Latest Green Lantern Rumor: Bradley Cooper As Hal Jordan?

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 4:26 pm,

Wow, will the Green Lantern casting rumors ever end? Seems like the DC movie characters are subject to just as much speculation as the Marvel movies (we’re seeing similar rampant speculation with Thor).

To sum up some of the actors rumored to play the emerald knight so far – in October of last year we heard Ryan Gosling may play the part but it didn’t come to be. Then, earlier this year, we heard the thankfully-debunked Anton Yelchin rumor in February, followed by the Chris Pine rumor in March, and then Brian Austin Green in April. To follow the monthly rumor trend, for May our latest Green Lantern actor rumor is for… Bradley Cooper.

I became a big fan of Cooper based on his role in the J.J. Abrams show, Alias, where I thought he was a standout. Unfortunately he wasn’t in the show as long as I would’ve hoped but since then he’s been getting more and larger roles in some big movies. Recently, he had a big part in He’s Just Not That Into You and in Yes Man, and this summer you’ll be seeing him as a lead in The Hangover, which may be one of the funniest movies of the year. You can expect to see a lot of him in the near future with large parts in several movies coming up that all feature major Hollywood talent.

This casting rumor comes from Drew McWeeny over at HitFix who made a bunch of phone calls to track down this Bradley Cooper/Green Lantern rumor. Drew reports that Cooper is one of the most likely candidates for the role and that they’ve done much more than just having meetings about him playing the part.

Unlike the Thor casting rumors where there’s one preferred choice for me, I have a difficult time picking a favorite for this role. I liked the Chris Pine idea, and then I fell for the Brian Austin Green possibility, now I’m really into the Bradley Cooper candidacy.

Similar to Thor having casting announcements next month, expect more announcements soon for Green Lantern as it is scheduled to start filming later this summer with its hefty $150 million budget.

Who do you think should play Hal Jordan?

Green Lantern hits theaters December 17, 2010.

Source: HitFix

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  1. i dont know who should play the Grean Lantern, but i hope this film turns out well DC really needs to get some other characters to the big screen other than superman and batman(not that i wouldnt mind seeing more of those films)

  2. Who else does DC have who can stand beside the likes of Superman, Batman, and maybe Wonder Woman? Green Lantern is second tier, but if they pull a Favreau and pump out an Iron Man quality movie… yes. Aquaman? Snooze. The Flash? He’s really, really fast, but how do you make that interesting in 2009? Booster Gold? *shudders* Even worse, where are DC’s big name baddies? Batman will always be covered, but Superman has fought Lex Luthor way too many times to capture the public’s interest any time soon. The Flash has… *thinks* Captain Cold, and Aquaman has… *chuckles* Black Manta? Yeesh.

  3. I’ve never heard of this guy, so I have no idea if he’d be good or not, but I’m still hoping for Brian Austin Green to snag the part.

    I agree with Iron Patriot. The mainstream really doesn’t know Green Latern, but I could easily see him becoming the next Iron Man.

  4. I’d love to see Pine in the role, I think he’s perfect for it, but he’s already playing Kirk, and if Trek is HUGE then I doubt he’d be GL. Either way, Kirk and Hal Jordan are so similar, which is probably why he wouldn’t be cast as Hal too.

    I’m OK with Cooper as GL. Not so sure about his look, but again, appearance is the thing that they can fiz the easiest in movies, Cooper is a great actor and he’s pretty popular now, I’d be cool with him as GL. :-)

    Thanks for the post, Rob! :D

    @Iron Patriot,

    DC has The Flash, who is a HUGE character at DC. In the comics heyday (50s-60s), The Flash was DC’s third best selling title right behind Superman and Batman.

  5. The Flash is an incredibly relevant character in 2009; he’s a forensics scientist, which is extremely popular because of shows like CSI, and is also relevant because of how much the technology in forensics has become more sophisticated and high tech. The Flash is also all about speed, which is also incredibly relevant in today’s day and age where everyone wants to do things faster, we have instant communications, nobody has anytime to stop and look around, you get the point. The Flash would be awesome on the big screen in the right hands. :-)

  6. The Green Lantern comics with Geoff Johns writing are awesome stories..definitely not second tier. This character is ready to be the next big comic book adaptation for the big screen and this movie will be huge for WB. If they can capture the right actor to exemplify Jordan’s confidence(not cockiness) on screen then it will sell the character to everyone.Epic will be only a joke for this especially with some of the space battles that they can do..visually speaking it would be stunning and with a plot that sells the’s almost a guarentee..where it could fail is in the marketing..They have the right director, the right budget and now they need the right actor to play Jordan…Nathan Fillion or CHris Pine I would be happy with but I have never even heard of Bradley Cooper..Regardless of who plays the character this is one of the movies I have been waiting to see since I was a kid 25 years ago…It’s GL time to SHINE!!

