New ‘Green Lantern’ Featurette & TV Spot: More Footage & Better Effects

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We are finally coming to the end of Warner Bros.’ exhaustive promotional campaign for Green Lantern. If you’ve been inside PENN Station here in New York City in the last few weeks, you know just how over-the-top the promo campaign for this film has been (hint: the whole station has been redecorated in Green Lantern posters and banners).

Today we have a new Green Lantern featurette and TV spot, both of which sport some new footage from the film, as well as effects work that looks even more polished than what we’ve seen in recent trailers and images.

Truly, it’s been a long dramatic saga watching Green Lantern going through the trials and tribulations of big-screen production. When the first teaser trailer came out, many thought this film was D.O.A.; however, the effects teams at Sony Imageworks (and all the other teams helping them out) have been working their collective butts off trying to polish the look of Hal Jordan’s costume, all the CGI alien characters and outer space locales of this film, and it looks like the may have actually pulled off something marvelous (no pun).

In addition, the new TV spot includes blurbs from media outlets, all of which have nothing but praise for the film (not that they’d feature the negative quotes). This positive buzz from this latest slew of critics echoes some earlier positive reviews of the film that reached the Internet recently, suggesting that Green Lantern could be another hit for DC/Warner Bros., as well as the superhero event film of summer 2011. We here at Screen Rant have picked GL as our predicted winner of this summer’s superhero showdown, so hopefully it truly is as good as some people are saying.

Judge for yourself how things look:

It’s pretty crazy how much better the CGI Green Lantern costume has gotten. When the teaser was released, the look of Ryan Reynolds’ GL costume was almost universally panned by all but the most ardent fans. Just take a look at the photo below to jog your memory about how bad it was, then take another look at the same shot in that TV spot above (at 0:12):

green lantern trailer140 New Green Lantern Featurette & TV Spot: More Footage & Better Effects

Remember when we were worried that the film would look like THIS?

Oh how far this film has come…

Green Lantern will be in theaters (in 3D) on June 17, 2011.

If you’re still on the fence about seeing Green Lantern, watch these 8 clips from the film to see if it hooks your interest.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. I heard rumours of a $300 million dollar budget, no wonder the effects now look so good.

    Cue the people who think the effects are bad and need their eyes tested…

    • Oh I can hear them coming xD

    • The CG looks like a video game. No better. They should’ve gone with a better Visual Effects house like George Lucas’s ILM.

      • The CGi in this film looks amazing! I don’t see what anyones problem is, or did you all want photo realistic computer generated aliens. Well, newsflash, thats sorta impossible. This could never have looked any better than it does!

    • 300 million dollar budget, huh. Maybe so. But it looks like they spent only a 10th of that on the visual effects. Imageworks never does good work imho.

  2. Might possibly be the best SUPERhero film yet

    • I think might easily be the case. Seeing it at 11:50am on friday!

      • Gotta wait till next week lol.

  3. looks bad

    • You know because you’re an expert…..

      • And you are?

    • I concur. Every clip they’ve shown looks bad. No thanks.

  4. I guess there’s a lesson to be learned somewhere here. No matter how much the fans are anticipating a movie, don’t show unfinished special effects in a early trailer.

    I can understand why they did it in this case though — hard to promote a Green Lantern movie without the costume.

    • Why i knew it was gonna be great even with the unfinished special effects.

      • So did I.

    • Every film rushes out temp visual effects shots for trailers. The other trailers CGI don’t suck nearly as bad as Green Lantern’s. I would have to agree that the CGI is substandard. Looks like a poorly done video game.

  5. The extended review embargo tells me that critics are gonna tear this movie a new one. Still, the desperation of this production has reached the point where the studio has to release a 1 minute clip of the final battle to put butts in the seats. Batman never had to stoop so low…

    • @Iron Patriot: What movies are you looking forward to?

      • Comic book related? Captain America, Batman 3, The Avengers. Lost interest in Man of Steel when Zod was announced as the heavy.

