Rumor Patrol: ‘Green Lantern’ Could Mean ‘Deadpool’ Without Reynolds

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:24 pm,

ryan reynolds green lantern and deadpool Rumor Patrol: Green Lantern Could Mean Deadpool Without Reynolds

Fox’s proposed Deadpool movie has been the red and black elephant in the room ever since Warner Bros. expressed their immediate desire to move forward with a Green Lantern sequel – and hinted a third film would follow closely after.

Evidently, there could be more to the rumblings than WB’s confidence in the film – they could be trying to prevent star Ryan Reynolds from simultaneously starring in two comic book film franchises.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has taken to Twitter to express his frustration over the situation with a series of tweets that suggest Fox may be forced to move forward on Deadpool with a new lead actor, or worse – no movie at all.

It should be noted this is only speculation on Liefeld’s part, and while he’s certainly in the know at Fox, it’s unlikely he has any knowledge of what’s being discussed behind closed doors at Warner Bros. That being said, Liefeld states:

“Warner Bros. just trying to protect their investment. They don’t want Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool AND Green Lantern. Interesting 2 watch.”

Reynolds is a hot property, becoming attached to one film after another (most recently R.I.P.D. and Safe House), and Liefeld is certainly attempting to swirl up support that’ll help keep Deadpool a priority. Liefeld has been re-tweeting headlines with comments such as “Good God! It never ends!” – seemingly insinuating that Deadpool was already in for a tough squeeze, even before plans for Green Lantern 2 were announced. As Liefeld so bluntly puts it:

“If FOX blows this one, they’ll have to ask “How did we start at the finish line and get pushed all the way back to the starting gate??”

Warner Bros. definitely has the upper hand here. Green Lantern has already wrapped and a writer is already hard at work on Green Lantern 2. Meanwhile Deadpool continues to linger in development with the only real piece of recent news being that Robert Rodriguez might direct. Reynolds’ availability is quickly evaporating a bit more each day and Fox is going to have to put up, or shut up, if they’re serious about getting Deadpool made.

deadpool movie costume Rumor Patrol: Green Lantern Could Mean Deadpool Without Reynolds

I’m not the only one who saw this coming – the second Reynolds was cast in Green Lantern. Part of me wants to believe that because Reynolds loves the Deadpool character he’ll attempt to make it work. I’d also like to believe that if the studio has to wait for Reynolds, they will.

But this is Fox. Remember how important it was for them to rush X-Men: The Last Stand into production because of the studio’s grudge against Bryan Singer? Their bruised egos played a part in how terrible that film turned out and I wouldn’t put it past them to make a similar mistake with Deadpool.

If Rodriguez does indeed sign on to direct Deadpool, they can easily sell the movie with his name, even if they lose Reynolds – assuming a Deadpool film without Reynolds is something Rodriguez would even be interested in. If Fox loses both of them, then who knows – it could put Deadpool on hold for an indefinite amount of time.

Rodriguez is known for an incredibly fast turn-around time on his films, so if there’s anyone that could deliver this movie with Reynolds’ tricky availability, it’s Rodriguez. Personally, that’s the only way I could see Deadpool working out at this point. Which leaves us with three likely scenarios:

  • 1) A Deadpool movie that’s rushed into production to accommodate Reynolds.
  • 2) Fox losing interest if Reynolds isn’t involved and the film getting stuck in development hell for the foreseeable future.
  • 3)  A new actor cast in the role.

I know I’m going to get eaten alive for what I’m about to say, so let me start with this: we can all agree that Ryan Reynolds is the top choice for Deadpool.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s the only actor that could do it. As good as he’d be, we’ve seen him play this type of character so many times before – it’s something he could do with his eyes closed. I’m not saying that’s a good reason for him to take a pass – I just think it represents an inability on our part to think outside of the box. Heath Ledger would never have been my first choice for the Joker in The Dark Knight. Just saying.

ryan reynolds deadpool wade wilson Rumor Patrol: Green Lantern Could Mean Deadpool Without Reynolds

I don’t believe that recasting is the ideal solution (even though they’re trying to establish a different continuity than X-Men Origins: Wolverine) – I just know that many fans will take this news as if it’s the end of the world – and forgive me, I’m just not one of them. I’m sure there are many actors out there qualified to deliver an interesting take on the character. Fortunately or unfortunately, Reynolds was just the most obvious.

Ultimately, the real problem would be that no matter how good another actor could be in the role, having already been teased with the notion of Reynolds as Deadpool, many people would whine forever about how much better the film would have been with him.

If we’re talking about a Deadpool movie without Reynolds then I’ll be disappointed, but I won’t lose all hope. If we’re talking about the entire film being buried just because Fox couldn’t get their act together – well, that’s a whole other story.