  7. I do agree KEL. They could do some neat things with the flash concerning cgi, of course they could go overboard too but they just need to be careful. I wonder what incarnation they would choose? Normally I would say Wally but I think Barry Allen could be a more quality character.

  8. Jamie Bamber, after the Green Lantern was seen as the Apollo of the Justice League Pantheon.

  9. Green Lantern will in all likelihood be the next character from comics to make a huge transition (think Iron Man but maybe not as big in terms of raw dollars) to the big screen. I love the comics since 2004 with Geoff Johns and the Rebirth storyline..He really brought the Hal Jordan back into prime time of DC heroes. I have been reading Green Lantern comics since the mid 70′s and I have always enjoyed the Hal Jordan version of GL the best although Guy Gardiner and John Stewart were great GL too in their own ways..Gardiner was just a mouthy a$$ but was really funny. If they make it true to the Geoff Johns story arcs for the last five years there is a lot of great material to sift through to make a great epic, space battle, sci-fi, super-hero movie..I think Nathan Fillion, Chris Pine or Josh Duhamel would be great choices for Hal Jordan. They have started well with this project with a good director, a great budget..pick the right actor for Jordan and give this movie a GREAT marketing push with some creative thought behind using the interent to take the character viral and mass market it to people who don’t know a hell of a lot about GL and this will be huge..they are halfway there and I am hearing the script is very good too…This is one of those characters I have always wanted to see on the big screen and I just hope that they do it justice..

    and please don’t get me started on the Flash and the potential for another great DC franchise there for WB.

  10. I’m with Iron Patriot on this one.

    I’m a very firm believer that your heroes are only as good as their villains.Batman’s Rogues Gallery is second to none in the DC universe.Supes has some good villains,but after that,what casual fan knows any of the other DC villains?I couldn’t tell you who are the main adversaries of The Green Lantern,The Flash,or even Wonder Woman.

  11. Green Lantern’s Rogue’s Gallery..well good choices for a film anyway..

    The Manhunters
    Major Force
    Doctor Polaris (think Magneto)
    Hector Hammond
    Orange Lantern Corps
    Red Lantern Corps

    just to name a few…

    @ Longshanks

    How many of Iron Man’s enemies could you have named before the movie came out and was a hit?

  12. @ KEL,

    Thanks :)

    I don’t think a Wonder Woman live-action movie is up there with bats and supes. I think The Flash should get the next turn after Green Lantern.

    Neil Patrick Harris as the Flash?

  13. Cooper is a really good actor, Kitchen Confidential was such an underrated show and he was the anchor of that series. You guys should check it out, there are only 14 eps, but you get a good idea of what Bradley can do.

  14. Kitchen Confidential was pretty funny, I’m surprised it got canceled without being given much of a chance. If anything it focused way too much on cleavage and sex on that show…I thought that’s what Fox wanted…still it was pretty entertaining.

    Problem with DC are the numerous reboots and the like 5 different version of every hero or villain. It’s really confusing even for someone who used to read comics 8 years ago.

    I read GL: Rebirth tpb. It seemed cool but the parallax/hal jordan stuff went way over my head. I couldn’t really understand it not knowing about all the previous events that led to it. Is it just me or are a lot of DC villains similar in powers to their heroes? Superman has Bizarro, Flash has Reverse Flash and GL has Sinestro. Seems like villains lack distinctiveness. To be honest every time I’ve attempted to read a DC comic, I like the heroes but the villains seem lame/ridiculous even by comic book standards.

  15. vid, that is true. For me it was more fun watching him deal with the kitchen duties than the relationships, especially they took a shady deal with the kitchen staff, getting food, fresh veggies, etc.

  16. If I could get DC to listen I would tell them they should do a three picture back to back. Get Tom Cruise/Hal Jordon for 1st movie. Then transition into that Milo guy from “Heroes”/Guy Gardiner in 2nd movie. Finaly transition to Will Smith/John Stewart in 3rd movie. That would be some trilogy.