        • Ugh. Zod. Why did you have to remind me? Curse you Iron Patriot! Better yet, curse you WB!

    • Ah ha, so I’m not crazy. I also think it’s a bit odd that not a SINGLE review of GL is up over at Rotten Tomatoes a mere 2 days before its official release day. With both Thor and XMFC, we started seeing reviews trickle in a full week + but not this movie.

      Makes me wonder if indeed the general critic pool thus far has been more negative than positive.

      • There are reviews out there if your Googlefu is sharp. Some of the negative ones say that the film has less depth than Thor, which, to be perfectly honest, scraped by on the bare minimum. Others cite Mark Strong’s Sinestro as the strongest character, Blake Lively the weakest, and Hal stuck somewhere in the middle. The scenes on Oa are better than the scenes on Earth, similar to Thor’s Earth/Asgard dynamic. Character development is virtually nonexistent.The effects, specifically digital Hal Jordan, are compared to digital Spider-Man…from the first film. Overall, I get the impression that Green Lantern is all action, no heart, and clearly written with young children in mind.

        • Iron Patriot…

          WHERE are these critiques?

          • Check Rotten Tomatoes.

    • Well said. I completely agree with you.

  6. Space cops. That’s all I need to know.

    For me, I’ll wait for Netflix on this one.

  7. I’m worried that this superhero movie bubble will burst pretty soon. Not that I want it to.

    I mean some characters such as Superman, batman and spider-man are real brands that most people know about. But there are so many comicbook movies coming out this summer and many people with families will not be able to afford to take their kids to see all of them. They will have to be choosey. And there is also the competition from other family films such as Kung Fu panda 2 etc….

    Even though Disney now owns marvel and is actively trying to launch a whole movie universe, will the audience be able to sustain the massive costs of these projects. I mean Harry potter had a massive built in audience of both kids and adults reading the books. But comic books, as good as they are, are still very niche. The only reason the characters are as popular as they are is because of saturday morning superhero cartoons, wich are not really a true representation of what the comics are. Neither are the films.

    I hope Green Lantern does really well, but I’ve aready seen tv presenters get it mixed up with the Green Hornet etc…

    • I do realize DC isn’t owned by disney. It was just an example.

  8. am I the only one who cringes every time He says that oath in these trailers. I hate the “angry” way he shouts the last part. but someone at the studio obviously likes it because it has literally been in every trailer or promotional piece.

    Also… and I don’t fault hollywood for this… but, how terribly convenient is it that the Green Lantern oath (which has never been used by a human before Hal Jordan) just happens to rhyme in English. lol

    • I’d assume when he actually says it like that in the movie it’s during a scene where he’s doing something that warrants that extra gruffness at the end. Like punching some dude in the face, who knows.

      • Or…that battle with Parallax at the end. At the end of the theatrical trailer they seem to hint at that,

    • Well, don’t kill me, but I’ve always thought Ryan Reynolds was the wrong person for the role. He is a smirky, fratboy type of dude. Nothing wrong with that. I like his comedies. But he can’t seem to carry off the serious, straight forward hero mode. It requires an earnestness untouched by cynicism or irony. He delivers his lines full of that gen-X irony. Classic heroes need to be very sincere to work. Reynolds acts like he can’t take the dialogue or character seriously, and wants to goof on them.

  9. this movie will kill it at the box office

    • Let’s pray so, if not….

      We may never see a Flash, Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Aquaman Movie.

  10. I want this to do good. Id like to see more of the other lantern corps. Ill be wearin either my red lantern or black lantern pin. .

  11. I planned on seeing all the super hero films. Thor was great, X-men was,okay. I really hope this is more then just an FX film. If it is then it will probably be between GL and Thor

  12. Can’t wait for this to release on Friday, I don’t understand why people I know, are still questionable about it and saying it looks terrible smh they’re just hating.

