Rumor Patrol: ‘Green Lantern’ Could Mean ‘Deadpool’ Without Reynolds

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:24 pm,

ryan reynolds green lantern and deadpool Rumor Patrol: Green Lantern Could Mean Deadpool Without Reynolds

Fox’s proposed Deadpool movie has been the red and black elephant in the room ever since Warner Bros. expressed their immediate desire to move forward with a Green Lantern sequel – and hinted a third film would follow closely after.

Evidently, there could be more to the rumblings than WB’s confidence in the film – they could be trying to prevent star Ryan Reynolds from simultaneously starring in two comic book film franchises.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has taken to Twitter to express his frustration over the situation with a series of tweets that suggest Fox may be forced to move forward on Deadpool with a new lead actor, or worse – no movie at all.

It should be noted this is only speculation on Liefeld’s part, and while he’s certainly in the know at Fox, it’s unlikely he has any knowledge of what’s being discussed behind closed doors at Warner Bros. That being said, Liefeld states:

“Warner Bros. just trying to protect their investment. They don’t want Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool AND Green Lantern. Interesting 2 watch.”

Reynolds is a hot property, becoming attached to one film after another (most recently R.I.P.D. and Safe House), and Liefeld is certainly attempting to swirl up support that’ll help keep Deadpool a priority. Liefeld has been re-tweeting headlines with comments such as “Good God! It never ends!” – seemingly insinuating that Deadpool was already in for a tough squeeze, even before plans for Green Lantern 2 were announced. As Liefeld so bluntly puts it:

“If FOX blows this one, they’ll have to ask “How did we start at the finish line and get pushed all the way back to the starting gate??”

Warner Bros. definitely has the upper hand here. Green Lantern has already wrapped and a writer is already hard at work on Green Lantern 2. Meanwhile Deadpool continues to linger in development with the only real piece of recent news being that Robert Rodriguez might direct. Reynolds’ availability is quickly evaporating a bit more each day and Fox is going to have to put up, or shut up, if they’re serious about getting Deadpool made.

deadpool movie costume Rumor Patrol: Green Lantern Could Mean Deadpool Without Reynolds

I’m not the only one who saw this coming – the second Reynolds was cast in Green Lantern. Part of me wants to believe that because Reynolds loves the Deadpool character he’ll attempt to make it work. I’d also like to believe that if the studio has to wait for Reynolds, they will.

But this is Fox. Remember how important it was for them to rush X-Men: The Last Stand into production because of the studio’s grudge against Bryan Singer? Their bruised egos played a part in how terrible that film turned out and I wouldn’t put it past them to make a similar mistake with Deadpool.

If Rodriguez does indeed sign on to direct Deadpool, they can easily sell the movie with his name, even if they lose Reynolds – assuming a Deadpool film without Reynolds is something Rodriguez would even be interested in. If Fox loses both of them, then who knows – it could put Deadpool on hold for an indefinite amount of time.

Rodriguez is known for an incredibly fast turn-around time on his films, so if there’s anyone that could deliver this movie with Reynolds’ tricky availability, it’s Rodriguez. Personally, that’s the only way I could see Deadpool working out at this point. Which leaves us with three likely scenarios:

  • 1) A Deadpool movie that’s rushed into production to accommodate Reynolds.
  • 2) Fox losing interest if Reynolds isn’t involved and the film getting stuck in development hell for the foreseeable future.
  • 3)  A new actor cast in the role.

I know I’m going to get eaten alive for what I’m about to say, so let me start with this: we can all agree that Ryan Reynolds is the top choice for Deadpool.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s the only actor that could do it. As good as he’d be, we’ve seen him play this type of character so many times before – it’s something he could do with his eyes closed. I’m not saying that’s a good reason for him to take a pass – I just think it represents an inability on our part to think outside of the box. Heath Ledger would never have been my first choice for the Joker in The Dark Knight. Just saying.

ryan reynolds deadpool wade wilson Rumor Patrol: Green Lantern Could Mean Deadpool Without Reynolds

I don’t believe that recasting is the ideal solution (even though they’re trying to establish a different continuity than X-Men Origins: Wolverine) – I just know that many fans will take this news as if it’s the end of the world – and forgive me, I’m just not one of them. I’m sure there are many actors out there qualified to deliver an interesting take on the character. Fortunately or unfortunately, Reynolds was just the most obvious.

Ultimately, the real problem would be that no matter how good another actor could be in the role, having already been teased with the notion of Reynolds as Deadpool, many people would whine forever about how much better the film would have been with him.

If we’re talking about a Deadpool movie without Reynolds then I’ll be disappointed, but I won’t lose all hope. If we’re talking about the entire film being buried just because Fox couldn’t get their act together – well, that’s a whole other story.

Decisions will need to be made very quickly and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Source: Twitter

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  1. I’m under the belief that *any* actor can be replaced. It’s been done several times, and IMO has worked out for the best in some cases (Gylenhaal in TDK for example). Having said that, Reynolds as Wade was literally the only thing good that came from XO:W. So, if they can’t get him back, then I say scrap the movie. If you ask me, he was *born* to play Deadpool. In the same fashion RDJ was *born* to play Stark. But that’s just me.

    • Gylenhaal?? Did you mean Ledger lol

      • No, he meant Maggie Gyllenhaal replacing Katie Holmes.

        • Oh yea yer one lol

          • holmes wasnt good in batman returns but she was a hell of a lot better than maggie.

            • Holmes was the only thing I couldn’t stand in ‘Batman Begins’. She’s also (IMO) one of the worst actresses (among Megan Fox and Jessica Alba). Gyleenhaal wasn’t great, but a huge step forward from Holmes.

              • opinions vary LOL

      • No, the other Gylenhaal. But I do have see the humor in you assuming he got Ledger and Jake Glenhaal confused because of Brokeback Mountain…

    • its funny because in one deadpool comic the guys like ‘i kinda look like ryan reynolds’ hehehe the role definitely suite reynolds since he can do the annoying tough guy act (blade 3).

      i just hope that this isn’t true and that he does get around to doing deapool.

  2. D; reynolds needs to be deadpool! he fits the role!

    • if he truly cares about the role and is passionate about it HE should push forward for this film to be made if they want him and he wants to do it he shouldnt let the studios get in the way. i mean reynolds did say hes passionate about the character or was he just talking out of his ass? like most actors do. (interview with bret ratner on x men the last stand) ” this movie will be amazing it will defantley be the best of the xmen films we are proud of our final product” not a true qoute but i bet somthing like that was said HAH

  3. I never really saw much hope in the whole Deadpool project actually coming to pass. Deadpool’s a cool character, and the film had an outside chance of not being terrible (remember, FOX is making this movie, not Marvel), but it doesn’t really seem bankable enough to actually get made.

    I think that, ultimately, it’s all for the best. Why soil Deadpool with another lackluster Fox adaptation?

  4. What a surprise. Another re-cast? First Norton is out as Hulk and now this?

    Not a good trend. I’m worried.

  5. I have to be honest, saw this coming. In the end I hope that such a fun and cool character like Deadpool gets a fair shot at a decent movie. That’s with or without Reynolds.

  6. i just wanna know if ryan read the fine print before signing a contract to do this movie. is he under contract for sequels?

  7. I would hate to see ryan not cast as deadpool.

  8. Its too late for Ryan he already did started playing the Green Lantern and I think it’s the best thing for another actor to make suggestions to play thet X-MEN Mutant Deadpool. Warner Bros likes to see Ryan play “The Green Lantern” he is a great actor to play the Emerald Knight

  9. If they do choose to go forward without Reynolds, they should get the guy that *actually* played Deadpool (weapon XI). If you didn’t know, Reynolds had scheduling conflicts during X-Origins: Wolverine, so they had another actor play the non-talking parts, the biggest being the ending fight scene. That’s my pick, although I do hope they can use Reynolds.

    • do you know anything about dead pool? hes not just som silent mutant badass that has all these powers. the completely ruined him in that movie up until the end he was potrayed perfectly. you do know hes called the merc with a mouth right? hes a smart ass hes nuts hes basically an insane mother f***** that just so happens to be a mutant at the end of the film he was potrayed as a joke he even got his name the wrong way. the guy at the end of that movie was used for stunts he never spoke once thats WHY reynolds is the ideal actor for wade wilson he can play a smart ass thats not afraid to mess with any one he can pull off the ” breaking the 4th wall” style of the comic which means he talks to the audience he’ll be like HEY YOU yea you reading my comic wtf you think your doin f*** off! or in the lines of that he can only be played by reynolds even in an issue of his comic he jokes and ses if i were to have a movie made about me id prolly be played by RYAN REYNOLDS

      • I do know about Deadpool. It was just a suggestion. You have to face the REALITY that Reynolds could be replaced. I want Reynolds to be Deadpool, but there’s always the possibility, especially since he is now Green Lantern, that he won’t be returning for the Deadpool movie.

    • @RYAN

      You’re talking about Scott Adkins. As much as I would LOVE that (huge Scott Adkins fan), it’s not likely. He has LIMITED acting experience. He is one of the most gifted and athletic martial artists/stuntmen working in movies today. He has the look but needs way more exposure. Not sure if it can happen my friend.

      • It was just a suggestion. I hope Reynolds can do both movies. He would be the perfect Deadpool.

  10. I called this the moment he was cast as GL and the moment they started mentioning a sequel It was confirmed to me.

    Ryan in my opinion is the only way I would watch a Deadpool movie. Without him I won’t even bother. Not only is he the best choice because of his acting and personality , but he is also a Deadpool fan he understand and cares about the character.

    • I agree- the genuine passion would be the hardest thing to replace. Anyone who gets cast is naturally going to say “Oh, I’m such a big fan of the comics…” but Reynolds really, truly was. He was instrumental in getting this film off the ground but with him getting pulled in so many different directions these days it was inevitable a few projects would fall by the wayside.

      Nothing’s official at this point, but when they announced he was cast in GL my immediate reaction was “Well, so much for him playing Deadpool”.

      • he can say no to sequels cant he???

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Deadpool character (not Wade Wilson) at the end of the movie not really have a discernible face? And doesn’t Deadpool pretty much ALWAYS wear a mask? It’s not like if Reynolds isn’t playing the part it’ll be a distraction. All you really need is a wisecracking actor that’s not overly built and you’ve got your Deadpool actor.

    • he has a disfigured face at the end that could have worked “An unanticipated side effect of the therapy was a rapid acceleration of the cancerous tumors he was suffering from at the time as well, causing them to quickly spread across his entire body as soon as his powers fully activated” thats dead pool he doesnt wear the mask 24/7 but he is a hideous mutant. and no not any actor wearing a mask can play the merc with a mouth

  12. True,but think of it this way.Reynolds voice is Deadpool dead on.When I read the books,I picture Reynolds saying the lines.He is perfect for the role.I pray Fox stops playing around and get him to play it

  13. How lame is it going to look if a Green Lantern sequel, comes out the same month when Deadpool is released or one of its sequels?

    If I were him I would pick GL and ditch Deadpool,,,

    • I agree, talk about overkill.

      • you know the biz 790, are actors obligated to return for squeals?

        • If they’re contracted to do so, which is usually the case (hence why Gemma Arterton will be returning in Clash 2).

        • There is not blanket response to that anthony.

          It all depends on the specific contract he signed. Some contracts require you to a minimum of films some don’t. Usually though for comic films you are required to do a minimum of three. Just like Bale was saying that if Nolan didn’t return for the third film he wouldn’t do it, but WB basically said he had to do it no matter what because he was contracted to.

          One thing that would be interested is if they were rushing this second film, but didn’t put Reynolds in it like they are going to introduce another GL maybe like John Stewart. I know that isn’t going to happen, but could be interesting doing a new GL in ever film. First film could be Hal Jordan. Second film could be John Stewart and the third film could introduce Kyle, but have Hal be the bad guy infected by Paralax just like in the comics bringing the franchise full circle.

          • yeha but unless its a film specific contract and ryan knows about this why would he sign?idont know how or why he wouldlet himself get into this situation, im just puzzled by it all

            • Anthony usually it will say you have to do three movies but the contracts don’t usually tell you when the movie will be done. He probably thought it would be the usual 3 years apart and they may have put the thought in his mind that it would be three years making him think he had plenty of time to do work in between. If they randomly spring on him he was gonna be 2 years apart he has to go with it because he signed a three picture deal. That’s how it works. Unless the contract specify s a certain amount of time he’s screwed.

          • It would be good to have Hla infected by Paralax at the end of the second movie, then have him as the villain in part 3, with John as GL. But thats way to clever and inventive a structure for a trilogy of Hollywood films to follow.

    • I seriously wonder if it’s a good idea to play both anyway. Their’s bound to be character bleed over between the two, especially if “Deadpool” ended up becoming another full tilt franchise for Fox. If Deadpool is truly Reynolds alter ego for the movies how could he not be talking like Deadpool in “G.L. #3″ after doing “Deadpool #2″ for example? That would be tough to keep separate, especially if Ryan starts seeing similarities in the characters…

  14. Usually actors that are in big franchise roles sign at least a 3 picture deal.

    Now a’days, some of the studios try and get the actors to sign 5 picture deals.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if that kid playing Spider-Man got screwed on his deal.

    • i guess i see the point, but how does the studio know its a franchise film before its evben released? it could(unlikely considering the fanboys)tank and totally be a bomb.

  15. i personally think its the damn studio heads beaing greedy on the talent.

    • Well, what do you really expect from the studio? They see an investment in Reynolds, and they want to keep it. It’s business.

  16. Daniel keep in mind Bale just said that because he wants Nolan to return.

    After the bank TDK made Nolan didn’t have to honor any contract. He was golden and could have gone any direction, but being that the Studio gave him the green light on “Inception”, he’s happy and a team player,,,, WB crosses fingers!!!

    Antman all Superhero /comic films are franchises from there first film on,,, sure they may stall out (Fantastic4) but their still franchises. They’ll remake that one again.

    • bah! cant FOX buy out the remainder of the contract lol

  17. The only one to blame here is Ryan Reynolds. He was the one who chose to portray an iconic comic book character then turn around and do another,then another,then possibly another with more sequels for each.Possibly Green Lantern 1,2,3 and Deadpool 1,2,3,etc.,OOOVERKILL!!!I’m sorry but I have to agree with WBro’s on this. This is the first time that Green Lantern is actually being adapted for the BIG SCREEN and they want Green Lantern to have a “definitive face”and be special like Christian Bale has with Batman(He IS currently Batman and not also “Dr.Strange” at the same time).They don’t want people thinking about Deadpool when Ryan Reynolds is on screen they want people to think about Green Lantern. If RR was to do either character,it would take away the “uniqueness” individuality and freshness of each character because there is ONE actor CURRENTLY occupying both roles. It’s different with Chris Evans because he won’t ever be playing as Johnny Storm again. Also, WB has had conflicts with FOX and knows how notoriously dirty FOX can get(remember the “Watchmen” court case).WB don’t want FOX botching up and creating schedule conflicts with Ryan Reynolds as GL and I personally don’t blame them. RR needs to slow down and just deal with GL and let DP go to someone else.I know RR is perfect for DP but I find it hard to believe that someone else can’t do it. RR was never truly right for GL anyway,THAT role actually should have went to another actor. Oh well, I don’t care what he says,that’s what he gets for being greedy! Yes,auditioning for GL was a greedy decision if he was supposedly “DEADPOOL’S” 1#fanboy.

    • Deadpool is hardly iconic compared Green Lantern. Reynolds made the right choice.

      • I agree, Deadpool is not iconic but he’s extremely popular. Even more popular than other characters who’ve been in the comics much longer than Deadpool. How old is Deadpool’s character anyway like 15 years old? That’s pretty young compared to some of the other characters who’ve been around 30 or 40 years while Deadpool is still more popular while being newer.

        • Not popular enough to make a huge blockbuster movie out of, will the general public take to a Deadpool movie in the same way they do to Batman or Superman. I think this is just one for the fans. And remember Hollywood, Fox especially doesnt make movies for the fans.

  18. If Reynolds is’nt in Deadpool they shoud forget the whole thing , Reynolds is Deadpool hands down no one can do it better than him,he was awesome in X-Men Origins Wolverine, hope he does Deadpool cause Im dying to see it

  19. Drsam can’t agree. Deadpool would of been the better choice. Only because he has more to contribute to deadpool than GL. He has more passion for deadpool and only tool GL for the money he himself said the director had to sell him on it he wanted to play DP for years. He is more suited for DP than GL. He would contribut more to DP than GL and could give a much more faithful DP performance than he can GL. With Reynolds DP could be a great film he has very little impact on GL he isn’t really suited for the role. However he was born to play DP. He made the right wallet choice but made a bad acting choice quality.

  20. there are a few ryan reynolds lookalike actors out there like the guy that took over his character in “stil waiting’ and Tosh.o is a dead ringer..

  21. Absolutely NOT!! NO! Ryan HAS to do Deadpool! I’m not saying that he’s the only one that can, I’m saying that he’s the only one that SHOULD!! He’s absolutely passionate about the character, he’s played Wade Wilson before and him and only him can bring the character to the heights it deserves. And I seriously believe that Ryan will do his best to do both Lantern and Deadpool, because he hardly knows Lantern but he’s already done it and because he’s been a Deadpool fan all his life, and this character was created to be played by Ryan, so please…

    • Ryan brought Deadpool life by introducing him in XM3. There was no scrip written, it was all Ryan. He proved how much he wanted the character by training w/the Kantana swords for a 4 minute spot. Give him time, I am sure he will work something out!! As for being replaced in order to adlib this part you definately will have to know Deadpool personally!!!

  22. Why would a guy give up doing a trilogy of a superhero almost equivalent to batman and superman and do a spin-off of another spin-off?

    But again if Reynolds loves the character Fox must be the dumbest studio in the world not to be able to tempt him into taking the role espcially if Rodriguez can make the film in a short period of time.

    The thing is if Green Lantern’s a success then Reynolds has Warner Bros by the balls and nothing can stop him from shooting 2 comicbook characters at once, after all can Warner Bros move onto another actor if Reynolds pull out of its sequel after a successful origin film? That’s like Christian Bale or Heath Ledger recasted in batman 3

  23. What really needs to happen is FOX stops making X-Men spin-offs and lets the rights revert back to Marvel. Then, Marvel can make a GOOD Deadpool movie.


    Every iconic hero needs a seperate face or they just become one generic character.

    He should have chosen Deadpool over GL, just because he fits better as DP.

    • @Steve Thank you very much! You said it better than me but with less words.

  25. How does he get away with playing so many characters? Because you all accept it? and pay or it?

  26. Man.. this truly is a pickle. Born to play a role that everybbody including himself knows Ryan Reynolds was born to play and taking on a project as big as Green Latern which is wrapping up soon.

    I myself like many others, “saw this coming”. When I got wind that Ryan(thanks screenrant) was to be cast as Hal Jordan my first thought was “What about Deadpool?”. It was no secret that Deadpool made a quite the impression on people who had no knowledge of the character before the X-Men:Origins film.

    Before I even saw the movie I knew that Reynolds was the perfect fit for the role of Deadpool to a T. Just off the roles he would primarily play in his acting projects. Immediately whispers of a Deadpool film were on the horizon.

    He was a big hit on the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 video game. Deadpool may have been a spin off character but his personality is so charamastic, so dynamic and so bad@$s, that it warranted his own comic.

    With more push he could easily be up there with all the big comic book hero names. A pity that this type of confusion has to happen to such a solid character.

    I will watch this situation very close as it develops. I hope it all works out well and that the fans( me being one them) of Deadpool are pleased with the end result.

    • I misspelled “everybody” and “charismatic”…my bad, hit the button too fast. You all get want I am saying though.

      • “want”… I mean “what”….lol.whatever.

  27. I can live with him playing both characters as long as he puts in the work. He has said from the start that he wanted to make Deadpool the way it was supposed to be made. His passion for that project is incredible and I really wanted to see it. Green Lantern is a chump that could have been played by a monkey with a ring… Oh yeah… They did that. It takes a special kind of smartass to pull off Deadpool. My biggest fear for all this is not that the movie won’t get made. It is that it will be made with a chump actor that cares nothing about the project. Then they just make it all wrong, it looks cool but it never captures the magic of the comics.
    One thing that I haven’t seen mentioned in the comments today is who else can play that character? Everybody on here seems to agree that RR was by far the best choice but who else is there. Don’t say nobody because then your just taking up space stating the obvious.
    My picks are Seann William Scott or Dane Cook.

  28. I am about to be the most hated commenter on this post

    No, I’m not going to bicker at Chris for the nth time that “Last Stand” and “Wolverine” sucked chicken eggs. I think both films have some things in them that are alright. I also don’t join the “let’s bash Tom Rothman at Fox” bandwagon most of the time.

    But I will say this, and this is what is going to be unpopular

    In a perfect world, Reynolds will ask that Hal Jordan cameo in the next Lantern films (giving Guy Gardner the ring) so Reynolds can get to his other projects like Deadpool. But I’m going to give you a gauntlet, and I’m throwing that sucker down. FIRST I’ll ask a question:

    Q: Do you want the character of Deadpool to have his mask on?

    If the answer is YES, then Ryan Reynolds doesn’t matter. He can be replaced However…you want me to suggest something radical? You won’t like it.

    Scott Adkins

    Oh, wait, there’s more.

    Ryan Renyolds comes in to do voice-overs in post production

    Problem solved?

    See! I TOLD you you wouldn’t like me!

    • Hey, that doesn’t bother me any. It does bring up a question though if they did that, and no one leaked it, how could you tell? Now that you brought it up and “Deadpool gets made people will always wonder. And the reason that doesn’t make me upset at you is because it doesn’t seem that hard to imagine thinking it up. It actually helps the fans because now they’ll demand no substitutes…

    • Dude, I was just typing something similar, but you had already posted when I hit “Submit Comment”. You need to stop reading my mind! :-)

      • SHH… Don’t let Kahless find out, I’m half betazed.. ;)

        • You mean Betazoid, right? You know I had to correct you. :-)

          Don’t worry; Kahless is out making fun of the weakling humans in The Expendables. He said something about engaging them in something called Klinzha Kinta (Game of Death), but I think he was kidding…..I hope. :-o

          • No, I’m not a noid, he’s a wizard by the way. :P gotcha

            I know what your talking about and your right in the strictest sense of the show. Consider this however, if your human or an Earthling representing Earth, is it a real distinction?

  29. Someone mentioned Atkins playing Deadpool in Origins; I see no reason why he can’t do it with the mask on and have Reynolds, when he’s between projects, speak the words. Reynolds is Deadpool but if you can’t get him, try to make the best of it. Atkins acting, I felt, was pretty good in Undisputed 2 & 3 but was horrible in the Ninja movie; but he has always been great with the acrobatics.