    Oh, I would get Ryan Renolds/Barry Allen for the Flash movie.

  17. Sweet Jesus NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Hal Jordon should be a young like a younger William Shatner Kirk> That’s the character! Jamie Bamber would be perfect. I thought he would have made a great young Kirk too

  18. This guy is not the superhero type. He looks nothing like The Green Lantern. Sam Witwer in my opinion is the best choice for playing the Green Lantern. If not, I guess Chris Pine will do fine. I have made a petition holding all the reasons why I say that Sam Witwer will be the best choice for the role. If you read the petition I am positive that you will agree with me.

    Here’s the link:

  19. Is Sam the Doomsday character from Smallville?

  20. @ Greenknight333

    More than I could for Green Lantern,but that’s because I’m more of a Marvel guy.

  21. @ Longshanks

    I grew up a much larger fan of Marvel than DC but I have been reading a lot of the both from the last 5 years and I liked Infinite Crisis more than Civil War, I liked Countdown to Final Crisis more than World War Hulk and the Final Crisis I liked more than anything I have read recently from Marvel..I do really enjoy the Geoff Johns spin on Green Lantern and I think they have taken a much more mature approach to comics these last 10 years at least..I never read many comics from the 90′s but lot’s from the 70′s and 80′s..I really haven’t had time for SPiderman(my all-time fav) since he was unmasked during the Civil War..They (Marvel) killed off Captain AMerica who was another of my favorites growing up.

    @ vid

    Spiderman – Venom
    Iron Man – Crimson Dynamo, Iron Monger
    Daredevil – Bullseye
    Hulk – Abomination
    X-men – Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
    Wolverine – Sabertooth

    Almost every hero MArvel or DC has their Nemesis that is their polar oppostie in almost every way. That’s what a lot of fan’s want to see is a hero take on an evil mirror image of themselves.

  22. Update:

    Shawn Roberts also a leading candidate to play Hal Jordan:

  23. @greenknight
    Too bad we haven’t seen a Superman movie where he’s going against a villain as strong as he is (Doomsday, Lobo, Bizarro, etc…), except for the animated movies.

    49 minutes and counting for Trek. :-)

  24. @Ethan,

    Thanks, bud. Oh, and the special FX could be awesome of course, but the story should take priority over everything else.

    As for which version, they have to go with Barry Allen. I love Wally West, but Barry Allen is my favorite Flash, and is the most adaptable to film and would be better for newcomers because he’s the beginning of The Flash in the same way that Hal Jordan is the beginning of the GL mythos. Audiences need something that says “hey, jump on here” like the new Star trek film did to get them interested, and that Flash is Barry Allen.

    Wally West is too hokey for the movies. First he’s got all the baggage of being the sidekick Kid Flash, his origin is an exact ripoff of the seemingly impossible to re-create accident that gave Barry Allen his supepowers in the lab, he’s like a mini me version of Barry Allen. And the character has no consistency whatseoever. He’s a sidekick then a superhero, a womanizer then a happily married man, a public hero like the Fantastic 4 for the crux of his career then he has a secret identity again like when he was a sidekick, a millionare and a homeless man, he’s been hit by lightning and won the lottery, God, could you imagine how cheesy it would be if they did all this? This is stuff that only works in comic books and would never work in a movie. Only way Wally would work is if they gave him Barry’s story.

    Now with Barry Allen we have:

    The definitive Flash with an original secret origin who was never a sidekick without all the continuity baggage.

    Here’s a copied and pasted post that goes on more on the subject that I thought was interesting and had many great reasons for why Barry Allen should get the Flash movie:

    [i] 1. Barry Allen is the DEFINITIVE Flash

    Barry Allen is all about speed which is what The Flash is supposed to be about. He matches the powers. Everything about him literally is about speed and its related forms. His whole life is about speed. That’s the premise of his comics, and in the age of technology where everyone wants everything instantly, instant communications, etc, speed is an incredibly relevant concept. Barry Allen is slow, The Flash is fast. That is the character.

    Now I know that people like Wally West because he took over for Barry (and acts like a less jerky Anakin Skywalker) and I don’t mean any disrespect to the character because frankly, despite my Barry fandom, I do like Wally too, but The Flash was never supposed to be about a guy trying to fill a dead guy’s boots (which is a cool concept, it works for Wally and Bucky and will probably work for Robin, but honestly, what else were they gonna do with the “legacy” characters?). The Flash was always supposed to be about speed. That’s what the character is supposed to be about, that’s what the book was always supposed to be about (which is a fact I think people have forgotten or are just completely oblivious to with Wally and the legacy aspect so prevelant in the last few years), and that’s what the movie needs to be about: the fastest man alive. And that man is Barry Allen.