  13. I might need to get my vision checked because I do not see a huge improvement that everyone is talking about. Visually, it still looks like a video game cgi movie. Reynolds is the only one that can, and probably will, save this movie. But everyone pushing the “look how good it looks!” sentiment is getting annoying; it really doesn’t look that good. The smoke monster looks on par with LOST’s smoke monster, it looks completely and unmistakably drawn on.

  14. One word… Cheesy! This film is going to bomb.

    • Dunno who you’d expect to take you seriously here with that name.

      • He doesn’t expect anyone here to take him seriously…He just thinks (for some unfathomable reason) that he’s being funny.

        • No, I’m not attempting to be funny and no I could care less if you take me seriously. Just voicing my opinion just as you are. From the reviews I’ve read the story is lacking any sort of character development. I dont care how much money they spent on effects, the CGI still looks horrific. And they missed the mark with Kilowog. Wrong voice for starters. I’m going to see the movie but I wouldnt be surprised if both Thor and XMFC are better.

          And by the way, I love Nolan’s batman films as well. So I’m not a DC hater just because of my name. fyi

    • …. this is gonna be awesome u have bad taste in movies if u think this is cheesy

    • I agree. Green Lantern looks cheesy and campy. I’d rather play a video game with a great story like Uncharted or Modern Warfare. The CG is just as good if not better.

  15. looks better and better!! I hate Kyle Rayner so I am excited for this!

    • Rayner was always the dullest human Green Lantern.

  16. I wish the marketing did feature negative reviews…”New York Times raves ‘Easy pass.'” That would be awesome…

  17. This Green Lantern movie is going to look similar to STAR WARS & BUCK DODGERS

    • Did you mean “Duck Dodgers in the 24th and-a-half century!! ?”

  18. I saw this comment from Ticket Master in regards to Comic Con. Same thing happened to me which pretty much seals the deal from me and my family paying high ticket prices to see this film. I thought it was rude and insulting.

    Ticket Master comment below:

    Last year, I drove several hours to get to Comic Con to see the Green Lantern Abin Sur life size corpse on display. Friends and family told me how insanely cool it was. When I got there, WB employees would NOT allow me to see it. They had blocked off the middle area leaving it empty while the fans waiting patiently in line for freebies and autographs were crammed like sardines along the perimeter of the WB booth.

    I tried to get under the stairs just to see Abin Sur from 20 feet away. No go. WB staffer said to me very rudely if I wasn’t playing the games under the stairs (horrible location for game consoles) I need to leave NOW. There were no one there playing games. I told him I just wanted to see Abin Sur. He said NO. Leave NOW!

    I walk out and look up to see WB and their “VIP Guests” on the balcony of their booth looking down on the fans packed like sardines sipping their cold drinks.

    A lot of respect WB had for the fans. I won’t miss them. And I refuse to support Green Lantern. Good riddance to the studios who think they’re too good for the fans yet want our money.

  19. It looks like Hector Hammond is wearing the power ring when he’s fighting Hal…Strange.

    • DSB…

      THAT is why I’m not worried that we’ve seen too much of the film, like some people are worrying about. Clearly, there are things we have NOT seen yet and do not YET know.


      • Absolutely. The closer you watch the trailers, there is a sequence of events towards the end of the film that we know nothing about, I had no idea Parallax was going to talk, and I’ve also seen a clip where it looks like several Lantern flying with Hal to Earth. They’ve done a good job, as you say, of not revealing too much too early.

  20. we wait for the film to reach all over the world … thank you…

  21. Clancy Brown is the voice of Parallax! I did not know that until today!

    • Really? That’s awesome. I love Clancy Brown. Quite surprised Parallax is going to talk as well as before I sort of got the impression he was just some huge destructive force. Rather glad he’s more than that though.

      • Yeah, I didnt know about it either, I think there is a lot more to this film than we think we know.

    • DSB are you worried by the initial bad reviews from RT?

      • Nope. I will make up my own mind, a lot of the reviews have been written by people who have no idea of the comics and that shows when they get stuff mixed up.

        • Same here, been anticipating this movie since they started filming NOTHING is gonna prevent me from seeing this. Those reviews seem very pretentious as well.