High-Res ‘Green Lantern’ Costume Images

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Green Lantern Costume Pictures High Res Green Lantern Costume Images

Warner Bros. accomplished the impossible two weekends ago when they brought Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively down San Francisco for WonderCon 2011 to do press for Green Lantern. Their panel presentation showcased 10 full minutes of new (and awesome) footage and as a result, were successfully able to sway the opinion of some of the most hardcore fanboys and the press, brining a lot of fans and moviegoers back on their side after the weak first Green Lantern trailer.

Much of the concern about Green Lantern and its reliance on special effects centered on the actual Green Lantern costume that Ryan Reynolds sports in the film as his character, Hal Jordan, is enlisted into the Corps by Abin Sur.

When news first broke that Reynolds’ Green Lantern costume would not be a practical effect, but rather a fully CGI costume, it was hard for many to get onboard with that idea – especially after the amazingly real costumes utilized in fellow DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. film, The Dark Knight and even in the Iron Man movies.

The first image of said costume debuted as a magazine cover and it resulted in mixed reaction, which turned into pure angst upon seeing the effects in live-action with arrival of the Green Lantern trailer.

With a few more months of time for the special effects, director Martin Campbell now has a much more exciting summer superhero movie on his hands, with a much better looking title character. Here are three new images of the updated Green Lantern get-up, from Warner Bros.

Now compare to the Green Lantern costume from the first trailer to see the improvements. Note the added details from the full look at the entire costume. You can now see how the organic design of the suit extends to his legs, feet and even his individual toes, which awkwardly feels like he’s naked in a strange sort of way. However, it does fit in with the film’s design of this costume and how his fingers are individually shown as well. This is certainly unlike the other superhero “costumes” we’ll see in theaters this summer.

Have your feelings on the CGI Green Lantern costume changed since our first look at Reynolds as Hal Jordan?

Green Lantern hits 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.


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  1. MUCH BETTER! Looking good

  2. The last pic takes the cake. Just perfect.

  3. I was one of those fans unimpressed with the first costume. This is a dramtic improvement. It shows that films can listen to some criticism and make worthwhile changes. I am definitely ready to see this movie.

    • Criticism had nothing to do with the improved effects and costume. The effects on the first trailer are very very early effects. It’s natural that it will be improved on in the film as it was 8 months from being released when the first trailer released.

      • Very true. You are right in saying that the studio would have eventually cleaned up the costume and made it more realistic. That reality won’t stop me from hoping that every once in a while the studios listen to the fans.

  4. looks pretty sick

  5. …man I hate this. The whole time I’m just going to be thinking about yeah, thats not real. Takes away from the performance.

    • Yeah cause the ring is real, creating solid physical constructs from your mind using the energy from a ring that was created in the center of the universe..that is real…Are you gonna think that everytime you see OA or Kilowog or Tomar or the Guardians or parallax or something generated via computer? If you are then what is the point of going to see any film with CGI?

    • what? really ?

  6. I’ve never had a problem with the costume and never understood why people were so unhappy with what was obviously an unfinished product..a lot of the naysayers have since switched sides and are on board…those of you that still don’t like the costume should stop being a bunch of POOZERS!! ;)

    • Well said, greenknight, well said.

    • I applaud. I was on board for this movie from the first magazine cover. Did CGI need to be improved, yeah. But i knew it would be and I have been and remain a deep fan for this film.

    • I had no problem with the first trailer. With the improvements, my anticipation for this movie doubled.

    • People were not just unhappy because of the costume though. The first trailer look weak in a lot of areas. They probably should not have even released that one when they did.

      • Exactly. Just imagine Leonardo Da Vinci revealing an unfinished painting…

        BTW: I still think it looks ridiculous. Especially the mask. And the toes. And the rest…

        • Yeah its still the wrong colors too. It’s always been green white and black. I see only green

    • greenknight333 I never had a problem with it or the trailer at all either. People can be so itchy about stuff, that’s cool though, we’re only like that cause we love the characters so much. I know I do.

  7. The white gloves should have been kept. They would have shown a great contrast for his hands and made the ring stand out even more. Like I’ve said before on here, all they had to do was explain that the “white” gloves are energy from the ring, limiting the new rookie Green Lantern recruit’s power until they’ve proven themselves, then they come off after they’ve shown their worth, courage, honor, etc. It would have also made it identifiable for other Lanterns to know that he’s a new recruit. All branches of military, officers, etc, have some sort of identifiable way to show who the rookies are. They should have taken advantage of that here. Also, without the white, the costume still looks incomplete.

