Green Lantern’s Leading Lady is Blake Lively!

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green lantern cast blake lively Green Lanterns Leading Lady is Blake Lively!

Breaking News: Blake Lively Cast opposite Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern!

With Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s next big superhero flick getting the green light earlier today with only ten weeks to go before principal photography begins, Warner Bros. has a lot of decision-making to do in the coming weeks to fill out the cast of their big budget introduction to one of DC’s important characters.

Lively (Gossip Girl, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) will play the leading lady of the story, Carol Ferris. Ferris runs the aerospace company that hires Reynolds’ character, the pilot Hal Hordan.

Carol and Hal have a young romance in the comics which quickly gets complicated due to Hal’s other identity and Carol’s inheritance of the company from her father. One thing leads to another, crazy aliens get involved, Star Sapphire is introduced, big battles here and there, so on and so forth… You’ll have to wait for the movie.

Blake traditionally sports the blond look but Ferris is a very dark-haired character in the comics so we’ll see if she changes her hair color like Reynolds’ wife Scarlett Johansson did for her role in Iron Man 2. Either way, Screen Rant’s Senior Editor Kofi Outlaw won’t be pleased with Lively’s selection as she was his least favorite of the five candidates listed by our pals at Latino Review who were able to find out the final five contenders for the role.

If it’s any consolation to those who had other choices at the top of their lists, despite being several years below the age range for the casting call, Lively highly impressed those in attendance for her audition.

Next up on the list for character casting is Sinestro, the feature villain of Green Lantern.

What do you think of their decision to go with Lively?

Special shout out to our pals at  who knew Blake was one of the final five contenders for the role!

Green Lantern opens June 17, 2011. Director Martin Campbell and his award-winning crew get to work in March.

Source: THR, Latino Review

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  2. I know very littleof her , we shall see .

  3. WTF!WTF!WTF! Why in the world did they think this would be a good choice. May i point you toward the casting of Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns. She was too young and was not experienced enough for the part. Blake Lively will be terrible in this part. I just hope that this will change. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it change this will be terrible. She is not that good an actress and i just think this will be terrible.

  4. What?! Well, she was also my least favourite, so the news didn’t hit big on me. Hope she can pull it off. Wasn’t expecting this, but then again I didn’t like any of the candidates (for the role itself). It’ll be interesting who they’ll pick as Sinestro. This is right on my 4 most anticipated films of next year. Or is it too soon to talk about them?

  5. Maybe we will see something about The Sinestro casting this weekend.
    If Sinestro is indeed the villain.

  6. Don’t know anything about her other than she looks hot. :-)

    We’ll see, I guess…


  7. She’s hot. If I remember correctly she sucked as an SNL host. We’ll see…

  8. This is THE worst casting. She is awful. I think Reynolds and Campbell must have tag-teamed her or something, otherwise this makes no sense. This is going to backfire, BIG TIME.

  9. I hope this works out, but I think they could have done ALOT better. They should have just went with Jessica Alba, at least she wouldn’t have had to dye her hair for this role. LOL.

  10. First off I’m with Vic on this… Then I agree that I don’t know that much about her and I really didn’t like anyone else outta the list of 5. Still think Jenn Conley would have been the best choice but she wasn’t on the list. I’m excited for the movie and I think that the choice for sinsetro is the most important. The announcement for his character, who has to be in the movie for it to make any sense, will be more exciting.

  11. guys, i’ve known about her since the sisterhood movie. she comes from a family of working actors and takes her job very seriously she’ll do fine. does anybody know if this is in 3d?

  12. It’s a terrible, terrible idea. Its like Kate Bosworth’s casting for Lois Lane all over again. I hope this movie doesn’t suffer like Superman Returns did… seriously, are they cracked out? Blake Lively??? Out of all the actresses they had to choose from they pick Blake Lively?!?!

  13. They should’ve cast Scarlett Johannsen she already has superhero movie experience, she’s in the same age-range as Reynolds, and they’re married, so they’re obviously comfortable with one another.

  14. Just out of curiosity. How many of the people saying Blake Lively is a lousy actress have actually watched her show or movies?
    The fact that she’s in a TV show on the CW doesn’t mean she should be instantly disregarded. Obviously she did something to impress someone.

    By the way, Tom Hanks got his start playing a cross-dresser on TV for about three years. The fact is, a HUGE number of major actors got their start on bad TV.

    And no, I’ve never watched Gossip Girl or anything else she’s in. But she’s hot, so I’ll defend her anyways.

  15. geez guys, give her a chance. you don’t know anything about her but you’re going off about how it’s the worst casting choice they could have made. lol have some faith in campbell.

  16. Casting Ryan Reynolds didn’t do much for me, so this is just more of the same. Still hoping for the best.

  17. Never seen her in anything so I’m willing to give her a chance, but damn she is easy on the eyes, very hot indeed.

  18. i think this could work. shes not a terrible actor or anything, but ye, she seems a bit young. oh well, im all in for it :D

  19. Well Jennifer Connelly is around 39, and 6 years older than Reynolds… on the other hand Lively is only 22 and 11 years younger than Reynolds (who’s around 33).

    While I think Connelly might be a bit old for the role, Lively seems like she’s too young.


  20. Not surprised Warner Bros. goes with a young face and she has a fanbase from her TV show.

  21. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damit I know this girl all to well my girlfriend loves that stupid show gossipgirl. She is so bad its scary. or it could just be that my only impression of her is from a very bad teen drama but either way this is really bad news for any one who wanted a good suporting charector. But on the other hand she does look good when she is not talking

  22. It’s certainly not a coincidence that the lead actress of a CW show gets a big part in a tentpole WB film; this move reeks of studio interference. I’ve never seen anything she’s been in, but even if she’s a good actress, she’s much too young.

  23. “Daddy, I got kicked out of college cause my profs were all jealous of me. This sucks causenow I totally need a job — ooh! I know! Daddy, can I run your company? Pleeeeze pleezpleezpleezpleezpleeeeezzzzeee?”

    “Well darling, I don’t know. Running a company is a big responsibility, and we both know what happened to your turtle, puppies, ostrich, ant farm, and four porsches — oh, no, not that face, you know I can’t say no to you when you use that face on me — all right, you can have the company.”

    “SQUEEE!!! Oh thank you, Daddy, thank you so much! I can’t wait to redecorate the airfield. I’m thinking SPARKLES!

  24. This casting call is sad, why can’t they do what Marvel studios does and actually cast good actors good examples- Iron man and Hulk. Ryan Reynold will easily draws crowds , they don’t need an actress who has a fan base at the price of terrible acting-and she is pretty bad as I watched gossip girl out of curisity in response to this GL casting call and I could not stand to watch her acting.I hope they come to their senses soon enough.

  25. Spelling error- Curiosity.

  26. It should’ve been Evangeline Lily