New ‘Green Lantern’ Clip & TV Spot Tease Kilowog Vs. Hal Jordan

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Green Lantern movie clip and TV spot New Green Lantern Clip & TV Spot Tease Kilowog Vs. Hal Jordan

Even as excitement for another comic book superhero movie (next week’s X-Men: First Class) reaches its fever pitch, anticipation for Green Lantern is still steadily on the rise. Several mouth-watering Lantern goodies have been unleashed recently to further heighten interest in the film, including numerous television spots and a pretty epic 3D theatrical trailer.

The first clip from Green Lantern was unveiled the other night, and it offered fans an early look at the initial encounter between Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) and everyone’s favorite Green Lantern Corps instructor/drill sergeant, Kilowog (voice of Michael Clarke Duncan).

Here is our own Ben Moore‘s fitting description of the pig-faced Kilowog:

Despite being physically imposing and utterly unattractive, Kilowog is best known for his heart of gold and tendency to use the word “poozer” as an endearing insult. Basically, he’s the Julia Roberts character in ‘Pretty Woman’ combined with Lenny from ‘Of Mice and Men’. And they say comic books can’t be literature…

Duncan certainly has the appropriate vocals to “play” the hulking Lantern warrior (who is being brought to life via some stellar CGI work) – but how will his “tough love” approach to teaching and in-your-face manner be handled in the Green Lantern movie?

Find out by watching the video of Duncan’s appearance on G4′s Attack of the Show (which includes the first Green Lantern clip) below:

While Jordan and Kilowog don’t look to butt heads quite as violently during their first encounter in the Green Lantern movie as they did in comic book form (especially compared to Geoff Johns’ “Green Lantern: Secret Origin”), their first scene together seems to strike the right tone, in terms of establishing their relationship. Duncan’s rumbling vocals also sound like a good enough match for Kilowog – though he might not be considered the definitive voice for the character (that honor has long been held by Dennis Haysbert). There’s also the question of Duncan’s line delivery – Kilowog, an alien, shouldn’t be using any Earth slang when he speaks.

For more Green Lantern goodness – which includes another brief look at the first meeting between Kilowog, Jordan, and Sinestro (Mark Strong) – check out the latest action-packed TV spot released for the film below:


If nothing else, Green Lantern will undoubtedly be a visual treat; between the eye-catching imagery and shiny effects-driven action, the film very much has its own unique flavor. Reynold’s Lantern costume has been much improved in quality since the first images were released last year – and while it remains to be seen if the actor can really pull off the more serious Jordan character, he’ll certainly look good while trying (quibbles about his mask aside).

Green Lantern will arrive in theaters next month on June 17th.

Source G4 (via Blog of Oa)

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  1. That clip was pretty cool! The effects look great.

    • yep

  2. Well, I think we saw the same clip…I think the effects look terrible or, rather, like CGI animation from 10 years ago. The shots are not composed well. Kilowog’s lips don’t animate well with the words (like usual in CGI). It looks more like GL enters a fantasy world at Oa instead of a real place.

    • It will look better on the big screen.

    • To each his own.

    • It looked way better on Tv.

    • And technically Oa IS another world.

  3. i wish we had that in HD. bumping it to 720 helps a bit. Love what goes on in the scene though. Kilowog making a star to mess with hal is pretty badass.

  4. I cannot wait to see Green Lantern hit theatres next month… This past friday I saw Green Lantern on the previews before Pirates of the Carribbean: On Strangers Tide that I watched.

  5. Looks amazing on silverscreen so pretty sure this looks awesome on the screen too!

  6. I love how hard WB is prmoting the movie (and i don’t wanna be a downer), but I camt help bit feel like Ive seen most of the movie already :(

    I bet I could piece together the movie with all the footage shown already with my windows movie maker if I tried :/ that’s horrible in my opinion

    • doubt that, if u put all the footage together from everything we’ve seen so far you would probably have only six minutes.

      • Yah, not sure what clips and trailers you have been watching Eli P, obviously not the ones we ALL have seen.

        • No I meant it in a “put everything in sequential order”

          • Actually even that is just the basics really.

          • Also thats just what you “think” the order of events is. No way to be sure unless you see it, that’s the kicker ;)

  7. I love how hard WB is prmoting the movie (and i don’t wanna be a downer), but I camt help bit feel like Ive seen most of the movie already :(

    I bet I could piece together the movie with all the footage shown already with my windows movie maker if I tried :/ that’s horribad in my opinion

    • 4 min out of a 2 hour movie isn’t the whole movie.

  8. Also the line where he says “The human,’ain’t’ never seen one before” Sounds weird coming from an alien but I don’t think ppl will mind.

    • Yeah, the word “ain’t” probably shouldn’t be in there…

      • Unless he says “I never seen one before” and it just sounds like “aint” bcuz of the way MCD talks? Idk lol.

      • The ring is translating what Kilowog is saying, right? So if he’s using a slang word in his own language, the ring will translate that into a corresponding slang word in English. It’s far more logical for him to say “ain’t” than for Sinestro, Tomar Re and Abin Sur to have British accents, which makes no sense at all from a strict translation perspective.

        • You make a good point. I keep forgetting that.

  9. The more I hear MCDs voicing Kilowog, the less I like it. It just does not match up for me because it is missing a a certain roughness. They should have had Michael Madsen do it.

    • I kind of wanted Vin Diesel.

  10. The most anticipated comicbookmovie for me, no doubt. Captain America comes second. The pure sci-fi elements are what draw me to Green Lantern comics, and they will make me love this movie. It has so much potential. I think everybody will be walking away from this movie with a good feeling. In brightest day, in blackest night… GREEN LANTERN SHALL NOT ESCAPE MY SIGHT!

  11. Also see that pic in the article. Looks like another take for this same scene.