    • Logic and core information from the source material never seem to be used in Hollywood films.

      • thats not source material, the white gloves do not signify anything in the history of the Green lanterns corp. It was merely a design that they came up with to make the ring stand out on his hand.

    • I guess being the only human lantern wouldn’t tip them off? :-)

      • lol , right

      • Actually, since Geoff Johns Secret Origin arc in the comics, new recruits are indicated by a white circle symbol on their chests.

        • Yeah that’s true but the white gloves do not signify anything

    • I’ve seen this same sentiment several times, and it doesn’t make any sense to me. The white gloves are part of the comics canon, sure, but in this film they would be awkward and aesthetically out of place. There’s a reason they left it out. I guarantee you they tried 100 variations on the costume during production & they realized the white gloves don’t work on film.

    • They tested the white but it looked off. The whole suit is dark with glowing streams, so white would really be out of place for his forearms.

  8. Still don’t like the mask. Not sure about the fact you can see his toes either.

    • You know, I never noticed that about the toes before. I’m still OK with it, though.

    • Yeah. My first reaction was “He’s bare footed?” 8^

      OK other than that.

      • The toes is exactly what I was going to comment on. I don’t like that. The rest looks pretty good though. We’ll see how the mask works when it is in motion.

        • Yeah the toe things do look kinda weird but I doubt I’ll be paying that much attention to his feet during the film :P Overall it looks a lot better though. I hope the film lives up to my hopes, cause it’s on the top of my lost of must sees this year.

  9. Another thing is the mask. Tomar Re says in the trailer “The mask is to keep others from identifying you” Oh comon’ lets get real here, that mask in NO WAY can hide his identity. You still can clearly see who he is. That’s like saying SuperMan looks absolutley nothing like Clark Kent when he puts on the glasses. I would have said that the mask enhances his spectral vision through space,heat,thermo, and enable him to see aliens, ships etc, that can stealth camouflage themselves etc. They could have been more creative with that.

    • IF you have never in your life seen Hal before and you seen him as GL with a mask, You would probably not recognize when he is not in uniform. ONly people who probably know him that would get a good look at his face could recognize him with the Gl mask on.

      • @gmoney0505, In the comics it worked back in the 50′s but not in real life and especially not today. If I saw this guy with the mask and that hair, then later saw him again without the mask and same hair, then I’d know it was the same person.

    • Did people in Gotham know who Robin was?

      • @Kahless, That’s because it’s a comicbook and it adds to the look the character and within the “comicbook” world, it can be believable that a guy can be unidentifiable by a mask around the eyes “only” but that wouldn’t fly in real life. Try robbing a bank with just an eye mask these days and see what happens. Yeah I know people have robbed banks with less than that but that was because of careful planning not just a simple disguise.

        • Ulik…

          Let me get this straight: “The white gloves should have been kept.”
          That’s your direct quote.

          Then, we have: “That’s because it’s a comicbook and it adds to the look [of] the character within the “comicbook” world…but that wouldn’t fly in real life.”


          Make up your mind. Be consistent.

          • …the second quotation, of course, being about the mask as a disguise.

            • @Archaeon, Like I said with the mask. It’s not a cowl like what Batman wears, you can’t tell that it’s Bruce Wayne behind the cowl because the cowl covers all of his head and most of his face, therefore it’s a good disguise(he even goes so far as to additionally disguising his voice to enhance the disguise so no one would recognize his voice). Is Hal’s voice still the same when the mask is on? I would think so, GL’s mask it is NOT a good disguise because you can still see all of his facial features. Again the disuise works in the comics but it would’nt work in the “real world”. Take Kato and the Green Hornet for example, they wear an eye mask but they also wear a hats that also cover their heads and add to the disguise. Hal Jordan is still easily recognizeable however much you try to defend him not being recognizeable. That’s why I used Clark Kent and Superman for an example. There is no way anyone can tell me that they look completely different just because of a pair of glasses. In the real world anybody would put two-and two together at first glance.LOL!!! Especially if they are both caught on camera or both seen by the same people or person at different times. All you’d have to do is look or have seen both faces. That’s why to me the design of the mask as a disguise just doesn’t work. If it was like Batman’s cowl then yes, it would work. So therefore giving it a better function as to why it’s on his face such giving it the enhanced eye vision, protection from starlight,being able to see through cloaking, etc,, is something that would make the character even more interesting and could have set up for some interesting visual effects and scenes.

              • I don’t know what happens in the movie but I’m just imagining if Carol Ferris or somebody gets saved by GL and literraly sees his face(mask on) and hears his voice. Then later Hal Jordan shows up and they somehow don’t see the obvious resemblance with the same head shape, facial structure, voice,height, body shape and hairstyle then I think that would be hilariously silly not to know that Hal Jordan IS GL at that point. Not unless GL could hypnotize humans while wearing the mask making them not be able to recognize him(hence the eye color change and energy sourging through his body also).

          • @Archaeon, I meant what I said and it makes total sense. Now being that they have supposedly tested the gloves and it didn’t look right “to them”(Ryan Reynolds never said they tested them,he just said they were lame) thats one thing but me being an artist, I can see how it could have been made to work, keeping it in line with the original costume from the comics. The gloves have no purpose in the comics, they are just a part of the design, but they could have been made to be a functional design with a good explaination. That’s why I also said that the gloves could have been kept temporarily then be discarded after some time after him passing a test of honor or something.

    • well , lets face it that s the way all of those masks are, its a symbols and is to hide his identity. Its not like almost every hero wears a mask , oh wait yeah they do for most parts.

    • Plus his eyes turn white making it harder to tell who someone is, in a comic book universe atleast.

  10. I am still not impressed with the costume but more so with terms of the effect it gives, like it is photo shopped and not actually being worn.

  11. Looks great to me. Never had a problem with it in the first place.

    • Ditto!

      • same here

  12. I know Hal always wears the mask but it makes the whole costume not work as a whole imo. The movie looks amazing now and they did work on the cgi a lot which makes me really happy but the mask really annoys me

  13. Fantastic.

    I know a lot of people complain about how these superhero costumes don’t look like the comics, but honestly how can they? A roomful of men wearing spandex might make sense on a hand drawn page, but it’s not the same on screen. The craggy energy construct suit makes sense for Green Lantern, just the same way kevlar armor makes sense for Batman. I NEVER thought that was strange, of course a “real life” Batman would want to protect himself.

    So calm down and get a grip. This is what works for this character, leave it alone.

  14. Suit looks fine.

    But the hair. Oh the hair. The 80s might want it back.

  15. I never really saw what the problem was either I’ve been on board since the Wondercon trailer which was f***ing amazing this should kill

  16. So the poll results are in and everyone is now on board with the costume.

    Now were are all the comments from the naysayers that hated it before???

    All of them should start by “I should have given this guys a chance to finish the CGI costume before bashing so hard on their unfinished work” :P

    • I’m not and am STILL a naysayer ;)

  17. A friend of mine works in LA at one of the FX houses that are working on bits of CG for the GL film. When I asked about the costume she said it was the one thing they were continually improving and that it was the most challenging thing.

    I like these new images a lot more….glad to see they really put their minds to work.

  18. Wow, um……this is the first time I have ever seen the lower body in any great detail and I gotta say it looks terrible. What is with the striation pattern on the upper legs? I thought the costume was supposed to have been based loosely on general human biology (which I kind of bought into until now) but last time I looked my musculature wasn’t striated like fish meat. It makes no sense and doesn’t match the rest of the costume’s overall texture.

    And what is with the webbed feet? It looks like his feet are painted green and he forgot his footwear. Really makes him look incomplete. It should have been some sort of boot that matched the overall style.

    Then there’s the mask……..still looks really bad. Like it’s a piece of skull with its highly defined orbital ridges, chromed green. You don’t usually see the feet (or lower body for that matter) too closely so that might be livable but you will be scrutinizing the face so not fixing the mask will really detract from things, at least for me.

    Costume started at about a 2, went to a 6 with the last round but these images bring it back down to a 4 (out of 10)

    • Based loosely on general human biology, that’s a pretty vague statement and you could say the upper body is loosely based on the pattern of muscle fibers in the human body. I never heard that’s what the costume was going to be based off of, where did you hear that? It also seems kind of silly seeing as the costume would be alien. Just my thoughts, what does everyone else think?

