‘Green Lantern’ Featurettes Explore The Planet Oa

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New Green Lantern movie featurettes Green Lantern Featurettes Explore The Planet Oa

With X-Men: First Class opening today to critical raves, comic book fans will soon be turning their attention towards the arrival of another costumed warrior(s) flick on the big screen – DC’s Green Lantern. By this point, if the epic 3D Lantern trailer and exciting TV spots haven’t convinced you that director Martin Campbell’s film is poised to become the most visually-rich superhero picture of the summer, then seemingly nothing (but the movie itself) will.

Actually, that’s not entirely true – two more Green Lantern featurettes have been released, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the grand effects work and gorgeous conceptual art being used to realize the Latern world of Oa in live-action cinematic form. They might do the trick.

One of the common complaints about the Green Lantern footage unveiled so so far has been the heavy reliance on CGI to bring the imaginative extraterrestrial settings and creatures to life. Digital imagery simply isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, regardless of how realistic or convincing it looks; even films that have boasted state-of-the-art visual effects (see: Avatar) have also earned their fair share of criticisms for looking too “computer-ish”.

However, the Lantern universe (as star Ryan Reynolds has pointed out numerous times) is one that’s arguably too complex and ethereal in scope to properly bring to life without some digital trickery. As evidenced by the detailed look of alien characters like Tomar-Re and Kilowog, Green Lantern also looks to blur the line between convincing prosthetics and makeup (like that used to transform Peter Sarsgaard into a cerebrally-enhanced Hector Hammond) and realistic CGI creatures.

For a better look at the effects of Green Lantern and the work put into bringing the world of Oa to life, check out the featurettes below:



The original Green Lantern trailer definitely rubbed a lot of people the wrong way – and not without reason. Between the incomplete effects (including Reynold’s now infamous “pasted on” mask) and the seemingly ill-fitting comedic tone in some of the footage, many a fan was left discouraged. For the record, though, we never actually jumped onboard the hate train for this picture; Screen Rant‘s Kofi Outlaw even did a shot-by-shot breakdown and analysis to point out how the CGI Lantern costume could be improved.

Fast-forward to the present and Lantern really does look a whole lot more promising; even the humorous bits with Reynolds in the latest featurettes actually seem to fit better in the context of the film as a whole. Plus, with actors like Sarsgaard playing the villainous Hammond and Mark Strong portraying the morally ambiguous Sinestro, it seems all the more likely that Green Lantern will boast some great live-action incarnations of those characters – along with the excellent visuals.

Green Lantern will be released this month on June 17th, in 2D and 3D – and unlike this summer’s other superhero films (see: Thor and Captain America) this movie could actually be worth coughing up the extra bucks to see in 3D. Take that as you will.

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  1. Off topic (unorganized thoughts): I am very hopefull that there are other intelligent civilizations waiting to be discovered. In order to do so human civilization needs to develop technology. It is already known that there are exoplanets, even earth like planet (Gilese) has been found in the previous year so humanity is going towards uncovering big mistery – the question remains: When other intelligent civilizations will be found?

  2. This is just beautiful

  3. I feel like in a few months the special effects will look dated

  4. “Epicness” inbound June17th ;)

  5. I love how everyone bashed on the movie from the beginning when they heard the suit was going to be mo-cap and CGI, without even giving it a chance to see what it would look like.

    Bet they feel pretty stupid now, a physical suit would have never been able to flow with this movie like the animated suit. The Lantern, Ring, Corps, Oa, Suit, everything looks organic and natural. It makes everything so much more credible and immersive when its believable.

    • Nope because it still looks bad.

      A physical suit with CGI for the glowing effect would work much better then a full CGI suit.

      “The Lantern, Ring, Corps, Oa, Suit, everything looks organic and natural. It makes everything so much more credible and immersive when its believable.”

      Get some glasses.

      • B-Flash…

        I have excellent vision and wholeheartedly agree with Grant O about the look of the various elements of the film. I am highly anticipating “Green Lantern”.

        You might disagree, of course, but BOTH perspectives have equal merit (at the VERY least until the film actually is released, with a bit of wiggle room even after that).

    • Wow finally there is a person i can genuinly agree with. I like everything theyve developed for this movie and I believe ryan reynolds will kill it as green lantern (thumbs up x2). The movie looks amazing especially with teh new tv spots coming out i believe it can compete with transformers and harry potter for the best movie of the summer. It is a movie that hits all demographics and it is my #1 summer movie.

    • I told everyone when that original trailer came out that this movie was going to be awesome when it released!

  6. I am wondering if by the end of this film, will Sinestro be evil? I really hope so.

    • I actually don’t, You have to remember that Sinestro and Jordan work together for a while before he turns on the Lanterns. I think at the end of the first one we should start to see Sinestro tempted to go yellow ,but He shouldn’t Turn till the middle act of the second movie.

      • I’m with Lobo on this one. I would like to see a little seeds planted but the big turn for the sequel.

    • Yeah I’m thinking the second film may be dealing with Sinestro’s homeworld and the things that happen there that push him away from the Corps.

    • I hope Sinestro isn’t evil at the end of this movie, because people are expecting a guy who’s name is a derivative of “sinister” to become evil. I’d rather he remained “good” for the entire film, and at most they layer in subtle hints that he could one day become evil.

  7. I don’t think I could get more excited to see this! Come on June 17th!!!

  8. does hal have a love interest in the comics b/c if he doesn’t then this is total bs (and typically of a comic movie) and i will more then likely take a pass b/c i cant stand all the emo bs they waste time on (like in IM2, or incredible hulk… or any other marvel movie).

    another thing: i hope they dont make the same mistake as thor and have the protagonist travel from his home world (in this case earth) to the other world (Oa) every 10 min, it just gets annoying having to see that same bs (the travel) every single time. i hope they do it like this: earth – travels to oa to get initiated etc – back to earth – goes back at the end of the movie to further study the planets history etc.

    • -_- How old are you?

    • It’s been almost 40 years since I last read a Green Lantern, so they may have rebooted and changed the whole thing, but Carol Farris was his girl friend and she later became a some time enemy Star Saphire (I think). This is looking very good.

  9. Why are the special effects so inconsistent? Some of it looks incredible and others look amateurish as heck. Specifically some of the flying sequences. Did they have two different f/x teams or something and one was incompetent or what?

    • I think there were a lot of different f/x teams working on this movie. Plus, a couple of months ago, WB injected 9 million dollars more toward speeding up and improving the f/x work.

  10. Thor was great!!
    X-Men : First Class was Great!!

    Green Lantern next and it will be epicall GREAT!!!!!

    • Is it me or am i the only one that gets drawn in to the trailer everytime i see it on my HDTV?

      • You are definitely NOT the only one…I love to watch the various trailers, INCLUDING the first one. I very much am anticipating this film! :)

  11. Looks very promising. All the talk about the suit, the cgi and the comedy will soon be answered. I’m just ready for it to be here.

    If it hits all the right notes GL could be the best movie of the summer. The word epic gets thrown around alot but with the scope, the story and the sheer size of the GL universe this movie could be truly EPIC. Let’s hope it fulfills it’s vast potential.