reynolds because he has played comedic roles in the past and use that to judge him as the green lantern. The makers have got everything right even Oa has been significantly improved from the clip above. I know the teaser trailer got this movie alot of bad press but seriously people get over ryan reynolds is hall jordan, again ryan reynold is hall jordan so shove that up your heads and remember that. Go DC!! Go Green Lantern!!

  5. This film will be a thing of beauty…


  6. This movie has the potential to be the best comic book adaptation yet. Just from the clips it may go down as the best speical effects movie to date. I am extrememly excited.

  7. holy crap that was awesome

  8. This is the superhero movie event of the summer.

  9. WOW how much is the movie is left to see? There was 3 Trailers multiple TV spots a 4 minute wonder con and now 8 minutes? Is there really anything left to see?

  10. Wow. I am sold on this movie now. Those clips are pretty cool.

  11. No need to see anymore trailers; I was sold a long time ago.

    • Ditto for me!!

  12. I notice the Marvel fan is worried.

  13. I don’t hate DC (I love the Nolan and Burton Batman movies as well as Richard Donner’s Superman). I also liked Watchmen.

    To me, Green Lantern looks like one large cartoon. Seriously?! Springs, catapults, etc.

    • The thing about GL is that they create things with their mind and the power of the ring in order to deal with certain situations rather than just blasting ppl with energy blasts. You don’t like how the movie is turning out fine, just don’t be bitching about it on every thread.

    • It’s the Earth men’s spontaneous imagination and fierce will that make them the champions of the Green Lantern Corps.

      Have you read the comics, Adam?

    • you need to watch justice league and read some green lantern comics. The ring requires unorthodox creativity to solve the problem. Thats what sets the lanterns apart from other heroes they dont just use their fist the power of the ring can be stretched infinitively therefore you have to be artistic and the producers got it right. I understand what your saying though but seriously give this movie a chance and you will like it

    • Looks awesome to me!

  14. I always liked Marvel alot more than DC. At least I thought I did, the truth of the matter is I didn’t care about anything except the characters. Green Lantern as well as Hawkman Flash The Justice League thought Thor was really good and can’t wait to see this I have a feeling it will not disappoint.

  15. I use to be nit-picky and hated just about every superhero movie that came down the pike because it didn’t match continuity of the comics, but you know what, I have changed. The only criteria I have for superhero movies anymore is “does it look like fun?” and you know what, I don’t care about continuity anymore (especially now that DC is rebooting everything), so when I see these clips… it looks like fun and I’m in. I’m glad they fixed the FX problems. Bring on the popcorn.

  16. Kofi

    You may have said it somewhere else in another GL related piece but now that you’re looking forward to GL are you gonna shoot for the 3D and in iMax or the regular 2D version?

    I think GL will benefit big time from 3Dand even iMax but then again I just like seeing an epic film like this on a BFS (Big Fragging Screen).

  17. Has ScreenRant done any kind of side by side comparison of the costume as shown in the early trailers and the much improved version now?

    At a glance I can;t see in the new trailers where there’s that big a diff but I’m, not actively comparing the trailers either.

    • The colouration of the suit and the texture are very different, which goes to show that the earlier stuff simply wasnt finished.

  18. b****, moan, groan… jeez, it’s a friggin’ comic book person. Just enjoy the damn thing for a few hours then head back to reality.

    Besides, no ring, no shield, no costumes, i just want to see Captain America and Green Lantern, Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds have hot super-hero man sex.
    Oh, shut up, you’re going to see men run around in tights, don’t call me names. :-)

  19. I was sold from the very first trailer, everything else just confirmed what I already knew, this movie is going to be awesome and will beat the balls of Marvel.

    • Ooo now you are in for it.

    • I highly doubt that lol. This does look awesome, but not better that Captain America. (I Like Marvel and DC so it doesn’t matter to me :)

      • Cap over GL I don’t think so.

    • If it is as awesome as we hope it will be, then that would just mean Marvel has to up the ante. A good production company rivalry is always good for the fans.

  20. Wow. I feel like i’ve watched the entire movie!

    Shoot it!

  21. I saw the first trailer when i went to Harry potter part one several months back and i could hardly focus on the movie i was so excited. I’ve waited a long time for a Green Lantern movie and now it is only a week away. Yes, the FX are looking much, much better than the first trailer,and i must say that this will be the CBM of the summer.