    Had he not been late for work/everything else, he would not have had to work late in the forensics lab to make up for lost time the night he got hit by lightning/electrically charged chemicals (at age 24) and gained superspeed. Barry Allen is essentially fast because he is slow. He goes from being the guy everyone is waiting on to the guy waiting for everyone else. In a more complex sense, this is like how Jon Osterman became Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen, because he was a watchmaker and could reassemble things. That is what makes Barry Allen the definitive Flash, it’s not his accomplishments, it’s not his emoluments, it’s not the fact that he was The Flash longer than anyone else, it’s not that he’s the iconic/greatest Flash that makes him the definitive Flash, Barry Allen is the definitive Flash because he is the only one who is all about speed. He is fast because he is slow. He’s all about speed. No other Flash has that. Barry Allen is to Flash as Hal Jordan is to Green Lantern.

    2. Barry Allen is the only MAJOR DC characters to have powers because of an accident

    Look at every other major DC character (the big 7). None of them are formed by acts of randomness. Yes, I know Wally has an origin similar to Barry’s but it’s lame. First, Wally was a sidekick, second, his “origin” is a complete ripoff of Barry Allen’s. Like the accident that gave Barry his powers would suddenly just re-occur in the exact same place Barry got his powers and it would work on a kid. Hokey and stupid. Done once it makes sense, twice and it only works in a comic book (barely) and is unoriginal. They should have done something else.

    3. Barry Allen is the only MAJOR DC character to have his powers because of his FLAWS

    Hal Jordan has the Green Lantern ring because he is brave and honest, because of his good character traits. Barry Allen has super speed because he is lazy/late for everything, and by extension uncommited or easily distracted (a classic attribute of the absent minded professor syndrome), he has powers because of his character flaws. He is fast because he is slow.

    4. Barry Allen isn’t bogged down by years of continuity and a legacy to scare new readers. He is his own person

    Why aren’t there any new Star Trek fans? Because Trek for the longest time has had its doors closed to regular people. If you weren’t there from the start, then you missed it. The Flash is a similar case. It isn’t simple for people and the overwhelming continuity/legacy, frankly, doesn’t attract newcomers. “Well he was the Flash before this Flash and he was the Flash before this Flash and he was The Flash before this Flash, etc” scares newcomers and makes their heads spin. They need something quick and self contained as a jumping on point, the foundation/definitive version of it all, and that is Barry Allen.

    5. Barry Allen is the only Flash who has a PERSONAL LIFE

    Does Wally even have a job? Wally is a full time superhero, no one can relate to that. Barry is more of a person than he is a super character. He didn’t have powers for most of his life like Wally, Barry was the most inexperienced when he became Flash. Wally had years of training and had been Kid Flash before he became Flash, so did Bart, yet none of them have surpassed Barry Allen. A personal life is what The Flash needs so people can identify with the character. If people want a character with a public identity and super kids they can read/watch Fantsatic Four.


    Does anyone really need proof of this? Barry Allen is even more relevant not just because of the popularity of shows like “CSI” but because the forensics technology itself has advanced so much. It would me a mistake to pass up the chance to have a superhero on the big screen with a job this cool.

    7. Barry Allen is the GREATEST Flash

    Let’s see he:

    - He co-founded the JLA, even suggested the “Justice” part of the moniker.

    - Created the lagacy that Wally and Bart carry as The Flash

    - Discovered the Multiverse, a HUGE part of the DC mythology

    - Sacraficed his life in Crisis on Infinite Earths, saving the universe

    - Without him, there would be no Wally West (nephew (or at least a superpowered Wally West anyway)) or Bart Allen (grandson from the future), they are related to him and are wearing his suit

    As a publication material, Barry Allen jump-started the Silver Age and saved comics. If we are to speak in biblical terms, Superman would be Adam, the first man, but Barry would be Noah, the preserver of mankind. Barry as The Flash reignited interest in superheroes; had it not been for him there would never have been:

    Green Lantern Hal Jordan and by extension the GL Corps
    Fantasic 4
    Spider-Man, Iron Man, and all the other current and major Marvel heroes
    Science Fiction would not have been a major focus in superhero stories if not for The Flash
    Was the Flash longer than anyone else (Barry was Flash for 30 + years, Wally was Flash for 22 years, Jay was Flash for 11, and Bart was Flash for 1 year and a month)

    If it weren’t for him, we’d probably still be reading comics about romance or cowboys or horror stories. Also, I think he’s important because he stayed dead longer than any other mainstream, A-list superhero. So that’s why Barry Allen is important to comics as a publication material.

