Green Lantern Green Lit; Is JLA On Deck?

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green lanternpic Green Lantern Green Lit; Is JLA On Deck?

The guys over at Slash Film were reviewing the latest issue of Production Weekly and came across an interesting bit of news: the previously rumored Green Lantern movie seems to have been given an official green light, and is on the fast-track to light up screens in theater near you.

Here are the official production notes from Production Weekly:

STATUS – Development
PRODUCER: Donald De Line – Andrew Haas WRITER: Greg Berlanti – Marc Guggenheim – Michael J Green
DC COMICS 1700 Broadway New York, NY 10019
WARNER BROS. PICTURES 4000 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91522-0001

That info seems pretty legit, considering that Berlanti, Guggenheim and Green were the same writers rumored to be attached to the project last year, with Berlanti (Dirty, Sexy Money, Eli Stone) rumored to also be directing. No official word yet on whether or not he will still be at that helm.

For those with a good memory, rapper/pretty good actor Common was rumored to be the bearer of the green ring for the now defunct Justice League movie; so does that mean Common will get the chance to star in a GL flick all by his lonesome? A plot synopsis from Production Weekly makes it seem unlikely:

Each sector of space is protected by a Green Lantern, possessing a power ring that uses a powerful green energy to do anything within the limits of the user’s imagination and will power. When the Green Lantern assigned to this sector of space finds himself dying on planet Earth, he tells the ring to find a suitable successor. The chosen replacement, hot-shot test pilot Hal Jordan, finds himself with a new job he never expected.

While I love Common as a rapper, and have even appreciated the gravity he’s brought to his roles in movies like Smokin Aces and Wanted, I can’t fault Warner Bros. for going with Hal Jordan as their Green Lantern. Jordan is the most popular GL in the comics, and his eventual transformation into the villain Parallax leaves a lot of room for a pretty sick movie franchise.

But hearing that Green Lantern is on the way raises questions about another DC Comics project that was a hot topic last year: the Justice League movie. Can it be that after its premature demise, Justice League has been revived?

Slash Film had one inside source who claimed that in an effort to catch up to the success of Marvel properties like Iron Man, Warner Bros. and DC are indeed looking to give their super group another run at the box office. However the proof, as they say, is in the casting sheet.

For now, let us know what you think about Green Lantern coming to the big screen.

Source: Slash Film

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  1. @Mike Shields

    On the other hand you have Jon Favreau and Iron Man. He paid attention to comic book fans big time and look how THAT turned out.


  2. He did make a good villain didn’t he! Your right never kill the dog… except when they turn rabid like in “I Am Legend.” Which had a couple of “Green Lantern” easter Eggs in it.. :)

  3. To everyone –

    Thanks for reading my posts and for the comments on my comments. πŸ˜€ If I could clone and educate myself in the art of movie making I would cast you all as some part in my JLA film. πŸ˜€

    Mike Shields,

    I tried to explain all that 9about the Nolan/Singer Universe not being compatible to a teamup film) in my post to Rob.

    A WW film is not happening before JLA. I’d bet the farm on it. WB has no plans for a WW live action flick at this point. The last I heard on it was that if JLA did well they would probably do a WW film. The Flash and WW films were supposed to be the only spinoffs from the JLA film (about the JLA film’s versions of those characters).

    Another Batman film hasn’t even been greenlit (but you can be sure there will be another batfilm) at this point. Nolan, before TDK’s release, wasn’t sure if he would come back for another film. And if nolan’s gone then so is Bale and the rest of the team.

    Don’t expect to see Superman till 2011 with all the talk of a reboot and so on.

    There is no way that a GL film could be released next year at this point. If they fast track it, 2010 is a possibility. As mentioned, if WW happens it won’t be till after JLA.

    From the looks of things, it’s a possibility to get JLA up and running for 2010. Back in February when the George Miller version was cancelled, WB said that they were expecting the script for the new JLA film by June/July of this year and that production may resume (or start, which ever you prefer) later in August/September. Enough time to have a shooting script, director and begin casting by winter and start shooting the movie by March ’09 for a 2010 release. As I said, it is possible to have GL start production for next year and for it to be released in 2010 as well, but IMO, WB won’t want to spend the amount of money it would require to put to big budgeted, special FX laden blockbusters into production at the sametime. If you remember, JLA was WB’s biggest budgeted film to date.

    You are right in saying that most movie producers could give a rip about the comics fans and the source material. But thanks to people like Sam Rami, Jon Favreau, Louis Letterrier and even Chris Nolan, they’re learning. They’re finally learning how to do the films close to the comics without it resulting in a poor film – and that it will be successful. Look at Iron Man and the better Spider-man films and TDK (sans the batsuit, batmobile, and Joker’s appearance). Frank Miller said that it was the films that were closest to the comics that were most successful. He’s right. :)

  4. One exchange and we’re already at, “Does not!!! Does too!!!” We’re going to have to agree to disagree about Iron Man, as I believe, and others agree with me, that the lead was poorly miscast.

    The movie version of Spider-Man takes away from one of the things that is unique to the comic book, i.e. he can run out of webbing. That’s a MAJOR change.

    So, to review, GL has been greenlit, and JLA hasn’t, and yet you still believe that JLA will come out first? Can I move to your world where Hollywood works the way we want it to?

    You’d lose the farm, as the animated WW is coming out shortly. Note, you didn’t specify live action :)

    It doesn’t make sense to make a JLA film so close to the release of The New Frontier, and I’m guessing that it will 2012 before we see a live action version.

    Batman will collapse even w/Nolan, based on Bale’s latest bloviation, and what the next film has to be about….

  5. Let’s see, Anthony Stark, tall and thin, RDJ, short and stocky. Not too much of a stretch to see where my opinions are coming from. Remember, the fans of the comic book are in the minority, which is probably what your site caters to….

  6. Mike, er…hate to say this but isn’t that a contradiction? The vast majority of the Iron Man audience wouldn’t have known Tony Stark from Tony Danza, so the physical part simply wouldn’t have been an issue.

  7. It’s only a contradiction if you worship at the altar of RDJ. The Iron Man Movie has other problems, which we shouldn’t really go into here, as this is a post about a different character made by a different company. However, to continue, my point goes more to, they didn’t stay close enough to the comic book for me.

  8. @Mike

    Keep in mind I’m not arguing with you, I consider this healthy debate. :-)

    I certainly didn’t “worship at the altar of RDJ” before the film came out, and I’m sure that the majority of people who contributed to half a billion dollars in box office reciepts didn’t either. I thought he captured the essence of Stark very well.

    And now you have me a bit confused – overall fans of the comic were pleased with him playing the part, but from your comment:

    “Remember, the fans of the comic book are in the minority, which is probably what your site caters to.”

    I’m a bit confused. Yes, fans of the comic book (and my sites cater to them), who are in the minority had no problem with RDJ in the role for the most part, but neither did non-comic fans.

    So from whose point of view are you speaking (besides your own, of course).



  9. I’d have to ask where you’re getting your data on non comic book fans of, and you didn’t specify, either Iron Man, or RDJ. Clearly, RDJ fans have no problem with himi getting parts, no matter what they are. If you’re speaking of non-comic book fans of the movie itself, then clearly, we travel in different circles….

  10. Mike, the way I see it the situation is:

    Non-comic fans, generally happy with RDJ. (Source: mass media reviews, box office takings worldwide, and on a minor level, audience reactions I’ve seen with my own eyes, responses of comic book LOATHING friends etc).

    Comic book fans, a little apprehensive beforehand – after seeing the movie generally pleasantly surprised by RDJ’s performance regardless of his age or physical stature. (Source: just about any movie or comic site you care to mention, including this one, and on a minor level, responses of comic book LOVING friends etc).

    You stated above, “Batman will collapse even w/Nolan, based on Bale’s latest bloviation, and what the next film has to be about….” I have no idea what you mean here – please clarify.

    And doesn’t Spider-Man run out of webbing in 2, albeit for unspecified reasons?

  11. Clearly, I wasn’t clear about 3 posts ago, when I stated I didn’t want to discuss a Marvel character on a DC thread, so, to conclude that part of the conversation, I’ll simply restate, you and the fans you mention above travel in different circles than I do.

    So, back to all that is the WB, Bale has stated he won’t do the film if Robin is introduced. A classic case of actor’s disease if I’ve ever seen one. Now, if you believe that they won’t bring Robin into the next film, then you may have your next Batman movie with Bale. This would mean that they’re still following year one, and by deduction, Catwoman will be the next villain. However, originally, IIRC, Robin was around the first time she was introduced. As we’re speculating wildly on something that doesn’t even have a screenplay yet, further commentary would prove fruitless.

    To wrap this up, as originally posited by Kel, and rebutted by me, JLA will not happen before GL, and WW will happen before JLA, whether or not the individual films in the WB/DCU lead up to it or not.

    I’m willing to be proven wrong by TPTB, however, simply stating facts that don’t really exist, is not helpful to any conversation, as KEL did in his original post.

    I hope this clarifies my stance on everything I’ve stated previously. It might be helpful to suggest a place where this thread can be moved to, so it’s more likely on topic….

    However, I’m not going to participate in any thread solely devoted to Marvel characters :)

  12. Mike Shields, superhero Attorney of Law,,,, 😎

    He dosnt comment on a Marvel thread, no way !!!!

    Theirs a new Batman post,,, check it

  13. I liked RDJ long before he was ever cast as ironman. Before he was cast it was mostly comic fans who didn’t like him because they thought he was a bad choice. Now after the move your the only person I have ever seen or heard of that didn’t like him and thought he was terrible.

  14. I thought I was out, and they brought me back in!!!

    I never said he was terrible, please don’t put words in my mouth. I simply stated I didn’t for one minute believe he was Tony Stark. And, I’ve also stated that we travel in different circles. RDJ is very good at being RDJ, as seen in the RDJ thread.

    I won’t be following this discussion anymore, so, go ahead and feel free to get the last word.

  15. Honestly, this idea is awesome, being that the entirety of GL is my No.1 favorite super hero.

    Anyways, I’ve been hoping for a GL movie, whether it be in the form of “Justice League” and so on. I went and bought “Justice League: The New Frontier” because of the art style and great writing by Darwyn Cooke.

    So, like many of the previous response posts speaking of how this movie will be HUGH if done right – I suggest they do it like how their having the NBC show “HEROES” being done – written and produced by COMIC BOOK WRITERS and related people. Honestly, the only way most movies that depict super heroes (and the like) are done well are when they’re being done by those that KNOW THE ART/CRAFT OF SUCH GENRES (comic books) – and those that study it before adapting it. GL is a difficult character to write about, easy on some aspects, but overall a difficult character to write.

    And I think, if Warner/DC is involved – they should put their comic book writers that KNOW the world of GL and have them at least give advice and sort of “direct” the script writing and film creation.

    Frank Miller writes and illustrates comics, and his Sin City series is a hit, and his movie was absolutely great, because he knew the work. So, I only hope that this movie (when made and all that) is done right – and that usually can only be done if done by the ones that KNOW the material.

    And finally,
    When it comes to the ideas of the JLA movie being “revived”, I see this whole Green Lantern and Flash movies (being green lit and everything) in a huge way, DC/Warner’s way of “getting the idea in the people’s minds” as to see how they can create such an epic “super hero team” film, such as Justice League. First you have to create the foundations of a movie or team – and that’s just what Marvel is doing with their “Avengers” movie “spin-ins” and so DC just MIGHT be doing the same thing, just in a more “experimental” way – so if the GL and Flash movies don’t take off well, then their just their own movies – no more, no less.

    But this of course all my thoughts and how I see it as how it could work. We’ll just have to see how things go.

    Final Note:
    Who would I like to see as Hal Jordan? Honestly, I’d have to look around the “soup bowl” of male actors and see which are good and what movies I’ve seen them in and whatnot. So, I couldn’t really put my opinion on that. Ask me a name and give me a face, THEN I can give you an opinion. Other than that, I can’t conjure up any ideas.

    Feed back is welcome. Thank you for allowing me to rant out my thoughts. LoL

  16. It is about time GL got some star time insted of being in background