      • I think he complain so he can be the guy to complain, when you start nitpicking, is when i stop listening to the argument. I mean come on I can find fault with anything , sort of like im finding faults in your reasoning.

        • Loco,

          And you’re starting to play the role of knee-jerk reactionary to anything you disagree with.

          Mongoose makes a valid point – the suit has looked like it emulated human musculature from day one, and now the leg area departs from that overall look. I’m not complaining, just saying he has a point.


          • I agree the upper torso does represent human muscular structure but was it actually confirmed as the intention by the studio that the suit would be based off of that look?

            • Timothy,

              No – but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… 8)


            • While there was no “official” statement saying so, that’s what the majority of people have been saying. Like I said, I bought into it because it sounded reasonable. There is also evidence to support the idea based on how the other GLs look. Their uniforms all reflect their unique physiology in some way. The ring also plays a part in how this all supposedly works.

              @ Loco…….I’m sorry you don’t like my opinion. You think the suit looks great and I don’t. Would you rather I just say, “OMH! It is the suxxors!” without so much as a reason why I felt that way? I also tempered it with the fact that it may not matter too much because people won’t be scrutinizing the lower body.

              The mask though……that has been on most peoples **** list since the first clip and it has NEVER been altered, so why would I suddenly change my opinion about it? If I’m one thing it’s consistent. If I believe in my opinion I will stick to my guns and in this case I think the weird leg pattern and bare feet look silly and out of place. Should have been a green torso and the extremities should have been black (imho of course ;) )

              I also notice you don’t complain when I support something you have said (which I have done fairly often). Now I’m not asking you to support me if you disagree but at least respect my opinion if they differ. :)

  19. If Batman and Hulk had a love child… possibly a threesome with Britt Reid.

  20. Thankful we live in a time where the special affects and appreciation for the characters we all love as children and or forthe millions who are learning of them now if we could just take a deep breath and savior these moments when this just might be the summer when we could have back to back great movies, my fingers are crossed! a sigh with a smile!

  21. Suit looks great, it’s just the eyes that still look weird to me. It’s almost like he’s blind or some thing.
    Question for the comic experts out there, do Hal’s eyes do that in the comics, you know get all white. Or is it something the filmmakers just put in there.

    • I really wish the filmmakers had made his eyes all white like in the comics, but they went with turning his irises that gross pale green instead. I’m not fan of that at all.

  22. His eyes turn white. At least in the volume 4 comic, by Geoff Johns.

  23. Definite improvement, but the mask still looks like it was just tacked on there.

    • Isn’t that what a mask should look like? haha

      • Haha maybe so, but I was referring to the fact that it looks kinda cartoony, like bad-quality CGI. Like the old suit did.

    • I think a better description would be say that it’s been photoshopped in – badly.

    • i agree. i hate the fact that the mask contours with the nose. but overall, i always thought the cgi suit is a good idea. the logic being that the suit is a construct from the ring.

  24. God, you guys LOVE to complain, don’t you?

    “They said it would look like human anatomy!”
    “His mask is the wrong shape!”
    “His feet look funny!”
    “Where are the white gloves?”
    “Are those scales?”
    “Why are his eyes white?”
    “Why aren’t his eyes all white?”
    “You can still tell who he is!”

    And you keep repeating it over and over again as these responses clog my inbox [and I thought I disabled that]. Nag, nag, nag.

    So it’s not ripped off the page, who cares? It looks cool, and that’s gotta count for something.

    • Gaff,

      If you haven’t been able to unsubscribe I can take care of that for you.


    • Unless, of course, it doesn’t look cool. I want to like this, I like Green Lantern and I like Ryan Reynolds, but every time I look at this, regardless of “improvements,” it still looks like crap. Just my opinion, but I’m hardly the only person who holds this particular one.

  25. Who came up with the lame poses? The costume still looks bad despite the changes. WTF can you see his toes?

  26. THESE should have been the first images released.

    The feet do look a little weird, but I doubt it’ll be noticeable in the film.

  27. I watched the trailer on my xbox in HD a few weeks ago. The suit looks really good in action. It’s definitely not as bad as people have been saying.

  28. I’m still a little disappointed in the costume, but I’ll get over it. I just hope the movie is great. In the second trailer we learn that the mask is supposed to appear any time his identity needs to be protected, but the mask is hardly concealing his identity. Anyway, I hope the film rocks.