Decisions will need to be made very quickly and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Source: Twitter

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  1. GL hits theatres June 2011 which is 10 months from now. Even though WB is making moves now on a sequel by getting a script is it even realistic to contemplate begining filming of a sequl before the first film has even hit the theatre? I can see them prepping so GL 2 could start filming within 2-3 months of GLs release (that assuemes GL does well enough to warrant a sequel).

    The 10-12 months between now and Summer 2011 should be (I woudl think) enough time to do DEADPOOL is everyone is as onboard as it sounds like they are. Am I missing something obvious? I know that this would be a tighter then preferred schedule but I would not think its impossible or even very hard, just tight.

    Is it more likley perhaps that all the talk is just the 2 studios bickering because each wants Renolds to solely work on tehir project(s) and no other studios?


    • The problem is Reynold’s other dang commitments and the unknown stipulation of those contracts. “R.I.P.D.”, “Gunsmoke,” and “Most Wanted” are scheduled for Reynolds to wrap up the piece. 😛 What ever piece he’s working on that is. But perhaps he has enough time if Fox would engage the supercharger and step on the gas! I figure since Universal is getting fired up to do “R.I.P.D.” it would be a very close call…

  2. I liked your Sean William Scott idea but come on Dane Cook? He’s a bad actor just bad and he’s only good at one thing and that is not being funny he’s great at not being funny better than most. His stand up is like watching a dumbed down Will Ferrel movie and considering how dumb Will Fs films are that’s saying something. I watched Dane cook do an entire bit about how he’s a snake and he even rolled around on the floor like an idiot and I’m not lying his joke was to roll on the floor saying “I’m a snake I’m a snake” how is that funny?

    • LOL..dane cook. thats the single most bad idea ever

  3. Darren the only think I don’t like you for is saying Guy Gardner ugh he’ll most comic fans don’t even like him. I think the majority of GL fans would prefer we don’t see him. Hal Jordan hell yes John Stewart of course Kyle Sure whatever but Guy? Please shoot me now so I can avoid that film.

  4. Guy Gardener! F#%k right off with that s*#t idea. Sorry, but he is the worst thing to happen to GL since Hal became Paralax!

  5. If Renoylds did opt out I too agree that Sean William Scott could be a great replacement.

  6. I have a good idea…since the actor’s face really won’t show much…I mean are they going to explain his real origin story with the cancer bit and everything? Who knows, but what if they could just use the voiceover from the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video games? I don’t know what he looks like in real life but if he wanted to explain his origins a little than the voice could just be audible monologue with a montauge(Just get some actor that looked like Wade before he looked like the toxic avenger). I love that Deadpool voice from the games

  7. I think Ken J, is a Pakled,,,

    Nobody tell him what that is,,, heeheee

    • 790, you kill me sometimes LOL. its fun to see you and ken go back and forth though, makes for good reading

  8. Please god be a rumor. I like GL, but please Ryan and Warner Bros. give RR a chance to make the movie and slow down on the GL projects. PLEASE!

  9. 790 so because Ken doesn’t believe the sane websites as you your gonna insult him by calling him simple minded, dumb , unsophisticated, and your saying he has busy eyebrows and is very short?

    • That’s why I don’t listen to 790 anymore. All he does is insult those who disagree with him or have different tastes in film, or just makes up some idiotic conspiracy theory, with no evidence to back it up.

      • 790 and me have a few differnt tastes, he hates whedon, i dont..he’s never insulted me for it lol.


    • Calm down bro, it’s only a movie. Why should we care about your opinion if you can’t take ours? People have different tastes in film. If you feel that way about X3, then more power to you.

      • X3 the best of the trilogy? are you brett rattners son or something???

  11. I never gave that definition Daniel, and if I did it would be written differently,,, I would use different words/terms.

    sooooo really you can draw conclusions and create these fantasies that just don’t exist, all you want.

    I never said that,,,


    • 790..heres a virtual beer, drink up my the way, i liked the good shepherd

  12. MattK, what haven’t I backed up,,,?

    I do have 56 SR emails I haven’t read yet from past 24 hours so keep that in mind.

    I reading them in reverse tonight ,,,

    • LOL

  13. 790 that’s basically the exact definition of them. The only traits they really have are that they are ugly and dumb/unevolved.

  14. Lol,,,Ant’s.
    Yeah KenJ loves me, and only pretends to hate me on SR,,,

    Offline we go camping all the time and have beers at the shooting range.
    He like 45’s and I’m into 33 Automag’s.
    But we both like the Glock 44/22 Magnum, with the magna-ported barrel!

    Watch he’ll totally deny my comments.
    But we know,,, we know,,, 😉

    • lol, i also love .45’s, wouldnt trade my Glock 21 for anything. next im looking to get a Sig .45, you, ken, daniel and doc are all good peoples :)

  15. Cool Anthony,,
    “Good Shepherd” was a slow paced film but it played out like a living documentary on the early days of the cia. Not everything was in there but close.

    Did you notice the sacrificial aspect to the film. I think that’s a real strong pegan reference/message. Especially when you look at the Bush families history with the org, and the last 9 years.

    • yeah, i need to watch it again, it was really interesting to me, Deniro put tgether a great cast in this film

    • I like what Matt Damon said, “Too bad they didn’t release The Good Shepherd and The Good German together, they could have called it The Good German Shepherd”

  16. Oh and thanks for the virtual brew!

    Love it!

    • anytime pal :)

  17. Anthony,,,

    “Good Shepherd” SPOILER’S AHEAD LOOK AWAY!!! Aaah!

    “Majestic clearance required”

    The ending where Ed Wilson (Damon”s character) has his sons bride thrown out of a plane for the sake of the company (cia), was the sacrificial moment I’m referring too.

    • yes i remember..i saw that coming too, his son was blinded by “love”

  18. i got a phone call in the middle of me watching it, i think i made my mom mad cuz i wasnt paying attention to her lol, was more into the movie

  19. Sad thing 790 is that I bet you really believe that. I’ve cone to realize that once a thought is planted in your brain you believe it to be truth.

    I bet if I told you Bears are evil destructive creatures and are the worlds number one threat. You’d believe it and if I told you I heard that from Steven Colbert you’d believe it lol as if he would ever say such a thing…. Wait.. Oh crap

  20. Daniel can you be more specific I’m up to my balls in replying to comments and holding this beer.

    What are you talking about?

  21. I was talking about you comment about you and Ken being camping buddies. I added a joke at the end so my first comment wasn’t taken to serious I’d hate to have a huge flame war start over a friendly joke it’s happened before on both sides.

  22. Daniel is that an Inception reference????

  23. Yeah, I didn’t see any connection Daniel,,,

    Still don’t,,,


  24. It was a very slight inception reference but unintentional I realized it a second after I typed it but kept it. However it was a very intentional and obvious Colbert Report Threat Down reference. That’s my truthyness

  25. I don’t watch real time tv Dans, so I’m not up to date on what Colbert is up too.

    His best work is “Strangers With Candy” anyway.
    Ever see that show?

    • I’m not up to date on it either haven’t seen it in over 2 years but I watched it at one point and saw that bear skit found it hilarious.

      I saw strangers with candy but hated it. It wasn’t for me.

  26. Strangers With Candy,,,,!!!

    That’s what you need in your collection!

    Sure its twisted,,,

  27. They should get the actor that played The Spirit. Sure the film was bashed but not because of the actor that played him,,, he would be perfect for either character.

    I should have looked up his name. Lol

    • Yea 790 while The SPirit was one of the worst films ever made I agree wasn’t the actors fault he wasn’t all that bad…Not sure he is right for deadpool though doesn’t strike me as the right type. Id have to see him show a little more range in other projects though. He just doesn’t seem like the Merc with the mouth type.

      • why not get justin beiber to play deadpool?!?!….i jest, dont take me seriously

  28. My sisters and I all are fortunate enough to share a mutual love for Deadpool, but so far we have not been able to agree on this. One suggested Jensen Ackles, another Chris Pine, one’s stuck on Ryan Reynolds, and then there is me. I actually think Ryan Kwanten might be a good choice. Opinions, anyone? And please, by all that is holy, do not mention Dane Cook again. lol:)

    • Ackles already played Deadpool in Batman Under the Red Hood(Ah thank you). But seriously, I think he’s good choice if they made him a bit more comical in the role since he’s known to make serious wise cracks instead of snarky fourth wall breakage.

      • Uh yeah, he voiced Red Hood, and Deadpool is a Marvel character thereofre unlikely to appear in a DC animated movie. Perhaps you are thinking of Deadshot, a DC character.

        • Yes, he was Red Hood. I just got B:UTRH, and I think it is one of, if not the best DC animated movie I’ve every seen.

          • Yeah, I loved that film. The only aspect I didn’t like was Dimaggio (probably mispelled) as the voice of The Joker.

            • Yeah, I know what you mean. He did a good job. He just wasn’t Mark Hamill. :)

        • It was a joke. He looks like Deadpool in UTRH that’s why I made that joke.

      • Now that I’ve thought about it, you may be right. I think there is a pretty good chance that he could pull it off, “snarky fourth wall breakage and all”. I’d certainly enjoy seeing him try.
        At least my sister will leave me in peace now that I admit that I could see him doing it. lol

  29. Bradley Cooper for either Deadpool or Flash,preferably Flash.

    • oh HELL no to that

    • NPH should be The Flash.

      • Interesting. I like the Flash and all, enjoying the current comic run but is the story really movie material? He’s a guy that can run fast. Thats about it.