Green Lantern: First Look At Abin Sur

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screen rant comic con1 Green Lantern: First Look At Abin Sur

It’s preview night at the San Diego Comic-Con and at the Warner Bros. display there was a glass case that contained an alien-looking deceased individual. It was only a model, of course – but for those with any knowledge of the Green Lantern backstory it was obvious that it was Abin Sur: The Green Lantern who crash landed on Earth and passed his ring on to test pilot Hal Jordan.

Seems Abin Sur will be a CGI creation in the film, but for Comic-Con a full-size model was created. It seems he was either killed due to an injury sustained from his crash landing, or since we don’t know how the film is approaching this part of the story, he may have been injured some other way (shot down, perhaps?). In any case, it’s interesting to note the look of the character resembles that of the recent Green Lantern costume, with striations over his body resembling exposed muscle.

Well… see for yourself.

abin sur screenrant Green Lantern: First Look At Abin Sur

abin sur screenrant2 Green Lantern: First Look At Abin Sur

Here are some other looks at it from CinemaBlend and

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Green Lantern is currently scheduled to open on June 17, 2011.

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  1. I just dont like the striated tissue on either(meaning his skin and the GL Uniform)… although for Abin-Sur its plausible that his skin may be like that he’s an alien so it may pass…. however the costume design of Hal’s Uniform is just maddening… I just dont buy that if the suit is generated by your imagination/personality thats what he would dress himself like…. maybe for the first day or 2 he keeps Abin’s costume but not for the span of the film… Dear Comic-Gods NO!!! But Im totally off topic…. Abin-Sur looks interesting and it is great craftsmanship, I look forward to more reveals……. rrrrrrhhhh damn veiny CGI suit….

    Icon Out

    • You people are pathetic. The GL costume looks cool. Same with Thor and Captain America. Get over yourselves. If it isn’t just like the comics than you whine and complain. Funny thing is you are all hypocrites! The Nolan Batman movies doesn’t truly follow the comics(look at Two-Face) yet you love the movies. Yet when you don’t like other movies you blame it not being like the comics! So stupid. It is so sad how you can’t just sit back and enjoy movies. Thats what I do. That’s why I love Spider-Man 3(best of the series), X3(best of the series), X-Men Origins Wolverine, Blade Trinity, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin(tho Nolans movies are obviously the best). So just get over yourselves!!!! There suppose to be entertaining!

      • Or you just have really poor taste in movies. Jesus that’s an awful list.

        • I cant agree with you enough @Cpt. Obvious.

          His list is horrible.While I do understand what he means when he says stop complaining about every single thing,that list is just offensive.ROFL.I mean I like the green lantern suit,it looks intense and very unique.However the list of movies he likes is just ridiculous.

      • Some of us fans are comic book creators or artists too. We like to debate things like costume designs, environment depictions and character integrity displayed by an actor and director team.

        We don’t debate cause we don’t understand it’s “just entertainment”. We debate cause we create too and in turn we have strong opinions. At the end of the day, it’s all good natured and we don’t take things to heart. Welcome to fan boy central or geek-paradise or whatever you like to call it.

      • @ Adam

        With all due respect, I think you miss the concept of what people are trying to say.

        They DON’T want to see a panel by panel reconstruction of a comic book. They want to see the characters they love from the comic books faithfully and accurately represented, NOT some counterfeit look-a-like that carries the name but has no resemblance to the books.

        I don’t know too much about GL but so far I think it’s looking good.

        Christopher Nolan’s Batman may not truly follow the comics BUT Nolan more than researched the character and gave us a faithful and accurate representation of the Batman mythos.

        Film studios that screw with the aesthetics, continuity and characterizations by disrespecting the original mainstream source material deserve all the contempt they get because they are far from entertaining and are actually very annoying.

        Good writers and directors know how to do the books justice. The problem with Fox and Sony is they don’t even try.

        BTW calling people pathetic, hypocrites and stupid isn’t going to win you any points here. :-)

  2. the green lantern suit we all saw isnt finished, its just a little sneak peak

  3. looks like frankenstein lol

  4. Is he really going to be CGI in the film, seems unnecessary. Surely it will just be a prosthetic.

    • DrSamBeckett,

      Really that is speculation on my part. We’ll see.


      • Vic you might be right, I was just hoping for some practical effects.

        • I was thinking the same thing. I’m not against CGI by any means, but this guy could easily be done with prosthetics.

  5. Abin Sur looks great and I like the Green Latern suit so far but I have to still see how the final suit will look like and more importantly how will materialize on the big screen in actual movement.

  6. Actually looks pretty cool. Never was a big GL fanboy here so I don’t mind if they modernize things (Hal’s suit). I thought GL: First Flight was an awesome movie. If the new GL movie is half that good i’ll be happy.

  7. Wait a minute… I saw this on Alien Autopsy covered by Fox!!! :D

    We all have to remember the studios/writers etc take certain liberties with the properties we know, love and grew up with. I would love to be able to sit side by side with these people watching the movie and say “WHY!!??”… however that will never happen.

    So for what it is and will be it looks just fine for me.

  8. I like the Green Lantern Suit and Abin Sur. Looking forward to this movie.

  9. you know, i really enjoy old school makeup over the CGI, gives the movie a much more “real life ” Look, i mean, how crappy would Hellboy had been if the big red guy was all computer generated rather then in the “flesh” *yes i know there was some cgi in hellboy* but for me at least there was a obvious drop in my willing suspension of disbelief when the fake hellboy popped up

  10. Just like in the article about judging the movie based on a still image, you have to wait to see everything in action. As for the wound Abin has, the GL animated movie that came out recently had Abin injured prior to even boarding the spacecraft that would end up on earth, so maybe it’s the same situation?

    • I actually think that this is from a scene in the movie where Hector Hammond has Abin Sur’s body in a lab(underground government bunker) to study it.. veru similar anyway..This is my most anticipated film for next year and that is saying alot since I am looking foward:

      Captain America
      Hangover 2
      POTC : On Stranger Tides
      Kung Fu Panda 2 : The Kaboom of Doom
      Cars 2
      Cowboys and Aliens

      also Transformers 3 is coming (boo) and the last Harry Potter film..

    • Marc,

      Ah, did it? I haven’t seen that animated movie. Worth checking out?


      • Vic I thought it was a worthy addition to the WB/DC animated film title..The battle between Sinestro and GL was epic …I just wasn’t fond of Meloni as the voice of should have been Borneaz…Sinestro was played perfectly as the arrogant & extremely cunning mentor to Jordan.I actually thought the film was relating to Sinestro more than Hal..You should give it a whirl..

  11. It would be really interesting if they put the Blackest Night in the 3rd movie and have a rouse or reference to it’s coming in the 1st film, cuz the Blackest Night is pretty much the cause of Abin Sur’s death. Here’s pretty much what I think would be cool storyline to follow for the trilogy:

    1. Secret Origin, Emerald Twilight, and Rebirth
    2. The sinestro Corps War, and Rage of the Red Lanterns
    3. The Blackest Night

  12. He looks really cool:)
    Oh btw Vic, i cleared my browser cache and cookies, so we’ll just have to see if i receive any emails from this post because i will not check “notify me of followup comments via e-mail” :) fingers crossed!

    • Magnus, I believe you’ll need to actually unsubscribe from this post via the link near the comment box to stop receiving comments. I don’t think just unchecking the box after you’ve subbed will do it.



      • ok i did that now, what you said, managed my subscription and im going to comment again now, so we’ll see

        • I’m duplicating the problem on my end and I’m trying to eliminate variables.

          Thanks for your help with this!


  13. This looks cool, the Green Lantern suit does not.

  14. Now I get why the Jordan’s outfit is designed like that. It’s because of the original bearer’s (Abin Sur) skin design to fit the suit comfortably, and that design passed down to Jordan because the design comes from the same ring, thus making the costume appear as such.

    That’s pretty well thought of Martin Campbell!

    • The scope of Blackest night could never be covered in one movie..way too many characters to introduce when you factor the ROY G BIV Corps, all the DC heroes and villans plus all the dead heroes returning..too much..over a three movie arc or maybe crossover’s with Justice League and Flash movies as well as then it could be given the treatment it deserves.. I think the idea to bring it to the silver screen would be awesome dude but not in one movie..

      • Very true. One of those huge disaster JLA movies in the trilogy perhaps. But the prophecy proved to be an interesting influence on the mythology of the Green Lanterns.

        But what do think,GreenKinight333, would be a good ending event to the trilogy?

  15. I think that the Sinestro Corps War should be parts 2 and 3 with a cliffhanger between the two movies perhaps at the point where the Sinestro Corps actually invade Earth with Superman Prime(good way to bring in Superman for a cameo to battle Prime)..and then end the trilogy with an all out battle between the GL and Sinetro Corps with cameos from the various members of the Justice League..

    • And the part one part two movies can include the other Lanterns to join in, such as the Blue, Indigo, and Saphire. and the Sinestro corps can include the help of the Red and Orange Lanterns.

      That’d be a good trilogy

  16. Most studios do take liberties as said before but WB owns DC so they should do it right, doesn’t look it at all so far.

  17. Would the movie version of Sinestro look similar to Abin Sur since they share the same color of skin complexion.

  18. @Vic

    It is def worth checking out. It’s my second favorite animated DC movie behind Final Frontier. If you watch it I’d be interested in your opinion