Tomar Re Narrates Epic ‘Green Lantern’ 3D Trailer

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Green Lantern 2 Director Tomar Re Narrates Epic Green Lantern 3D Trailer

When the first trailer for Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern debuted last November, fans and industry insiders quickly wrote the film off. The CGI effects appeared surprisingly unfinished and the trailer was grounded in human drama – not the epic intergalactic narrative of the comics (or the final film).

However, since that time, audiences have been treated to trailer after trailer of intriguing Green Lantern footage and today, ahead of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Warner Bros. debuted an all new 3D-focused trailer for fans to enjoy.

Obviously, viewing the trailer on your computer screen doesn’t entirely do the footage justice but, with a cool voice-over from Geoffrey Rush (aka Tomar Re), coupled with some sweet new footage, the 3D Green Lantern trailer should still be plenty exciting – even for fans who are already tired of the 3D craze.

The Tomar Re voice-over is especially exciting – since, in our recent interview with the actor, he told us that it was the character’s concept artwork that sold him on the film.

Check out the Green Lantern 3D trailer below (in 2D of course) courtesy of Yahoo! Movies:

As mentioned, a 2D computer screen doesn’t do the 3D effects justice but, I can tell you from personal experience, the trailer looks incredible on the big screen.

Following hot on the heels of the new Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D trailer, the new Green Lantern footage was shown ahead of my Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides screening (read our review) – and was in stark contrast to the unnecessary 3D format of Disney’s latest Jack Sparrow installment. The tall structures on Oa as well as the wriggly cloud-like appearance of Parallax look incredible in the theater – and could stand as the premiere example of superhero 3D done right (unlike less necessary 3D outings such as Thor).

Considering the 3D trailer was screening ahead of the latest Pirates film, the Tomar Re voice-over was an equally smart addition to the trailer. The narration successfully lays out the Green Lantern plot line with clarity – for any potential moviegoers who don’t know the source material or have been confused by the intergalactic scope of the earlier trailers.

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Green Lantern hits theaters June 17, 2011.

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  1. This film is looking amazing now.

  2. wow is all i can say. this looks like the movie to beat at the summer boxoffice.

    • Yes. The definitely should have put this out first.

  3. This film is looking better and better. I will be there.

  4. It looks like Batman and Robin.

  5. My jaw hit the floor, Geoffrey Rush’s voice sends shivers down my spine…

  6. I remember back in November everybody wrote this movie off and now its looking like it’s gonna be the summer box office king. Start jumping on the bandwagon, trolls.

    • Exactly trolls pop up all over the place on this one now! Glad i said it was gonna be awesome even when the first trailer came out.

    • sorry u cant blame when they released a very bad edited trailer to the general public. its more WB/DC fault for doing that the first place.

      • but if they release a really great trailer and the movie ends up sucking thats different, lol try seeing the movie first then making your review.

        • remember alot of people nowadays want to see a great trailer before watching the movie. also dont forget people review trailers now and the very first Green Lantern trailer was very poor.

  7. A positively impeccable voice-over from voice meister Geoffrey Rush.
    This film seems to rise to a new level with each new reveal.
    I was skeptical initially but I am now a believer.

  8. This keeps getting better and better. It’s so good, my wife wants to go see it! Of course, she’s awesome so yea

  9. First Class, Super 8, Cars 2, and now this awesome amazing looking movie. June is going to rock!!!

  10. So Parallax IS a cloud. Can you say “Rise of the Silver Surfer”? Still, I can’t shake the feeling that Sinestro’s face heel turn hinges on Parallax’s ability to possess people…

    • I think it’s good representation of Parallax since Parallax is an entity not a being. I don’t think a yellow parasite dragon would make sense on the big screen.

      Yep, I definitely think Sinestro will be either possessed or become addicted to the yellow power.

      • I think he will see himself in Paralax , Sinestro has always about making fear work for him , he uses fear as a weapon and I think they will be attracted to eachother , Sinestro will see Paralax as his ultimate weapon

    • Actually i think he takes the form of those he possesses or “joins” with. The yellow head at the beginning looks like Krona then Hector later on.

  11. I’m still not sold with the effects but hopefully the story will be watchable. I just hope Ryan Reynolds isn’t a “jokester” like the first trailer showed. Sure the movie comes out June 17th but with all these trailers I feel like I’ve seen most of the movie.

  12. Looks good! Bring it…

  13. OMFG! Awesome does not even begin to describe this movie.

  14. this is like the 4th trailer for this film WB shud be using this energy promoting the true summer champ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II its less than 2 months away and weve only gotten one trailer!!!!!!

    • they don’t need to since that has been around onscreen for a while and has a following.

      • it has a folllwoing yes but thats not enough to break the 1 billion mark if they have any hope of doing that they must amp up the promotion

    • actually there are 3 trailers for HP part 2

      • uh no there arent there is only 1 the point is if they want dh2 to hit 1 billion they need to shove it down peoples throats


    DC you’ve made this GL fan happy. Bring on June 17th! 😀 I love the mask btw more defined and tighter.

  16. Was this shot in 3-D?

    • Green Lantern was NOT shot in 3D. But keep in mind that any scenes that are full CGI can be considered “pure” 3D.


  17. Amazing!!!!cant wait

  18. I already know the story structure from watching all these trailers and tv spots. They gave the whole movie away. No need to see it especially seeing as how bad the CGI is. Arrgh, why did they have Imageworks be the lead visual effects house for their tent pole summer blockbuster film?

    • The effects are amazing, what the hell are you talking about?

    • I agree. The marketing for this movie reeks of desperation.

      • haha i remember someone here said that same thing for Thor and just look at it now >_>

      • Umm, what on earth……

    • Oh really? So u know all the plot twists and how EVERY action sequence will play out then? Do tell 😉

      They’ve barely scratched the surface of where they’re heading with this movie.

  19. they are overdoing it just a bit

  20. and thor had donne the same with inumerous spots and trailers,keep your mouth shut if you can say nothing more produtive than that what you say dont make sense”deseperation”?for god sake hurt you see a good movie from dc marvel fans?i am dc and give me pleasure see all they movies dc or marvel,you and yours no sense critics need to find a hobbie:)

  21. This looks a lot better and the tone is just right. Like everyone else said, they should have shot for THIS to be the first trailer, then they wouldn’t have gotten all that negative feedback. The good side of the negative feedback is that they worked a lot harder and put in more $$$ to make the movie look better. The last scene is VERY Green Lanternish. Should they have used a jet sound effect when he flies away? Eh, I don’t think so but given that Hal IS a jet fighter pilot, maybe that’s what he imagines his whole self to be thus having the ring create that sound. Good trailer though. Looking forward to seeing Mark Strong’s performance.

    • Look closer, there are fighter jets below Hal

      • Nvm *shrugs* I could’ve sworn i saw Jets lol

  22. This looks super incredible. The CGI looks amazing. I cannot wait to see this movie at least 3 times.

  23. The CG is really bad but the story seems to be interesting so I will go see it anyways.

    • You don’t get better CG than this..

  24. I may need to see this 3 times 😀

  25. Well this movie certainly seems like it was made for 3D.

  26. I was never a Green lantern fan, and didn’t really get jazzed from any of the trailers I’d seen. That said, I think this trailer has piqued my interest. Sad, though that I have to see a POC flick to get the 3D version of this awesome trailer.