    8. Barry Allen is the FASTEST Flash

    I don’t care what anyone else’s opinion is on this. I don’t care what some update lacking site that you or anyone else runs says. Barry is the fastest Flash, that is a Flash Fact. Fastest Wally has ran is slightly over the speed of light. I’ve read all the comics, I know. Fastest Barry ran before COIE was TEN TIMES the speed of light with minimum strain. He went OVER 100 times faster than the speed of light in Crisis on Infinite Earths, I don’t care how many times Mark Waid or someone puts on panel “Wally is faster” because it’s ********. It’s the equivelant of how many times they told us Kyle Rayner was “better” than Hal Jordan with the ring. Wally’s never gone that fast. Barry went into/became the speed force when he did this, and he survived.

    9. Barry Allen is INTELLIGENT

    He’s the smartest. There’s no question. Dude’s been to college and is a forensic scientist. He deals with things in scientific terms. He’s not just smart because of that, it’s his whole approach to things as The Flash.

    10. Barry Allen is witty and serious

    This is a balance that will be needed in The Flash movie to keep it from being a complete joke as the suits at WB wanted to make it. Barry has a good sense of humor. He is sarcastic. He doesn’t make himself look like a jackass like Bart and Wally occasionally, he makes other people look like jackasses. There are two kinds of people to Barry: Guilty or Not Guilty. It’s very simple fact. Barry is fun to be around, but when things get serious, so does he. He has the perfect mix.

    11. Great supporting cast

    12. Great Rogues Gallery

    13. Barry’s blue eyes just look better in the red and gold suit than green or yellow eyes. I’m serious. It goes perfect.

    14. Barry Allen is the current/lead Flash

    15. Barry Allen has been The Flash LONGEST

    Barry was Flash for over 30 years and is adding to it. Wally was Flash for 22 years, Jay 11, and Bart 1.

    16. Barry Allen is in the same league (pardon the pun) as Superman, Batman, and Hal Jordan. No sidekicks here.

    17. Barry Allen is the most compatible for movies and the way DC is doing things


    19. Barry Allen is The Flash who has been used most in alternate media in terms of story and character

    JL/JLU: Barry Allen in story with Wally West name and likeness and Bart Allen’s personality

    The Batman: Barry Allen

    The Flash TV show: Barry Allen with Wally West story elements

    Justice League: The New Frontier: Barry Allen

    DC Super Hero Cartoons from the 60s-80s: Barry Allen

    1970s Legends of the Superpowers tv movie: Barry Allen

    Crappy JLA movie: A ****** version of Barry Allen a la “Friends”

    20. He’s the BEST

    21. He was Batman’s, Hal Jordan’s, Ollie Queen’s, and Wally West’s favorite Flash [/i]

  25. @Rob

    You’re welcome, bro! :-D

    I think WW could work (see the new animated flick), but it definitely isn’t on par with Superman or Batman or even The Flash and GL, much as DC pretends she is (what with the trinity and all that BS, what they really mean is they need an iconic female character lol).

    I totally agree, The Flash should be next. I liked NPH as Barry in New Frontier, but I think he is a little old to play him in a movie, especially if it’s an origin. Hal Jordan was 26 when he became Green lantern, Barry had just got into the CSI team and was 24 when he became The Flash. My personal choices for the role are (right now anyway) Scott Porter or Ryan Gosling. :-)

  26. Greatest Rogues in comics are:

    1. Batman’s.

    2. Spider-Man’s.

    3. The Flash’s (people who think otherwise need to READ some of Geoff Johns stuff, I mean, even in the silver age, there’s no denying he’s got some great Rogues. Definitely pick up Rogue’s Revenge in all it’s badassery)

    Superman has some good Rogues, so he’d probably be number 4.

  27. Anyone who wants the first draft of the script for GL let me know and I’ll send it to you. Promise. :)

  28. Jon Hamm!!!!

  29. Yes, Sam Witwer is the guy on Smallville playing the Green Lantern. Read my petition to understand why he’s the perfect GL besides the fact that he looks perfect for the role: